Vitamin C(ounterfeit) Quest: 2 Spots Open

Vitamin C(ounterfeit) Quest: 2 Spots Open
Discussion in 'Group Finder' started by Rivers Asteire, Apr 15, 2018.
  1. LFG Type: Quest
    Link: Quest Description
    Party Size: 4

    Looking for some fellow new players to try out a starter quest with. Current participants are myself and @Hanno Futaba .
  2. You know I'm in for it.
  3. I'll try it, why not.
  4. Awesome! With that we're full up. I'll make a post today after class and tag you all in it. Looking forward to it.
    @Hanno Futaba @Aristides for timeline, wanna have this set before the WB? That way we don't have to worry about our DAs before they're decided.
  5. Yeah. It's a good idea @Rivers Asteire. They will probably take a while to figure out everyone's DA
  6. Works for me!