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Quest - The Prism Collector of Stokbon
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  1. img Blanks mana coalesced around her in waves as her mad ranting continued. It quickly became clear to her allies, that her spell was not that of the helpful kind, but one brought from utter despair and desperation. Try as Comet might her words landed on Blank's deaf ears as she somehow ignored them along with the tussling she gave her. Despite the extra grip on her staff, Blank continued to stare into nothingness as her mouth moved in a slow and trembling manner, vomiting nonsensical word after word. It was Alpha's turn for nonsense directly after, who spouted her own diatribe of a made-up backstory, before lunging forward at Blank. The witch did little to defend herself from the blow, not even truly being aware of it until Alpha's fist dug into her cheek.

    A loud slapping sound echoed through the hallway as Blank was knocked backward falling flat on her ass. As she groaned in pain, she could do nothing but watch as her spell circle slowly dissipated, sending her summoned minion along with it. She presumed it would be quite some time before she'd be able to summon Skadi again, if at all. She'd likely have to add yet another goddess to her list of those to subjugate. Slowly she stood up, looking blankly forward as she rubbed her cheek. Whatever fury had been brewing in her heart was lost, now replaced with a despairing look painted across her face.

    Blank remained silent for now. Standing, and staring forward though not really seeing. It was clear that the danger she presented was gone, but she'd remain useless for quite some time. Meanwhile, her head spun, and spun, and spun trying to make sense of the events that occurred around her. For some reason, the only thing she could make out was the sound of laughter coming from her wrist. It was intoxicatingly mesmerizing, like soft waves rolling across the beach.

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  2. The moment was sheer bliss, even if the disturbing scene around them was not. Unfortunately, like all wonderful moments, it ended suddenly, with a sharp pain in her right foot.

    ...okay, maybe not all wonderful moments ended that way, but certainly more than normal - at least in Celestine's case.

    "Oooowwwwwww," she whined, crouching down to rub the spot that'd been stabbed. Looking up at Pink One, who'd somehow managed to get all the way over there, she glanced back like a victim of some sort of child abuse. "No, that is not how you are doing the things, but it is how any of the common sensing peoples are doing the things!"

    Cel glared at the Pink One as she went about searching the remnants of what once was a beautiful flower garden... supposedly. Stupid black magic. It really was the ugliest of all magics... the sort of thing only stupid people with no proper eyesight would ever even consider taking.

    "Are you not meaning that the things was of the cute, before you did them all a ruin!? Tch..." Swiftly, Cel whipped her head to the side, her tail throwing Pink One a sassy swish of displeasure before she finally turned to leave. She mumbled to herself as she left the garden behind, "Crazy sicko. Why are you even having the eyes if you are not doing them a use of the correct!? Hmpf."

    Back in the main building, Cel glanced off to each side. How many had gone with Sprinkles anyway? Two? No, that was no good. It was loads harder to scare what was practically a mini army at that point. No, she'd head off in the opposite direction and see what there was to find. With that settled, she started off down the hallway, looking for a door that might head down into a basement. If the owner was into some sorta necromancy like the garden 'leftovers' implied, there was no doubt it'd be the basement. It always was.

    img Tapping three times on the floorboards with her shoe, a few seconds passed, before Ghostie suddenly burst through the part of the floor she'd tapped with a little 'ta-da' arm wave. On the whole, she really wasn't the scariest ghost by a long shot, but as far as Cel was concerned, it was the best ghost ever.

    "Sorry Ghostie, you will have to be doing a wait of the little longer before you can be doing your scare." She gave the inside of Ghostie's head a little rub with her hand... if just waving her hand around in there could be interpreted as 'rubbing.'

    "Are you knowing the direction of the down rooms?" She finally asked. Unfortunately, Ghostie could only shake her head in confusion, and ultimately, point straight down.

    "That is not of the helping," Cel replied with an unamused look, continuing down the hall as her ghost pet followed by floating just behind her. "Fine. I will do it a find myself."
  3. Though helping Blank had been top priority in the moment - mostly to ensure safety of herself and Alpha - the voices were extremely difficult to ignore. In fact, they weren't to be ignored. She knew that the order of her parents came first. Before anything else in the world no matter what it meant to her. Falling for the trick, once again a helpless child, she rubbed at dried eyes that had cried too many tears before spinning about in search of the sources. Silly, so silly of her. Comet knew the games that were being played. But her heart betrayed the mind that pounded against such a fragile chest that she began to shake. A trembling, lithe, pathetically weak body drew in itself as if shy or worried about being seen. What exactly others saw constantly remained on her mind. Twisting locks of pink-haired, pulling roughly, she shook her head before speaking through gritted teeth, "I'm the only child. I'm not a disappointment..." her voice a desperate growl, but defiant nonetheless. Her duty to be Comet remained though it had slipped from her grip momentarily.

    The shell's cracks grew and grew; Violet shining through. It wasn't right or what she wanted, but couldn't help all the same. "I'm not her! I'm different here. So just stop it already! Leave me alone!" a patchy shout echoed about the room. Emerald eyes shimmery and dull and soft in fear. Insecurity engulfed the pink-haired woman's soul until it turned her persona inside out. She couldn't pretend. Not here, not now. It'd be too difficult to perform while so vulnerable. While so bare to the rest of the world of what lay beneath a pretty face or fake smile or friendly small talk. Practice made perfect. But, perfection seemed extremely subjective to the suffering young woman who rubbed her face roughly in attempts to regain control of a rebellious body.

    "Christ..." she whispered when turning to Alpha and Blank. One of many problems solved. The pang of guilt and a multitude of mixed emotions coursed throughout Comet's veins. She struggled to the extreme, fighting mass trembling or stuttering or panicking. Her eyes settled on the other two without much feeling. At the moment her own problems were far more important, and devastating. Surely, she thought, they hardly knew how it felt to struggle in life as children. Surely. With a deep sign Comet shuffled towards Blank to rest a hand on the mage's head. Comforting, as if a mother, in order to preserve both herself and the other female. They could fall at any moment. How had it not happened yet? How could this happen to her? How would she move on afterwards? A million questions with no answers distracted the pink-haired woman who's expression seemed distant and lost. Aura confused. Posture slumped as eye bags became prominent. Such traits so unlike Comet that she became a scared Violet all over again.

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    Thanks to @Alphabet Chocolate's effort it seemed like the Mansion, and the current intruders, were spared from a chilling experience for the time being. With @Blank returning to her senses and @Comet going through a similar experience, the group of three had now a myriad of options before them.

    The ghostly-girl(?) inside the room, who had looked up just for a second before digging her head into her legs even further, only intensified her sobbing. Of course, they could always just ignore it and move on. After all, they were still on the left-side part of the mansion. Able to return to the entrance or push on to the back-side.

    Running away was also okay.

    @Magi Heart, on the other hand, rummaged through a bunch of disgusting crap as Celestine kept telling her just how wrong she was. If not rendered apparently useless ber her magic, most of the stuff was something she was able to get one way or another from somewhere else, though thanks to her virtual inventory carrying it around wouldn't be a problem.

    There also seemed to be a bunch of torn papers, turned beyond readable too, but it was precisely because of this that the Mahou Shoujo's eyes fell on one piece of paper that survived the entire ordeal!

    It looked fresh, clean, and crisp as if some sort of magic itself kept it in such a condition. Which also meant it was easily readable. It was a neat and beautiful handwriting:

    Dear Customer!

    Looks like someone did not read the fine print - or simply decided to ignore it. I haven't given you a new daughter just so you could 'reverse-engineer' the process and make your own!

    Though I do have to commend you. While clearly inferior children to what I can do, the handful you sent to kill me didn't turn out half-bad!

    Y'know, you could have asked me, maybe we could have worked something out. Customer happiness is very important for a long-standing business! I haven't just been doing this for a hundred years after all! There is a reason for everything.

    Even if I'd decide to let you be, your methods are questionable. It's clear to see how you have been driven insane by your twisted love for your dead daughter. I'm not so petty to not acknowledge your skills, but even if I told you what you're doing is dangerous you wouldn't listen anyway, right?

    And that's great! Ignorance is a bliss. You know too much, and that is exactly why I'm going to kill you!

    Well, not now, you see, I'm a very busy woman and who knows what you'd do to my dear children. So, consider yourself lucky, for your days are counted.

    Yours truly,

    Not shortly after Magi had read this, however, the ink(?) suddenly seemed to shift, change, and form something new. Just four words. Directed at her? Directed at 'the Customer'? The handwriting was the same.

    I'm coming for you.

    As Magi returned to the entrance there was indeed something coming for her! Walking down from the stairs to the bottom level were a bunch of... children? 3 boys, 1 girl, roughly all of the same age except one. They seemed to be in a hurry as they, one after the other, noticed Magi.

    "H-Huh? Who ar-" One boy asked before another cut off his words and rushed to Tenebris. "Girl! Have you seen another child? My sister! Long, brown hair. Kinda small." He made a gesture with his hands to give her an idea of the girl's size. "Lovely face?! We... we got split when this... this happened." He was lost for words, his face clearly terrified.

    In fact, the entire group seemed rather exhausted.

    'Never split up in a horror-schtick', for how meta @Celestine usually was, she sure didn't seem to know her horror tropes! For the blue-haired girl was the next on the list. Jump-scares were so yesterday, after all.

    'A do of the this and the that?' The first voice asked with mockery.
    'A cuddle of the cute?' A second voice joined in.
    'Do not do a kidding of yourself.' The third voice clearly tried to copy her way of speaking.
    'You are what you are: Ordinary.' Just to turn completely normal.

    The voice whispered poison in her ears.

    It seemed like, sooner or later, that everybody would get a turn!

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  5. img Tenebris' crimson eyes grew tired as she read the note. It was something about making kids or something. Tenebris wasn't a little kid! She knew how babies were made! This is silly garbage!


    If someone was making people, like fake ones, and had given the owner them. Then, maybe there are some left? Maybe the decayed little corpse like thingies were actually... human dolls or something? This was complicated and Tenebris didn't care for that. If someone was dead, bringing them back was impossible. Dead is dead. The best thing to do is ensure they go to the proper place.

    "..I'm coming for..."

    A creepy laugh escaped her lips. That was pretty kewl beans too. This place had some merits. Since the note never melted when she used her black magic it was obviously enchanted. She decided to pocket it into her inventory. After all, even if it is cursed, that would be awesome. Getting stalked means grief at every turn!

    Getting up and heading for the door she noticed the annoying nyanko staring off into space with some little ghost hovering around her. ...Okies.

    "Gee whiz, you try to tell me what's normal..."

    Her words were interrupted by the arrival of some children all running up and asking her questions.

    Wait, what?

    Since when was this place all populated now? Were they fake people persons or whatever? Urgh... didn't matter. They were alive and talking to her. Memories of her early days of awakening came to her. When she helped so many of the candy seekers have the best snack of their very short lives. That was a true act of love in this world, but she did not have such a smooth or quick way to deal with these this time. Other than just raining love on them but... maybe they were useful. She did have a job to do here.

    Well, being a heroine, she surely could not let them be uncared for.

    "Wowzers... where did you guys come from? This place isn't safe you know."

    Unlike before, Tenebris was much better at concealing her madness for short periods now. Of course her dark color choices and dead eyes were pretty good give always she was... not a angel. She never even had the chance to use a illusion to disguise herself. Time for Tenebris to dig deep into that Magi crap for a bit.

    "First, don't call me that. That's not nice❤. I'm... S-Super M, the Mega, H!"

    Oh god, how did she do that? Her stomach flipped a little but she kept going.

    "Don't you w-worry everyone. Stay with me and I'll make sure nothing... bad happens to you. Heart Promise❤!"

    Holding her bow in one hand, she used a black gloved finger to write a small purplish heart with her finger. All the while her pupils trembled slightly. Sometimes there were advantages to being as underdeveloped as Wendy was. Mimicking innocence was easier regardless of her due to it. They seemed to be suffering well enough for now. So it made resisting the urge to heal them quickly, a little easier. For how long.. who knew?

    "Let's go look for her together❤. Okies?"

    Ignoring Celestine, Tenebris would guide them down the left hall. She wanted to save them personally. She was not so sure whether the others would be so willing. Rose or not, they were still different from her. They were still clueless what really worked.

    "I came here to save you as a heroine of justice. But, I can't unless you tell me everything you know about what's been happening here. I'm also looking for something with my friends like that nyanko you saw zoning out? That was her special power of suc... contacting the rainbow god in the sky! We are looking for rainbow stuffs too... You know about that?"

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  6. The tension that had fell over her vanished, quick as a hare, as Blank dropped down without a hint of the ferocious, insane anger that had overcome her seconds before. It was an awkward moment to see someone she knew to be so mentally strong be reduced to this dejected mess. She looked over at Comet to see what the older lady would do, the woman quickly securing a near-motherly prestige in Alpha's eyes with her considerate words and secure demeanor. The woman had placed a comforting hand on Blank's head and, at that action, Alpha knew she had to follow the woman's example. Blank was, in a very loose definition, Alpha's friend. And they were definitely friends after Alpha had managed to purify her body from ghostly spirits with a friendship punch (it wouldn't have worked if they weren't friends, after all).

    Still, it was weird to try and placate someone you had Falcon-Punch'd a mere moment before and, sheepishly rubbing the back of head, she slowly began to pat Blank's shoulder like an automatic cat pawing machine thing they had at Chinese restaurants. Her hand flew up and dropped down on Blank's shoulder with an uncomfortable amount of force at frequent, mechanical intervals. Her eyebrows were furrowed, as if she were trying to figure out what to do. "There, there," Alpha said, voice as soft and gentle as she could make it (which wasn't much considering her usual boisterous nature). Her face flushed to a dizzying effect. What now?

    The sobbing girl's presence completely left her mind as magic welled at her fingertips and, with a swipe, she undid time on the small injury Blank had sustained from her fist of love. Sure, the potential bruising was a symbol of her unending adoration in the name of justice, friendship, and whatnot (man, she was starting to sound like Seigi) but she was pretty sure Blank wouldn't appreciate it and, should the ice mage find a splotch of purple blossoming there sometime today or tomorrow, Alpha was certain that the next magic nuke that girl would cast wouldn't be a quick and painless death on Alpha's part. She gulped at the thought, suddenly more terrified of her traumatized pseudo-rival than she had ever been.

    "After this, let's all go get a tub of ice cream," her words were slightly hesitant but, as it slipped out of her mouth without much thought, it managed to muster some amount of courage out of the pits of her heart. "I'm pretty sure the manager guy at the Sweets Emporium down in Stokbon has a daughter or someone we can kidnap!" Alpha exclaimed, excitement riling her up, the previous undercurrent of doubt and uncertainty slowly being forgotten. "We could, like, hold her hostage or something. Force him to name ice cream flavors after us! Icee Icy Blankers: the ice-cream that tastes like nothing! Alphabet Chocolate: chocolate ice cream pieces that are cut in the shape of letters! An alphabet soup chocolate ice cream dessert! And, uh," she looked over at Comet, dumbfounded. She hadn't gotten the older woman's name yet. "Pinkadoodle pie?" she suggested, giving a weak shrug.

    And then she noticed the ghostly girl's sobs which had echoed through the place. "Oh, I knew I forgot something..."

    Hector was still lurking in the shadows, contemplating as to what to do. His sharp eyes were focused solely on the other figure in the room, piercing through the darkness of his hiding spot to glare at whatever creature (or, just maybe, a regular girl) it was. His jaw was hinged open like a snake, as if ready to snap at a split second's notice.

    Still, despite Hector's insistence on a violent approach, Alpha knew better.

    She rushed forward to Hector's side, arm outstretched and, with her finger, she poked him straight in his left eye. There was an unearthly yowl as he teared up, scratching and pawing at the injury. Alpha stood, confident, with a single teardrop on her pointer finger. She turned to the girl.

    "Begone ye demon! Enchantress! Fiend! May the power of Christ compel you to escape your vessel and this plane of existence! Insert random bible verse here! Cain thirteen, two, one, colon, whatever!" she shouted. She flicked the bead of water towards the crying girl before beckoning Blank and Comet, each still wrapped up in their own thoughts, to follow her in exorcising this haunted house. She licked her lips. "Now, let us continue where we left off! Jorge! Clyde! Jennifer! Alejandro! Patricia! Donald! Eugene!"
  7. imgBlank stood there motionless as Alpha dabbed at her with her paw hand. The healing spell came and went, and though the bruise on her lip began to heal visibly, she showed zero indication of being aware of it. Instead, she stared directly ahead, unblinking, towards the crying child. Deep within her Blanks mind was moving, contrary to how it may seem. The gears were rusty and moved at a snail's pace, but slowly began to pick up speed as she stared into the void.


    A voice said to her.


    It repeated.

    "childish flame that you call passion."

    The words reverberated through her soul.

    Blanks hand tightened are her staff, as she blinked, as life breathed into her frame once more. Looking around with a confused expression she struggled to recall where she was and how she had come here, but she knew one thing. The incessant crying was utterly intolerable. Blank wasn't sure why, but her head was pounding, and each cry pierced through her skull like a razor. She let out a brief breath as she eye'd the child in front of her deciding what to do. However, before she acted, it seemed her companion moved forward.

    A companion?

    Oh, that's right, it was that Alpha girl. The annoying one from the kitchen that one day who impeded upon her progress of studying the arcane arts. What an annoying brat. And the annoying brat did the thing annoying brats do, continue to well...annoy people. Blank hissed at her internal monologue as she watched @Alphabet Chocolate poke her animal in the eye, and toss its tear at the girl for some reason?

    She didn't have time for this foolishness.

    If the girl was a threat, she should just be dealt with. At least it would stop the crying. Raising her hand Blank began to collect a small amount of mana in her palm, "Ice come forth and entomb this witch." is all she muttered before a spell circle suddenly expanded before her, from which a blue blob thrust forward aimed at the girl. Though the mana remained in a putty-like state, if it would hit the target it would attempt to encase them, before freezing into a frozen block of permafrost.

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  8. img
    Celestine hadn't gone far before a sudden cacophony of voices assaulted her... eardrums? Or maybe a better way to put it was 'beamed directly into her head.' Either way, shutting her ears did her no good. They just keep prodding.

    "Hmpf." The best way to describe Cel's expression was 'peeved.' Not particularly angry, nor upset. Just annoyed. "It is just sounding of the stupids when you are doing it," she chided the air in front of her with a response she'd clearly given several times before.

    "And I am thinking my friends of many of the years are of more authority to be doing me a label than a spooky that has done me a knowing for ten of the minutes." She shrugged, and stared off down the hallway, coming up with several more logical arguments for why she was - in fact - not ordinary at all. There were plenty that came to mind, but just for good measure, she promptly leaned against the wall and flipped herself onto her head.

    Leaning there, upside-down, for a good minute or two, Celestine watched as Pinkie lead a group of kids down an upside-down hallway. Yep: she definitely was not ordinary. Also not comfortable: this was legitimately starting to hurt her head a bit.

    Ghostie floated her way up to Cel, giving her an inquisitive look that - roughly translated from Ghostspeak - meant "What the heck are you doing?" The expression seemed to cheer Cel up considerably. Enough - even - for her to flip herself the right way around again.

    "Come on, Ghostie. We will do a continue of the this way. Then maybe we can find the spookies and do them a punch. Like that one girl... that does the punching of the things. Sagey? Singey? Singer? You know... that one." Ghostie glanced Celly over, not getting what she was saying at all. Either way, the two continued down the hall with a brazen spring in their step... or float, in Ghostie's case.​
  9. "Comet." she nodded towards @Alphabet Chocolate politely before lifting her hand from Blank's head. The action had been far more instinctive than thought through. Intrusive thoughts filled the pink-haired woman's soul and mind and heart more than anything at the moment. Even the small girl's continuous crying failed to pierce her ears the way the noise seemingly had for Blank and Alpha. The two smaller group members were focused on the stranger. She'd stop them. She'd give the crying a girl a chance to escape potential death by Blank's strike. However, that didn't matter whatsoever. Comet could only ponder questions regarding herself and herself only. Life itself seemed to slow down around her until the room closed in, and suffocated her.

    Long arms wrapped themselves around a lithe, fragile body in desperate need of a rest. They'd only just arrived, she reminded herself, in attempts to strengthen weak muscles giving out on long legs that felt as if they were skinny bones supporting the weight of the world. Moving towards @Blank she bowed her head before flatly questioning, "Why would you hurt someone who could be innocent without thinking?" an ounce curiosity laced such a deep and plain tone, but no care could be found anywhere. Not now at least. The pink-haired woman sighed deeply for the plight of what should've been such a simple, ordinary escort adventure with whimsical children who only played with magic for fun, and had more of a childhood than she ever could.
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    "Thirteen used Mind Crush! It was not very effective!"


    "But, you know, she totally split up from everybody else! How about we go out there and have some fun?! They are strong and all, right? Right?"

    "No. Our task is to stay here and protect this place."

    "Buuut what if they get past the barrier-"

    "They won't."

    "As I was saying, get PAST the barrier..."

    "They won't."

    "... get MAYBE past the barrier..."—"They won't."—"...and fight us as a group? I mean, not like they'd stand a chance and considering they're more busy with each other, haven't even f-"

    "Enough of that nonsense! Are you disobeying Papa's wishes?"

    "So what if I do? Not like he-"



    "Stop it, Fifteen! You don't have to kill her! We're family, after all!"

    "Hmpf. As your older sister, let that be a lesson for you. Papa would be way less nice."

    The group of kids had mixed opinions about @Magi Heart behavior. The girl's—"I'm Sarah!"— eyes were shining in response to the little show she was doing. Falling head over heels for Magi.

    "Isn't she a bit weird...?" The smallest one now pondered aloud. "Or did you already forget the ghosts, and stuff?"

    "I heard about those." The tallest of the group continued. Adjusting his glasses. "You know the stories about immortals that seem pretty adamant about fulfilling requests for people and such? I heard they can be pretty... weird... but I wouldn't be surprised..."

    "Stop pretending to be smart, Sebastian!" The most worried about them interrupted the glasses-wearing guy's speech. Sebastian, huh? Such a familiar name. "For being the oldest you should stop believing in fairy tales." He started following Magi Heart nonetheless. Any lead was better than none.

    "You..." He continued. "Sid is right. You ARE super suspicious!" Who the hell was dressing like that anyway? Pretty rude from him. "Nonetheless, you better not be lying! I swear if anything happened to my sis..."

    Sid, the smallest of the boy's, tried to defuse the situation a bit. "Don't worry Johnny! I'm sure she's fine. H...Ha-"

    Just to be interrupted by the girl! "Stop that nonsense, both of you! Haven't you seen that cute heart thing?! She told you she's a heroine of justice! Here to save us from the spooky ghosts! Have you ever heard of anyone getting seriously hurt here? Your sister is fine!" That made both Sid and Johnny shut up.

    "I'm so so sorry for their rude behavior! Supermthemegah! We were just checking out this ghost mansion. You... you know, rumors and all! Things were going fine until, suddenly, it started to get weird... really, really, weird..." The girl shivered. "And then, suddenly, Johnny's sister wasn't with us anymore. But she has to be somewhere, right? But rainbow things...? I haven't seen anything like that." Gosh these people were noisy.

    Further ahead, Magi&co could hear the antics of the other group, her oh-so-dear friends. "You hear that, could that be?" Johnny rushed forward, into the room, to see... "Chloe?!?" Even being caged in a prison of ice, he'd recognize his sis anywhere!

    Rushing over to the frozen girl he kneeled down, tears on his face. "Chloe?! Chloe!?" She was... frozen, yup. Couldn't even see her face. "Why... what..." Now he looked at the other's in the room as the rest of Magi's little troupe caught up.

    "Just what happened here?!" @Comet seemed to be the least suspicious. Alphabet, while essentially dressed like a poor clown, was about to be, maybe, too busy dealing with her own problems. Which only left @Blank.

    "Was... was it you?!" That Blank looked like a stereotypical magician really did not help the situation at all. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO CHLOE!" He raised in voice in rage. Looking for someone to blame. Anyone to blame, but himself.

    Sid, unsure what to do, just stood there. While Sarah, wanting to come to Johnny's aid, was held back by the strong grip of Sebastian. He had something akin to fear in his eyes, slowly taking a step back.

    "Having fun, Katherine?" A voice asked inside @Alphabet Chocolate in a mocking tone.
    "Must be nice, right?" Indeed, Alpha did have fun, didn't she?
    "Saving a Dragon in distress from Lord Dominator! Saving the entire World from Voldemort's plan to use the Death Star!" Heck, these voices were just as meta as herself, huh?
    "How does it feel, playing this game? Fun? Well, of course, it is. A game's just a game after all." Quite talkative, indeed.
    "But you wouldn't know that anymore, right? Alphabet Chocolate, no, Katherine Sutton." They now turned darker.
    "You'll always be Katherine. An average girl with a dull life." Before, just as it happened to the others, a single sentence burned into her mind.

    At least it rhymed...?

    As @Celestine continued her way, empty room after empty room, the scariest thing being her little ghost pet. It was clear to her that the resident-ghost-people had most likely given up. Or maybe they were just too busy arguing with each other. Mhm, that was kinda familiar, wasn't it?

    At least it meant she could swiftly get done with it! Until... she actually found something interesting? In the north-section of the mansion, assuming the entrance was in the south, was a door with a stairwell leading down! The basement!

    Or at least, part of it. Going down at least 50 wooden stairs, the place was supposed to be dark! Alas, lit up by... some sort of contraption thingy? Sure, it was all stone-y and damp and there were a bunch of boxes and alcohol rack and other things rich people had but even Celestine knew that this big, closed metallic door looked highly suspicious! Her magical abilities even told her there was some sort of magic seal on it!

    As for the light itself, it didn't come from the door, but rather a bunch of orbs. A whole lot of orbs spread out in the room. One of the orbs, for example, had a fire inside it! Super nice light-source and all.

    Nonetheless, upon closer inspection, Celestine could count 10 orbs in total! Each had different content:
    1. The inside of this orb is very bright.
    2. This orb was simply empty.
    3. This orb shows another scenery you could be well aware of! Some modern city, maybe New York?
    4. Staring into this orb shows your adorable self! But... your real-life self!
    5. Oh, hey, this orb reminds you of a snow-globe or simply some frozen landscape.
    6. This orb is really weird, countless pictures of countless places, shifting and changing like some illusion.
    7. Staring into this orb is gazing into an endless, black, void.
    8. This orb shows intense flames!
    9. This orb is a simple, or complex, representation of whatever you most desire.
    10. This orb has a cute, pink, heart! Lovely.
    Good thing the girl could make use of the Communication feature! Or maybe she wanted to inspect a little bit longer, alone?

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  11. img Urgh... they were so... so....


    Little gullible brats all of them. Tenebris hated that she was even comparable to them as a peer. Focusing as well as she could on keeping up the heroine of justice facade for the little dopes. Tenebris would notice she may have made a mistake. The group ran past her and went into a room where Alpha and Blank were. Oh.. she really wanted to be alone with these people persons to make her mass healing easier but... oh well.

    Damn, the memory of passing Clockwork Ruin's 3-4 times before finding it returned to her. She still had that kind of problem? Gee whiz...

    Stepping into the room slowly behind them. The dark magical girl made a thoughtful look as she watched what was taking place. A frozen girl. Well, that answers where their friend was! Goody, this meant they were all in one place. They looked pretty upset too. Blank was doing her part to spread grief? Kewl beans!


    "Wowzers! Awes-... how awful! Don't worry! I have just the thing... hehehe."

    Tenebris told the others to leave even though she had doubts that the extra limb, Comet, or the blankly staring Alphabet would listen to her. Why was everyone spacing out all of a sudden? This was part of that weird magic she felt when entering. Someone was having some fun at their expense? ...Neat! It better be pretty griefful in there Alphabet! Otherwise this mystery person was a loser that Tenebris would teach a harsh lesson to. If it was a person that is.

    Those that didn't leave would just become a part of the love. That was fine with Tenebris really!

    "I will heal your friend and make all of you feel much, much better!"

    She began to mouth words as a light emerged beneath her. For a split second it was deep black but it quickly changed to white as she continued. Rays of mana spread from her body and filled the room in sparkling light.

    At least that was what the children were seeing...

    The room had become dark and foggy as the black aura swept out from beneath Tenebris and coated everything in the room. She would cure them all. She would bring them a great joy of terror before she sent them off. If they ran it would be bad! So better to just let them think they are getting what they want until they are too weak to resist the real pleasure.

    "Magical Pink Heart Power! We can't give up! Light grant love and peace to all the hurt and needy!"
    "Magia power! Salving grief, curing pains, Love's going to smother you right into that light!"

    Fluch Der Liebe

    Healing rottingthe Children and the Frozen girl (if possible).

  12. The shocked children brought Comet back to reality. One that, frankly, she wanted to toss to the side and forget. But they were already knee-deep in a situation that needed turning around. Despite some subtle, teasing words towards @Magi Heart she felt grateful for the girl's arrival. Some sort of mass healing would be done, and Comet could feel better about herself as a person despite lack of the mess's prevention. Though Blank wouldn't be stopped from casting... trying wouldn't be difficult nor impossible. Mentally far away, yet physically present all the same, Comet sighed before deciding to remain a bit longer before respecting Magi's wishes. No matter how sinister sounding the adorable girl had been. "Don't worry," she motioned towards Johnny with a lazy wave of the hand while offering a gentle curl of the lips. "she was suspicious and scared our little friend here who's... not feeling well. Magi will take care of you." Comet partially lied - out of sympathy and a need to protect even the guilty party - while deep down hoping Magi stuck to her word.

    The young woman exited as expected to do so. Ending up with Celestine who'd contacted the rest of the ragtag group about mysterious orbs. They were odd, indeed, but Comet's gut never lied and heart never failed. So vulnerable and desperate and shaken she let little words of cooperation along with long legs to lead the way. With trembling, skinny fingers she reached out to make contact with an orb screaming familiarity of her home: New York City. It consisted of personal suffering, her friends as fake as barbie dolls, yet a future of great fortune held her bound to the busy place. Another orb, an empty void, drew Comet in because of it's potential. Like her, it wasn't full of much and provided little to no use. Perhaps the orb had also been drained of its fiery light and awaited re-ignition as well? Whether or not the puzzle game worked under the Archer's touch, she'd at least tried so the others couldn't ridicule or blame or look down at her seeing as a genuine effort had been made to progress their journey along.

    But she got zapped y'all. And fell on her butt with a frown; both annoyed and embarrassed at the failure to impress herself with such bravado.

    • 137 HP
    • 168 EN

    Alpha stared at the sudden intrusion with a mixture of delight and confusion. They all seemed human enough and weren't as creepy as the weeping girl she (with Comet and Blank) had encountered earlier so that was a check mark on the 'probably not evil' list. "Wo-ah," Alpha said, completely ignoring the presence of Magi and Celestine. The two were somewhat familiar to her so it wasn't as much of a surprising turn of events to find them in this dismal room. She looked at the girl, who proclaimed herself to be Sarah, with avid fascination. "We could be total buddies!" Alpha reached out to clasp the girl's hands into her own, eyes buzzing with the same excitement that the girl had reacted with to Magi's show. "My name's Alphabet Chocolate, also known as: the Oncoming Storm; the Grand Master of the Jedi Order; Captain of the Enterprise; the Dog Whisperer; the Princess of Asgard; the Dark Phoenix; the Fastest Woman Alive!" she proclaimed, lifting her foot onto Hector, using him as an impromptu footstool. Her outstretched arm was pointed to the ceiling as her other arm was attached to her waist, giving off a heroic impression. "Da doo di dam! Buh bee bah! Your hero is here!"

    Fireworks burst behind her into a menagerie of colors. If one listened closely, they would hear a crowded stadium all cheering and stomping their feet, screaming Alphabet's name. By her side were cheerleaders, each with their own rainbow-colored pompoms, all dancing in her honor. With a snap of her fingers, the illusory constructs vanished as quick as they appeared, nothing more than a temporary figment; it was all reduced to just a small memory in a sea of thoughts. Reaching into her pocket, Alpha took out a pair of sunglasses (where did she even get that?) and, satisfied with her debonair appearance, cocked her head to the side.

    "So what's the matter, young'uns? I'm an expert in all things paranormal, abnormal, and subnormal, and avocado. Specifically avocado smoothies. I had an online degree in those fields, y'know."

    At the mention of Chloe, Alpha, much to her credit, didn't even flinch. Not a single outwardly thing betrayed her internal struggles. "I see..." she mumbled. "I'm totally innocent, by the way. She was like that when we found her, you see? Totally. Absolutely. I'm not even lying," as she spoke, her words became a bit more frantic and fast-paced. "Maybe she accidentally froze herself? Like, she probably just stuck herself in a giant refrigerator and got herself frozen. Kids these days! I'm pretty sure all we have to do is find a nice microwave and thaw her out and it'll be fine. Gosh, each generation gets weirder and weirder, huh?"

    "And-and...I'M TOO YOUNG TO GO TO PRISON!" she began to cry, dropping to the floor in a prone position. Her knees were up to her chest as she began to roll around, getting dirt and dust all over her clothes and skin. "I don't even have a record! I'm innocent, I tell ya! I'm not guilty, your honor! I'm innocent! Innocent! I have a right to due process! A fair trial and an unbiased jury! Your defendant, I'm a perfectly respectable individual! Please, I have kids! And a wife to take care of at home!"

    Words began to flit through her head. In her duress, she hadn't noticed a single thing off about them and, without a single question, she listened aptly.

    "Having fun, Katherine?"

    "Oh my god, I never told you my name!" she wailed, slightly stunned that this mysterious voice had knew her true identity. What if the cops are barging in her door right this second? Oh lord, Alpha's heart was beating faster than a kangaroo hopping on a trampoline. She completely missed the mocking lilt the words carried, completely focused on what seemed to be her imminent prosecution...and possibly execution. Did they have a death penalty for freezing people? She was too young to die! Blank was the one who did it anyway, but was Alpha guilty of association?

    "Must be nice, right?"

    Alpha had no idea what this voice was talking about. She didn't want to go to prison; what if a zombie apocalypse happened while she was incarcerated?! She would stand no chance against the legions of the undead behind bars! And if zombies ate everyone's brains, then Alpha would be the only...wait, never mind. If that did happen, Alpha would be the greatest mind in the universe. Brilliant. She began to calm herself somewhat with the realization, grinning softly to herself at the thought of being the smartest person in existence.

    "Saving a Dragon in distress from Lord Dominator! Saving the entire World from Voldemort's plan to use the Death Star!"

    "Hey, the dragon's not the damsel in the distress! He's not someone's girlfriend or the frightened princess! He doesn't need anyone's help to fly! He's the bad guy!" Alpha exclaimed, shocked at the audacity this voice seemed to carry. "And you got it wrong! The Death Star is currently in the hands of Khan, who is using it to plan his revenge against Captain Kirk! And then the Enterprise has to form a coalition with the Rebel Alliance and the Order of the Phoenix since Voldemort, Moriarty, Khan, and Loki teamed up---they're called the Legion of Doom by the way---to use it! And, with the Death Star in their possession, they can use it to travel through time which is causing temporal paradoxes and anachronisms which the Legends of Tomorrow have to fix! All hail Beebo, the God of War!"

    "How does it feel, playing this game? Fun? Well, of course, it is. A game's just a game after all."

    Alpha frowned. "We're not in a game, either! Terrasphere is actually a role-playing site and---" she paused, her thoughts scattered. "Wait, what was I going to say? What were you going to say? Where am I? Who am I?"

    "But you wouldn't know that anymore, right? Alphabet Chocolate, no, Katherine Sutton."

    Alpha shook her head, quickly recomposing herself. "Stop calling me that! My name's not Katherine Sutton or Alphabet Chocolate! From now on, I'm going to be called Chuck! And you can't stop me! You are what you think you are and I am who I think I am! And I think I'm Chuck Norris so, obviously, I am Chuck Norris!" she spat it out derisively, her tongue lolling out the side of her lips, ready to blow a Bronx cheer in defiance of the voice's words. "And Chuck Norris here is gonna make Vermy's dreams a reality! Games are games are games! And games are fun so fun is fun is fun! So hah! Logic!"

    "You'll always be Katherine. An average girl with a dull life."

    She shook her head, her cheeks making impact with the ground. "I told you! My name isn't Katherine! It's Chuck Norris! And Chuck Norris is an awesome guy with an awesome life!"

    "Deluding yourself in the comfort of a play won't make reality go away."

    Yet, despite her retorts and denials, the last words seemed to strike a chord within Alpha. There was silence for a moment, her face twisted as she grasped at straws. What could she say to that? But Vermilion's words echoed in her mind and, grasping at the Mist Wolf Fragment that she always kept close by, felt a warmth fill her. Images fluttered through her mind: Terry, Hector, Rudolf, Blank, Cain, Seigi, everyone...and then she felt that stereotypical feeling of hope flow through her. For once, she felt like the protagonist in one of those cheesy kids' shows. "I'm not deluding myself..." Alpha started, wholly confident in her words. "Cause it's gonna come true! Vermy's gonna make reality whatever she wants it to be so we can play all day! No more gods! No more rules! We can do whatever we want, whenever we want!" she laughed. "Chocolate milk rain! Strawberry smoothie rivers! Candy cane plants and cotton candy trees!"

    The entire ordeal was, in essence, very therapeutic.

    Even with the voice gone, she continued to roll on the floor. And then everything seemed to click. She hopped back to her own two feet and shot a pair of finger guns in the children's direction. "Oh. That's why the exorcism didn't work! I didn't know her real name! It was Chloe, not Bartholomew, I guess. I was sure that her name would've been Eugene, though! It was the perfect fit!"

    Seeming to be comforted by the fact that her exorcism hadn't failed by her own faults, she brushed the dust off of her. She looked around to see what she had missed, only to find that there was some sort of black mist that settled around the room as well and Alpha was completely oblivious to its origin, never having witnessed Magi's brand of twisted magic.

    "Wait, what's going on here? What'd I miss? Sarah? Sebastian? Chloe? Did I miss any other names? I need to get a list so I can plan an exorcism later!"

    And then she heard @Celestine's voice. "Oooh, what's happening? If you have to pick something, always go with the one that can dance! Try to make them dance! If they don't, they're probably nuttersquaggers so you shouldn't touch them. If they do, then keep them all! I'm pretty sure we can sell whatever it is for some money if it dances!"

    She moved to find wherever the other girl was. She wasn't about to miss this sudden weird swing of events!

    ...Unless there were ghosts. Then she was outta here.

    Tries to convince people of her innocence. And is currently lecturing the voice on what's canon in the multiverse right now. And is vehemently denying everything it's saying through the power of LOGIC and fine reasoning skills. Going to find Comet and Celestine. This is what happens when you give me a fun prompt with no word maximum.
    The Prism Collector of Stokbon
    • 121 HP
    • 92 EN

    "Ngggg..." was Blank's only reply to @Comet as she questioned her actions previously. She didn't think the child was anything besides 'innocent,' but still, she had been annoying. Crying and screeching that entire time. She had needed to be dealt with, and now that she was permanently encased in an ice cube, it was one less thing to bother Blank. So why did Comet care? Oh right. This was Comet, that red-haired girl from that thing she did. Or was that her? No, it was someone else's memories. A figment of her imagination. With a sniff, Blank turned from Comet as she inspected the room. "No shinies here..." she mumbled briefly remembering her mission.

    With a sudden burst of energetics (that wasn't the type oozing from Alpha's nonsense), a group of kids suddenly burst into the room. Some accusing Blank of some misdeed. Ire growing, Megan raised her staff ready to send the lot of them to join their sister before Magi chimed in. With a groan, Blank retreated into the hallway, content to let the other girl deal with their nonsense. Hopefully, she'd kill them all.

    While Magi cast that horribly impressive spell and Alpha did whatever the hell she was doing rolling around on the floor, Blank stood and pondered her next move, when that annoying cat girl began to speak to her. (Basically, at this point this exchange happens). Confused and partly annoyed, Blank followed the mini pet sent to fetch her and headed towards the room with the orbs as requested.

    When she arrived there was very little she could say, but look up at the magical objects and utter, "...what?" In an attempt to decipher Celestine's meaning Megan moved forward inspecting each orb in turn. "So... we have to select two, and if we select the wrong one..." Blank turned to Comet who had just been mana zapped, "We get shocked... Hmm... I want these... I wonder how they made them..." Curious Blank moved to each sphere one by one trying to decide which two related to her. The obvious answer was the orb showcasing the landscape of ice. But there should be two. Which was the other? The perplexing mystery left Blank stunned for several moments as she tried to figure it out, eventually being led to the fire orb. She wasn't sure why it spoke to her, it was like something in the back of her head screamed, "You should have this, it doesn't make sense for your character not to have this, why didn't you pick up pyromancy, a Blank without explosion just bugs me, shouldn't you get pyromancy...." and something about a "flame of passion." Slowly she reached out and slapped the side of it while touching the frozen orb hoping she wouldn't be zapped.

    Pressing both the Ice and the Fire Orb at the same time.
    The Prism Collector of Stokbon
    • 80 HP
    • 80 EN

    -10 hp & -10 en for touchy touch.
    -10 hp & -10 en for touchy touch.

    Ghostie floated alongside Celestine, clearly a little concerned as her summoner seemed to be endlessly muttering to herself.

    "...the calling of me ordinary...... will do the stupid face of you an ordinary....."

    This continued on until she finally came across what she was looking for: the spooky staircase to the basement. Nice, creaky wooden steps to complete the feel of it all. Not bad. If there was any sorta rainbow magicy stuff in this house, it'd have to be down here. It was kinda like a common sense law that all your valuable, pseudo-illegal magic power was kept in the basement.

    ...and sure enough, there it was! "Ahah," Cel exclaimed! "It is doing a hide behind the door of the magics." Taking a moment to inspect the bizarre locking mechanism, there were a couple orbs that caught her eye in particular. The first being an orb filled with a great deal of adorable little nyan people piling her in a big hug on top of a sunlit plateau. Another, containing an adorable little Celestine... sans the pointy ears on top. Curiously, she reached out to touch it...

    "Oooowwww!" Cel whined as it sent a painful shock through her system. "Orb of the stupid! Jeez... hm..." she stopped to ponder it for a moment. "Maybe that orb was the 'voodoo' orb that does the person a hurt... maybe if I am trying the-- OOOWWW!" Another orb zapped her just the same, causing her fall down on the hard, basement floor. There she sat for several moments, staring up at the darn things.

    So if it was just finding the right order... or maybe... hmm...

    After some thought, the solution finally came to her mind, but it didn't bring the typical feeling of triumph. It was most of an insult, solving this particular lock. With a sassy huff, Celestine stood up, curled her hands into tight fists, and punched the two orbs she was meant to touch as hard as possible.

    "Door of the stupids..."

    After several - admittedly kind of painful - exchanges between the icy kidnapper and her, she finally sent Ghostie off, leading... most of them to the door. "Mm, no, none of the dancings. Just the pains." Celestine's eyes wandered as she leaned on the wall, first glaring at the tall one (@Comet), and then lingering on the top of the staircase for a minute or two before she finally asked, "Where is my Pinkie. Is she doing herself a lost?"