The Titan's Infinity Power

The Titan's Infinity Power
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  1. Magic Capabilities

    Illusion: Mind Purge

    img Corvella really despises violence, but she won't hesitate to punch you in another realm, or maybe face you with your worst nightmare. Putting her hand into contact with someone's head, she can easily manipulate everything inside their mind.

    "You know what's the best part of illusion magic? That mind torture never leaves physical scar."

    Illusion: Suggestion

    img Placing an illusion curse on someone causes them to accept Corvella's suggestion. She might be there, or not. They might not hear her while she's shouting loudly beside them. Or there could suddenly be multiple Darth Vaders in front of you, whatever she wants you to believe.

    "You won't dare to fight against an army of thousand me. Never."

    Illusion: Reality

    img Clickbait. No, that's not the reality stone, and she doesn't change any reality whatsoever. Using the illusion ring to amplify her power, she can force an area-based illusion, without having to care which person will be affected or not. The downside? Corvella has to maintain this spell with her energy. But hey, at least you can hear her monologue while changing the background like a slideshow.

    *snaps finger*

    Harmonic: Support

    img Yep, the Empress does healing things too. Her voice so good, that your spirit get boosted, your wounds cleansed, and the dead get whispered to back to live (She hasn't been able to revive the dead yet though). The best girl.

    "Hear, those who fight for the others."
  2. Physical Skills

    Acrobat: Parkour

    img Ever seen a knight in a suit of armour jumping around and doing backflips? Only in dark souls? Wrong, Corvella, the Princess of Persia also does that. Be grateful that she never landed on top of you wearing those hundred pounds armor. This also means that she always have the high ground, so it's over for you.

    Shield: Bash

    img Corvella's bread and butter skill. People underestimated this because apparently it isn't flashy like those main character wannabes swinging big-ass swords. Don't let your guard even once when you see her start running, or your teeth go for a flight and your jaw dislocate itself.

    "I'm the juggernaut, female caenis."

    Shield: Wings of Protection

    img This is Corvella's signature, mechanical weapon, a beautiful shield that matches the owner. When you see the wings extended, you will feel inspired. Because she will either : a) Use it to protect you from certain death no matter the cost. b) Cut someone's throat and then you realize the wings are actually functional blades.

    Shield: Toss

    img Basically rip-off from Captain America's signature toss, but the shield doesn't come back because it follows the rule of physics. She will pick it up or dislodge it from your body later.

    "I can do this every other day."

    Berserk: Surge

    img Don't make her angry, you don't want to see her angry. The phase is triggered by rage, adrenaline, or the lack of energy. It gives her a pretty blue glowing veins and temporary strength, energy, and pain tolerance up to over 9000 fold without having to shout for ten episode. Doesn't last long, though. Be sure to run when you see her turning bright blue and come back later, because you might get ripped with her bare hands.

    "You've seen the Titan, but you haven't seen the Mad Titan, yet."