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Vanquished - Titanius the Ancient Dissonance
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    Having witnessed Titanius out-healing the sporadic damages it took from some of the desperate adventurers taking their last stand, @Quinn figured that it was not possible for the group to kill Titanius when they are fragmented. And so, he orchestrated a plan to weave all attacks into a single combined attack from the entire raid party. He believed that doing it in such a way would obliterate the ancient horror at once, preventing it from out-healing the smaller damage.

    And so, the green-haired man set up the time-field between the group and Titanius, which would slow everyone charging at Titanius down until their time stop, just so he could synchronize the attacks. Although the spell worked at first, Quinn quickly lost control of it. The magic was far too powerful for someone like him to handle. Space and time ripped his body apart, unbinding every cell in this body and scattering them across different dimensions.

    Although he tried to scream, his voice was lost in the torrent of wind and leaking magical energy that ruptured inside his body and though he managed to keep the time field open for at least a good minute, he disappeared afterward without a trace.

    When @Rudiford Gwyndel and @Kessler Cole reached Titanius while holding onto the same lance, a large tentacle swung down at them. With a sharp reflex, Rudiford immediately pushed the blonde out of the way and took it on by himself. Given the difference in size, the black limb easily bent the lance out of shape as Rudiford was pressed against the ground. He struggled to use every bit of strength left to stop the limb, but when the last of the metal gave way, he could feel his body beginning to morph under pressure. Rudiford could only scream as the content inside his body was squeezed out of him.

    @Rivers Asteire was the first of his group to charge gallantly into battle against the dark unknown. With much hopes for himself and the friends that followed him to the frontline, he leaped as high as he could to deal a nasty blow to Titanius with his friendship attack. The moment their combined attack connected with the monster, Rivers could only feel a strange numbness as his head flew through the air, leaving the body to drop to the ground. Even as his life force was escaping from him through the clean cut, Rivers was still very much conscious, watching his friends fall to Titanius deadly tendrils. The youth’s vision faded just before his head collided with the hard floor and rolled off into the dark distance. At least he did not die alone and useless.

    You are dead
    • 15 HP

      MAX 100 HP

    • 50 EN

      MAX 100 EN

    • 11 STK


    Location: Zone D

    -10 EN for Attack
    -5 EN for Damage Supplement
    -20 HP for Attacking

    Her muscles already ached, and only the constant rush of adrenaline from frights and surprises had helped spurn her body on until now. This was supposed to be a large event open to all players in game, new and old, so Milah had never considered the possibility that it would be so challenging… seriously, what were the game developers even thinking?

    Well we’re in an adventure now, huh @Lycia? Milah smirked, a hand raising toward her face to wipe off some leftover acidic gunk from the earlier tentacle. The Felis Princesses that helped defeat the one eyed toothy squid, has a nice ring huh?

    Milah was trying to lighten the mood between them, already fully conscious that being able to defend her sister here would be next to impossible. The Felis didn’t even want to think how exhausted the other players that had been participating in the event for a longer time had to be feeling right now; the twins had only managed to join in for the finale it seem and if anyone were to ask Milah at that moment how much time she thought had elapsed the teen would have answered with an eternity or so.

    Another deep breath was taken as Milah reached for another arrow in her quicker, nocking it onto her bowstring with care before her eyes locked with those of her twin. Listening to Astor and D’vangelline the girls seemed to instinctually sync on their own, Milah drawing out her attack long enough to wait for her sister’s spell before the arrow was shot forth.

    The arrow shone dully, imbued with not only the buffs from the King but also the charged attack of the fellow Felis, and as the shaft took to the air there was a burst of blue and golden light from the tip of the projectile before it wrapped through the arrow as it flew. Milah could have sworn it moved faster than all the other arrows she had shot before, perhaps a result from the aeromancy magic now mingled in her shot, before the brunette felt herself become weaker and barely able to stand.

    Exhausted her butt plopped onto the ground, Milah having only enough time to look and pick a spot that wasn’t covered in acid or gunk, before a loud groan left her frame.

    Someone just tell it to stay down and dead already!

    Combined Attack with @Lycia Against Titanius
    11 + 10 + 20 + 6 = 57 Total
    Tracker / Roll
    Total Damage Done: 5,789

    +10 from Range Mastery
    +20 from Astor’s Frostfire Fury
    +6 from Damage Supplement

    Rolled a 4 on the d4 roll
    • -54 HP

      MAX 134 HP

    • 52 EN

      MAX 112 EN

    • 11 STK


    -20 EN for Reckless
    -40 HP for Reckless
    -50 HP from action and rolling 2

    As she watched the last of her teammates attack and fall, she panted, looking at the gaze. It surely took a huge amount of damage, but she still knew it wasn't enough. Titanius was regenerating the attacks, even if he suffering from the damage. But every member of her combination attack had either died or was too tired to continue. She still had a bit of wind for one last strike, and even if it cost her life, she was going to do it. She just needed to find a partner. To her luck, a fire mage was nearby, and also alone.

    She went to move towards it, but after she took the first step, she immediately fell to her knees, her strenght having already started to leave her body. This is bad... I don't have much left inside of me... She thought, struggling to get up before starting to walk again, wincing with every step. She then went towards Nalla, waving at her and explaining her ludicrous plan. To her glee, she accepted, and that left Blake with only one task: Give that eyeball the punch of its ancient life.

    She stopped to focus a bit, before a red energy started to flow from her. It slowly coated her body, before she put one of her palms above the back of her other hand and roared, all the energy going to it as she prepared to deliver her final attack. After that was done, she started to run towards the gaze, tentacles hitting and bruising her battered body on her way there. But she couldn't stop. She wasn't stopping. Not now.

    Once she arrived close to the eye, she stopped, sliding a few centimeters before giving the wounder eyeball a glare worth a thousand knives, as she stated with fury on her voice that Nalla could feel all the way from there. "You may take my comrades's lives. You may feed on them like they were nothing but canned food. But you ain't taking mine's, nor anyone else's!" She then wind up the punch, before shouting at the top of her lungs with all the air left in her tortured body. "Punch of One's Whole Life and Soooooul!" She struck the beast, the impact creating a shockwave strong enough to Nalla to feel as her fist dug through its insides like jelly, before stopping as she was starting to lose consciousness... No, she was not done. She still had one last thing to do. Weakily raising her free arm, she grabbed the eye, digging her claws onto the flesh as she turned to Nella and spoke. "Now, go..."

    And with that said, her eyes went shut one last time. The final thoughts on her head were simple, as she had a light smile on her face. "Damn... At least this was cooler than the last one..."

    Combined attack with @Nalla
    84 + 81 + 30 + 20 = 215
    Tracker / Roll
    Combined Attack: 6004
    • 55 HP

      MAX 125 HP

    • 133 EN

      MAX 173 EN

    • 00 STK


    -20 EN for action
    -20 HP from Reckless Attack

    The impact of the meteor had been severe, leaving dust and destruction in its wake. It also left Nalla in a rather exhausted state, and she had taken a moment to rest herself. The mere madness of the conflict was rather tumultuous, as rocks and pieces of ripped tentacles and... Hopefully not humanoid limbs, came flying every few seconds. Certainly, there were some safety violations going on here.

    Once she'd caught her breath, she finally began to summon back the flame that spoke to her. You died for them? The pyromancer nodded, flame surrounding her hand, flowing across its surface, feeling as though it were a silk glove to the magician. It'd be simpler if you kill it instead. Nothing to die to. Nalla smiled, nodding again. "Yeah, you're right."

    Looking back to the giant creature, again, the blaze swept up around her, as thought it were caught in a mysterious wind, swirling around her short frame. The inferno that had been previously disobedient now obeyed her call, beckoning for her to spend more of her finite energy pool. She gave in, feeling the drain place weights upon her limbs, and drag at the tempo of her heartbeat. Since her return to life, the cerulean cat had not made an appearance.

    She looked across the battlefield towards the one who she had conversed with through the UI messaging. The plan was for them to conduct some sort of combined, with @Blake Elgis moving to keep the creature occupied, while Nalla could send her biggest boom at the bad guy. Unfortunately... It was also part of the plan that her ally in this maneuver would perish. This brought a bit of doubt the pyromancer. Was it worth it? She shook her head. She wouldn't kill another. She opened her text box to--

    A worthy sacrifice is a willing one. The voice in her head spoke, with syllables like the crackling of flame. If one is to die, die gloriously. The pyro scratched the back of her head. Knowing that the biggest bang would be a result of her siding with the fire, she agreed, and into her hands came a blazing globe, volatile and twisting. With her hands at it's back, she carefully peeked over towards @Blake Elgis, who was certainly in the strike zone, and fading fast. Don't think. Destroy. "I'm sorry." Nalla hurled the globe at her foe.

    Combined Attack with @Blake Elgis
    53 + 86 + 55 = 194
    Tracker / Roll
    Damage Done: 6198
    • 39 HP

      MAX 100 HP

    • 35 EN

      MAX 100 EN

    • 13 STK


    -10 EN for attacking
    -20 HP for attacking
    -30 HP for rolling a 1.
    +1 dissonance stack

    She returned from the portal, thinking it was going to be all good. That the titanius must be defeated by now and everyone were alright. It wasn't until she looked around that she realized the conditions were even worse. The monster seemed super angry, like he was not able to digest his food which was giving him a bad stomach ache (wasn't too far from it) and everyone around her were giving their all to fight this monster. To her, this whole event felt like it lasted for weeks and was ready to move onto the next phase of the game. Sure, she made a decent handful of acquaintances and was able to test out her fighting skills but now she was getting very exhausted.

    Taking in a deep breath, the girl took out her whip and began attacking with all the strength she could muster up

    Attacking the titanius (please die)
    27+1 = 28
    Tracker / Roll
    Damage Done: 6226
    • XX HP

      MAX 106 HP

    • 55 EN

      MAX 100 EN

    • 20 STK


    Location: Zone D

    -10 EN for regular attack
    -20 HP for attacking
    -30 HP for rolling a 2

    Despite the pain that overwhelmed his body, Yukisa had never felt more alive than in those moments.

    The rush of wind, the flashing magic, the leaps through the air and the deadly strikes; all of it made for a symphony that made him feel purpose.

    Though the pair’s bloodlust was unending, their mana supplies were not so limitless. Soon enough, he noticed, Portia’s movements were becoming sluggish, and one explosion later she was plummeting through the air, unconscious.

    “Rushi!” he called for the third time this cycle, leaving his thirst for revenge behind immediately. If she were to fall to the ground from that height, unconscious, there was a chance she’d be severely injured… or worse.

    Once again Yukisa rushed towards her, riding a gust of air to catch her as she fell. They were just a few meters from the ground when he reached her… and, rather than properly catching her, he just barely missed, and instead simply served as a cushion for her fall.

    “Ack…” he muttered, looking up at his companion. Though he messed up what he intended to do, he still managed to protect her from getting injured further, and now she was peacefully knocked out cold. A soft smile appeared on the male’s face. It was nice fighting with her, however knowing she would be safe now was a far more comforting thought.

    With that, Yuki took Portia into his arms, carrying her to the center of the zone, where he hoped she would be safe.

    A bit too hopeful.

    Just as he placed her down, Titanius took advantage of her vulnerability. A tendril shot out from the darkness, prepared to grip onto its defenseless prey and return it to its master for consumption.

    But before it could even touch her, a grotesque schlick resonated through the air and, still writhing, the tentacle fell to the ground, detached from its root. It convulsed for a few moments longer before the life left it and it fell still.
    “Ah…” Yukisa breathed a sigh of relief, gripping onto his spear that was now coated with black liquid. “That was clos-“

    His relief didn’t last him long as he was cut off by the feeling of something piercing his abdomen. He twitched a few times, before turning his gaze down to see a tentacle protruding from his stomach, blood dripping from the gap it created.

    The warmth left his body slowly, and he glanced back at his sleeping friend. His body went limp, and his vision faded into black, but not before he uttered a soft:

    “I’m sorry.”

    Swan Song
    10 (Roll) + 15 (Proficient Pierce) + 10 (Common Weapon) = 35
    Damage Done: 6,261
    Tracker / Roll
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    The transformed Gargantuan Gaze fought tooth and nail to keep the zealous raid group down, killing a great many of them. However, it was completely overwhelmed by the group’s number that it did not have enough time to consume the enemies it had killed. Because of all of the attacks connecting at the same time thanks to some unknown miracle, the Gaze was unable to make use of any of its Ultra Enraged ability before crumbling under its hubris.

    Every single person who charged into battle put their life on the line for one final attack, helping the group decimate the monster that feasted on them from the dark. Blow upon blow, the group’s combined effort and sacrifice took down the unshakable horror that hid from the light, their unified attack so mighty that they shattered the illusion that has been veiling their eyes up until that point. Those who had survived would immediately realize that they have been inside Titanius digestive chamber all this time and that the dark room was Titanius exploiting the dissonance inside them.

    With the violet glow overhead, they finally saw the Gaze thrashing and writing in front of them as green pus oozed from the punctures that covered its battered body. Anyone with Investigation Mode active would have been able to confirm that the Gaze was dead. However, if they glanced up at the main body, they would have seen a different health bar that showed a completely different result than they were expecting.

    They were fooled, Titanius had tricked them into believing they had come close to defeating it. However, the dark chamber that they were trapped in was a way for it to digest its food undisturbed while the Gaze whittled them down, one by one. However, Titanius had underestimated the group’s tenacity as they were able to rebound from their hopeless situation and muster an attack that was so strong they were able to destroy both the Gaze and the real body.

    • Titanius actual health as of the final cycle was 12342/16666
    • The players collectively dealt a total of 6261 damage, which was doubled thanks to the group’s combined attacks.
    • The result was 6261*2= 12522, which was enough to kill both the Gaze and Titanius’ real body with 180 damage left over.

    After its defeat, all of the half-opened eyes around the stomach interior opened fully as blood oozed from them and flooded the chamber. After the blood ran dry, the hundreds of eyeballs that had been staring at the group began to roll upward as the sinister red glow faded, Titanius’s body was dying. In that time, specks of light came out of the walls in droves and began floating up. Those whose mastery centered around spiritualism would have been able to identify them as the souls that had been trapped in Titanius since it had arrived in this world. There were tens of thousands of souls that had been freed that day.

    Without a single soul to sustain it, Titanius’ flesh dried up, producing a massive fractures and tremors that heralded its end. From the top down, Titanius’ lifeless husk began breaking apart. Because they were stuck inside the crumbling corpse, those who had survived the battle had nowhere to run to as their escape routes have long since collapsed. Fortunately, a single portal opened at the highest point on the battlefield. It was then that Ivan received a message from Juliette.

    Ivan-boy, we have completely exhausted our resources opening up all of those portals to the rifts earlier, this is the last portal we can make. It can only take a certain number of people so as much as it pains me to say, some people are going to have to stay behind.

    They did everything they could to defeat Titanius, are you telling me to abandon them? You have got to be fucking kidding me…

    You can close the spoiler while the video is playing for best result.

    Ivan sank his teeth into his lower lip, drawing blood that trailed down from the corner of his mouth. Once again, he had to be the bringer of bad news, a truly shitty job if he could say so himself. Even if the players were immortal, death is painful and leaves behind a deep scar in the person’s soul. He who had died once knew this far too well. Ivan paused briefly, thinking about the girl who risked her life to revive him in the last calamity. He wondered if he would ever be able to repay her kindness forward. Shaking the thoughts from his mind, Ivan called out to the panicking survivors.

    The portal is here, but it can only take so many people before it collapses. Some of you are going to have to stay behind. Look, I am deeply sorry for the Brotherhood’s inadequacy, but could I ask for those who won’t die permanently to yield their spot to those who will?

    Please give them another chance to live another day and the chance to go back and see their family again. I beg you. Ivan bowed deeply to those whom he had had to ask for a difficult favor.

    If you are willing to sacrifice yourself for the sake of the plot and optional character development, you can write out a death post. There will be a special continuation story for you at some point. If you do not intend to yield your portal spot for the NPCs or can find a way to survive somehow (indirectly freeing up space for NPCs), wait to post in a different continuation post.

    As the players tried to figure out what to do among themselves, a few people ushered D’vangelline into the portal despite her protest. Once the group decided on a set number of people who would leave through the portals, they sent them off. The last to depart from Titanius body was Ivan, who saluted the brave group of players who had volunteered to die, giving them one last gesture of appreciation as he turned and entered the portal. He could not watch they plummeted several thousand feet to their death to save a few NPCs.

    After the portal travelers arrived on the other side, Brotherhood agents who were there immediately came and took care of them. When Ivan emerged from the portal, he immediately took off by himself. Just as Juliette was about to chase after him, Zeus grabbed onto her shoulder and shook his head gently. A bitter expression strained her face as she clasped onto Zeus’ hand without saying a word. The victory they earned that day was well-deserved albeit bittersweet. Even in his death, Titanius was able to take the lives of many brave men and women with it and carved a deep scar in the survivor’s heart.
  3. Well, that was that...
    They'd won the day and now they got to reap their rewards. You could have your cake, and you could eat it too, if you wanted it to taste like ashes. Looking about, Nikephoros tried to guess how many people might be players and how many might be NPCs. Really you couldn't tell the difference so... what to do?

    All he knew was that he was content to stand and watch the world die about him. It was only a character death, and really, where else were you going to get a view like this? Reaching into a pouch, he produced some mint leaves and popped them into his mouth, suckling silently as everyone decided what to do. Already some were rushing for the portal, while others tried to stand their ground and look dignified, much like he was doing.

    "Such wonders," he muttered as he turned from the chaos of the people and focused on the world dying around him. The idea of falling into a terrible void until his character lapsed into death did not appeal, however, and so he had one last trick up his sleeve... a little energy left in the tank. Planting a seed in the blood bathed ground, he grew a small peach tree that was ripe with rich sweet fruit, and absolutely brimming with cyanide. Anyone that wanted the calmer of ends was free to pick a fruit and enjoy its juicy flavors, a beautiful and deadly thing that contrasted the ugly ground which had given it birth. Planting his ranseur into the ground, he sat and leaned back against it, watching as the world turned to darkness before its time. "Pity the view couldn't last longer, but the worse if wiser self says I'm missing something I ought to miss. So that's alright... Until next time, goodbye and hello, everyone."

    Of course sitting off to the side as he was, it was a wonder if anyone heard. Certainly, he was already gone before any response could reach him, a white foam trailing from pale lips.
  4. Titanius was gone. Defeated, supposedly forever thanks to the destruction of its soul as well. But even then, it would still take more lives? What was the point of fighting, of throwing everything she had into this, if even Titanius's death wasn't going to save people?

    Ashiore was just so tired. She barely paid attention to Ivan's call as the Titanius's body began collapsing, as others began making their way to the portal. She stayed as she was, kneeling in a pool of blood, weapon and magical focus loosely gripped in her hands.

    ...Maybe all of this, everything about Titanius--the affliction at the canyon, the battle with Nanami, this entire fight--was a nightmare. The kind where if you died in it, you'd be shocked back to wakefulness with your heart pounding from a vaguely remembered fear, but you'd be awake nonetheless. She'd climb out of her bed, see her parents again that morning, go to classes to meet up with her friends, carry on with her life. She wouldn't be stuck in a horrific game and trapped in a festering body and unable to do a thing about it.

    Yeah. That sounded nice.

    I want to go home, she thought, closing her eyes as she waited for death--or, rather, life--to come.
  5. “I’m staying behind.”

    Alric told Ivan as he stepped forward. It figures it'd turn out like this. He had walked into this fight knowing he likely wouldn't be getting out in one piece. Along with his terrible performance and inability to protect the people around him, this was the chance he had been searching for.

    “...At least I can save one person.”

    Under mumbled breathes he spoke and sat cross-legged as he watched others head for the portal. Having already been introduced to death once before, the man simply closed his eyes as he waited for his part in this story to end. These last few weeks had done well to tire him out. Maybe now he'd be able to rest.
  6. W-wait, what, die? Why should he have to die? He had been fighting, all of these people had been fighting the real fight. He had literally been on the edge of death for most of this endeavor. I mean yeah in theory he could "respawn" but wouldn't there be severe consequences for that!? He had felt real actually pain! Then again he guessed the NPCs had as well? Sigh.

    Then again he could respawn. These NPCs had fought as well, one even threw up a shield to help him. Another had given his life and empowered his weapons. "God why is this so hard!" He said exasperated and rubbing his head and hood. Dropping his hands to his side defeated. He walked over to a solid part of the dead monstrosity and took a seat. "Fine! Just go!" He said with a half-hearted thumbs up.

    "Man it sucks being the good guy..." He said disgruntled.
  7. The boss was felled and Feryn desperately brushed at the acid stains still clinging to his skin, grimacing at the dull and muted sensation of the burning. There was an option for realistic pain settings in this game? Who did that? This all was quite awful enough. But. He had helped! It was his very first event and he had... helped. Good. He was good and did good and helped out and he could keep helping.

    I-if I can be of any help, I am hap- ah- happy to be so? I will be fine. I g-guess. Right? Hah-

    He could stay. Here with the lingering wisps of players not yet revived and NPCs and countless victims before, the holes in the aether where they had been for a fleeting moment before a temple or a god somewhere claimed them. But there were others and Feryn smiled gently at the cavernous space around them. Soft whispers could barely be heard over the aching quiet of this tomb and the chaotic speeches of the NPCs and players and the drone of the magic portal. There were still beings trapped here. Things cast aside and set loose by Titanius. He did not want to leave other NPCs to join them.

    I can hel-help you all and... I can help them too. M-maybe. I am not sure? But they might b-be lost. Th-the dark is still, still deep enough. If I can help guide... I can help. Yes. I'll stay. And h-help.

    The Caenis nodded to himself and retreated away from the crowd, hands clasped nervously and the edge of a thumbnail scratching across the top of one hand. Over and over and over. He was scared, but he would be good here. Feryn could find a nice spot and sit and wait for all the world to fall down on him and maybe he'd be able to see the spirits that still clung to this wretched place.

    The cold touch of spectral fingers pressing into his wrists and along the line of his shoulders soothed him. They were happy to have him? Then he did good by them.
  8. Rias stood in the crowd of injured and scared people as they walked towards the portal.
    Some seemed happy that Titanius was finally defeated but most didn't even turn their gaze away from their feet because of their thoughts. She didn't know anyone but she could understand that many lives were taken from them so it wasn't a celebration. Her body was gently tapped by those who passed beside, making her show a smile to everyone that looked at her as they were leaving. Holding the bow with both hands she looked down at it, the skin was dirty just like her whole appearance, the archer couldn't help but think that she never gave it her all unlike all the rest players. They even sacrificed themselves for the sake of others and the amount of their power combined was hard to explain in words, everyone combined like a family...fighting one enemy.

    Then she turned to the heroes that stayed behind to give their spot to those that were in need and had families to return to...her eyebrows frowned at the small amount of survivors. She never took a step forwards after Ivans words, at least if she didn't give it all during the battle she should sacrifice her spot for someone...
    "I am glad that we won this battle..." turning to those who stayed behind she gave them a smile, despite the situation they were in. She still wanted to lighten it up a little. "I also...-" she stopped realising that nobody would probably have time for her words...she just sighed at the heavy atmosphere walking towards the tree that the man (@Nikephoros) created. Watching him sit against it she decided to do the same and let the bow lay on her legs as she looked up at the beautiful miracle.
  9. It was her game, but it was also their lives. As much as it might be inconvenient for her to die again... What was the other option? Permanence was a paralyzing thought that Nalla shook away at first chance. Instead of being petrified in the hypothetical horrors of the future, she decided to try and take a more optimistic approach. Less thoughts of death. There is no use battling inevitability. Enjoy the moment. The pyromancer smiled.

    She ventured over towards one of the unfamiliar faces that had become more known through this conflict. The visage belonged to @Ashiore Evretto, and while Nalla knew not what curses and afflictions burdened this stranger, the renewal of her own life had been a result of this one's strength. "Hey!" She bowed her head forward to signify her appreciation to this person. "Thanks for picking me up back there." She rather uncomfortably, tucked her hands behind her back. It had been an embarrassing mishap that had lead to her death, with her flame disobeying her. "I'm Nalla! Perhaps we can chat more in the future. Message me if you ever need something blown up or set on fire."

    And with that, and a smirk on her face, the pyromancer turned, and walked to one side of their crumbling structure. She squatted down. Appearing before her was an illusory fireplace. "See what happens when you don't listen to me? We get hurt." Nalla tilted her head, pursing her lips in a parental judgement. You're not in charge here. I give you power. She brought up a finger, shaking her head. "Power that I direct. Who's to say I just log off and never get on again?" The fire went quiet, aside from the crackling, apparently disgruntled.

    You did well. Still reckless. More control. The cat arrived, a blue cape upon its back. You'd do better to practice caution. Nalla couldn't argue. The notion was true enough. As the structure beneath them began to give way, the trio's discussion continued as though nothing were happening. "Yeah, you're right.

    "We did pack a big boom though, right?" She gave a wide smile, putting her fist out towards the other two.

    That we did. Boom. The cat offered it's paw.

    The most destructive... 'Boom.' The fire reached out a strand.


    The battle was finished. The heroes would soon fall. Nalla would be among them.
  10. They had won, somehow they had actually won, but the Felis barely had enough strength left to smile or celebrate their first large event success. Milah was tired, border-lining onto exhaustion after that last attack, and right now all the teen wanted to do was log off and take a nice and long warm bath.

    Her sister however had told her that wasn’t a good option during the event, something about maybe losing rewards or whatever, and that they should do so once everything was officially over. So begrudgingly Milah had complied, finally standing and mulling around with her sister and the other players… until Ivan broke in the terrible news.

    Those who would die permanently…?

    It took a moment or two, and some helpful explanation from @Lycia of course, but the concept of the NPCs was properly explained to Milah at last. Unlike them, the players, the NPCs couldn’t be revived or would respawn when dead—to them death in game worked the same was as a death IRL would for the twins.

    Already her sister was preparing her speech about how they couldn’t let that happen, how they were princesses and supposed to protect others—even if they weren’t exactly part of their Felis tribe—because that’s what real and nice princesses would do. A hand was raised to stop the tirade, sighing heavily, before Milah smiled at Lycia and nodded.

    I know, I know, let’s go and be good princesses for the sake of them.

    Milah hopes it wouldn’t hurt much, though the twins already had their pain receptor settings set on simulated to lower the feedback from the game to their senses. Quietly Milah's fingers laced with those of her twin, holding firm for whatever end awaited them.

    After all this was just a game, played for fun, so if their fake deaths could prevent the real deaths of a couple of NPCs… well, to choose otherwise would probably be a very selfish thing to do.

    After some back and forth with her sister Milah has decided to stay and let an NPC pass in her stead. After all this is just a game for the girls anyways, and they’ll just respawn later safe and sound...
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