Human - Yukisa

Human - Yukisa
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    Race: Human
    Age: 17
    Sex: Male

    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Relationship: Single

    Height: 6'1" (1.85m)
    Build: Athletic and tall, but somewhat slim



    Isao Yukimura

    Nationality: Japanese
    Age: 19
    Sex: Male

    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Relationship: Single

    Height: 6'0" (1.82m)
    Build: Gaunt and tall.


    It is said that throughout a person’s life, their personality changes over and over, adjusting to the changes in the environment. However, in Isao’s case, these changes would be classified as “extreme” or “drastic.” Rather than going through a gradual personality development as he aged, his personality remained roughly the same until he suffered severe trauma, which had huge impacts on his behavior.

    Ever since he was a wee little boy, Isao was always extremely innocent. Even as he went through high school, a time of self-discovery and puberty, there was always a pleasantly oblivious aura around him. The main cause of this was the fact that he lived a fairly average life, rarely facing any major struggles. His innocence was preserved from lack of exposure to the cruelties of the world. This both went in his favor and against him. That ignorance allowed him to look at the world in a positive light, making him ever the optimist, and he never failed to have a gleeful smile on his face. The joyous atmosphere that always surrounded him made it refreshing to be in his company, and he somehow managed to make even the worst of days somewhat bearable. But on the flip side, his childlike innocence made it easy to use him. He was quick to trust people, and never seemed to learn regardless of how many times it bit him on the ass. Even after the backlash, he'd always say, “At least I did something for someone.” His kindness was unmatched, and he'd do anything to make someone feel better. It was always possible to depend on him, and he never said no to someone in need of support, emotional or otherwise. Some would say he was actually too insistent on offering support, often guilt tripping people into telling him what is wrong with his puppy-dog eyes. He was very good at noticing when something was wrong, too, having a high level of empathy, which only made his forceful support more frequent.

    Isao was a popular choice for group projects, and not just because it was nice to have him around, but because he always gave 110% with everything. He tended to be an overachiever, working hard just for that extra 10%, and making sure every little detail was perfect. More often than not he'd set objectives for himself that he couldn't accomplish, and when he failed he would get terribly frustrated. He would also try to focus on a lot of things, shifting between art, writing, sports, and whatever else he had in mind that he wanted to do. He enjoyed being able to have achievements in a wide range of things. He loved having the freedom to do as he desired.

    Unfortunately, that didn't last him forever.

    Towards the middle of his second high school year, Isao had gotten into an accident after being hit by a car at night, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. This was the biggest trauma he went through that changed him. No longer would he have the ability to do whatever he desired, because he was physically limited to a chair. The realization that the world is sometimes cruel hit him, quite literally, like a truck. He fell into a state of depression, and though he was good at hiding it, still keeping his usual smile and trying to behave normally, it was hard not to notice the aura around him was no longer the same. Instead of that happy obliviousness, there was only a deep sorrow, and the expression on his face was riddled with sadness. At times he even appeared tired, and would make excuses to be alone, distancing himself from his friends gradually. He couldn't say no to those who asked for help, but he did his best to avoid being approached. His confidence had also dwindled, being helpless making him feel insecure about himself. The same Isao was replaced with a different, far sadder version of himself. His old self was still there, however it was buried underneath a blanket of melancholy.

    This was Isao's permanent state... until he had discovered Terrasphere, that is.

    Suddenly, within this amazing virtual world, his freedom had been restored. He could run, jump and climb just like any other. Therefore, Yukisa, his online persona, can be seen as somewhat of a revival of his previous, cheery self. Though he is rather clumsy, frequently tripping over thin air, he still gets back up with just as much energy as when he fell. His face is often emotionless, eyes blankly looking around, but the moment something excites him even slightly, it's blatantly obvious from the change in his expression. He is also far more open to people and offers to go about, wanting to explore this new world to its full extent.

    Positive: Considerate, Soft-spoken, Adventurous, Amiable, Immaculate, Meticulous
    Negative: Pliable, Melancholic, Absent-minded, Insecure, Timid, Sedentary


    功 (Isao) - achievement; merit; success.

    Perhaps it was mere coincidence, or maybe some work of magic, but even when he was at a young age, Isao lived up to that name. Solving simple addition and subtraction with ease before starting school, learning to play the piano within scarcely a few months, speaking English fluently by reading children's books: it was already clear from all of this that he was a prodigy when he was only 5 years old. What especially brought this out was how much he excelled in art. With every time he drew, his childish doodles grew closer to breathtaking art pieces. His potential was immense, and his parents were happy to have a brilliant child.

    Soon enough, his mind was considered ripe enough to enroll in school, and as was expected of him, Isao quickly climbed to the top of the class. Not only that, but he also managed to gain popularity between his classmates. From elementary through to high school, he was always the one with the perfect marks, the one who always got voted for class president, the one who had his art hanging in the principal's office and the one who got most of the girls' gifts on Valentine's Day. Some would say that it's an unbearable burden, to have to live up to such expectations and spend all your time worrying about a hundred different things, but Isao was more than happy to carry those responsibilities. He was glad that he was fortunate enough for all of that to be possible, and that he could satisfy those that cared about his future while still enjoying his present life to the fullest.

    For the most part, Isao's life sailed smoothly, any major troubles being few and far in between. His grades were looking as wonderful as ever, he was expanding his hobbies further and further, and his social life was well-maintained. Sadly, during his third year of high school, he hit a rough patch. He was in a relationship of a bit over two months with a girl who he loved from the bottom of his heart, however they got into an argument due to him spending too much time studying and indulging in his hobbies, and not enough time with her. After having a heated fight, which ended with her storming off, Isao was certain that his short-lived relationship was over. As a result, he found himself sitting in the park, struggling not to cry.

    But it seemed that the universe went back on wanting to put him through difficulty for now, for someone else found him in the park as well: a blonde, hooded male, three years younger than himself, a friendly smile on his face.

    "You look a lil' down!" said the boy, and that was how they began talking.
    The two talked for hours, and in the process Isao could no longer hold his tears back. He discovered that the boy's name was Zelyn, and the blonde offered a hand with Isao's relationship problem. After that one conversation, Zel continued to give Isao advice and assistance, until the couple was back to how they were before. And of course, the two boys became good friends, despite the difference in their age.

    From then on, once more the ship that was Isao's life was back in safe waters. That was, until his final year of high school.

    It should have been a normal school day. Isao would finish his after school club duties, meet up with Zelyn and the two would walk home together. However time ticked by quickly, and the young blonde was nowhere to be seen. Concern filled Isao, and he decided to go look around school after unsuccessfully attempting to contact his friend over the phone.

    What he hoped to find was Zelyn, maybe delaying in his own club room or simply "beautfying" the school (as he liked to call it). Instead, he saw a sight that he would fortunately be forced to forget later.

    It wasn't entirely clear what had happened there, and the full story is still a mystery, however from the brief moment Isao peeked into the dark equipment shed, he knew it was something bad. There was what appeared to be a pool of blood on the floor, a person lying limp, and over the body stood non other than the one he had been searching for, Zelyn.

    Isao fled shortly after arriving, hoping to god that he wasn't seen, and that what he saw was a lie.

    "It's a lie. It's a lie. It's a lie," he repeated to himself.
    He made his way home as quickly as his legs could carry him, all the while his head hung low. His thoughts were jumbled up, his mind trying to make sense of what he had seen. In his distraction, he didn't notice that he was nearing a street.

    Everything turned into a blur. He was sure he had stopped, but somehow he found himself in the bright lights of a truck. The sound of a crash followed.

    He woke up two weeks later. Only a few moments from those two weeks registered in his memory, memories of friends visiting to wish him well, doctors standing over him, and his mother crying to his father. When he finally returned to full consciousness, he awakened with a start, shocked to find himself in a hospital bed. He couldn't remember how he ended up there... in fact, when the doctors asked him about what he last recalled, he couldn't remember anything about the day of the accident.
    But that was not the worst thing that had resulted from the crash, because the words that came from the doctor soon thereafter destroyed his life.

    "You won't be able to walk again."
    When he finally got out of the hospital, he had to leave in a wheelchair.

    His life crumbled from there. Keeping his grades up became a grueling task. He gradually found it harder and harder to maintain his social life. He could no longer partake in many activities he previously enjoyed. He found out his girlfriend cheated on him while he was in a coma. He overheard his parents talking about how burdened they are by his condition. In the end, all he had left were two things: his art, and video games, which he got into far more now that he had less to do outside. The life gradually dwindled in him, until eventually he was barely living at all, grounded by his useless legs.

    Fortunately, there was a spark of hope: a game called Terrasphere.

    This virtual reality game, according to his close online friend Lucille whom shared it with him, can supposedly allow the players to not only see and hear what happens in the game, but also feel it. If that were true, then perhaps there was a chance for him to feel free again, unrestrained by his broken body.

    Out of Character

    Played by: @Ace
    Player tag: @Yukisa

    (Kagerou Project) Konoha
    (Kagerou Project) Haruka Kokonose

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    Hunger Beyond Dusk From dawn until dusk, your eyes are the same as always. From Dusk until dawn, however, they shine a insidious golden-red. Whether in the darkness or under the night sky, you hear insidious whispers, "feed me". After dusk or in dark places, you need to sate your hunger, even if your hunger bar is full.

    Deaths: 1


    Painting, Medicine


    Armor: 500 adept
    Health: 100 trained
    Energy: ---
    Riding: ---

    Pierce: 200 proficient
    Acrobat: 200 proficient
    Aeromancy: 1000 expert
    White Magic: 0 beginner
    Parry: 0 beginner

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    Crystal Fur Spear (1H Pierce)
    Corrupted Lightning Rod (1H Magical Tool)


    Training Armor (Medium Chest Armor) A simple chest-piece that has been well-worn in countless practice fights.
    Corrupted Trousers (Medium Leg Armor)



    Titanius' Gaze 1/3 (Enchantment) 2. Your attack appears to have several opened red eyes. 3. When your HP is below 50%, disruptive attacks gets an extra +10 damage.


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    Dissonant Hero You charged into battle even when all odds were stacked against you. Truly heroic.


    Gargantuan Gaze (Mini Pet - Gaze) Titanius' great, black eye. The fleshy coating of the organ is slick with an unknown fluid, outshined only by the brilliant purple iris ringing a vertical slit pupil. Gargantuan's Gaze tracks anyone moving near it with an unsettling intelligence, opening its iris to bare thousands of needle sharp teeth within the eyeball. The fleshy cord of its drifting optic nerve twitches behind it as it moves to watch its prey.


    Primadonius Maximus (Drink) Inside this bottle is the power of friendship of a beast tamer and their companion. The liquid is contained within a stout bottle of dark blue glass. Flexing arms stick out from both sides, and a print is sloppily slapped across the bottle that reads "Git Mammothed" and a mammoth head statuette as the cap. When you drink a shot, your mouth and body will be filled with a fresh and triumphant minty flavor that almost compels you to roar. Zombies not included.

    Western Sharp Gaze (Drink) Contained inside this semi-translucent bottle, engraved with many eyes, is an unworldly and maddeningly sour grape juice. If you happen to empty the bottle, you'll notice a pair of pulsating yellow eye with red iris staring into your soul at you from the bottom of the bottle. If you shake the bottle, you will hear a quiet but frightening 'KUKUKU...'

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