Human - The Guy

Human - The Guy
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    The Guy

    Race: Human
    Age: 24
    Sex: Male

    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Relationship: Single

    Height: 5'6"
    Build: Thin and toned



    Ricky Ford

    Nationality: American
    Age: 20
    Sex: Male

    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Relationship: Single

    Height: 5'6"
    Build: Average build but short


    'THE GUY is the ultimate pro at chivalry and the code of knighthood. He is brave and strong, and is pretty much the best at everything. Except evildoing, because that's what EVIL people do!'

    You might see a poster or four lying around in whatever city you're walking around with this written on the front. Why? Because THE GUY made them himself, shamelessly advertising how great he is.
    At his core, that's what he's like. This man has no shame whatsoever, and will do whatever it takes (within the code of a decent and just knight, of course) to show off how great he is at literally every step of an encounter with another human being. He'd climb a mountain- he'd fall out of the sky! He would slay god himself if he had to do it to show off!

    And don't even get him started on the crazy things he'd do to impress a girl...

    Positive: Altruistic, Bold, Courageous, Chivalrous, Confident, Quick-Witted
    Negative: Arrogant, Brash, Masochistic, Stubborn


    Ricky Ford was a guy who grew up with absolutely nothing special happening to him whatsoever. Growing up, he did not show a real aptitude for anything special in school nor did he particularly fail at anything. He didn't make any friends while he was there, but it's not like anything actually had anything to say about him at all. If you asked any of his old classmates why, then, they'd probably respond with something like this:

    'Huh? I guess I just didn't really try to talk with him. He was just kind of a bland guy.'

    It was the same with his teachers and neighbors. In short, he just didn't really exist to anyone. Ricky wasn't wealthy or poor, no immediate tragedy happened to him or his family, nor did he work for anything big to happen in his early years like one of those big success stories. He was pretty much the epitome of a background character.
    Things were a little bit different when he talked to people online. He felt that it was just easier to talk to people when nobody could see his face. It's like he had a little bit of a different personality when he talked to different people online, for the sole purpose of just getting along with them better.

    In short, he was rewarded for constructing personalities. Ever since he was little, Ricky had lived in an environment where the only interesting thing to do was to dream and to act. Eventually he had found himself roleplaying in various online locations when he realised that he was actually good at something! It was pretty fun, too. Playing out a character, no matter how stupid, was kind of enriching in a way. It let him play the role of someone who actually mattered.

    He had gotten a lot of consoles and PC equipment along the way of his little hobby, because there were some games with great stories out there and he loved to push his way through them.

    It was only a matter of time before someone like this got the email. Ricky decided then and there, in the heat of the moment, that he would do whatever it takes to play an incredibly cheesy character. Comedic relief sounded fun!

    Out of Character

    Played by: @AleDog
    Player tag: @The Guy

    (Granblue Fantasy) Society Soldier
    (Major) Joe Gibson Jr.

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    Deaths: 0


    Glory Fighting, Theatrics


    Armor: ---
    Health: ---
    Energy: ---
    Riding: ---

    Bludgeon: 0 beginner
    Spellbane: 0 beginner
    Tinkering: 0 beginner

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