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(Story Tracker) Titanius the Ancient Dissonance
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    The overwhelming force of the Grudge Tentacle that Titanius has been using to beat down on the golden barrier elicited pained groan from D'vangelline. From a quick glance, anyone can see how much she was struggling to remain on her feet, however, her magic was weakening. As Titanius continued to absorb reckless adventurers, it grew far stronger than her magic could endure.

    With one last strike, the Grudge Tentacle completely shattered Valkyrian Barrier, which has been keeping some of the group safe all this time. D'vangelline collapsed from exhaustion as the already turbulent storm picked up. Some of the group attempted to set up magical barrier around zone D, but they were flimsy and fleeting. Even so, the majority of the players on the battlefield signaled everyone to try and band together in that single zone.

    Valkyrian Barrier has been shattered. Use the same play post for the current status battle status.

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    Final Cycle

    paradise lost

    As the acid-storm continued to rage on, the group of adventurers gradually thinned out. Eventually, all of the survivors were able to reach zone D, but without D’vangelline’s barrier, it was not much safer in the zones beyond. Amid the storm, several portals opened up, spitting out the few brave adventurers that shut down the dimensional rifts Titanius opened. It was only after the rifts were closed that the Grudge Tentacle lost its immunity to damage.

    Before it could flatten everyone near D’vangelline, a massive ice spike that Astor conjured ripped the fleshy ground open and pierced the limb, stopping its movement. It writhed violently as though a rat caught in a trap, but ultimately failed to get away before the group finished it off. Astor was visibly running low on energy. He wiped his brows and breathed raggedly.

    Once the commotion was over, Ivan called out to those who were able to close the rifts and offered them a simple “good job,” however, before he could say more, a message came from Juliette, the leader of the Brotherhood.

    Ivan-boy, we got the portals to work. Supplies are coming through now, get ready to grab what you can, we can’t exactly deliver it right into your hand.

    After he received the one good news that day, he immediately relayed it to the rest of the group.

    Yoooo, the Brotherhood is sending energy potions through right now! If you need any, go and grab them, but don’t get eaten on the way though, we definitely don’t need that.

    Moments later, tiny portals opened in random areas within zone D and began falling wherever the wind took them. Almost most of the potions were lost to the storm, the group managed to retrieve enough for their needs. Both D’vangelline and Astor were offered a few potions to restore their energy so they could continue fighting with the group.

    Please do not lose hope, everyone. We can prevail as long as we stick together. Anyone who can support others, gather around me, I can no longer support the group as I had, but allow me to do one last thing for you.

    The Queen went down on both of her knees as she retrieved an amulet from beneath her breastplate. Clasping both of her hands over the trinket, she whispered a prayer in a language that only those who had mastered White Magic would understand. She was beseeching Iedi, the goddess of light and restoration, for one final miracle.

    Sweet and gentle goddess, Iedi, I hereby offer my family’s most treasured heirloom as a sacrifice for your grace! Embrace us with your light and guide us to victory.

    Before the queen of falderen, a small teal orb materialized and the energy around it entered motion, spreading what appeared to be feather wings. It flew towards the knight and merged with her energy. Power surged within the Valkyrie in the form of an aura that enveloped everyone near the queen. Even for a the aid of a goddess, however, the power seemed to be lacking in one way or another. All around D’vangelline, those who possessed support magic felt a jolt running through their body. If they had opened their UI and glance at their statuses, they would have seen a buff called Iedi’s Blessing.


    Backed into a tiny corner with nowhere left to run, the group could feel Titanius’ glee through the corrupted connection it shared with those who were deeply touched by dissonance. It was as though the ancient horror had broken free of its shackles, its flesh undulated with the joy of freedom, it lavished itself with the special sustenance that was the life force of players, its hunger sated for once in its entire existence—Titanius was elated.

    All around the distorted interior, nothing beyond could handle the increasing power of the ancient dissonance. Its corrupted influence had torn space and time as though it was paper. Black spots appeared at erratic and random intervals. As it’s power steadily increased, the world around the group grew dark. The heavy distortion and tearing of reality continued until it stopped. Within the blink of an eye, all sounds drowned out, it was so quiet that one could hear their own heart beating. As though the theatrics had been torn down all at once, there was no more wind, no more storm, no acid, no flesh, no Titanius, nothing.

    In this place of darkness and silence, everyone was food, helpless, weary, and desperate sustenance for the Master.

    Here, neither morals nor dissonance mattered. Here, nothing but instincts mattered in the blackness. A few of the group attempted to use magic to light up the dark. But, whether through magic, fire, or anything else they could think of, any attempt to create light was futile as the dark swallowed it all. Amid the dark, a fleshy sound slittering in the dark heralded their end.

    Up until now, the ancient dissonance has played with them, picking them apart and instilling them with utmost terror. They were simply flesh and dissonance was the marinade. And despite all the wounds it suffered to reach this magnificent stage, Titanius savored every moment of its long awaited feast. Now, playtime was over and it was time to eat.

    With the group managing to create a tiny bit of light, panic ensued as they clamored in the dark, a few authoritative figures attempted to calm the group. Astor held back, knowing he had betrayed their trust and as such had to redeem himself.

    I am deeply ashamed that I, of all people, was turned by this vile monster. But, D’vangelline is right, we can’t falter now. If there is anyone who is willing to keep fighting, step up. I will use the last of my energy to help you.

    Afterward, Astor focused most of his remaining energy imbuing the last of the survivors with Frostfire Fury, a spell that coated all of their weapons with blue flames that felt deathly cold to the touch. The light produced by the Frostfire was only enough to reveal a few feet ahead of them.

    The first brave soul decided to run into complete darkness. He disappeared. Most likely whisked away by a long and sinewy tentacle. Then, a group of people disappeared from the back, without a sound and a trace.

    When Astor stepped forward, readying a fire spell, he lost his arm in an instance. Blood dripped and pooled onto the strangely flat ground, forming a viscous puddle. When he looked up, he saw nothing more but a vague black shape that moved in the back. Fighting through the intense pain with gritted teeth, he shouted out to the rest of the group.

    Pick up your weapon and fight if you want to live!!!

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    Titanius lurked in the black emptiness, snatching away a few survivors at a time. Its hunt was steady and methodical, not too slow, not to fast. Sometimes, it could only away a limb or two. Other times, it would get half a dozen of people to feast on. However, with its preys continually fighting back, its health tanked. When its health dropped below a certain threshold, a low, incomprehensible wailing could be heard in the dark. Then, every so often when players spotted Titanius, they can see its pitch black body infrequently pulsated with a red glow, revealing a bit of its true form.

    Those who were searching for the Gaze or Titanius itself, @Ash Vargold @Rias would not have been able to see anything in the dark, until the Gaze burst out from the darkness and devoured the entire vanguard right in front of them, giving them the chance to see it.

    The Gaze has become massive now, its body appearing like a snake but not quite. There were unnatural bulbs that truncated its lengthy body. It was almost as though it was composed of hundred of black eyeballs that had been grotesquely smashed together to create one, complete form. Anyone who was monitoring Titanius through their Investigation UI would be able to get glimpses of the monster’s status. It was not good news for the group, however. They had triggered its Ultra Enrage mode.

    Although Titanius has been toying with its food up until now, its hubris has led it to take far more damage than it had anticipated. Now, it was time to stop playing for good. Strange sounds could be heard in the dark as it slithered around the group and formied a ring with its perpetual motion. Anyone who came into the fridge near Titanius moving body was immediately minced into a thousand pieces before it absorbed them.

    D’vangelline watched in horror as it was her first time seeing such a monstrosity. To think that it has been playing with them up until this point, and despite their best effort, it could still beat them so easily. In the face of such thoughts, she couldn’t help but falter slightly.

    Astor on the other hand was furious at Titanius’ tenacity, it truly live up to its legend, a monster that refused to die. However, knowing that time was not something he had much of, he had to hurry and do something befitting of a king. When he tapped on the Queen’s shoulder, she did not respond, which prompted him to kick her onto the ground to get her attention.

    Hey, snap the fuck out of it. It’s going to eat us if we don’t do anything soon. If you’re a leader than start acting like one. These people are in this situation because of us, we have to redeem ourselves. There’s always time to mope around and this is not that time. And, I am not saying that just because I am about to pass the fuck out.

    Apologies, you right, I feel so ashamed for faltering now at this point. But, we don’t have any other choice anymore. We have to charge into battle with nothing more than reckless, if not idiotic courage to protect the world and people we love. Shall we do it? One final combined attack.

    Stop yammering and pick up your weapon then. Yo, everyone, we’re going to charge into Titanius like idiots and die now. You’re mostly players so fight hard and let’s protect this motherfucking world.

    D’vangelline normally had a distaste for such crude language, but being thrust into a life-threatening battle like that made her preference for proper completely trivial. And so, the blonde girl stood up on her feet once more and dropped her shield. There was no longer any need for defense, they were either going to kill the monstrosity, or they die.

    Bending down, she tore parts of her dress and tied the fabric to the tip of her spear, turning it into a makeshift warbanner. Then, she pointed her spear toward Titanius and let out a boisterous roar as she charged into battle; death was not going to stop her from charging into the mouth of death. Meanwhile, Astor turned to the rest of the group

    We’re going to do one final, maybe suicidal, combined attack now. Deal as much damage as you can muster together with the group even if it kills you. Go, go, go, don’t let the idiot queen die by herself.

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    The transformed Gargantuan Gaze fought tooth and nail to keep the zealous raid group down, killing a great many of them. However, it was completely overwhelmed by the group’s number that it did not have enough time to consume the enemies it had killed. Because of all of the attacks connecting at the same time thanks to some unknown miracle, the Gaze was unable to make use of any of its Ultra Enraged ability before crumbling under its hubris.

    Every single person who charged into battle put their life on the line for one final attack, helping the group decimate the monster that feasted on them from the dark. Blow upon blow, the group’s combined effort and sacrifice took down the unshakable horror that hid from the light, their unified attack so mighty that they shattered the illusion that has been veiling their eyes up until that point. Those who had survived would immediately realize that they have been inside Titanius digestive chamber all this time and that the dark room was Titanius exploiting the dissonance inside them.

    With the violet glow overhead, they finally saw the Gaze thrashing and writing in front of them as green pus oozed from the punctures that covered its battered body. Anyone with Investigation Mode active would have been able to confirm that the Gaze was dead. However, if they glanced up at the main body, they would have seen a different health bar that showed a completely different result than they were expecting.

    They were fooled, Titanius had tricked them into believing they had come close to defeating it. However, the dark chamber that they were trapped in was a way for it to digest its food undisturbed while the Gaze whittled them down, one by one. However, Titanius had underestimated the group’s tenacity as they were able to rebound from their hopeless situation and muster an attack that was so strong they were able to destroy both the Gaze and the real body.

    • Titanius actual health as of the final cycle was 12342/16666
    • The players collectively dealt a total of 6261 damage, which was doubled thanks to the group’s combined attacks.
    • The result was 6261*2= 12522, which was enough to kill both the Gaze and Titanius’ real body with 180 damage left over.

    After its defeat, all of the half-opened eyes around the stomach interior opened fully as blood oozed from them and flooded the chamber. After the blood ran dry, the hundreds of eyeballs that had been staring at the group began to roll upward as the sinister red glow faded, Titanius’s body was dying. In that time, specks of light came out of the walls in droves and began floating up. Those whose mastery centered around spiritualism would have been able to identify them as the souls that had been trapped in Titanius since it had arrived in this world. There were tens of thousands of souls that had been freed that day.

    Without a single soul to sustain it, Titanius’ flesh dried up, producing a massive fractures and tremors that heralded its end. From the top down, Titanius’ lifeless husk began breaking apart. Because they were stuck inside the crumbling corpse, those who had survived the battle had nowhere to run to as their escape routes have long since collapsed. Fortunately, a single portal opened at the highest point on the battlefield. It was then that Ivan received a message from Juliette.

    Ivan-boy, we have completely exhausted our resources opening up all of those portals to the rifts earlier, this is the last portal we can make. It can only take a certain number of people so as much as it pains me to say, some people are going to have to stay behind.

    They did everything they could to defeat Titanius, are you telling me to abandon them? You have got to be fucking kidding me…

    You can close the spoiler while the video is playing for best result.

    Ivan sank his teeth into his lower lip, drawing blood that trailed down from the corner of his mouth. Once again, he had to be the bringer of bad news, a truly shitty job if he could say so himself. Even if the players were immortal, death is painful and leaves behind a deep scar in the person’s soul. He who had died once knew this far too well. Ivan paused briefly, thinking about the girl who risked her life to revive him in the last calamity. He wondered if he would ever be able to repay her kindness forward. Shaking the thoughts from his mind, Ivan called out to the panicking survivors.

    The portal is here, but it can only take so many people before it collapses. Some of you are going to have to stay behind. Look, I am deeply sorry for the Brotherhood’s inadequacy, but could I ask for those who won’t die permanently to yield their spot to those who will?

    Please give them another chance to live another day and the chance to go back and see their family again. I beg you. Ivan bowed deeply to those whom he had had to ask for a difficult favor.

    If you are willing to sacrifice yourself for the sake of the plot and optional character development, you can write out a death post. There will be a special continuation story for you at some point. If you do not intend to yield your portal spot for the NPCs or can find a way to survive somehow (indirectly freeing up space for NPCs), wait to post in a different continuation post.

    As the players tried to figure out what to do among themselves, a few people ushered D’vangelline into the portal despite her protest. Once the group decided on a set number of people who would leave through the portals, they sent them off. The last to depart from Titanius body was Ivan, who saluted the brave group of players who had volunteered to die, giving them one last gesture of appreciation as he turned and entered the portal. He could not watch they plummeted several thousand feet to their death to save a few NPCs.

    After the portal travelers arrived on the other side, Brotherhood agents who were there immediately came and took care of them. When Ivan emerged from the portal, he immediately took off by himself. Just as Juliette was about to chase after him, Zeus grabbed onto her shoulder and shook his head gently. A bitter expression strained her face as she clasped onto Zeus’ hand without saying a word. The victory they earned that day was well-deserved albeit bittersweet. Even in his death, Titanius was able to take the lives of many brave men and women with it and carved a deep scar in the survivor’s heart.

    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !

    Titanius has been vanquished

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