The Fade

The Fade
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    The Fade

    If one were to travel to very edge of the borders. The Naryu Canyon, a immense crack in the earth rumored to have been created during the great calamity of 4000 years ago, would impede any hope of progress. The area before it was once deep forest and had many a forest critter living under the protection of the Yladians. However, it has changed. It started slowly, but has accelerated more and more with each passing day. The trees graying, the grass no longer growing. The air feeling stagnate. The animals and other magical creatures vanishing one after another.

    The small villages of humanity that lied here. Often resting places for hunters that would prey on the magnificent game. Have also experienced this... fade of life. Their small populations becoming even smaller. Some villages becoming completely barren.

    This has continued for some time...

    The rumors of mysterious deaths and a spreading of illness and fatigue throughout the western half of Astorea has reached a all time high. While the focus has recently shifted towards the ambitions of the Lion's Pride and the Aristocracy. The western borders have become stricken with both sickness and paranoia from said sickness during this time. The rotting of flesh, the weakening of magic, the death of even the plant and wildlife.

    Some brave souls need to investigate this before it spreads and the problem becomes uncontrollable. Can you discover the truth? Or... do you even want to know?


    Difficulty: Story
    Location: Western Astorea

    Party Size: 2-3
    Completion: Minimum 3 posts per person

    Reward: One positive reputation with Astorea

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    No more new takers allowed. Those still doing this quest may still finish it up. All quests expected cleared this week please.
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    This event will no longer be accepting completions after Friday the 16th, 11:59PM EST.
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