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Location - Vermillion Manor
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  1. At Throne Room

  2. img A lot of this meant little to Tenebris. She was so busy in her own head lately, just dealing with who she was and how to drown Magi Heart's aspect of her forever. As for what Vermillion wanted? Pfft.

    She did have a debt though. She was somehow feeling chained by it, her mind and heart already distorted and constantly in a state of very much enjoyed agony. Yet on top of that this chain, this enforced command of this stupid Vampire person. A person that was for all intents and purposes Tenebris Cordis' mother. Maybe?

    "So... right."

    She muttered with her chin in her hand and barely open eyes. A look of irritation on her face. Although it was irritation over a lot more than just this meeting or whatever it was. If Vermillion was supposed to be some badguy. Why was this awfully like her vague memories of school? Sitting here getting lectured to. Pretty pictures to make it seem interesting when it was unimportant in the real world and stupid.

    Urgh, she actually liked school once. Gee whiz...


    Alphabet was upon her. Hugging tightly out of the blue! Ewww no! Tenebris was about to blast her off with a arcana blast but it was not necessary because Alpha was already leaping on others. Even with how fast Tenebris had become. Alpha was pretty damn fast. She made a mental note of that as she shivered from the embrace. Such signs of love were disgusting. True love came from the grief one could give.. not silly hugs! The worst part? The WORST?

    Something deep inside her felt something from that hug from her friend. That sort of thing, that proof of Magi's existence still lingering. That made her sick.

    "Chaos Heart! Heart of Chaos! Whatever! Okay so it makes people like gods or something?"

    She just blurted out stuff as she shook off her mixed emotions and tried to focus. If there was that kind of power being talked about... maybe she shouldn't ignore it so readily. What would a god's power be like... she remembered her thoughts at the Crystallized Zalra. Before going through that tunnel with Cain and Purply.

    A God huh? Would a God be able to spread grief... on a scale never before possible? The...

    Ultimate healing?

    "...Okies. Sounds kewl. A heroine is always up for helping people."

    Unlike her old self. Tenebris was not so deluded to think this would lead to anything but wonderful disappointment, but... no reason not to try while doing other things and helping people persons along the way. Who says the story has to end the way it's written? That's so anime cliche and Tenebris was not so otaku to care about that!
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  3. At Throne Room

  4. Megan flipped through the pages of her tomes aimlessly as she realized she wouldn't be able to read it with some sort of cipher for the foreign language it was written in. It was unfortunate, as the illustrations included seemed to mostly convey a Nordic ice god theme she was keen on learning more about. However, with it being illegible, Megan's attention swayed from its pages to those who surrounded her. It seemed that Lady Vermilion was keen on surrounding herself with an assortment of 'treasures' as she referred to them. The term perplexed Megan, as she didn't quite understand the connotation. However, she didn't seek clarification as the mistress proceeded to speak to each of her followers in turn.

    For Megan's part, she sat back, watching each interaction with a confused expression. She wasn't sure what exactly was meant by Vermilion but tried her best to try at least and learn each of her new teammates' names. As Vermilion spoke to her though, Megan held a blank expression, not truly comprehended her words. Vermilion moved on rather quickly though, introducing Xsune who took the lead in the conversation from there. Which is when everything went from hard to follow, to outright confusing.

    "They knew they were in a game? Were they players? That didn't make sense! What exactly is going on here?! " Megan's mind raced as panic filled her lungs. The void came expediently soon after, reaffirming her previous apathy and pushing the thoughts deeper into her mind. Mentally she clawed at the questions trying to save them, but they soon dissolved leaving no traces. Instead, she focused on the tales of the chaos heart. The tale itself caused her own heart to flutter in anticipation. Her hand tensed, gripping her cloak tightly.

    She wanted it.

    She wanted the heart.

    She wanted the chaos for her own.

    The rest of Xsune's words flowed through her as she heard them, but they didn't quite register. She was too affixed by the image that had hovered before her. Despondently she replied to Xsune's question, "Yes." As she realized that for the first time since she had been given her rose she felt a new emotion that it didn't try to destroy.

  5. Vermillion XIII

    Assignment Select #1​

    Planning Level 10. These are the currently identified locations for chaos collection. Choose.

    The Prism Collector of Stokbon:
    Party: Magi, Megan, Celestine [NPC Choice: N/A]
    Overwatcher Able to Watch: No
    Difficulty: Easy
    DM: Skyswimsky

    Simplicity level 5. There is a man who was once well known for holding monthly giveaways of rare Prism Shards. He has since stopped however his estate is still giving off high concentrations of Chaos Energy. Odd level 4. Xsune has already set up a instant access point into the mansion to find the source and allow collection. Order: If anyone gets in the way, deal with them swiftly. Do not leave anything that would openly connect the incident to us.

    The Depths of Riverside Ruins:
    Alphabet, Celestine, Megan, [NPC Choice: Misha - Trizzaldi]
    Overwatcher Able to Watch:
    Difficulty: Medium
    DM: Pandora

    Information. A rarely explored ruin along a great river in Adecus Forest. Tenebris and Blank had already ventured there however it did not do well. Chaos Energy is being picked up from deep within on the 5th floor of the ruins. Go and gather it. You are not the unrefined people you once were. Expectation level 7. Show Vermillion how much you have improved.

    The Source of Fishy Problems?:
    Alphabet, Magi, Megan [NPC Choice: N/A]
    Overwatcher Able to Watch: No
    Difficulty: Medium
    DM: Ashifili

    Deepness level 8. There has been repeated appearances of Prism Shards on the Dunnstads and Druuk Island coasts. Every time there is a undersea creature of some type protecting it. Discovery. We now know there is a source of Chaos Energy below the sea north of Dunnstads. I have made a connection and opened a gateway. You will need special preparations and a way to deal with various undersea obstacles. Danger level 7. My abilities may be blocked here.

    Silent Palace:
    Party: Alphabet, Celestine, Megan [NPC Choice: Annette - Ner]
    Overwatcher Able to Watch: Yes
    Difficulty: Hard
    DM: Pandora
    Locked: Accomplish all other missions first.

    Tenebris has successfully disabled the magic jamming field that was preventing us from entering this place. Success level 10. In the deepest reaches of the Silent Grotto, lies the Silent Palace. We have been eager to acquire the extremely high levels of chaos within this place however only now is that possible.Warning. If the groto itself is any indication. It will be a extremely dangerous place. Vermillion has decided it best for a Greater Gem to accompany you. Precaution level 10.

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