(Story Tracker) Reclamation of Pride

(Story Tracker) Reclamation of Pride
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    This story tracker will allow you to quickly catch up on the story or DM posts without player posts in the way. Please read through this thread if you came in late or miss a cycle or two.

    Is it too late to join? Nope, it is never too late to join the event. Your character is assumed to have been with the group from the beginning.

    How do I join? First, catch up on all of the DM post cycles so you know what is going on in the event. Next, click on "status tracker" and make a tracker. Next, click on the "Play Post" link on the latest cycle and RP! If you have any question, please reach out to a mod or myself.

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  2. Background

    During its slow recovery post-war, Astorea has been vulnerable to the nefarious deeds of group of bandits called the Black Wolf in northern Astorea, whom the Rescue Entourage had encountered months prior.

    Given the lack of a check and balance system to keep them in line, these criminals have been able to expand their territory quickly. Although King Astor felt that it was imperative to root them out and destroy their base of operation, he could not commit his resources on them as the funding was already going to the rebuilding and exploration efforts.

    Just as the troubled King thought about going with a small group, Zeus burst into the throne room in his usual bravado and offered the Lion's Pride service to the King. In exchanging for uprooting the Black Wolf bandits and destroying them, Astor would have to promote the Pride and grant them additional land should they succeed. Astor agreed to the condition, and so the Lion’s Pride first royal quest begins.

    The moment Zeus got home, the gargantuan man had one of the Pride’s managers, Vincent to write him a letter addressing whom the Black Wolf bandits call their King, in which he referred to the man by name.


    Erasmus Jorgensen

    You have overstayed your welcome in Astorea. The Pride and I are going to make a march up to your fortress within the next two weeks and I am going to kick your ass when we get there. Prepare yourself, criminal scum and get ready to be Zeusd.


    Zeus… do you seriously intend on sending this letter? To the Bandit King no less… You DO realize what that means, right? I can’t imagine he will sit around and wait until we show up.

    He rubbed his eyes behind his spectacles.

    VINCENT, NON! You must have FAITH. This is the Pride’s opportunity to SHINE and bask in the public’s attention. He must express our ZEAL and VIGOR with a roar that can’t be SILENCED, the Black Wolf will tremble in fear in front of the Lion’s MIGHT!

    Zeus clutched his fist tightly as he cast a hardened gaze at Vincent, who was so astounded by Zeus’ reaction that he forgot to speak. Regardless of his opinion, the man did not comment further on the matter and simply stuffed the letter into a leather sleeve before he left the room in disbelief as Zeus went to bed right away in preparation of the grand news he would share with his merry little group the day after.

    At the crack of dawn, Zeus had one of his subordinate send out a mass message to all members of the Lion’s Pride, telling them to assemble in the Pride’s main hall as soon as they are able. Once a number of the lions showed up, Zeus recounted the situation in a boisterous voice.

    This is your first test, cubs, it is an opportunity to SHOW the world what you are made of. Do you have the METTLE to become a HERO? If so, pick up your arms for we head to the north tomorrow.

    Invite all of your friends and acquaintances for this journey, show them what it means to be a hero. We will destroy these criminals and bring GLORY to the PRIDE. If we fail to destroy their headquarter, we will FOREVER be the laughing stock in Astorea!

    Got it? Good, now leave, GO and assemble here first thing the day after tomorrow!
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    Cycle 0: To the North

    It was still dusk when you arrived at the inn on the outskirt of Vintergard; despite its current state: run-down and ragged, the inn served as the Pride's headquarters. Per Zeus' promised, he had somehow managed to set up transportation for the merry band of adventurers who would follow him on his quest to kick the Bandit King's ass. They were all in front of the inn, crowding up the narrowed street. Thankfully, not many people were up, much less traveling this early in the morning, so space was not an issue. If anything the ankle-height layer of snow continually building up was a more pressing concern.

    Before you pressed on, you spotted the unmistakably giant man with snow on his head and beard directing the early birds on how and what to load up the wagons with. Despite the distance, you can feel his excitement from his tone of voice. Just as you approached the inn, the ongoing blizzard picked up. The wind demonstrated its dominance with loud howls and strong blast, starling the horses.

    Oh NON, bad winds! Put something WARM on the poor horses before they freeze to death. Hurry!

    With the blizzard picking up and the winds becoming stronger by the minutes, the group of adventurers became more frantic and did their best to get everything ready so they can set out.

    Realizing that the snow was just going to keep going and hindering their travel, Zeus sucked in a blast of air and raised his volume to speak over the howling winds.

    Let's go, let's go, we need to finish up and get going soon! Arugh! It's getting so COLD, dress WARMLY and work in shift. If you get a black foot, it's not my FAULT!!!

    Since the party has not head out yet, this would be a good chance for you to socialize with the others, help out with the preparation, take care of the horse, shovel the snow, or just slack off while letting everyone else work.

    Wagons: There are currently FOUR (4) wagons in the streets; start thinking about which wagon you'll be riding on for the journey as you will mostly be interacting with other people on said wagon. You may ride on your mount if you have one when the party set out.
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    Cycle 0 Phase 2

    With all of the adventurers helping to make the preparations for the trip, it wasn't long before all supplies were loaded onto the wagons. Zeus seemed rather impatient as she checked up on the wagon horses. Despite the coat that had been put on them, Zeus wanted them to move and get blood flowing through their body since the weather was worsening.

    We're GOING, let's go! Let's go! Get your ASSES onto the wagons or get left behind. You have exactly 5 minutes!

    The moment the countdown started, the crowd of adventurers sprung into action and began to get themselves onto a wagon while Zeus prepped his horse, getting it ready for a long travel to northern Astorea. Once the last of the preparations have been made, the wagons began moving. There were unfortunately a few adventurers who were too slow and as such was left behind. A couple chased after the wagon, but was consumed by the blizzard... Perhaps next time.

    The journey to the north was long, nearly three days of a bumpy and cold ride. There was so much snow that you couldn't make out the scenery at all. Had it not been for the Hodrik specially-tailored coats, which allowed the wearer to magically stay warmed regardless of the weather, the horses would have frozen to death. Gods know how much of a loan Zeus took out to rent that. While the journey progressed, it became rather difficult to tell the time of day since the whiteout had erased the sense of passing time.

    As for you and the rest of your party, it was rather difficult to stay warm. Most of the time, there was nothing else to do except to socialize with the other people on your wagons. As the temperature dropped, however, the improperly equipped adventurers are forced to rely on the rest of their wagon to stay warm, less they want to take damage from the cold.

    A number of players attempted to get around this by logging out, however, they would find themselves on the ground should they log in again due to how the game works. While on a moving transport, players must leave their physical body behind on the wagon, though not all players knew this.

    Aside from that, the band of lions and their guests were completely unhindered by bandits or wildlife. Occasionally when the wagons have to make brief stops to replenish the horses, you can see camps within the veil of snow where bandit-looking people were frozen solid. It would not be wrong to assume that the bandits were not prepared for the sudden snow storm.

    The snow finally let up a bit on the last day, clearing up the veil of winter that has stopped you from marveling the breathtakingly beautiful scenery of the winter wonderland that was northern Astorea.

    Please keep watch on the event hub for the posting schedule of cycle 1. Since this phase covers roughly 3 days, the word limit has extended to 600 words. You may write up to 2 posts if you have not posted in this cycle, but they need to have 1 other author in between them.

    Wagons: Each wagon is different, there is a limit of 8-10 people per wagons (it's a range in case more people join the event).
    • Wagon #1 super squeaky, the noise may disturb its occupants
    • Wagon #2 has holes all over the cover, making it colder and louder than the other wagons because of the winds
    • Wagon #3 the wheel has issues, it is incredibly bumpy and uncomfortable
    • Wagon #4 does not have a cover, there needs to be a way to keep the snow and the cold out of it...
    • Wagon Placement (google spreadsheet)
    • All the wagons have issues with the temperature, any other problems are extra.
    Weather Effect: Given the low temperature, each wagon must figure out a way to solve its issue with the cold, otherwise, everyone in that particular wagon will keep their Freezing condition in cycle 1, lowering their total HP by 15.

    The DM will determine whether or not each wagon adequately dealt with their temperature problem.

    Make sure to link your tracker. Here's a guide on how to do that.
    [health]000[/health] [energy]000[/energy] [loc=Wagon]#0[/loc]
    [b2]Condition:[/b2] Freezing
    Post here
    [b1]Summary:[/b1] If you are coordinating with the team, please summarize here.

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    Cycle 1

    Wagon #1 combated the cold with food, drinks, and a variety of potions with questionable effects. The solution to play music to override the squeaking worked for the most part, though it seemed most of the wagon occupant decided to co-exist with the obnoxious noise.

    Wagon #2 went with a magical approach to solve their temperature problem, with Destiny patching up the holes and buying time for the rest of the group to build an igloo around the wagon, however ridiculous that may be. Fortunately, their combined efforts and ingenuity paid off as the group survived the cold.

    Wagon #3 was the quietest of the bunch, its occupants were able to keep the cold out more easily than the other wagons thanks to the fact that the cover was mostly intact. Though, @Kaede Hoshi inability to rest inside the tent resulted in her unable to shake off the cold and as such kept her Freezing condition (-15 HP). At least the wheel was fixed somewhat early, which made for a smoother ride.

    Wagon #4 had the most issues, but thanks to the mix of talents within the wagon, Nature Magic provided a decent frame for the transport while the occupants' sewing skill allowed them to put up a cover to keep the wind out. The approach wasn’t particularly creative, but very functional. Wagon #4 too employed the use of questionable potions to buffer their defense against the cold.

    Cold. In a landscape where white filled the entirety of what your eyes can see, the chilling cold bit in your exposed flesh, even though it is protected by layers of clothes and armor. Even if your teeth clattered and your legs shook- perhaps from both the cold and anticipation - the wagon journey has finally reached its end. The almighty blizzard that proved so powerful was nothing compared to their resolve to work together and strive forward!

    Around you, dead trees dotted the landscape of what used to be a lively marsh environment, now frozen under the influence of the winter and near three days of blizzard. Once the wagons reached the destination, they stopped and the first to set foot on the icy and snow-coated ground was Zeus. With large steps, he approached and checked upon each wagon packed with adventurers. Seeing his cubs get along and work together with each other and their guests to survive the trip filled his muscles with pride.

    MHM! This is what PRIDE entails. Against all odds it PREVAILS! Come, we have a bandit king’s ass to KICK.

    After a brief period to rest and organizing before setting out, a small squad of players and NPCs alike were left behind to take care of the horses and the wagons. A larger squad set out to the massive fortress that stood taller than any of the dead trees, their destination now ever so close and yet - there were no notable interventions. According to the information they received from the quest, they were inside enemy territory, and yet somehow, the few bandits that intercepted them along the way were just too few to make any difference.

    The weakened defenses made the fortress and the bandits seem less intimidating as the distance between them decreased. Once they reached the fortress and the bandits guarding the entrance were dealt with, the quest squad is met with doors fitting of the massive fortress. Tension spread amongst some of the adventurers as they were about to invade the enemy headquarters, where the weakened defenses were a telltale sign that something was off. As soon as everybody prepared themselves, Zeus’s voiced boomed from the rearguard.

    Fear NOT, we are here to KICK, not be kicked, CUBS! Past those DOORS are the ones that require some BEATING, not ourselves! BREATHE, AND REPEAT WITH ME. THREE, TWO, ONE! GO! LET’S GO, GOOO!

    Despite the cold and the three days enduring the deadly blizzard to reach northern Astorea, blood pumped in the veins of each adventurer like wildfire. On his command, the forces pushed forward and swung open the heavy doors that protected the fortress. Yet, in contrast to the adventurers’ courage and disposition to confront their enemies when entering the enemy headquarters, they were met with no resistance. A slow nod from Zeus would confirm for them to push forward and explore the large hall that unwillingly welcomed then.

  6. Location: Inside the Fortress
  7. While they continued exploring the entrance hall, the wind outside started howling again, though not to the same extent of a blizzard. Torches illuminated the way, but lack of proper maintenance would make them constantly flicker about. Silence reigned supreme and their steps were the only melody their ears could perceive - the large hall, the silence and everything else turned the exploration into a rather ominous experience.

    Eventually, the large party of lions reached the end of the entrance hall. Before them, a larger, hexagonal feast hall awaited. Long tables occupied majority of the space, empty - old and dusty equipment was mounted on the walls, while the one opposite to the party was a imposing trophy wall. It held paintings, glistening weapons and armor and lost relics, all neatly organized and spread across the glorious wall. The center had a stuffed mamoth head.

    Other than that, the pillars that supported the structure were even larger and the doors were heavy and definitely barred shut from inside. Just as the group prepares to explore the hall and continue, however, a distant yet loud crash could be heard from somewhere inside. Momentary silence followed as rumbling and pounding continued, shaking the fortress like a child's toy. It continued, continued, louder and stronger as if something was approaching, and then...

    The glorious wall bursted in a thunderous crash and chilling roar could be heard as the valuables were flung all across the hall, some crushed under the weight of a feral primate with dark and thick fur that jumped through the trophy wall from inside. If it's tusks and four small eyes weren't freaky enough, the crystals all across its back and arms would definitely remind some adventurers of the curse from the Crystallized Zalra. It roared once more as if to assert dominance, but this time around a tiny bandit jumped out from whence the beast came and his nimble movement allowed him to climb the creature. The beastmaster pulled the chains around the primate's neck and roared in a similar way to the monster, as if communicating with it.

    From the many doors bandit troops poured in, armed and ready to attack any intruder with spears, swords and bows, as well as the occasional mage ready to cast spells. Behind the band of lions, the walls shifted as more troops joined the incoming battle from hidden passages in the walls. Seeing how the party was surrounded by enemies, Zeus roared.

    These are the COWARDS that need some BEATING, cubs! Remember, fear NOT! We are here to KICK, so let's show them our POWER! I have your BACK, you have MINE. Let'em REST in MUSCLE--!!!

    Before he could finish his sentence, however, a trap door opened up beneath Zeus, making him and a few other members of his party fall down, eventually resulting in a massive "thud!". Before anyone had time to think that he might have fallen to his death, he called out to the rest of the pride.

    I'm okay, HEROES never DIE! Carry on, go DEEPER into the fortress and find the Bandit King, me and these cubs will MEET you there!

    Boys and girls, light a TORCH and let us FIND a way out, it is damn DARK down here...


    Crystallized Primadox
    ❰ 2000 / 2000 HP ❱

    Black wolf bandits
    ❰ 300 / 300 HP ❱

    The word limit is now a minimum of 100 words and a maximum of 400 words. You may write up to 2 posts in this cycle, but they need to have 1 post from another author in between them.
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    Black wolf bandits
    ❰ DEAD ❱


    As battle ensued and one by one the bandit forces were cut down by the powerful adventurers, more and more attacks managed to pierce through their defenses. The bodies of the defeated hit the cold stone floor, lifeless. When the lions were about to have a chance of attacking the primadox, the beast roared once more. The roar was strong enough to make most of rubble around fly outwards, making an even bigger mess of the hall.

    And then, from its legs, crystals were raised up and consumed the bodies of each fallen black wolf bandit. Ignoring the laws of nature the vile curse raised the dead bodies, each moaning in a meaningless attempt to scream their pain. The crystallized zombie bandits continued attacking the adventurers, though thankfully their intellect to taunt and reflect damage was now gone.

    Crystallized zombie bandits
    ❰ 300 / 300 HP ❱

    This post is not a new cycle.
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    Although the last batch of crystallized zombies were defeated and their body shattered into fragments ... the pieces slowly pulled back together, reconstructing themselves into terribly-figured zombies more grotesque and abominable than the last incarnation. Pained groan filled the broken hall as they slowly charged at the adventurers again, begging to be laid to rest once more as they served out their undeath imprisonment.

    Crystallized zombie bandits
    ❰ 250 / 250 HP ❱

    This post is not a new cycle.
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    Enraged Crystallized Primadox
    ❰ 296 / 2000 HP ❱

    Cycle 1 Phase 2

    Weapons, arrows and magic struck like judgement upon the black fur dotted with the cursed crystals of Zalra. It’s companions shredded to remnants far too abominable to be considered human again as they stitched themselves together once more. And then a sudden and lost bolt of magic manage to hit the small faerin beastmaster on the back of the monster. His lifeless body slumped off of the great beast, falling with a thud drowned in the chaos surrounding them.

    For a brief moment, the monster turned around to shield the small cold body of its master. It huffed and growled, yet it received no response. It’s steady breathing became irregular, stronger. If it’s master would give no more orders, all it had to do was to follow the last one… And so it did. The primadox dug it’s fingers on the cold stone floor, spinning with all of its might, successfully hitting any adventurer and zombified bandit within melee range. For the unlucky, it’s tusks dug deep in their flesh and for the luckier targets it’s powerful arms launched them away like bugs.

    One last roar. As if understanding the orders of its natural necromantic master, the zombies sped up by an unprecedented amount jumping like predators hungering for their flesh. Forget the pain. Forget the agony. Forget the limits.

    It would break anything and everything. As it roared, the crystals that dotted the Primadox’s body enlarged in size, further corrupting its body. Launching crystals all around the room against those responsible from taking down its master from afar. After that, it’s four grotesque eyes scanned the rubble on the ground, finding the mammoth head that was mounted on the trophy wall. It’s massive hand grabbed the stuffed head by the stiff trunk, using it as a flail to to hit enemies that had attacked it at range, which were likely the ones who had killed its master. Many of these targets were blown away like ragdolls from the sheer strength backing up every single swing.

    Once the zombies were done getting a good meal out of so many of the supports on the rearguard, they returned like the little puppets they were, to the monster - no, to their master. One by one, they were mercilessly devoured, the crystals on the primadox’s body now shimmering with a bright light. The battle continued. It was not yet over. It would fight to the t, to the very last moment.

    If you have posted in this cycle, take the damag below. Anyone who has reckless once takes x2 damage, anyone who has reckless twice take x3 damage. If you take multiple attacks, only count the highest one.
    • Melee Attacker: -15 HP from the hand swipe, including the crystallized zombies.
    • Range Attacker: -30 HP from the mammoth head flail attack.
    • Support: If you supported, -20 HP from the zombies attack.
    • Zombies have been consumed, healing the Primadox for 235 HP after its swipe.

    This post does not reset the post limit as it is not a new cycle.
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    Cycle 2 Phase 1

    It was over. The moment its body could not keep up with its own enraged, primitive mind, the primadox knew it would not last much longer. It fought so many times before and had plenty of experience and instinct to be aware of its own fate. When the swordsman drove his blade in the beast, its legs finally gave in, though it still attempted to try and claw at him with its huge hands to no avail. Its four aberrant orbs locked on the crimson eyes of @Kijin Shihaku , as well as the approaching @Freja Sitka .

    They were always like that. Screaming and hurting whenever they could and however they pleased, and never tried to communicate. Master was different. However, master was no more. It wanted to fight back, but its body did not respond. Accepting its fate, the primadox’s four eyes slowly closed as the blade finished the monster right after its last breath. Silence reigned supreme once more, just like a few minutes prior to the bloody conflict.

  12. Aftermath: The Two Pathways
  13. With no sign of enemy activity, the battle was finally over. The reactions all around you were mixed, some of the veteran and newbie lions alike celebrated yet another victory, some of the guests would rather now tend to their own wounds, seeking help from the healers still alive after all the mess that happened in the hall. A few even quietly snatched some of the valuables that weren’t utterly destroyed by the primadox, even. Now was a good time to rest a bit before continuing pushing forward like the leader of the pride ordered.

    Whatever you did, you could now hear a squeaky voice calling out for the adventurers and yourself. It came from a felis that perfectly matched her voice; she was as tiny as a faerin and jumped up to a piece of the broken tables so everyone could see her. She wore white robes with orange details and had a staff on her hands. Before she talked, an adventurer whispered something on her feline ears and retreated to give her room to speak.

    Eeeeey, here, ya bunch of brutes! Ova here! I’m sure nyall are aware that big oaf Zeus was flushed down the drain by the bandits, but that guy’s sure to be fine! Because of that, I, second in command am responsible for nya now. Name’s Caccu Rochinell!

    A fellow adventurer’s voice could be heard from somewhere in the hall.​

    But you were the one that killed the beastmaster and enraged the Primadox!


    Frustrated, the small felis swung her staff at the general direction from whence the voice came - adventurers avoided the gaze of her staff like the plague. It enraged the monster, what else could happen if she casted magic again?!

    Ahem. As I was sayin’, I’m the one responsible for nya lot now. Our little veteran lion buddies here found two ways to continue. As nyall can see, ‘dis big fat thing here-

    The tiny felis jumped down from the broken table and kicked the primadox’s corpse, only to hop once or twice to deal with the pain from doing so.

    Guh… B-broke the big wall , some of the pillars, and blocked tha way to the halls that git further inside the fortress. We ain’t wastin’ our energy here working like miners ta get all that rubble from the way, so here’s the thing.

    Caccu made her way to the what used to be a glorious wall a few minutes ago, hopping her way over the debris and the mess. She looked inside, grimacing and coughing before she turned to the large band of adventurers again.

    This stinks! B-but we can still go through this big hole... Cave thing in the wall tha beasty thing came from.

    This time around, she hit the stone floor with the end of her staff, which launched her high in the air with magic. She proceeded to slowly soft fall over the adventurers, landing near one of the many heavy doors in the hall.

    Or we can go through a hidden passageway sealed by magic in one of the secret passages the bandits came in. The big guy came from inside the trophy wall, so I’m sure tha bandits did somethin' down der'. We can expect we ain’t dealin’ with any bandits through the passageway, since the door looks sealed for a looong while, but I has no idea what could be in there. My genyus self can easily deal with the seal, though!

    She stopped for a brief moment to look at the band of adventurers and see their reactions.

    We don't kno de wey to get to the bandit boss, but they both seem ta go under the rubble, so we have to choose one! No splittin'! So I ask ya bunch ol’ brute cubs, where do ya think yer guts tell ya to go!?

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    Cycle 3

    Hmm, I see nya few are people of culture…

    With a large smile on her face, the felis listened in silence to the ones that wanted to participate in discussing and vote with her which path they should choose. Woe to the ones who thought her eyes were not attentive - Caccu was a felis of guts, but she definitely had more brains than Zeus. While many were on their quest to get whatever they could make use of, Caccu discreetly ordered some of the veterans to give medallions to the few that did not fall to the temptation of looting. Once they were done distributing the gold accessory, the felis winked and positioned her index finger in a hushed motion, indicating they should probably not talk about the gift they just received.

    Alright nya lot, so the big majority votes for tha secret passageway. I think so too, god knows what awful things could be down der’, amirite?! I mean, with all these blood wyrms under Astorea, I bet some bad thing could be in there, nyes. Alright, so we’re ---

    Before Caccu could proceed communicating with the group, however, a large (when compared to her) wolf advanced at her out of nowhere. As if by instinct, the felis mage straightened up and both her hair and tail puffed up much like a cat.

    Stay away from me, nyou-- Nyou stinkin’ mutt, get -fhuhfaf off of me, nyow! Keep a leash on that thing!

    Even so, none of her efforts seemed to work. Due to their differences in size, the large wolf easily put her down and started licking the poor small felis.

    Thankfully, @Kaede Hoshi stopped her dog from continuing any further with its actions. But if that wasn’t enough, someone came flying like a human bullet and cuddled with the small felis. Once more, she was tackled like some sort of living object, but this time, be a fellow catgirl. What did these people think, did they think she was a body pillow or something!?

    In the same way @Celestine blasted aeromancy to get closer and cuddle her, she was blown back by wind magi. Caccu gritted her teeth and her tail wagged at high speed as she stood up, making her frustration quite clear - that’s not to mention the full-blown blush on her face. At least the fellow catgirl got a chance to experience the flawless orange fluff on her skin...

    Would nyall KNOCK it off! Can ya take this seriously, please!? Gosh! Let’s go, we don’t have much time to be idling around!

  15. Path: The Passageway

  16. Like the name implies, the structure is a narrow, old, forgotten, and very dirty passageway that the large band of adventurers struggled to continue walking. Like in a black friday line, all of them were tightly packed and walked towards their destination - thankfully, it seems that they would arrive at their destination soon enough. Once they arrived, before them was a - ironically - large door that had many runes. Unfortunately, most of whatever details it had seemed to been destroyed by time - you can definitely tell that it used to be very intricate. Despite the damage, it still held against any physical damage the bandits may have used trying to open it before. Caccu started chanting some weird magic in order to open it.

    Once she finished chanting, the entire passageway shook under an unknown force. Suddenly, the entirety of the long corridor feels like an elevator - you can tell it is moving downwards since the old door seemed to move up, distancing itself from all of you. Eventually the movement stopped, with the long corridor arriving at yet another door - exactly like the previous one. This one, however was as good as new, unlike the previous door.

    That was a dummy door. Heh! Anyways, ready yer buttos, cubs! We has no idea what we’ll find past the door, so make sure ta be prepared, alright!?

    The small felis pushed the large doors - except she couldn’t, because she wasn’t strong enough to do it alone. With the help of a couple more adventurers, the doors before them are opened, and everyone can finally catch a breath of fresh air, free of spiders and blood.

    Glancing about, anyone could tell that this place was something else compared to the architecture of the fortress. In the distance, what appears to be giant statue heads poke out of an endless amount of water - pristine and shining water, like the winter was nothing but child’s play. The room is huge, with the ceiling being no short than several feet away from them. Other than that, there are nothing but several stairways and bridges composed of a pristine white stone that seem to dot the entirety of the room; looking below, you see these same constructions submerged in water, down to elysid knows where - if you look closely, the huge statues stretch pretty far down as well. It’s probably not advisable to slip and fall in the water.

    The felis commander snapped her fingers, creating a small orb of fire to light the surrounding area. Despite the ominous blue shining water, the place was a bit dark. Thanks to her light, a lot more of the dark room was revealed and another large door can be seen across the huge room, connected by what looked like the biggest bridge.

    After wasting a good few minutes trying to find the right sequence of stairs and bridges, the adventuers finally reached the main bridge that connected to the second huge door. Once there, they found an altar - it had a life-sized angel statue that held a wide bowl made of the same material everywhere. It was filled with shining water, and atop of it was a glowing white crown. Looking at the other side, there was a similar altar, but it appeared there were no crowns in it. The felis once more translated the ancient language on the altar.

    “Salra ecta oss, hymm. Ihmlee, ihmlee, enhrenia. Hmm… It basically means… Cross to the other side. Carry with you, your sins. Considering the looks of it, we have to... Get the crown across, I guess.”

    Unfortunately, for all adventurers, that was easier said than done - as soon as one removed the crown from the altar, not only it was heavy, but extremely slippery. Like magic, another is generated, substituting the removed one. Caccu was the first to manage to get to the other side with a crown on her arms. When she reached the other end of the bridge, the felis mage placed the crown on the water. The altar lighted up in response, and a large orb on the door, previously dark, lighted up as well. There were several of them.

    Out of nowhere, however, many orbs floated out of the water below - they wandered aimlessly on the bridge, but as soon as they got close enough to anyone carrying a crown, they would rush forward and push them to the ground, breaking the crown on the process. Time is ticking, and it won’t stop. Hurry.

    Kase, kase...

    @Anyone That rolled 21~59 - Black Wolf Insignia - The insignia of a fallen bandit. It has an hexagonal shape, fluffy and dark fur around and on the back, and a wolf’s head embedded in the center made of silver. Stories tell these are used by bandits that had great impact on making what the black wolves are today. It looks a little dated, but it’s weight definitely implies it is worth something.

    @Kaede Hoshi Eldritch Bee Honeycomb - Among all the rubble and destruction, you miraculously found a tiny vase. You picked it up, but something suddenly advances at you once you open it; stings, bee stings. Oddly enough, they vanished rather quickly back to their realm once outside of the vase. However, the venom they injected in you seem to have turned you into a living kryptonite. Your skin is now green and shines ever so slightly now, making you a human sized lantern. Probably.

    @Roland Rutledge Runequackstone - Although nothing around seems to interest you, your magically well-versed eyes catch a glimpse of a stone with arcane inscriptions in it. As you picked it up, just like you though, it probably holds value - the words of power in it tell the tale of a powerful bird of lightning. As you read, a sudden surge of magic flow through your veins, and just as suddenly it stops, and the power is gone. Or so you thought - because the power of the quackstone compels you to jerk your arms upwards to the azure sky the bird once dominated, and utter a loud “QUACK!” at random intervals. Turns out it is cursed, but according to some mages the effects should be gone soon.

    @Alric Stalwart Puppyus Doggonum - Rubble here, rubble there, you suddenly found a bunch of teeths bare. But just not of any kind - they are neatly crafted into what appears to be a tribal necklace. When you handled it, however, it seems they were way sharper than they looked. You feel a sharp pain throughout your body, and healers rush to your aid. They managed to deal with the poison that almost transformed you into a humanoid dog, but now you are safe - the same can’t be said about your tongue. It now looks like a dogs’, sticking out of your mouth and forcing it to remain open. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with puppy eyes included.

    @Cain Darlite Chaotic Opus [Consumable] - A small purple flask somehow survived the whole ordeal. By analyzing it, some of the mages think this could be the mythical mixture of dragonic and fae blood. Effects are unknown. Of course, it’s unlikely that its contents will remain in the vial for too long.

    @Comet Titanic Arrow [Consumable] - In your search for the shinies, you find a piece of something that looks very familiar under the rubble - you remove it, and find a quiver under the weight of all that mess. Your eyes shine for a moment at the prospect of finding something of use… Until you notice the quiver has been damage beyond repair, and most arrows were broken. However, you still had a small bit of luck left, and managed to find one intact arrow. It is made of stone, stone blessed by a giant’s tears. It probably has high sodium contents.

    @Destiny Divebird Voyage of Sierra [Consumable] - Your huntress eyes scan for anything useful in the destroyed landscape, and, luckily, it seems to have found something interesting! Although it is not a weapon, the artifact found was a whistle. As if ignoring the cold of the winter, it is very warm to the touch, and shares that sensation with your entire body so long it’s in contact with your skin. It has some mana, so it is definitely a magic item - but it looks so fragile that it will likely break if used. Effects unknown.

    @Savannah Reed Deadman’s Sight [Consumable] - You check your surroundings and the mess around you, but you find nothing - and guess what, there are a bunch of other looters going about as well. When you get up from moving some of the rubble and tables away to find nothing, your eyes catch the sight of a slight gleam near the edge of what used to be the trophy wall. Upon inspecting it closer, you find… A large vial with a pair of eyes inside. Gross. Maybe try staring back at them? Effects unknown.

    @Ilya Paws of Lionelle [Equippable] - Thanks to your mastery over the martial arts and physical discipline, you managed to push around a lot more rubble than others. There, you found what appears to be a pair of leather vambraces made of the leather of a dire lion. They have a fairly sleek design and seem to fit just right on your forearms. Despite it’s looks, it has been decaying for a while. Passive +5 modifier to all attack rolls.

    Golden Lion Medallion - A medallion given to you for being recognized as someone the pride trusts. It has a lion engraved in the center and a sun on its tiny background. On the corners, it is engraved with text that reads “Rest in Muscles”. It is easily recognizable as a token of someone that fights in the name of justice.
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    Cycle 4

    hunger knows no friend but its feeder

    Through a great deal of effort, each crown is slowly carried over to the second altar, with each one lighting up the door even further. Even so, the orbs did not yield; many crowns faced the white stone floor, shattering and slowly fading away of reality. In response to the energy accumulated on the second altar, crystals in the large statue heads light up; a powerful blue energy can be seen coming from the ceiling, revealing some sort of magic circle. The room looks a lot more clear now

    Curved and intricate lines made up each complex arcane formula etched in the stone ceiling, and as they lighted up the unknown words within, the etched details seem to slowly make sense as you stare at it; there is a magical pentagram, and in its center is etched what appears to be a crown above undulating details, just like water. Once the entire circle was lightened up, the entire chamber shook for a moment, and the large door slowly starts to open up in response to their efforts - just a little bit more. With only a few more crowns, they were definitely getting past --

  18. Unknown Käse
  19. Suddenly, voices from below chanted in unison. At first, the sound was low and only heard by the most attentive; however, as time progressed, the voices were heard by many - if not all lions. Like a chorus, they repeated the same chant non-stop. The voices seemed to come from below the bridge. One of the lions took action first and approached the short baluster to see whatever could be causing all that noise.

    What the hell is… This? Uh….. Ah…! AH, WHAT IS… AAAAAH!!

    Whatever he saw, was something capable to force him to shook with tremendous and unnatural force. From his eyes, tears streamed down like fountains as he clawed at his own scalp for some unknown reason. His hysterical outburst and screams continued to the point the he bumped on the baluster and fell inside the…


    When the man hit the water with a loud splash the liquid flowed upwards, but did not go down. It was as if the shining liquid ignored all laws mortals lived by, refusing to bend under the power of gravity - but that, that was not the worst they experienced. Much like with gravity, sound seemed to distort as well. Bones were crushed and flesh ripped apart in harmony with screams of despair; The shining blue of the waters below danced with the red of life.





    As if sublimated by the unknown forces, anyone that met the unfortunate fate of falling down uttered the chant. The scene repeated itself with many other lions that approached to see what was down below. In response to the chaos and panic that ensued, Caccu took action once she noticed a pattern to what was happening.

    Sarla mea, aslain endiel, sarla mea, sarla mea endilea!

    Large amounts of mana coalesced on her staff, generating an enormous fireball over it. Once she finished chanting, Caccu tightened her hand in a fist, causing it to generate an explosion upwards in order to focus all attention on herself.


    Much to her dismay, the felis mage was interrupted by two simultaneous crashes on the ceiling. At each end of the chamber, giant and deformed arms raised and clashed against the magic circle on the ceiling, desperately clawing at it and shaking the chamber - possibly, the entire fortress. The impact was enough to break several stairs and bridges around the largest, central one. Many of them somehow floated on the otherworldly liquid. The arms finally managed to grab at the blue energy, pulling it down like they were arcane chains.

    In response, the entire chamber slowly starts to descend towards the infinite blue and the door slowed down. At this point, the orbs ignored the adventurers, choosing to focus fire on whatever was trying to crawl out of its watery imprisonment. The arms generated an insidious miasma that clouded the pure blue with a black fog, corroding your very being with an acidic embrace. They are desperate, hungry -- and it just so happens they found their precious, delicious Käse.

    Käse, Käse, Wo Ist die Käse?
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    Cycle 5

    Time ticked, and it did not stop. Amidst the despair and fear of the unknown they pressed on. Even though many were torn to pieces just a few feets away, sweat and effort was put into completing the challenge ahead of them. Despite the chanting, despite the shaking and unknown forces fighting each other for Elysid knows what reason, the adventurers managed through combined effort to push through and complete the amount of crowns required to open the door.

    When the last crown floated on the second altar, the last orb on the door lighted up in response and a powerful energy wave was released. The entirety of the chamber glowed blue, several thin lines of nature just as complex as the giant sigil on the ceiling now revealed - it was magitech. With all unknown devices activated, the orbs that were fighting back the abomination increased in size and quantity, each energy bolt crashed and generated thunders upon impact against the dark arms. The creature growled in agony, continuing to slam its hands on the chamber until it could not resist anymore.

    But that was not the end. The severe and continuous hits from the monster managed to weaken the central bridge by a fair amount. It cracked under pressure, fissures appearing on the pristine white stone structure while the balusters dismantled and the bridge succumbed to the damage received, breaking in half. At that moment anyone that tried saving the red haired heroine could only watch as she lost her sanity much like anyone else that dared look down. Everyone else on the other side of the bridge -adn the debris - rushed to the door before it collapsed but some more souls were unfortunate to not make it inside, falling in the water and being lost in the watery abyss.

    What was more puzzling, however, was how out of everything in the chamber only the twin statues remained intact. Whereas one was near the door where the white stone structure didn’t collapse, its counterpart floated in the air. The chamber went dark and shortly after all of the soul orbs shot out in random directions all across the chamber. One by one they twisted and changed, transforming into and replacing the previous structures that were now destroyed and lost into the abyss. As if in some sort of uncanny effort to not let them go through all of that again, a magic barrier made it impossible to return.

    Well nyow, mother of god. I did nyot sign up for ‘dis shit…

    She gritted her teeth. Was she that weak? The felis mage turned around, looking at their numbers. They were a far less intimidating force now, with only a few dozens remaining alive. Her heart pleaded to say she regretted coming here if so many had to lose their lives to succeed - no life should end that way, even if virtual. The screams, the pain, the dancing red. Her legs shook for a moment, but suddenly, she hit the end of her staff on the white stone below them. Caccu Rochinell was their leader right now. She could not fear the obstacles on their way - she had to surpass them, at all costs.

    Let’s go! We gotta find that bandit scum and punch him in the guts for all the shit he’s made us go through ‘til now!

    As the much smaller group of adventurers advanced, the doors opened up. Before them was a large corridor made of a similar stone in the chamber, but old and dusty. Streaks of pure mana ran along the walls inside magitech none but Caccu seemed to recognize to some degree. After a few minutes of walking, you reach a much larger room, although the dark made it really hard to identify anything of note around. Despite the dark, however, something stood out - there was a large pool of water, shining and pure just like the one you saw before - this time around with no abyss or eldritch abominations. Caccu turned to look back on the troops.

    Alright nya bunch, so here is the dea-- Hm...

    She went silent for a moment while staring at the cubs. It took no genius to noticed they were quite roughed up after having to deal with so much in such a short while. The catgirl approached the water and inspected its contents, before turning to the party again. She had to smile. She had to look fine. That man managed it, despite any kind of odds he was against. Even if the scenes flashed back on her mind and made her stomach churn...

    Alright! So here is the deal nya bunch -- git some rest. Nya really deserve it. See this thing ova’ here? It’ll heal nya, so get in and enjoy it for a while.

    Sarla, yerla, imna ignia. Asara, aghara yyval!

    Caccu chanted and in one hand a small fire orb lighted up, soon revealing to be a summoned familiar. It lighted up the room, revealing the odd stone construction that resembled rusty and old metal. With her other hand, an ice orb gathered. Caccu shot the spell on the center of the pool, creating a vertical layer of ice that acted as a wall just over the water so it wouldn’t cool down yet it would give some privacy for both sides.

    Boys in one side, girls in the other...Ya hear me?! I’ll go check if I can find anything interestin’ around or a way to git out without goin’ back!

    Kase, Kase--SHUT UP

    Deep in Abyss

    -- And it gazed back at her

    Our heroine had a brave and shining soul, one that had not crumbled even when faced with the abyss. If one lacked the resolve to strive forward, all they had to do was try harder and set an example - one that would guide people. If someone could only set an example that they could fight back, that if it was hard, they’d just need to punch it even harder - how could they not understand? Challenges were a way to improve oneself - the way to build upon your ideals and strength had always been to tackle the hard way.

    There wasn’t a drop of fear, and that was commendable --

    But what washed away at her was not fear. What the redhead’s eyes could see, only the heavens could tell - alas, into the abyss she fell. Her skin burned and the unknown crawled in her skin, the water and air soon becoming an inexistent concern; the darkness embraced and crushed the hero. Despite her attempts at resisting the infinite voices calling out for her, uttering that cursed word non-stop, it was all in vain.

    Before the despair, before the otherworld and the unknown, before its HUNGER, her strength, her courage and justice meant nothing.

    Yet, when the darkness was too strong, and she was way lost into the deep. When her body was no more and only the soul was left in all it’s defenselessness, when her being was nearly consumed by the black, a flame lighted within.

    Help me…

    Even in one of the most dire circumstances, someone needed a hero. That was enough to not let go of herself, to push on. She would simply come back...

    Beyond the black, beyond the blue;

    Deep in abyss therein lies what is true;

    The Heart of Gaia awaits for you.


    @Seigi has died and can't be revived in this event.​