(Voting) World Building Contest 6

(Voting) World Building Contest 6
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    WBC6 Voting

    Here are all of the entries for the 6th world building contest (link). The theme for this World Building Contest is Dungeon! The voting is open to all members even those who did not participate. Everyone have two votes to use on different entries that are not their own.


    • Two (2) votes per OOC account; each has to be a different entry.
    • The creator of an entry cannot vote for themselves.
    • Vote with your OOC account by sending @Contest a PM.
    • Put the titles of your two (2) favorite entries as the title in your PM like this example.
    • If an entry's name is really long, condense it to 2 words maximum.
    • Please do not talk about your submission or votes until after the voting result has been revealed.
    • Failure to follow the rules will disqualify your votes.

    Voting Deadline

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    Submerged Catacombs

    A series of catacombs designed to inter the corpse of a powerful, forgotten wizard. Also interred within the tombs are all the servants, retainers, and craftsmen who constructed the place, so as to keep the tomb a secret. The only thing remaining within the submerged halls are the deranged, magical servants whose sole purpose is to destroy all intruders and maintain the catacombs. Running throughout the halls and galleries are a multitude of oddly ornate metal pipes which pump water from area to area. The entirety of the place is lit by luminescent crystals ensconced in ornate metal. The light itself seems to sap the heat out of the entire area, leaving the place just above freezing temperatures.

    The entrance of the catacombs is hidden in the depths of lake, within a nondescript cave. The facility has a total of four floors, each subsequent floor being smaller in size. Each floor is designed with two, L-shaped arms of tombs with a singular staircase descending directly down to the final floor. Upon first entering the catacombs, one might hear faint singing in moments of quiet. Descending down each floor, one can hear the singing clearer and clearer. Reaching the final floor, barred by a magical door, one can hear that the song is clearly a lament in some foreign tongue, sung extraordinarily beautifully.

    Once entering the final floor, one will be greeted by an extremely ornate, and rather dry, large room the size of a football field. Inside lies all that which the wizard brought with him to his grave: Magical artifacts, scrolls, and a vast library that lines the walls of the room. The grave of the wizard himself in the anterior of the room is rather simple, in comparison: A simple rectangular tomb constructed of pure obsidian, with strange characters decorating the base. However, within the very center of the room lies a large luminescent pool, containing the wizard's eternal guardian: his wife. Granted eternal life by some ancient magic, the beautiful woman carries an ephemeral elegance that lends to her 'untouched by time' quality. Of course, her time alone has driven her much insane, only retaining her vigilance over her husband's tomb.

    Gimmick: Within the entrance cave lies a switch, which pumps the water from the first floor. Each floor requires a hidden switch to be toggled before granting access to the next floor. The switch is generally hidden within a tomb on that floor. While one could theoretically swim down to each floor, the final floor requires all three previous floor's switches to be toggled before the magically reinforced door opens.

    The fight with the 'siren' involves a gimmick where an adventurer becomes controlled, only being released if another party member approaches within a short distance of the obsidian tomb to enrage her.
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    Tower in the Garden of the Moon

    An altar lies in a field of white flowers that blotted out the grass below. A beautiful sea of white, each and every petal glows under the moonlight when night falls. This secluded sea of stars on the earth was said to be blessed by Uene herself.

    This was sacred land that no man dare tread on. It was long ago declared as neutral ground by the many kingdoms of the land, for a powerful man bound to none of them had declared it so in his final breaths. Though his name was lost, his exploits were grand enough to be remembered and respected eternally. His final words were passed on by every noble line for the time that would come:

    "I shall die, and the world shall bereft of heroes true in my absence.

    There is no hero that can live to my name, and none are worthy of the treasure I hold.

    But that might not be so in time.

    You kingdoms that cannot save yourselves from the dangers that come, heed me.

    XXXX years from now, you shall be given one chance to prove yourselves.

    Build your spirit and grow your heroes, for my miracle comes to those that earn it.

    On that time, bring them to the altar in the Field of the Moon and my tower shall be there for you to face.


    You shall have one night to reach the top. If you succeed, my treasure shall be yours, and you may smile with the hope that you CAN face what lurks in the dark together!

    Reach the Moon- May Ys guide you there."

    Tonight was that time. The brightest moon the world had ever seen rose tonight, and with it would come a tower of light. Every hero here this day held a dream forged under generations: to reach the top.
    Perhaps they would. But whether or not they expected it...
    This tower reached all the way to the moon.

    You have one night.

    Gimmicks: In this dungeon, players must traverse a tower borne and built from moonlight to reach the Moon.

    As you go further and further up into the atmosphere, a new, unfamiliar gague pops in your vision. The only people to have seen it are scuba-divers, mountain climbers, and people who choked to death. The Air bar. Try not to choke to death, and pray to Aeromancy and pockets of oxygen!

    Other events may include:
    • The hold of gravity gradually losing its hold as you progress, allowing players to move strangely
    • The tower itself (and the rooms within) slanting as the Moon rises and sets, changing the layouts of otherwise simple rooms as players traverse walls as often as floors
    • Beasts borne from celestial bodies that wish to strike you down for daring to raise your curious hand to the stars.
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    Bedlam Rock

    A crevice within the Naryu Canyon that leads to a complex tunneled sanctum that once hosted the Cult of Titanius. Dark spirits continue to linger here and the monstrous experiments that were contained within the location have been freed, interfering with the development of the Canyon Bridge.

    You have earned a hard-won victory against the eldritch Titanius and, despite the number of deaths counted among you, you've all earned titles and glory beyond imagination. The cultists which had interfered in the battle have all been vanquished, whether by Titanius' own tendrils or by your own hands. Yet, even posthumously, villains tend to find vengeance in some form.

    The beleaguered, dogmatic sect had been working in secret previous to Titanius' arrival and, with their absence, there has been no force to feed and care for the dangerous creations they had designed. Arrive at the doorstep of an ancient, ruined prison where sanity is optional. Humanoid abominations, summoned creatures from other realms, and hostile beasts lurk in the shadows. A dense fog of magic makes reality itself unfurl and you'll find yourself unable to fall back on established skills, reliable strategies, and tested experience.

    Will you free these tragic, horrid creatures or give them mercy in death (or, perhaps, find yourself yet another victim to the many horrors ahead)? Bedlam Rock is a twisted, convoluted thing—far darker than what most would witness on an average day within Terrasphere—but here is an opportunity to end Titanius' corruption and influence once and for all.

    (And who knows, there might even be a chance to see the stranger things in life like tortoises equipped with superspeed or helicopter rabbits.)

    Gimmick: The dissonance-affected area is pure pandemonium.

    Due to the vestiges of the occult rituals, everyone’s masteries are shuffled. Although Core Masteries and Mastery levels (trained, proficient, etc…) remain unchanged, all other Mastery slots will be replaced by random (e.g. someone with Slash 200 proficient will instead have Nature Magic 200 proficient for the dungeon).

    Weapons will temporarily be able to accommodate the changes (a Ranged weapon can be used as a Magical weapon when adding modifiers) while in the dungeon.
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    Saraton: Trials of Reckoning

    “I know it sounds crazy, but hear me out,” the aged man in the makeshift bowler hat insisted, setting his coffee cup down on the table.

    “We’ve proven it’s possible to disable the nearest resurrection shrine using some Spellbane tricks. The exploit is real an' it won’t last forever. Here, we're immortal, so whatcha' got to lose? I’m invitin' ya to join in on a once-in-a-lifetime journey, totally risk-free!“

    Standing up, he dramatically thrust his cane out towards you, a bladed tip extending from the bottom, only to stop just inches from your nose.

    “Let’s explore death itself an' reclaim my daughter from this cruel system!”

    "Uhh... sorry... got a bit carried away with the drama. You wanna bandage for that, or...?"

    Perhaps it was curiosity. Maybe it was a kind desire to drag the player's adopted child back from the land of the dead, or maybe you just happened to die at the wrong time and are very confused, but for whatever reason: you died, and you haven't revived as expected.

    Welcome to Saraton.

    Saraton is a series of structures built upon a fragmented landscape which seems to defy the laws of physics. Several smaller buildings temporarily house any backlog of NPCs that might build up before they’re escorted to the “four trials” by several ghastly wraiths with green lanterns.

    Each trial takes place in its own little illusionary reality, with a test to challenge and analyze a specific part of the virtual character:
    • The Trial of Virtue - Testing the AI’s character strengths.
    • The Trial of Humanity - Assuring the AI has flaws which can be overcome.
    • The Trial of Personality - Determining if the AI is interesting.
    • The Trial of Memory - Confirming the NPC has met (and got along with) real players.
    Once tested by all four trials, the central building unlocks, inviting the NPC to the hall of judgment. Inside is an elegant, marble hallway, with nothing illuminated but a small platform bathed in a soft glow. Once on top, the character is finally destroyed, and either deleted forever or chosen to be sold as a virtual assistant in the real world.

    Gimmick: The cost of entering the challenge is 1 death, but player death during the dungeon is considered a KO and won't result in additional DAs. During the dungeon, players follow Bowler Hat Man’s adopted daughter. This NPC has her own unique battles, challenges, and puzzles, but players intervene by choosing her actions and feeding her solutions.

    Meanwhile, players must try to follow the girl, stealthily killing weaker ghasts, but (ideally) avoiding the detection of the boss-level lantern wraiths. Should players make it to the end, a majority vote will ultimately decide whether or not to try and pull the girl out.
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    Dream of a Sleeping God

    There is supposed to be a place. A place between the Here and Now. Between the Truth and the Flickering Nothing. A place that some claim to be true, while others call it a simple legend. Some, simply trivialize it as a bed-time story, so ancient that barely even the oldest remember. Others, others claim to have actually seen it. To have been there. But would you believe someone who is labeled as insane? Who has lost his mind? Someone who claims to have been there, together with other lunatics who claim the very same thing?

    You just got to believe.

    The 'Dream of a Sleeping God' is a place that not many get to visit. Monsters, animals, conquerors, children, mere citizen. Alone, or together. It matters not. Anyone can find themselves lost inside a dream that is not their own. But waking up isn't as easy as pinching one's cheek....

    For the most part, it's an enjoyable experience, however. For the few, lucky, visitors get to witness a beautiful architecture usually foreign to them. A city of lantern lights below a clear night sky. Clusters of sakura petals dancing in the wind. Gentle tugs of string in the air, carrying a distant melody. Phantasmal shades of varying sizes, unaware of the outsider's existence, going about their daily business with each other.

    That is the Demonic Night Parade.

    And once realizing that the Dreamers have, indeed, a limited reign of power in this foreign lucid dream, what more could they wish for? It's time to party all night!

    But what if the Sleeping God is having a Nightmare?

    Gimmick: The Dreamers will be confronted with things they fear and will have to overcome them through group-bonding and limited reality altering powers inside the lucid dream.
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    Tomb of the Soul

    Huddled in the corner of Dunnstads stands a small handful of villages, which offer nothing of interest beyond low-level goods. Despite this, it is only in these villages that a new sickness has emerged. Its symptoms present as random mutations, unlike any healer, has seen. Hands can be replaced with claws, arms replaced with grisly hooks made of bone. There are those whose skin has fallen off, replaced with a rough and coarse texture, not unlike stone. For those that are lucky, this is all that happens. For those that are not, a madness seeps in transforming them into bloodthirsty monsters that feel no pain. These monsters, no longer humans, tore through the towns, killing more than a handful of those they had once called, brothers.

    In fear of the madness, the villagers have gathered all those with symptoms, or signs of the illness trapping them within an old abandoned temple. It wasn't until they rounded up the last of the infected, trapping them inside that they learned their mistake. A healer, from out of town, had arrived to cure the illness only to determine the disease was not one of the body but that of the soul. The healer informed the villagers that such a condition could only be the product of a malevolent force. Moreover, its corrupting influences were irreversible and highly contagious. The only way to eliminate the disease would be to destroy the source of the corruption along with any who had been infected.

    Luckily for the villagers, the healer was well versed in the historic shrines of the region and knew of one nearby that likely housed the corruption. He informed them that the temple once housed a great many altars to older gods, and the one, in particular, was once known as the Shrine of Soul. He concluded it was likely that the shrine had been desecrated, causing the illness in the first place.

    Serendipitously, the healer informed the villagers that the shrine was housed within the old abandoned temple they had trapped the infected within. Unable to face their former loved ones, the villagers have reached out to you, and your group for help. They beseech you to enter into the abandoned temple, slay all the infected, and cleanse the Shrine of the Soul. It is due to this that you ventured forth to the temple, finding its large wooden doors barred from the outside.

    Once you stepped inside an old voice echoed through the walls. Its tone is dry, its rhythm, slow. It spoke to you, every word filling you with dread.

    I've seen heroes like you before, eyes brimming with conviction and pride.
    Your destiny is not what you think it is.
    There is no grand plan for you.
    No greater purpose.
    You can ignore it.
    You can deny it.
    But destiny is an inevitable and irrevocable force.
    I've seen where this road takes us and ends with your deaths.
    Not in a blaze of glory, but in a huddled mess on a dusty floor, alone in your last moments...

    A heartbeat of silence passed after the voice faded away. That's when the first guttural scream could be heard.

    Genere: Mystery/Horror

    Gimmick: Someone is not what they seem. Who and what they are, is unknown, but the air of suspicion grows as you move forward.
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    Emberdrift Hold

    Deep in the mountainside lies an abandoned research facility. Not too long ago, this was the residence of an immoral scientist. His advances, successes and failures were great in number, but are doomed to be forgotten with him. As all good scientists, his work now outlives him and wander its decrepit halls. The golems were designed to work in extreme conditions and were created through a mixture of forbidden magics and technology.

    While only a few remain, time and their own uncontained power ridding the world of most, the ones that are still standing will be the toughest. Heavy armor, magical shielding, high power weaponry and all sort of secret tricks, the battle ahead will be tough. However, lack of maintenance has caused… issues in these mechanical beasts. They have been known to destroy one another in reckless abandon upon spotting an intruder and the facility is filled with all sorts of artifacts and dangerous materials.

    Gimmick: Foes are automatons and require unconventional solutions such as environmental damage to defeat efficiently.
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    Wormworth Cove

    There is a legend that during the early years of Druuk Island before it became a destination for prisoners and those banished by the mainland, a group of smugglers and pirates would use the island as a base of operations. The main hub of their bases on the island was given the title Wormworth Cove. The pirates utilized black magic to protect their loot. The cove is filled with ghouls and skeletons reanimated by a powerful licht, not to mention that the entrance is heavily protected by Terrasphere’s version of merpeople, twisted hideous creatures that have minor humanoid like torsos with various sea creatures lower bodies.

    The cove is made up of three main regions. The first of these regions is actually found outside of the cavern like area. Here is clusters of jagged rocks, making traveling through the waters near impossible without the aid of an Expert tier Hydromancer or Geomancer along with a Master in the Rider mastery to steer the ship. This is also the region that the merpeople are found the heaviest in. The swarm the waters, waiting for a ship to gash upon the rocks and sink into their realm. If one is able to successfully navigate the region they can avoid the merpeople for the most part, though some have been noted to be more aggressive and try to drag people off the ships with various tools and spells.

    The second region is the lagoon like area once a group enters the mouth of the cove. Within the water is more merpeople but it is the skeletons that they need to be wary of here. Archer will fire arrows from the shore while soldiers will actually enter the water and attempt to climb aboard any ship that dares enter the cove. A party would need to successfully reach a small and nearly worn away dock. Here they would still need to clear out the skeletons before venturing into the cave towards the supposed pirate loot.

    The final region is deep within the cave. Having fought through scores of undead the heroes will reach a room made up of various ship parts and littered with flags from various coats of armor and of all sizes. Here they will face the reanimated corpse of the pirate’s crew that has been reanimated by The Wormworth Licht, which will also need to be taken care of or it will keep spawning more skeletons. Upon defeating all of these they will find a nice size treasure chest waiting to be looted. Upon opening the chest and gaining their loot, they will notice a trapdoor or sorts that opens to a path that will lead to a nearby beach cliffside safe from any merpeople or skeletons.

    Gimmick: Due to the rocks that litter the coast line around the cove, a group of players may only attempt to enter the cove during a full moon in the dead of night when the tide is the highest. They will still need a master leveled in riding as well as an expert in hydromancy or geomancy in order to successfully make it past the rocks with their ship still in tact. Those that try to enter without these conditions will find themselves in the lair of the merpeople before ever getting close to the cove.
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    Wonderer's Palace

    The Wonderer's Palace looks just like any other palace that's made of stone, so at first glance, you'd think it's pretty harmless. There's nothing off about it. Nothing at all. It's just a stone palace in the middle of the forest, and there's nothing weird about that. So you decide to go in. Maybe because someone asked you to go here, or maybe you're just curious. Doesn't matter.

    Inside, nothing looks out of the ordinary as well. It's a palace: It's huge, it's pretty cool, and everything looks expensive. But it's empty? You call out, but no one answers. There's a lot of food on the massive table in the dining hall, though. You call out again. Still nada. Shame. The food does look appetizing. Maybe a bite won't hurt. Or two. Or three. You guys have been traveling for quite a while. Might as well.

    One of you starts feeling drowsy. The rest follows suit. Eventually, everyone falls asleep. When you guys wake up, you're in a different room, a smaller room, and yourselves smaller than you all remember. On a table in the middle of that room are four items: a vial that contains an unknown liquid, a weapon that appears to you to be related to your strongest mastery, a pair of red shoes, and a red herring. Each one of you gets to choose, or if you want to be as fair as possible, roll, for your preferred item. Each item has specific conditions, properties, that only the DM knows. Suspense!

    Whoever has <item> must roll a d100 to use it: <item> is only useful when the roll is an odd number below 50 or an even number above 50. Otherwise, it knocks the user out until they get attacked by their teammate (support does not work; the user receives damage from the attack that wakes them up).

    The <item> can only be used three times before it explodes into dust, turning its user to stone. See <item> for solution.

    The <item> is useless but can be used as a one-time range weapon. Roll d100 for flat damage.

    Finally, the <item> appears useless but it actually saves everyone in the end. If anyone uses it to, say attack room monsters, the monsters get it and it's gone forever.

    With your items in tow, your party goes from room to room to try and find a way to get yourselves back to your normal size and of course escape the palace. Some rooms are filled with monsters, others contain only random scientific nonsense. Or are they nonsense? Depends if you've got the right Mastery.

    After at least three items have been used, your party is found and attacked by a giant corgi and must now work together to defeat it. Make sure to check the remaining item, though. It might be useful. Or it could kill you.

    After all's been said and done, the Wonderer stumbles into the scene and accuses you guys of being competitors, spying on her hextech creations. Without even letting you guys explain, she picks you all up, props you on a paper airplane, and launches you out of the palace window.

    You land somewhere far from the palace, still smol. Were you able to bring one of the items with you, though, the only item you could? Ah, too bad. That could've helped. Guess you're all smol for a while now. *maniacal laughter*

    Gimmick: You're teacup-sized smol and everything's way big. Work together to manage suspicious items. Or fail hilariously.
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    Gobbo PIt

    Once a Dwarven stronghold used to secure precious minerals for weapons manufacturing had since been abandoned since the precious resources had long since run dry, the cavern mined hollow by those who had lived there ages ago. Their equipment and facilities however remain just as functional as they were during that golden era, each one a marvel and feat of Dwarven engineering, have now fallen into the hands of a tribe of Hobgoblins and have since been renamed to the 'Gobbo Pit'.

    While the Goblins themselves are not an industrious people by nature, they are clever and very skilled at cooking up schemes and scavenging. Because of this they've managed to make use of the Dwarf's technology to manufacture crude imitations, but powerful imitations all the same. After sending a few small task forces into the mines to try and root the creatures out, it was discovered that the twisting cavern of mine cart tracks and dark corners are perfect for the crafty creatures to ambush, and the Goblin Emperor that calls the mines home makes good use of them.

    It falls on you brave adventurers to find the right rails to ride to reach the end of the line, at the deepest part of the mine where the dwarven people once called home. There resides the twisted and gnarled remains of a once great settlement now turned into the beginnings of a goblin empire. The roads however will be treacherous, reaching the end is impossible without a mine cart, and these goblins have had generations to map out the tracks and are always watching you from every dark corner. Tread lightly fellows, for who knows, perhaps there are still some things down there we can use.

    The Gobbo Pit is a dungeon that takes place in the depths of an abandoned mine. The enemies come in a variety of forms; mostly greenskin foes, there are naturally a lot of small goblins who are gifted assassins and schemers. One might even run across the more burly and aggressive Hobgoblin that dwarfs it's smaller breathren as a muscular brute of the species. The Goblins are also known to produce a variety of mounts such as the deadly gluttonous two legged lizards who gobble up metals and rocks as one might meats and veggies, or the aggressive diseased wolf-like Wargs that carry a myriad of illnesses and poisons within their bodies making them hazards for all who encounter them as foes.

    The main boss, the Emperor himself is the best of all worlds, with a trusted mount, either the Great Squig or the Dire Warg at it's side, the Emperor combines the brute force of a Hobgoblin with the cunning and agile strengths of common Goblin green skins.

    Gimmick: A large portion of the adventure will take place traveling between way points using Mine carts. Players can split up, use different carts to try and reach their destination with each one having it's own consequence. They may be as simple as the cart turning over forcing them to waste energy running to their way point or as dangerous as suddenly being joined by four other mine carts filled with hostile goblins along the way forced to clear the others out or risk their cart being swarmed by boarding goblins.
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    Paper Oubliette

    In life, the Librarian let no one into the library - books were far too precious he said, too valuable to be risked in the hands of careless readers. His ever-growing collection was protected by trap and spell and stone walls, spiraling deep into the earth below his estate. Once a month, a cartload of books would arrive at his doors to be carefully catalogued, processed... and never seen again. Thus, people of learning gave the library a nickname - the Paper Oubliette. A place where books went to be forgotten.

    But it’s been a long time since the Librarian was last seen. The great carts have ceased, the stream of books into the Oubliette halted. The library’s protections have weakened enough to enter safely, and seekers of the Oubliette's forgotten knowledge now delve its depths, seeking what was lost... or perhaps simply wishing to sell it. Some people will pay very handsomely for the secrets within the library's walls.

    Some never return from the library. They wander from shelf to shelf in search of some ultimate truth, or are bound by its fraying magic into servitude. Others escape clutching books of gibberish, babbling of parchment beasts that bleed ink and whisper poetry; of bloated bookworms brooding over hoards of stolen words; of books that fly and crawl and read themselves, using hapless explorers as puppets in their plays.

    The air of the library is cool and dry, lit by pale blue mage-lights - fire would be too risky in a place such as this. Each shelf is numbered, and the numbers seemingly reach into the thousands. Stairwells spiral down shafts that descend into the echoing darkness below. Silverfish, caterpillars, and other pests infest the upper levels, building nests in dark corners, and small camps serve as refuges and fortresses for explorers of the safer sections.

    The deeper you travel, the more distorted the Oubliette becomes - straight aisles become winding corridors, tidy shelves fall into chaotic disarray. There are more books in this library than there could be in the whole world, yet most of them contain naught but nonsense - as if they were not written, but simply came to be. The tomes rearrange themselves out of sight, paper monsters whisper and lurk in the stacks, and stories weave like delicate spiderwebs across the aisles, ensnaring the unlucky within their never-ending tales.

    Progressing means going down, deeper and deeper into the library. Into the dark, where a beast is said to live, known only by its heavy footsteps and its bellowing calls. The death of the Librarian, or perhaps the man himself, twisted into a monster by the stories as a cruel revenge. A minotaur at the center of the labyrinth, trapped in a hell of his own making...

    ...well, it might make for a good story, wouldn't it?

    Gimmick: As you travel the library, you may find yourself ensnared by a story, yearning to be read. Those so ensnared find themselves assigned an archetype - the pious, the deceiver, the fool, and more - and are made to enact a scene while acting in their assigned role.

    Following through with the scene to a proper end frees you from the spell, allowing you to progress unhindered. Failing to follow your role, or refusing to finish the scene means the story’s curse lingers, compelling you to continue to act out the role you were assigned - even if it runs counter to your own goals.
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    The Final Resting

    The darkest evil does not lie in this world, it resides in one's soul. That's why periodically souls are harvested into this domain, where it wanders free, waiting for the soul eaters to consume them; to free the world from evil souls, one soul at a time. Sometimes when people wander into the southern part Norforva, they come back with their face pale and their eyes blank. That’s perfectly normal, their souls was just have been taken from them. One does not get back from The Final Resting with their soul.

    You are lucky to arrive in the hall of doors and cells with your soul and body still one. You remember getting into The Final Resting from deadest woods you've ever seen, where formation tombstones neatly decorated the land. One unmarked grave was the entry to this place. The Final Resting is not heaven; nor it is hell. It's where the souls are unjustly taken and waiting for their judgment. On the contrary to the myths, there's no scream echoing in the hall; only peaceful silence. The walls are decorated with purple and red, with stairs of many shapes providing access to go even deeper into the center of the resting place.

    Chain-clad wardens patrol from one cells from another, guarding the souls until the time for their judgment; the grand soul feast. It is when the soul eaters awake and come together, to consume all the souls before getting back to their slumber.

    Will you prevent the soul feast, and free the souls trapped in the place, with the risk of sending evil back to the living world?

    Gimmick: From time to time, even in the middle of battle, adventurers will need to resist the soul from getting forced out from their body. If it does happen, any soul then can forcibly possess the empty body, not limited to friends, evil beings, or just people that want to live again. You can also try to force any soul that resides in a body to get out with several methods or item, claiming the body for yourself. Good luck getting your body back without maiming it.
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    Blood Coven Keep

    Deep within the expanse of Norforva, a castle stands. Made from the blood, sweat, tears, and stone of the land and countless blood coven mages. It’s reason unclear, It’s end unfound, It’s explorers never seen again. But as dark red clouds begin to churn in the skies above it seems the keep is the center of a growing fowl magic and now is the time to act.

    You and your team have been given a large jar filled with, unsettling amounts of blood from people who requested the foal spell be undone. As you travel the Keep’s grounds, fighting off monsters and Coven members alike you must also keep an eye on your blood well or suffer the Keeps draining effects. Can you make it past the outer wall, the first city layer, the second outer wall, the inner city, the final wall, and into the keep? Each section having a ritual circle that causes the blood well’s drain and aids in protecting the keep?

    Do you have the courage to face unlikely odds, some of the most dangerous blood coven members to date within the blood soaked lands, and the tamed monsters they keep for ritual and defenses? Can you, oh brave souls conquer the Blood coven keep, and put to rest the unease… Or was this all a trick, to hasten the ritual? None will know, but the threat is seemingly clear, the way in open, all you need now is a drop of blood in the jar before you take on…

    Gimmick: The Keep is ever-growing and ever-changing, However players can only explore so long before their blood well dries and they suffer damage. Unlikely to be a one shot dungeon, but maybe more likely a growing difficulty as people take on the different sections (six in total.)
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    Frozen Abyss

    The Crystallized Zalra is one of the most intriguing lands of all Terrasphere, the mystery surrounding the crystalizing phenomenon is studied by many scholars and interested magicians of all world. But there's a specific spot that has catched everyone's attention in the past months. Fondly known as "Frozen Abyss", it's said that this place could possibly hold the deepest secrets of Crystallized Zalra.

    This weird and unsettling zone is affected by the mystical infection in a very peculiar way, making it a very dangerous place to be explored. And this is a fact that become pretty clear as you slowly explore the depths of the cave, by finding what at first it will look like crystal statues of Yladians, that could be compared to the most incredible masterpiece... But soon you notice that those are actually victims of the hazardous nature of the cave.

    Despite its bizarre environment, the cave has it's charms... Like extremely rare crystals, frozen ancient fossils, magical runes that were lost in time and craftings that you wouldn't be able to find anywhere else, such as crystalized blazes of torches from deceased adventurers or crystal taxidermy of lost beasts, that unfortunately met their final fate.

    "Luckily" there are a few crystallized creatures that somehow can endure the overwhelming infection effect, and those were able to learn very particular tactics that take advantage of the infection. Be it by simply grappling their preys and forcing them to crystalize, or by just remaining still and completely unflinching... Slowly waiting for the perfect time to attack.

    Of course... Risking your life for the chance to understand and discover a glimpse of Crystallized Zalra's secrets is nothing less than a bargain! Seeing how worth it is... Why not give it a shot?

    Gimmick: Staying in the same place will make your body slowly crystallize. Anyone must stay in constant movement, because even a few seconds are enough to have your body being affected by something similar to a severe frostbite. If you stay in one place long enough, you will feel the despair of being completely crystallized.
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