Private - Strength

Private - Strength
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  1. Well, the party was certainly…something.

    When Danielle left, the streets still only had a light dusting of snow, the pavement wet more than anything else. It hadn’t been all that hard to slip away from the party, really. It had just hurt a bit how easy it was for her to leave. With so many people coming in and going out, however, perhaps that was only to be expected. Few of these people were friends, and Terrasphere was a large game. Without any real direction, no true icebreakers, it was easy for people like her to slip through the cracks.

    And she didn’t have much interest in befriending the people there anyways. Social outcasts and gamer nerds were one in a dozen, too common in this world. She flipped through her old cellphone, calling back home to her answering machine. She’d be coming home late. She won’t be staying the night. She already ate. All irrelevant, because her parents would be arriving home long after the trains had their last service. At least the butler over at Emilia’s mansion had been understanding enough not to judge her when he caught her forking large quantities of food into a plastic container. Nice man. Probably could smell how poor she was from a distance.

    White breath hissed out as she grimaced. Christmas and she was spending it alone, having just pillaged a holiday party of its entrees so she had something nice to eat over the course of the next week. How pathetic was that, huh? There was a flash of pain there, before she buried it beneath a self depreciating smile. When did she become such a Debbie Downer?

    Danielle picked up the pace, the short haired Chinese striding through the snowy streets towards the city lights of Boston’s commercial core. While she was here, she may as well do some window shopping, right? Her plastic bag swung carelessly as she breezed from one window to the next, imagining how pretty they’d look. Her head bobbed up and down to music that only she could hear, chasing away the blues with stereotypical J-pop. A smile creeped onto her expression once more, as she proudly displayed her solitude to the romantic couples all around.

    So what if she was single? So what if she was poor?

    She was the fucking strong.
  2. img "AHAHAHAHA!" It was loud and obnoxious. "Even retelling it right now, I still can't believe this human trash actually had the balls to do that." It was annoying and aggravating. "These bottom feeders really need to learn their place." Raina hated it. She hated all about it. This person, Raina's betrothed, symbolized nearly everything that the blonde hated in a human being.

    She wasn't even angered by the tales he told. Things she hadn't been part of. If anything, she'd feel... pity? No newborn coming into the world was like that. Yes, she pitied him. Yet, there was nothing she could do. Raina loved to think herself as a rebel, but she knew the difference if her father told her to do something and didn't mind too much or actually meant it. And she'd need a few more screws loose to actually defy someone like him.

    If there was anything positive about being on a date with him, then the fact she wasn't accompanied by any sort of bodyguards. Clearly, the parents of both families were hoping something would happen but so far, after 3 years, Raina didn't even lose her first kiss. Strangely enough, so far, Sebastian didn't force himself on her in any way either. So maybe he wasn't actually that terrible of a p-

    "WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING!" Raina was taken back into reality as her boyfriend crashed into... someone? Yes, the two of them did not even hold hands.

    "It's ruined!" He nearly fumed as he looked down at the boy...girl? Various foodstuff was splattered all over Sebastian's clothes. Enough for Raina to put a small grin on her face for just a second.

    "This Hugo Boss Jacket was merely a week old. Not to mention the rest. Do you even realize what you have done?! DO YOU-" He stopped for a second. Calmed down, before simply saying in a very neutral tone. "Pay for it." Behind his emotionless face, however, hid a devilish grin.

    Someone so focused on presentation and looks had an easy time spotting the stitches on her coat. While Raina herself preferred more casual attire, being with Sebastian meant being dressed pretty herself. That didn't change her outlook on dresses though.
  3. [​IMG]
    It happened so slowly, but her limbs were already in motion, and that loud, blue haired kid seemed to enjoy taking up space so much that there really was nothing that Danielle could do to stop the plastic bag from swinging into his path.

    What ensued next was abject disappointment for both parties, a variety of saucy, tasty foods splattered all over his jacket. A meatball splattered onto the concrete, the crushed contents of the bag releasing a mouth watering aroma that was now more or less dirtied. Yup. No way for her to bring this back home then. The train attendants would probably kick her out for the odor. Could she salvage it? The raven haired girl lifted the remains of the bag up, rotating it slowly. Nope. The cake had mixed with the roast.

    Perhaps there wasn’t much reason for her to get mad, really. It was technically just ‘free’ food, after all. But once that random salty stranger who didn’t watch where he was going started shooting off like some meathead Neanderthal? Danielle changed her mind. It wasn’t free food. It was priceless.

    “Pay for it?”

    He was neither devil nor hero, neither saint nor sinner. She had just walked out of a fucking battlefield as a demon wolf ravaged the lands, and this pussy little shit thought he could push her around? The stains on his jacket were irrelevant, pointless. She had been tossed into mud and blood before, and without a single care in the world, Danielle stepped up to the blue haired bitch nugget. Short. He was so short. Like this, she could actually…

    She stood on her tip toes gingerly.

    …look down at him, eyes of steel.

    “Pay for this,” she replied, thrusting the ruined bag of food at his face, “And if you had any useful skills at all, you’d know how to wash food stains out of your Chinese knockoff jacket anyways. Oh, I am so sorry for ruining your date though, but it doesn’t look like she’s very interested to begin with.”

    A fearless grin flashed, all teeth, all predatorial. Cain was such a bad influence on her.

    “Oh, but I guess all the money in the world doesn’t mean shit when the user of such wealth is enough of a dickbag that he wouldn’t even warm his companion’s hands during such a cold night.”

    Wew, was she really going to do this?

    May as well. It was a good night to do stupid shit.

    “So how ‘bout it, Lady of Sunlit Hair?”
    Danielle turned to the blonde with a wink, “It may only be a passing connection, a one night tryst, but let me grant you the holy night that you deserve, princess~”
  4. img "You..." Sebastian, who pushed himself up to appear bigger, glared at this little piece of shit daring to talk back. Who the hell did she think she was? "How fucking dare..." This... wasn't quite how it usually went. Not how it was supposed to go.

    People were watching. He did not care. But Raina was watching, too. And this... this washboard didn't just go with the usual stuff but rather hit it right where it hurt. He was a big enough boy to stand over that. But spitting the blatant truth about Raina right in his face? That was... Sebastian closed his eyes. His clenched fists eased up. Breath in. Breath out.

    Some people called him moronic behind his back, but they were simply jealous. He stood nearly on top. There was no reason to hide his disgust towards those below him. But... that didn't mean he could be stupid all the time. By now he knew that he'd never win Raina over like that.

    Forcing a gentle smile as he grabbed his purse he spoke in a very stiff manner. "I'll... forgive you... this once... poor people like you... yeah. This is nothing... . No... nothing. I should call the authorities for those insults... but... here... it's just..." He bit his underlip. Fuuuuuucccckkkk this humiliation. From a peasant like that? He'd remember her face and... and... without Raina, this fucking piece of shit will regret ever having existed.

    "it's just pocket exchange. Yeah... I'm a nice guy. See, my dear?" He looked back to Raina as he pushed a 100 Dollar bill against Danielle's chest.

    img Raina was utterly surprised. Less about the pitiful behavior Sebastian displayed as he couldn't even stay true to who he truly became, but rather, at this other individual.

    The difference in social status between these two wasn't that apparent at first but, after having gotten a better look and assessing the overall situation, seemed still obvious. From a social perspective, this stranger was a mouse who, right now, tangled with a lion.

    Her existence would have been over if the lioness was, in any way, fond of doing what the lion liked to do. But Raina and Sebastian were two very different individuals.

    The girl, or boy as it was hard to tell, didn't give any fucks. But if that was only all there was to it. No, there was more. It was... a rebel? Inspiration? The way the stranger talked enkindled a small flame inside Raina. A flame that nearly expires every-time she was close to someone like Sebastian or her father.

    But now? Sebastian was present. Yet the flame grew. A shit-eating grin appeared on Raina's face. "My dear Sebastian." The blonde moved a few steps closer as she swiped out her own pursue.

    A backstab wasn't really heroic but "I'll cover this and how about you go home alone?" Raina gave him A LOT of money. Way more than Danielle might have ever seen at one place. Unlike this stranger, Raina was the daughter of a CEO to a subjectively superior company than Sebastian's father. They didn't need him, but they needed the Raytheans. ... Right?

    "You..." Sebastian's face turned red. Stepping on a low-life wasn't a problem at all, but now, this? He shot Raina a deadly glare. There was no love or compassion in that. Despite his anger and stuttering problems just earlier the young heir now kept a calm voice.

    "I'm slowly losing my patience with you, Raina Raythean." A small grin formed on his face. "Just wait until your and my parents hear about this..." With that, he turned around, too proud to actually take the money Raina offered him - and disappeared.

    Raina remained silent for a few seconds before she eyed the other person. 'Are you okay?' was probably a silly question. S/he just owned him. Instead, that was a lot of food wasted. "How about I treat you to something nice?!" Raina now initiated conversation in a manner as if all that had just happened didn't matter. Offering her hand for a hand-shake. "I'm Raina!" But what just happened did actually matter, no? "Thank you." Yes, it did.
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  5. She was tensing up for it, really. Waiting for it. Totally ready for the punch that she could use as justification for a counterstrike. Today must have been a dangerous day for her, huh? She had a strange recklessness to her that would definitely spell a bad time if she had picked a fight with someone who actually looked tough. But the punch never came, that blue haired fob mastering himself after all. Disappointing. The muscles in her back unclenched, and she accepted that hundred dollar bill with a hundred dollar smile.

    “Gee,” Danielle said, her teeth retracting slightly into her mouth, “You’re a pretty nice guy after all, eh? Thanks bud! Really appreciate your most gracious forgiveness. No doubt, tossing money at people while looking like you stepped on dogshit is the best way to make yourself out as a generous, soulful, empathetic gentleman! You clearly are not in need of lessons in courtesy, hm?”

    That was enough barking from her though. With no fistfight on the horizon and a cool hundred bucks in her pocket, Danielle was about to make a hasty retreat when the blonde waif sprang into action, her blue eyes lighting up with something…


    As a veritable slab of cash smacked into the pubehead’s chest, Danielle couldn’t help but drop her jaw. Damn, she had heavily misjudged the types of people she was chatting up, huh? That much money could pay off a year’s worth of rent. That much money could feed the family for a good three years. That much money could do a hell lot. And she was carrying that much money around in her purse? Dark eyes flickered about, catching the gazes of other couples on the street that had witnessed the exchange, all of them similarly surprised. But the thieves there, who were they? The pickpockets prowling downtown Boston on this fine night, seeking to make off with a purse or wallet laden with Christmas spending money?

    Sadly, Danielle wasn’t a bodyguard or anything like that, and she turned instead to the young girl who finally had some light in her eyes, the pretty brilliance that Ursa had in her eyes before. Bombastic and vivacious, lightning bottled away.

    “Must have sucked, putting up with that jackass,” the Chinese American replied, gripping her hand firmly, “Name’s Danielle. Take it that, with an offer like that, you’re totally down for letting me whisk you away on a fantastic night through the city of blooming dreams?”

    That cheerful expression switched off quickly though, as she waved away her gratitude.

    “Seriously though, use this as future reference on what to do with annoying guys, yah know? People like that don’t know how to back off until you backhand them…though with all the money you have and how pretty you are…”

    A shrug.

    “Why’re you hanging with a third rate like that anyways? Lose a bet? Or is he actually your cousin or something?”
  6. img A 'fantastic night'? Just what could the woman, as she called herself Danielle, mean? Was there even a point in thinking about it?

    With Wendy gone for the moment, the blonde had seen herself being holed up more and more. Really, having not many friends wasn't great. Sure, a lot of people sucked up to her, but ultimately weren't friends. The raven-haired girl on the camping trip hadn't her called yet either, boo!

    Now, this person? Either she didn't know the Raythean name or didn't care. Or maybe it was a sinister plot to abduct her somehow. But Raina could defend herself, so it shouldn't be too bad... right? Not to mention that Raina couldn't possibly know what Danielle had planned. Exciting.

    With a small giggle, the girl nodded. "Sure, and don't let money be a worry, I pay all the things!" For an adventure into the unknown this was the least she could do.

    "As for Sebastian..." Her face darkened now a bit. "It's not that easy." Right, this wasn't over. "I wish I could handle him like you did." Really, if only she had the guts and put in the effort to tell him what a little piece of shit he was.

    Sebastian was enough of a snake to just go to her father and cry. But... it should be fine, no?! Raina wasn't so sure anymore now. This was... bad. She shouldn't have done that. Maybe she still had a chance to go after him and apologize...? Why, though? Because it made her life more comfortable? Was Raina Raythean truly that weak?
  7. “Please,” Danielle waved off, fanning herself with the cool hundred bucks that the Sebastian fellow had thrust so kindly into her chest, “I wouldn’t be much of a cool and suave gentleman if I had my lady friend pay for everything, right? I consider myself a pretty thrifty gent myself, so if you could, Raina, allow me to show you exactly how much value one can get out of a Benjamin.”

    Before she could fully sweep her new…friendly acquaintance off her feet, however, the conversation took a real turn for the darker as the consequences of her actions and her decisions settled in. It was a complicated relationship, wasn’t it? Danielle couldn’t imagine any other reason for a spirited, youthful, decent teenage girl to hang out with some rich little shit, especially when that seaweed headed dirtbag ALSO seemed to be packing less bills that her. Like what, was he her adopted little brother? What about some house guest she was supposed to entertain from overseas? Or, no…her step father?

    Well, no matter what the purpose, it was always going to be the same, wasn’t it? A relationship was only as complicated as one needed to be. As the girl’s shoulders slumped further and further, the blonde waif retreating into herself, Danielle shrugged lightheartedly, before slapping her hard on the back.

    “You totally can though,” she grinned, pivoting to face her face to face. Two hands slapped against Raina’s chubby cheeks, reddening them as the Chinese American lifted her face up. No backing away. No looking down. “You were super cool when you tossed all that money at him and told him to piss off, you know? And more importantly, I don’t know what sort of life you live, and I’m sure that you have way more ‘responsibilities’ on your shoulders than me, but here’s the deal.”

    Storm gray eyes glimmered with electric energy as Danielle showed her fangs, dazzling tenacity cutting through the somber fog.

    “Your life is your own, and you’ll always have the strength in you to live that way. If that Sebastian fellow is getting in the way of your own happiness, fuck him. If it’s your parents that are getting in the way of your happiness, fuck them. If the world seems intent on taking a big dump on your head, fuck it! This isn’t the dark ages, where your parents have total control over your life and where they can sell you off willy-nilly to the highest bidder, ya know?”

    She winked then, stretching Raina’s cheeks out into a smile.

    “It’s 2026, girl! If your family’s shit and your boyfriend’s shit, running away and making a life on your own is the American way! Gotta straighten out your spine and show some ferocity if you wanna pursue your own joys!"

    Bright. Cheery. Tenacious.

    Looking back at it, it really was much easier, lifting someone else's spirits than her own.
  8. More responsibilities? Easy to just fuck them? Selling her off to the highest bidder? If only it was as easy as this gentleman described. If Raina only had the strength of Seigi. Maybe, with Wendy's support. Maybe, with an actual lover. A Knight in Shining Armour, taking her away into the Night Sky. But, right now, Raina was al-

    "Owhowhowh schad hurs!" The blonde haired girl complained as Danielle suddenly decided to get that gloomy expression out of her face! At least, it worked. Danielle was right, even if not, right now she should concentrate on having fun. Raina owed the raven-hair that much.

    "I love my family, though." It was kinda weird. "And they love me too!" She added. "They taught me martial arts and, usually, I have two annoying Body-Guards running around as my shadow! It's fun trying to outrun them sometimes. Wendy was..." Raina stopped mid-sentence with open mouth. Wendy was... not here.

    Did she even deserve to have fun here? While the Mahou Shoujo loving girl was suffering somewhere? While she wasn't waking up? Was Raina allowed to be here without try- shaking her head, the blonde tried to get these negative thoughts out of her head.

    Danielle had made her just smile and she was already about to go full darkness again! If she wanted to befriend this awesome person, then Raina had to show her awesome side, too. The same side she showed Wendy.

    "Thanks!" The blonde gave her another smile full of warmth. Having pushed her worries into a corner of her mind. "Now, didn't you want to show me what a Benjamin can do?!"
  9. Wow.

    She certainly had a lot of issues. Enough that Danielle was almost confident that these deep, psychological issues weren’t going to be solved any time soon. Yup, love is certainly more dangerous than hate in this case, an affliction of the soul that bound one with thorns laced in toxic affection. But, no matter what she wanted to say to Raina, they simply weren’t close enough yet. They were hardly more than acquaintances at this point, and considering what their respective lives were…it was a Christmas day miracle that the two of them met each other at all.

    So she may as well make the most of it, right?

    “Alright, better get ready to get your socks knocked off, Ray-Ray~!”

    Taking Raina’s hand in her own, Danielle grinned and set off. Dinner. That was the first course of action here, but with a hundred dollar budget, she definitely couldn’t just find any random place and call it a day. It had to be something good. Something great! Something super tasty and super unrefined. And thus, as the unlikely couple strode through the streets, the Chinese American allowed her nose to guide her. A fragrance of the sea, for the city known best for its seafood. Something old, yet something accessible, enjoyed by the public.

    Her nose brought her to the Union Oyster House, one of the oldest still-running diners in the United States, housed in a building that was over three centuries old, with a recipe repertoire that had been refined over those same hundreds of years. Already, there was a crowd forming, but with some aggressive haggling and posturing, Danielle secured a seat for two easily enough. Rustic charm was everywhere within the establishment, from the classy wooden furniture to the incandescent lighting. It really was warm within, and the fireplace crackled gently, conversation simmering in quiet tones.

    Of course, the best thing about the place was that it was relatively cheap! Wasn’t no McDonalds, but the New England Clam Chowder was literally famous amongst the locale here. Passing a menu over to the blonde heiress, Danielle motioned for her to take a look as she ordered two ice waters.

    “Well? Pretty nice place, eh? Dunno where you usually dine, but I personally love diners like these. No dress code, but classy enough that you don’t get loud mouthed teenagers laughing their asses off in the corner.”

    Her eyes glittered with a brighter gleam.

    “Of course, I wouldn’t even be here if not for the party, and I’m sure you only eat thousand dollar meals, so let’s both enjoy the occasion, eh?”

    She raised a glass, grinning.

    “To an unexpected miracle and an auspicious encounter!”
  10. This was... different. Certainly. The stuff Raina ate was usually worlds apart. Either some cheap, but delicious, fast-food with Wendy&co or the super fancy stuff that was sometimes worth a month paycheck. Though her father was a steak-fanatic for whatever reason, so that was a thing too.

    This place was certainly above the fast-food price-category but way below the other world. A... middle-ground? Apparently, the raven-haired girl liked places like that which meant she could afford it quite often? But, in a sense, Sebastian was right about her clothes. As tidy as she had them, these patches were a thing. Or maybe Danielle was just incredible resourceful?

    Was that... a baby crying in the background? "No teenagers, but little kids..." Yeah, those were a thing too. With mothers who couldn't raise them properly! "Heh... but I shouldn't talk." After all, Raina was quite feisty herself.

    Making some sort of silly pose, the blonde added. "You should see on my good days, I put any other noisy type to shame!" Before adding. "And I'm not really cut for the snobby rich-girl act! If I could I'd wear some comfortable jeans and a beanie!" Yes, right now, Raina had a simple, but pretty, dress.

    "I and a friend of mine have regular eating contests in a cool ice-shack!" Raina sighed, not because she remembered Wendy again, no, it was good. She had lots of dear memories with her and would continue to make many more!

    "I'll never defeat the Queen of Sweets though." Anyways, bumping her glass with Danielle's, the blonde drank whatever her new date had ordered before asking. "Party?" Of course, there were A LOT of parties, but some topic was better than no topic, eh?
  11. “Hey now,” Danielle replied as she gave the menu another once over, “Little kids are pretty cute, you know? Wish I had a little brother, really. Would be nice…”

    It would be, indeed, but it was expensive enough raising one child already, no matter how much her parents wanted a son to take over as the head of the household. She sagged slightly at the reality of being a single child, before shaking it off. Just means she has to kick off her photography career sooner rather than later and earn enough money for her parents to never work again. It may only be an average of 34k in terms of salary, but if she dabbled into being a wedding photographer…

    A different time. She’ll think about it later, when Raina wasn’t having the time of her life. A feisty, cheerful one, eh? “Yeah, definitely can imagine you better in jeans and beanies,” she grinned, “Maybe with a skater girl outfit, eh? And wow, eating contests with ice cream?”

    Danielle made a face, already a bit squeamish about how painful the brain freeze would be from it. Seriously, what did they do? Wrap their heads with hand warmers before diving into a bucket of ice cream? Oh gods, the unadulterated agony!

    “Sounds like the Queen of Sweets is more of a Goddess of Anti Freeze, if she could beat you in an eating contest that features ice cold desserts,” the Chinese American said, “And yeah, I was actually coming back from a Christmas party. Apparently it was open to the public, but, well……”

    The raven haired girl smiled awkwardly, twisting a strand of hair as she sipped her drink.

    “…got pretty awkward after a bit. As expected, strangers form cliques real fast, and it felt like they were all too…friendly for me? Felt almost fake. Didn't help that it was in a super fancy place as well.”

    Danielle shrugged, smiling again.

    “Guess my specialty is with small gatherings, not large ones.”
  12. "Siblings are a blessing and a curse! Especially if most of them are... kinda different?" At least she didn't have to fight over who was daddy's favorite. "But, ultimately, you love them anyways! Just as I said... family." The blonde got a bit darker for a second before adding with a smile.

    "Yeah, I'll always end up with a headache after our contest! Guess my friend is even more head-strong than me. That didn't stop me from trying though." But when was the last time she had done this with Wendy? Another 'bad' topic, gaaah, why was this so difficult?

    "Enough about me though! I'm just some random person who has a rich papa. For knowing you wouldn't like it you tried to go there nonetheless? That's pretty neat! ...Trying to change yourself? But you're giving me little hope. I thought pretentious smiles and boot-licking only happens in fancy places! ... You had no friends to go with you?"

    Who went to a party all alone anyways? Danielle didn't seem like a shy and docile girl at all. And where the heck was their food?
  13. She wasn’t blind to the darkness in Raina’s gaze as the blonde girl spoke about her own family. It was complicated, wasn’t it, the emotions of a girl in puberty regarding the plans of her parents. But, for all Danielle’s own propositions of sweeping her off her feet for one night, they were still just friendly strangers. The Chinese American wasn’t in any place to truly tell her what to do, nor was there much reason to pry.

    As Raina posed her own questions, Danielle leaned back, allowing the waitress to place their dishes on the table. The fragrance of seafood immersed the two, and she swallowed the saliva that was building up in the back of her throat. That mansion had wonderful food, of course, but sometimes, it was the atmosphere and environment itself that whet one’s appetite. She tasted a spoonful of clam chowder tentatively before leaping into action.

    Another tidbit about being too poor to go to classy restaurants: no need for table manners.

    Within a few minutes, the bowl was empty, and the raven haired girl let out a warm, steamy breath. Hot food was to be consumed hot, and paid food must be eaten entirely. Such were the rules of the Song household.

    “I wouldn’t say they were being pretentious,” Danielle ventured, her gazing sliding off to the side, “And I doubt anyone would need to lick my boots. But they were trying pretty hard to get along. Like talking to waitresses, you know? You can get a surface connection, but nothing deep enough to mean much.”

    She shrugged, tracing the rim of her glass with an index finger, before those dark eyes levelled upon Raina once more.

    “And I have plenty of friends, back where I’m from. Just that they’re busy with their university parties, and well, they don’t play VRMMOs like me. That’s basically how the host set up the party, ye? Posted something or the other in the World Channel. It was pretty ballsy, I’d say, but the actual party wasn’t really my style at all.”

    The difference between someone accustomed to night clubs and someone accustomed to high society balls, perhaps.

    “Think it would have been a good time for you though, Raina. You wouldn’t happen to recognize anyone by the name of Emilia Roberts, would you?”
  14. "Talking to waitresses sounds like a nice thing! God-forbid what my father would do if I'd chat someone like that up!" Now, finally, their food came!

    "Emilia Roberts?" Raina asked more herself than Daniella. If there was one thing her parents taught her successfully it would be table manners. Sometimes, she even ate pizza with cutlery! The Madwoman.

    She wasn't unused to sea-food, but it was always an adventure, and despite the apparent price this wasn't bad either.

    "Oh!" Right, it was THAT party! "Rrrright, Sebastian and me were supposed to go there. Not because of Terrasphere but..." Hah, she knew the game! Did this person play, too? "...because of the Hyperloop. Well, Sebastian didn't want to go there anyway, so it didn't take that much convincing." Continuing to eat, Raina was about to be done now, too!

    "So you play games, too? Right? I love em!" Right manners. "Thanks for the food, it was delicious! Maybe I drag the Ice-queen into here next time."
  15. Danielle was a bit taken back by that minor revelation. Sure, that was indeed a nice thing, even if it wasn’t something she wanted to do for a protracted amount of time, but to have parents that forbid even basic human interactions with what they’d see as the proletarians? Wow, elite families must be composed of absolute douchebags. What, did minimal wage workers deserve no attention at all, meant only to serve but not be seen?

    “Hope he pats you on the head for that,” the raven haired youth replied, “I always thought that the best business owners were the ones that looked out for low leveled employees as well, so hey, here’s to hoping your pops is one of those types, eh?”

    Sipping at her water, she watched the gears of Raina’s head turn, before the light bulb finally flashed. So she was invited there too, hm? But for a purpose outside of that Terrasphere invitation. Well, the heir of another company would no doubt be too busy to sink any time in a game that had almost ridiculously realistic travel times. It made sense, at least.

    “Would certainly be a treat to see the Queen of Brainfreeze’s legendary eating tactics in person,” Danielle replied, sinking comfortably into the padded seat, “And the more the merrier, until it turns into a crowd of strangers!”

    She cocked her head to the side.

    “Surprised that you’re a gamer though, Raina. Thought you’d be the more outdoorsy type myself, but I guess you’re a woman of many surprises. And yea, I’ve been having some real fun gaming. Recently finished a large scale battle, yah know? It was super intense…but I think my favorite part’s still those silly side quests. Like performing for a fantasy audience or maze games. What about you? Play some Kandi Krush? Some Crash Royal?”

    As she finished, Danielle waved at one of the waitresses walking by.

    "Oh, and the bill, please?"