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    Hello, I is Zero, that random person that often pops up in discord to shitpost when I'm not DMing. I've been roleplaying for a while, but I'm not gonna lie — I never bothered counting for how long. I'm always open to ideas, so feel free to shoot a DM over discord or a PM on site. I like to go with the flow and let things happen, but I'm fine with a bit of planning if required.

    Likes: Lore, Comm Threads, Interaction, Meaningful Combat, Social
    Dislikes: Monologues, Lack of in-character communication, and some others. I try to keep in mind what I like instead.

    Post Length: 300~1000 words. Only in rare or specific occasions will I post under or higher than that word range.
    Posting Pace: I try to reply asap, but sometimes I can't keep the same pace all the time.

    18+ Threads: I'm fine with anything so long it fits the characters and the plot behind everything.


    NEIN Argon: the thrill of winning against another person at the table.

    Ja Catharsis: A feeling of release that follows an intense or overwhelming experience.

    Ja Expression: The simple desire to be creative in the RP Humor: RP’ing for laughs.

    Ja Kenosis: The feeling of being deeply engaged in the character or in the fiction as a whole.

    ...Ja Ludus: Fun from working the system optimizing performance within the rules.

    Ja Paida: Free-wheeling player fun, where rules are a convenience.

    Ja Sociability: The fun of being able to spend time with other people and enjoy their company.

    NEINEIN Alea: The gambler’s thrill, the fun of taking a big risk, the tension that comes with it, win or lose.

    ...Ja Closure: The feeling that there’s nothing more that needs to be done, and the thing is finished.

    JA Fiero: The feeling of triumph, or winning, of defeating a challenge, or overcoming adversity.

    JAJA Kairosis: The feeling of fulfillment that comes from change and development.

    ...Ja? Naches: The enjoyment of seeing someone that you have taught, or are responsible for, go on to do well with that knowledge.

    Ja Schadenfreude: Delight in the suffering of another. the thrill of seeing the antagonist get what they deserve is a pretty common expression.

    Ja Venting: The desire to work out player frustrations or other emotions, using the RP as a means.

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    Ju Huan Xiang is a quiet girl that can't seem to wear anything but a pokerface as her facial expression. Despite her often cold demeanor, she's a goodie two shoes that has a hard time saying no for anyone in need. If you're good o nwhat you do (whether by amusing or irritating her) you might just make her eternal pokerface break with a little twitch of her eyes.

    Out of character, Ju Huan Xiang was my very first character on site that I brought back from the forgotten archives of doom. Because of that, she is supposed to be a veteran In-Character as well, playing Terrasphere ever since season one.


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