Quest - Wish Upon a Star

Quest - Wish Upon a Star
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  1. Ratattle Tavern

    A Yladian astrologer named Monasilva was observing the sky one night when she spotted a bizarre shooting star that fell down at the border between Astorea and the land of mushroom, Esuilus. She rushed to town in search of adventurers to escort her to said valley so she can investigate. Most of the adventurers in the tavern turned her down, however, as it was winter and the journey may be fill with a lot of wolves looking to feed on travelers.

    With nothing else going on at the moment, what would you do?

    OOC: Work together and do some freeform roleplaying with one another, the quest will be considered complete in 3 posts. I will not interfere unless you reach out to me at: Spice my Thread

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  2. Looking at the quest board with a sigh Vladimir was scanning all the available ones at the time wondering which one he should start since he was still a new player and going straight in the battle field without any experience would probably bring loads of troubles to the other party members. Not wanting to seem like a looser he choose the ones that were mostly help-the-town based and at the same time he thought it would be a good idea to get to meet new players and ask around a little bit about the game and maybe some newbie tips.
    "Hmm...the names are creative at least." Muttering he found himself staring at one title that stood out the most. Wish Upon a Star . Reading the details about it he found the quest rather amusing and adventurous. Just what he was looking for! Maybe there's going to be something interesting to discover and learn about the place, get familiar with the history of the town and its villagers(?).

    Heading to the location that was now marked on his map Vladimir was coming towards the tavern where supposedly the lady astrologer was waiting for players to escort her on her journey. Hoping he wasn't going to be the only one to join, the male moved his hands onto the heavy, wooden doors and opened them quietly as the music from inside started echoing in his ears, it was a very relaxing guitar song that matched the dim interior and the faded voices from the people sat on the tables and each having their own conversations. They all looked like some kind of adventurers because of their leather like clothing and dirty image but one thing was standing out the most in the crowd of people, the lady astrologer, Monasilva, who was desperately asking everyone for help or at least those who looked like they were ready to accept her quest because of their equipment.
    "And you must be...Monasilva? The lady who needs some help escorting? I am at your services, please call me Vlad or Vladimir. Are we waiting for more participants because I am afraid I won't be able to be the knight this time, I am still a new player." with a charming smile on his lips the blonde guy took a sit at the nearest table and awaited for the rest players if they were to come soon. Meanwhile he started looking at his stats and tried reading more about his abilities.
  3. Iván had been sitting in the corner when the Yladian astrologer arrived at the tavern. Monasilva recounted how she had been doing her thing when something extraordinary happened, something that apparently didn't happen a lot in her line of work: a shooting star, a meteoroid, came crashing down from the sky and into the border between Astorea and Esuilus. A quick browsing of both the Palm Menu and Investigation Mode revealed to Iván that Esuilus was also known as the land of the mushroom. Was that mushroom as a fungus? Or mushroom as in a mushroom cloud?

    His brief study had to be interrupted when Monasilva, the astrologer, began talking about her need for escorts, essentially bodyguards, to help her investigate the crash. Curious minds have always been drawn to danger, either they don't expect the danger or they're willing to risk danger to satiate the curiosity. Iván's been there. A lot of times actually. Almost everyone in the bar didn't jump on the opportunity she presented. It was winter, after all, the weather would make such an endeavor troublesome, not to mention hungry critters who would be desperate enough to attack anyone and everyone out there for food.

    Iván, on the other hand, was interested. The quest seemed pretty simple, but what happens after they get down to the crash? What happens there? What has happened? What will happen? Did the crash affect the local monsters? Did it mutate them, turn them stronger, weaker, uglier? What is Monasilva going to do with the information they end up collecting? What is she studying anyway? Will the meteoroid benefit Iván in any way? It probably will. He had nothing else to do anyway.

    He decided to accept the quest and was just about to approach Monasilva when a blonde newcomer arrived and immediately made a beeline for the astrologer. Iván wondered if this was a Player or another NPC, made to spice the quest up. It didn't matter. Iván got up from his seat and approached the pair. He hoped someone else would arrive. The more, the merrier, that's what they always say.

    "Hello," he greeted them both at the same time. "I'm interested in joining your expedition."

    Monasilva's eyes grew wide in delight. After not getting the result she wanted with the other adventurers prior, she was all too happy to finally get some people on her team. They didn't look as strong as she had hoped but they were numbers. They could help. "Thank you so much! I-I really, really appreciate this. You two can fight, right?"

    Iván smirked under his hood, "I can survive."
  4. His green eyes turned towards the other guy in the hood, someone who apparently was there before him but for some reason Vladimir didn't notice him...maybe because of his clothes that weren't standing out?
    "Let's put it that way. I can fight but I can't guarantee a win but you don't really have a choice now do you?" The male said with a smile when he heard the NPC not realising that his words sounded a bit mean but he soon added a wink to smoother the situation. He didn't think that the NPC's were able to respond to the players especially like that, like...actual people that can judge appearance unless, they been programmed to say certain things according to the players stats.

    Quickly clearing his throat he stood up and reached his hand out towards the other player offering a handshake, a friendly gesture that would hopefully give them a good start. Vladimir had to make friends while they were still safe in the warm tavern because when they go out and start their journey it would be too late to say that he was still a newbie with no special cards what so ever.
    "It looks like we are going to be in the same party on this quest. I look forward to working with you!" Vladimir said examining his face a little bit, wasn't it crazy how many character creation options they were able to generate and how everyone were able to look exactly like their in-real-life self if they wanted. However the guy in front of him was wearing a hood so his face wasn't visible but it was still something that crossed his mind since he did it recently himself when joining for the first time.
    "Before we start anything I just want to say that I am new. I only just playing time is..." pausing for a second to open his menu Vladimir let out a chuckle seeing it with his own eyes and then turned back to the guy. "30 minutes!...I was looking around the town when I spawned. It's a bit crazy how real all this is right?" He said leaning against the table and crossing his arms after he closed the menu again.
  5. Iván looked the exuberant newcomer over. He seemed exceptionally cheerful, something that Iván found a little concerning. NPC or not, it didn’t matter. This guy sounded like he was going to turn Iván’s simple trip to satiate his curiosity into something livelier than what he actually wanted. Plus, he’s also not guaranteeing a win if and when a fight happens. That could be something to consider. If anything, it sure as hell didn’t inspire a lot of confidence.

    “It looks like it,” Iván dryly responded. He saw how the blonde tried to take a good look at his face. Perhaps out of curiosity. It was highly unlikely he was trying to figure him out. He looked too trusting for that. Not that Iván wasn’t trustworthy. The illusionist just liked having the higher ground with his secrets so much.

    Monasilva interrupted his train of thought, “Playing time? What does he mean by playing time?”

    Iván narrowed his eyes at the newcomer. So he was a Player after all. The NPCs wouldn’t know anything about playing times and such. They weren’t program to know anything outside of this world. Sighing audibly, Iván put a hand on the guy’s shoulder before turning to Monasilva, “He’s just overexcited, spouting nonsense to compensate for his lack of control over his feelings. All he means is just this is his first quest, and he’s looking forward to completing it successfully.”

    The illusionist didn’t turn to the newcomer and instead pressed tightly on his shoulder. He grinned under his hood before speaking to Monasilva once again, “I think introductions are in order. My name is Iván Carl.”

    He waited for the others to respond, noting everything he can about them.
  6. Vladimir got a bit too excited indeed since he completely forgot about the games rules and mechanics but hopefully Ivan was there to save the day and remind him about them. Feeling his hand land on his shoulder the male cleared his throat in response and let out a nervous chuckle before parking his lips to speak.
    "Ah...! Right, I do speak nonsense when I am excited. And it's just as he first quest." Keeping a charming smile on his lips his eyes wandered from Monasilva to Ivan seeing as he was awaiting for a response from Vladimir confirming that he realised what was going on. This situation also made him realise that Ivan was indeed an actual player which was just another confirmation since he joined a quest allowing Vlad to think that the male wasn't an NPC to begin with but apparently he should be more careful about that next time he meets new people.

    "My name I said Vladimir Vovk and I will do my best to protect a beautiful and brave princess like you~"
    once again allowing his flirty side to take over without hesitation he started charming the lady in front of his not bothered by the fact that there was a third person in the conversation.
    "R-Right...I see, well good luck on your first quest then Vladimir but I hope you are indeed as willing to protect me as you say. My name is Monasilva but you already know it from the helping request." She didn't look like she cared much about Vladimirs words and attempt to flirt but instead turned toward Ivan more personally realising he was her only hope. "Please take care of me on the journey..." she whispered to him awkwardly and then stepped away with a smile.
    "RIGHT! Ready to head out? Follow me." She said rather excited and scared at the same time as the NPC headed outside the tavern and checked behind her to see if the two players followed along.

    "Haha...thanks about that. I completely forgot how this game works. Nice to meet you by the way." He whispered to the male beside him and reached his hand out for a hand shake as he was on his way to follow the archaeologist. This promised something new, something he really didn't want to abandon.
  7. Iván took Vladimir's hand and shook it, noting how he seemed new to the game and more interested in the female NPC. Under his hood, Iván smirked. This may perhaps be an interesting development. He wondered what this Vladimir could do. Assuming his Player was someone who used names to imply meanings, then Vladimir could be an aeromancer. Volk sounds something someone who liked using lightning, electricity, in battle would call themselves. Then again, his own named made no implications. Perhaps it was like that, too, just another name.

    "Pleasure's all mine," Iván muttered dryly. "What are you going to contribute in a fight?"

    Iván let Vladimir's hand go and gestured for him to go first, after Monasilva. Whatever he'd answer, he would be able to do so under his breath. Not that he'd need to, considering they've already established to the astrologer that this was Vladimir's first quest. Iván didn't know if that was actually true, but Monasilva wouldn't pry. What would be the point, anyway? Someone was acting odd, she got an excuse. Delving deeper might only serve to endanger her. If she did, Iván would have another answer. He has all the bases covered. As always. This wasn't going to spiral out of control.

    "I hope you're ready to fight beasts in the snow."
  8. With the two males now following the astrologer lady they stayed behind to have their own small conversation and Vladimir was rather grateful that Ivan was willing to speak with him, he seemed antisocial but looks can be deceiving. Walking away from the tavern he took a last glimpses at the building and turned to the guy in the hood as he listened to his question with a smile showing off his perfectly straight white teeth before looking away awkwardly.
    "Well...I did say this was my first quest and...I also don't have any weapons...regardless! My class is martial art so I can deal with no weapons for now." He said looking at the woman in front of them, she was very consecrated and didn't look like she was willing to share any personal information about herself to the two strangers while they were on the mission.

    "What about you? You look like the type of guy who has something hiding up his sleeves. Tricky~"
    Vladimir would move his hands behind his head running his hands through his blonde hair and walk forward in a funny manner to lighten the mood! Despite hearing about the monsters he wasn't sure what he had to say...he wasn't ready really but he didn't know what to expect as well. On the other hand he was just a tiny bit relying on Ivan who seemed like he knew everything but preferred to stay silent...or was he just hoping that it would be true?
  9. “Martial arts? That’s pretty smart,” Iván murmured, noting how martial arts was an interesting way of compensating for starting the game with no weapons fit for fighting. It was one of the Masteries he took interest in, too. However, Iván ended up choosing something else to fit his chosen stereotype.

    The illusionist grinned under his hood at Vladimir’s remark, a suitable pun. Iván did appear like he was hiding something up his sleeves, which was actually the reality of it all. He was covered in clothing from head to toe, believing that it would help keep himself a mystery, which was power in itself. The less people knew about him, the powerful he could be. Of course, in this game, where everyone wasn’t entirely sure if someone was actually a Player or just another highly advanced NPC, that doesn’t really matter that much. Still, Iván was determined to play the game his way.

    “Something like that,” Iván replied dryly, keeping his eyes on Monasilva whom Vladimir appeared to be quite enamored of. As the astrologer led the way and Vladimir followed suit, Iván walked past the table he was sitting at earlier, and as quickly as he could, procured a hammer from under it. He chose to go last, letting the blonde man walk in front of him. He held his hammer tightly as he spoke, “I can smash faces in with this thing, fix things, too, but mostly I focus on my magic. It’s as destructive as most, but it does have its merits.”

    Iván grinned as a favorite memory of his played in his head. It was of a giant beast, confused and dazed, getting manhandled by him through his magic. Sure, that was just one part of the whole event that had happened prior to this, but it was a pretty fun exercise for what he could do. It wasn't much but it will just have to do.
  10. Raising an eyebrow at his comment Vladimir smiled, he didn't think that his class would be classified as 'smart' considering you just go straight in the fight BUT he was right at some point. You do need to think fast when you are in a close battle and come up with tactics but not everyone have that ability...he was still trying to train that part.
    "Smart for people who know how to go with that class...Tell you what. I think I am good and I am not just saying that because I am confident and a show off." One of the reason he would say that was because in real life he was actually practising martial arts so it would definitely help him in the game. His tone rather playful as he spoke made his eyes observe the other party member behind him for a bit as he went to get his hammer.

    "Wow...I didn't expect for that think to come out hahah! Jeez that's some heavy weapon there."
    With a small laughter the male looked at Ivan and the hammer amused! This took a sudden turn! But considering his words it wasn't the actual weapon he preferred to go with...however for now it is what it is and it definitely looked dangerous.
    "I want one too now!" He added with his feet finding a rock which made him almost trip as he wasn't paying attention to the road in front of him but he found his balance immediately and awkwardly turned to look down at his feet as they continued walking.

    "Noisy..." the lady astrologer muttered quietly under her breath as she would roll her eyes and continued walking forwards, of course she didn't look like she was a mean type but maybe she had a personality like that. However for some reason you wouldn't really take her words seriously and just brush it off.
  11. It was Iván’s turn to raise an eyebrow at Vladimir’s comment, “Don’t we all?”

    Everyone always thinks they’re pretty good, some even the best, until shit hits the fan. It’s different, confidence when you’re not doing anything compared to confidence when a giant bug queen you can barely survive transforms itself into an epic nightmare and starts charging at you with its glowing pincers laced with poison. Everyone thinks they’re pretty good, but some of them can and will die. What’s the point of being good if you’re just going to die in the end? What’s the point of being if nothing was waiting for you in the end?

    Iván shook his head, realizing his penchant for overthinking had taken him to a very dark and gloomy turn. He turned to Vladimir then to his hammer, “Oh, yes, it’s pretty heavy. I still have room for improvement when it comes to this weapon but I believe my training is coming along fine.”

    It wasn’t. His training with illusion magic was coming along fine, having sparred with one of the best the game could offer. His training with tinkering was coming along fine, having studied with one of the best the game could offer. His training with bludgeons? He believes he has yet to smash a worthy opponent’s face in to consider that as “coming along.” It didn’t help that in every battle he would end up going to illusion magic as his trump card, like it was his only weapon. At least outside of battle, he could practice and study tinkering. Maybe that could all change this time around.

    “Will we need horses to arrive at our destination?” Iván ignored Monasilva’s comment and instead gave her something to consider.

    The astrologer was taken aback by Iván’s curiosity, most of all the sound of his voice, but he made sure to quickly regain her composure. There was no sense in showing these two her weakness. She was going to be a strong, independent leader. Although she did hire them to make sure her weaknesses were covered, mostly those involving fighting and death, she still needed to exert her authority over them. At the very least, she needed it to boost her self-esteem and stave off the doubts and fear that had started to plague her mind. Is this adventure worth it? Of course, it is. It’s for science. But what would be waiting for them at the crash site?

    “Oh, uhm, yes, we would need horses,” Monasilva sighed, realizing these two probably didn’t bring horses of her own. But for science? She would do everything, including spending her own gold. It would be an investment that hopefully would pay off in the end, specifically pay more. “Don’t you, uhm, worry… I got this.”

    Monasilva flashed her two companions an awkward smile, failing to portray confidence over concern. Iván turned to Vladimir and shrugged. The astrologer seemed troubled to him but it wasn’t part of the deal, prying into other people’s issues. Unless she told them about it or made it a part of the quest, Iván wasn’t going to be interested. He was here to satiate his own curiosity. Nothing else.
  12. At least Ivan was training unlike Vladimir who hasn't even started yet but there would be still loads of opportunities to take and train his skills. One of them was close...if they stumble upon any monsters on their way that is. Looking around as they were slowly exiting the village Vladimir wondered about their transport and if there would be any. Luckily the other male had the same question and said it aloud which made his green eyes scan the lady who struggled to answer. As he caught the shrug from Ivan he responded with the same action keeping his mouth shut for now to wait for a reply. Has she not thought that through completely?

    "Alright. Just...wait here a second and I will be back with our horses. They are...just around this corner~!" The astrologer said trying to show them that she had everything under control and she was 100% ready and planned for the set off. The two players were left to see as Monasilva ran behind a building leaving the two concerned and confused. As they waited Vladimir leaned against a tree and crossed his arms, he wasn't sure what he had to say so he kept quiet for the time being not wanting to jump in conclusions. Right as 10 minutes passed the astrologer was finally back with a pair of three horses all tight together as she did look out of breath.
    "Right around the corner huh? Took you a while to find them..." Vladimir teased seeing her now messy hair and flushed cheeks but she pretended like nothing happened and brushed her hair away from the front of her face.
    "Pff yeah. I...had them tied somewhere else apparently." She said aloud and gave the laces to the two guys before getting on top of her own horse which she didn't look that familiar with. Vladimir suggested that she just went and bought three horses but without them knowing it so they wouldn't judge her...honestly though there wasn't a need for such a think but he wasn't going to tease her anymore.
  13. Dungeon Master

    And so the three rode a long distance to the border of Esuilus, it was a clear day with no signs of the insidious spore-storm travelers often talk about. Monasilva was starting to be visibly tired from the long ride. Though, her expression changed drastically as the three neared their destination. All her life, she had dreamed of one day being able to possess a fragment of the heavenly body.

    However, the twinkle in her eyes quickly died down as the three spotted robed mages in the long stretch of land ahead. After convening out of sight, Monasilva spoke to her travel companions.

    "I saw it, the comet, it was a big rock with these strange crystals protruding from it! It seemed to have been dispelling a lot of magical energy too... I think those must be the Ynglar Brotherhood trying to retrieve it. New mission, can both of you help me get a fragment please? They can't have the rest for all I care, but I must claim my fair share..."

    From now on, you may roll and link your dice roll if you would like to check to see how successful your action/attack/mastery use is with this OPTIONAL rolling system.
  14. The ride was long and hard, and it seemed to have taken its toll on Monasilva. Although Iván appeared perfectly fine, deep within him was the same kind of fatigue that the three of them were understandably plagued with. Thankfully, the weather was fair, the day was clear, and nothing seemed to be against, nothing else but their weary bodies. Iván, as per usual, had decided to ride in the rear while Vladimir rode before him, second only to Monasilva who served not only as their patron but also as their guide, having the most experience in this area.

    Iván spent much of their time riding in complete silence. He had been thinking, since they left the inn, about the many possible discoveries that their group would unveil as soon as they get their mits close to the crash site. Terra Sphere was still in the medieval age but perhaps all that could change should they, especially Monasilva, succeed in bringing home a piece of the fallen heavenly body. Of course, studying it might make things more difficulty, his supposed progress much harder to turn into reality. Was Monasilva truly such a genius? Or was she, too, encumbered by her generation, by the limits of her people and time?

    The astrologer suddenly perked up, as evident by how her body suddenly sat upright on her horse, contrary to how she had been postured for most of the ride. Iván couldn't blame her. Riding was exhausting, especially this long. They were most probably close to where the thing had crashed. That was the only reason his logical mind could come up with regarding Monasilva's change in body language. Other things that popped in his head was mild hallucination or maybe she had actually been sleeping and just woke up. Then again, Vladimir would've noticed if it was the latter two and surely he would have spoken up.

    "We're here," Monasilva told them, and Iván could hear the excitement in her voice. She jumped off her horse and began dragging it by hand. Iván followed suit, taking to mind that she was their guide and he was just her employee who would do best to follow his boss so he could get paid handsomely, maybe even added to her list of collaborators should her genius prove true. He was dragging himself towards her when she unexpected stopped. "Oh, no," she quickly, hurriedly, led them somewhere else instead of heading directly towards their original destination.

    "What?" Iván muttered under his breath, witnessing only seconds after the answer to his question. Three robed people? Mages, probably. He listened to Monasilva as she relayed her findings and assumptions, even going as far as changing the terms of their agreement. Iván grinned under his hood. A change of plans could mean a change of payment, perhaps an even higher payment. But the Ynglar Brotherhood as their opposition? He's heard of them, even wanted to join the group to further his own magic, but he just wasn't sure if he and Vladimir could take three of them. Only one way to find out. "You know I'll have to ask for a bigger pay with this, right? Combat wasn't in the original plan."

    "Yes, yes, whatever it takes," Monasilva sighed, a little peeved at Iván's response. "Get me a fragment and you two may get a fragment of your own for all I care. I just really want my share."

    Iván nodded once, noting in his head that a fragment on its own may not even be worth anything to him but Monasilva's gold and friendship might be more useful, before turning to Vladimir, "All right, here's the deal. The Ynglar Brotherhood, if you don't know, is a group of magic-users. No one really knows what they do, aside from study magic, only popping up when strange things, like this crash, happen. I'll use my illusion magic to distract them while you take them out."

    Iván nodded once for the second time, ignoring Monasilva who had nothing else to do but stay with the horses. The two adventurers quietly moved closer to their targets, careful not to be spotted, using whatever cover they could find to stay hidden. Iván put a hand to Vladimir's chest without looking at him, gesturing that the distance was sufficient. Swiping his hand in one direction, to the right, he brought up his panel of spells and chose something that would work well for the situation. If he succeeded, the mages would start hallucinating three other Iván Carls out to get them, each charging at each of them with a brandished weapon. Chaos has always been the perfect distraction.

    Mirror Images

    img (Illusion Magic) "Are you all quadruplets?! Ivan Carl the First, Ivan Carl, the Second, Ivan Carl the Third, and Ivan Carl the fourth? Was your dad named Ivan Carl? Are you guys all Ivan Carl Juniors?!" -Alphabet Chocolate. Spoiler alert: There's only one Iván. The rest are just posers. Illusionary posers.

    64 + 20 (Illusion Magic) = 84
  15. The ride was long and tiring...none the less boring for the young adventurer. Vladimir enjoyed the view of their road but when they finally arrived at the forest and there was nothing new to see except trees and nature he was getting tired of it, he wasn't against it what so ever but having it in front of him for so long leaded to his current state where he simply leaned on the horse and let the ride take him away. Only after a few minutes the astrologers voice surprised him and made him sit up straight to look around, immediately finding himself looking for the thing they came for since he was already so anticipated to see it and examine the Star.
    "Don't raise my expectations when we're not there yet..." he muttered as he watched her get off the horse making himself follow the same actions and get behind her along with Iván.

    As they appeared on a hill they were able to see the view below which made everyone crouch on the spot and step back after seeing the strangers walking around the "Star" since he wasn't sure what he was supposed to call it. The conversation between the other two made him take note about the bigger amount of money they will receive and of course the fragment they could get for themselves which didn't look as exciting for him neither so it looked for Iván who didn't mention anything about it unlike the deal.
    Having the words hit his face as the other player explained their situation, it took Vladimir just a few seconds to nod and follow beside him while examining the area and position of all three Ynglars making in advance a small plan for himself as he felt Iváns hand press against his chest to stop him from going further. The blonde figure leaned lower and stopped moving. His eyes meeting Iváns to nod in agreement understanding that they should start the attack now allowing him to quickly and quietly moved closer to the Mages while hidding behind the trees so they won't spot him.

    After changing a few positions he finally went for the one that was further away from the other two of his group to hopefully take him down without the rest taking notice. Crouching as he approached the mage who was busy trying to fight the fake Iván, Vladimir would step behind him and let his hand hit the back of his neck with force but aiming at one specific area leading to a successful faint of the enemy. Unfortunately it was too early to celebrate because one of the mages was lucky enough to turn their head the wrong time and catch Vladimir on the spot.
    "Really now? You had to turn?" He clenched his fist and got ready for another attack expecting the mage to abandon the clone if he realised it was fake otherwise he would have to put up with two opponents.

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