(Story Tracker) Reclamation of Pride 2

(Story Tracker) Reclamation of Pride 2
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    Cycle 1

    One final sigh escaped her lips as things finally started calming down, save for the blizzard outside. Caccu’s green eyes scanned her surroundings to check how the band of adventurers were faring, yet she could only lament her own lack of presence when compared to their true leader, after all, if he were there in moments like these — they’d be celebrating their victory for sure. With most bandits now under their control and any ongoing threats by the giant black ants defeated, the catmage wondered how to proceed. If the giant black ants infested the castle’s underground, that meant a queen should be somewhere. Her eyes checked the pride’s party again.

    Could they do it in their current state? Their forces were dwindled by a great amount because of the numerous dangerous situations they had to go through. No, right now, they should find their leader. It had been too long since they were separated and at this point she was worried sick about her leader’s well-being. However, her train of thought was interrupted by @Grand Witch Majolica , who appeared to be… Giggling a bit too much as she talked to the catmage. Despite the awkward exchange of words, her upbeat challenge was more than welcome to help her get rid of the bitter after taste of victory. Caccu grinned, ears perking up in response.

    Nyahaha! Sure thing, buddy! Imma wait for nya, and when it comes down to it, I’ll show nya yer magic ain’t got nothin’ on my frostfire, capisce?! I am the great sage of the elements, Caccu Rochinell!

    Even so, there is a hard life for every silver spoon, there is an inch of gray for every shade of blue. In the same way the fellow mage’s words flowed and empowered the orange haired felis, more flowed from others — this time from @Kijin Shihaku. Whether as Caccu Rochinell or Elisa, she always strived to do better whenever possible, and tried her best to help people do the same. She was a patient person, one that would not crumble under pressure like she had demonstrated before, but… The words that rolled out of his tongue made her blood boil with rage.

    Her troops died frozen by a crystallized beast, swallowed by god knows what and some even perished on the very last fight, even when they were oh so close to victory. Just, how come… How come that man had enough balls to come and claim that justice was to blame!? She wanted to lash out at him! She wanted to punt his sorry a--

    Ugh, no. No. That was not right. Her hands tightened in fists for a moment, only to release the tension within them shortly after. If that man were here, he would never lash out at the man before her. In contrast to the bloody gaze upon her, her lips curled up in a light and genuine smile. Full of life, her green eyes stared back at him, unphased by his presence. She had to keep the big picture in mind because that was what justice was all about, after all.

    Never is a word with a lot of weight, buddy! We buncha’ change oh so easily. Of course the wine served to nya has a sour taste; the road to hell is paved with good intentions. And don’t worry!

    She flexed her arms with nonexistent muscles

    You’ll always be a friend in the Pride!

    So long he did not obstruct the path of justice.

    With that done, the catmage noticed the pain jolting from her right arm. Perhaps everything going on and the adrenaline from fighting had caused her to forget about the wound she suffered not long ago. “Nyouch, nyouch nyouch…” In slow steps, she approached the first healer she found and plopped down on a small pile of broken stone bricks, exhausted from everything. Only after a long sigh did she notice the young lad before her, one of the cubs responsible for saving her from the enemy’s grasp. She could feel the emotions in the tone of his voice. Despite that, her lips curled up in a smile.

    Hmm, a mistake, you say, @Yukisa? I’ve lost a lot of friends here, but I don’t believe it was a mistake. I may have wanted to say I regret it, but that would be disrespectful to everyone that met their end here, that had the courage to fight here for what they believed in even if at the cost of their lives. Things could have ended in many ways, and I could keep counting what if’s forever, but honestly…

    I’m glad. I’m glad you are alive. She glanced back at the adventurers

    I’m glad they’re alive. I’m glad I am alive, because were I not, I wouldn’t have the chance to say thanks, buddy! I’m glad we got through this, because so many peeps won’t have to worry about having their hard work stolen without any reason! Don’t mourn over nyour mistakes, buddy! Rejoice in yer accomplishments! She patted him on his shoulders.

    Thanks a bunch!

    After resting from the battle, the players continued exploring the castle to make sure victory had been claimed. With every nook and cranny under their control, most of the troops have assembled in the rooms around and inside the throne room.

    Is this the SURFACE? I can’t tell UP from DOWN, LEFT from RIGHT, OHO!

    Zeus appeared rather disoriented as @Endilix helped him walk up the stairs, which the assassination group used to access the tunnel leading to the trap corridor where Zeus fell to. When the group arrived back at the shabby throne room that belonged to the late Bandit King, a number of the cubs had assembled already, either resting or fiddling around the room.

    When Jawn noticed Zeus, he immediately ran up to the hulking giant and began examining him. It was difficult not to notice the missing arm.

    Where were you, old man AND, where is your bloody arm?!

    Bah, that is a SMALL price to pay! Me and these boys and girls DEFEATED this massive crystallized ant QUEEN! It was one of the BEST moments of my life, AHA!

    You have got to me joking me…He sighed, not knowing how to react.

    NON NON! It was an INCREDIBLE fight, I wish the rest of you could have PARTAKE in it.

    Walking up near Caccu, Zeus put an arm on her shoulder and spoke in a quieter tone.

    Why the HEAVY face? And, what happened to the cubs, their number seems so LOW.

    Hmm, well, nya see... She checked if anyone were looking, sighing because of the stress.

    It felt like everythin' went down the drain somewhere along the way, nya see, boss? First a big ape appeared and made zombies outta nowhere, then there was a freak monster hidden underground in a buncha freaky water, then the Bandit king guy had non-stop reinforcements... We did it, but it was at the cost of a lot of our bunch.

    Afterwards, her orange ears drooped and the mage fell in silence.

    Mmmmrgh! We MUST not be sad for lost lives, they are HEROES and will be REMEMBERED as such. It is sad I cannot observe their growth in the FUTURE, but they did well and now they REST in the HALL of GLORY with other HEROES!

    After his display of bravado, Zeus paused, his complexion seemingly became paler from the blood loss and whatever else that was going on in his body.

    Uuuf… hold on, I MUST sit down, my HEAD is SPINNING! It is time for a NAP. Zzz…

    Zeus said, pressing toward the throne where he took a seat and leaned his head back, resting from a lifetime worth of battling. The supposed short rest quickly turned into a deep slumber as Zeus’ snoring began filling the hall.

    It was only after he had calmed down that Jawn noticed the rag that clung to Zeus’ bloody stub. He shouted in a panic.

    Oy! This rag is poisoned! Who the hell put this on you, old man?! Cubs, go get some water and help the old man before he dies from poison, does anyone know the first thing about poison here?

    Also, can anyone send the King a message? Our job here is done, we need to figure out what to do next since he practically hired us.

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    Cycle 2

    Seeing all the cubs up in arms over their beloved leader, perhaps doing more damage out of good intention than anything, Jawn knew he had to take charge and organize the effort lest he wanted to let Zeus die from everyone’s overwhelmingly good intention. One of the female mages in the back immediately stepped up and used her magic to try and cleanse the poison, however, failing to do such. Following her were a bunch of people clamoring in a frenzy, crowding up around Zeus to stop him from dying.

    After taking a deep breath to relieve the frustration that has been building up inside him, Jawn barked out orders, hoping the cubs will listen to him as much as they listen to Caccu. They likely needed something more temporary until they understand what they were dealing with, as far as poison goes.

    Alright, alright, hold on a damn minute. We need to do this properly or the old man is just going to croak. I know a thing or two about the human body in real life so listen carefully.

    So first, @Vina Skysong can buff us, hold the heals. Phew, alright, now we can continue. @Ilya , do your creepy water magic shenanigans and collect some of the poison from his bloodstream and gather it in his stomach. You likely can’t extract the tainted water from his body so we’ll have to neutralize it some other ways.

    Okay, good, the poison is concentrating in his abdomen now, @Bradwynne heal his arteries, Ilya’s magic has damaged quite a bit in there.

    Just as Jawn gave out instructions, Zeus’ good eye suddenly snapped wide open as he began to emit a threatening aura that would sent chills up the spine of anyone who was in the immediate vicinity.

    Shit, I think he’s waking up, @Haru, distract his spirit. Does anyone have some kind of tranquilizer? Oh, Duke @Roland Rutledge, give me that potion.

    Jawn grabbed the potion, reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a syringe which he jabbed into Zeus’ muscular neck, praying it will put him back to sleep. After confirming that Zeus had become unconscious again, he wiped his brows in relief.

    Okay, now that that has been taken care of, @Emerath Katou, your antidote. It should hopefully neutralize the poison after I inject it into his stomach.

    Phew… done.

    I think he’s stabilized for now and knocked out cold. Whatever poison was in his system could not have been cleansed even by a Mastered-level White Mage, we are in a bit of a dangerous situation right now. It would be best if people started to escort him back to the Pride’s HQ to heal while the rest should remain here and deal with the aftermath.

    After the ordeal, @Roland Rutledge received a message from Astor, which he immediately shared with Jawn. Although the man had appeared incredibly annoyed and tired up until now, the unexpected news changed his expression and aura into that of joy. Another player also came to him with a forwarded message from Astor’s staff with another tidbit of news.

    Alright! The King has given the Pride the right over this fortress! We’re one step closer to restoring the glory to our den, cubs! Rejoice!

    In any case, as Zeus had promised, we will now be taking all of the wares that the bandits have stolen and stored and return them to Vintergard where they will likely be returned to the citizenry. Anyone who still have an ounce of energy should roll up their sleeves and get to work loading up the cart. The King apparently had sent additional carriages to take all the supplies.

    Maybe after all of this is over, we can finally grab our stuff from that dirty tavern and transport them here. It’s going to take a lot of work to renovate this rundown place, but it has a lot of room and potential to be our new hall of glory!

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    Cycle 3

    With Zeus successfully healed, the adventurers scattered about and each proceeded to do a multitude of tasks; some loaded the supplies and stolen items for the trip back to Vintergard, others took their time exploring what secrets were behind the fortress’ walls. Although preparations were being made, it seemed the blizzard was yet to clear and allow them to return to the player nation. If you had enough guts to wander outside despite the cold, you could see that the afternoon was almost gone as the sky started to darken ever so slowly. In the mead hall, where you first fought the primadox, several pride members fixed up what they could to make a few tables — after all that effort, everyone ought to have some tables available for dinner.

    Despite the losses, the band of adventurers slowly caught themselves up, at least for most of the pride members. Whether it was tenacity or just straight out optimism, no bitter challenges seemed to manage to completely break their resolve. The victory was claimed by the pride through their commendable efforts and ability to push forward, but… There was a fatal mistake in their method of victory. After all, as much as everyone needed a bit of rest, not every enemy was slain. For a brief moment the entire fortress shook and rumbles could be heard from deep within. Evening approached and the darkness grew closer, just like how all sources of light suddenly went out.

    There were no torches illuminating the castle. No magic could be casted. No light managed to exist. As if time itself froze in fear, no one could move a single finger. The world went black and white, a monochromatic storm of terror of which none could escape. No voices, no light, no movement, yet the minds of the victors were very much conscious.

    The warmth that welcomed the large party after their victory was now gone, replaced by an almost primal need to get away from this place. From the walls that sheltered and protected you a black ooze dripped through while a familiar voice resounded throughout the entirety of the castle. If you were unfortunately frozen in a position where your eyes could meet the atrocity that revealed itself, it’s form was nonexistent, yet it inhabited in this plane all the same. An overly simple black mass swirled about, as if crafted by the reckless use of black pencils and paint. In the black mass, several grinning blue mouths chanted the chant that managed to claim so many lives not so long ago.

    Everywhere in and outside the castle, the creature loomed about, a black goo dripping from the many mouths within what could only be surmised as its ‘body’. From time to time, the black mass would approach one unlucky adventurer and stare at them, several tongues just as colored hanged out of their mouths in anticipation. In what appeared to be the center of the creature, a larger mouth grinned, at them, while two upside-down ones seemed to act as its ‘eyes’. Every single one of them were just one bite away, immortals, yet so fragile all the same. @Emerath Katou @Endilix Takagi @Vina Skysong @Vivian Cruz @Emil Trevelyan @Kijin Shihaku @Eryl Justice

    Yet, the creature suddenly looked up, far away from where any adventurer was. KääKÄkÄkäse, ke, the eternally repeating chorus was broken, as if it tried to communicate with something. It twisted and turned in what appeared to be anger, gazing at every living being inside and outside of the fortress one last time before it laughed at the helplessness before it’s ‘eyes’. Käse finally reached the cheese, yet it could not taste any of it. What a shame.

    The black mass lost its shape and turned into its goo form again, slipping away to the main entrance through whence the lions first arrived.

    Before @Haru ’s eyes appeared a grandiose and large spirit that had a unique shine to it. It seemed lost, but adamant in leaving this world. Unfortunately, before he could reach out to it, the black mass snatched it away like food before it fled away from the castle, it’s black form vanishing in the upcoming night.

    And suddenly, the clock started ticking again and the light and colors of the world around returned to normal. It was gone.

    @Emerath Katou wound find the door resisting his attempt to dismantle the lock, but only for a few minutes. The opened door let them into the former Bandit King’s chamber. It was drab and not at all extravagant. From all of the clutter and papers, it would have appeared that Erasmus was a practical and not a gaudy man.

    Considering the mountains of papers detailing his plan to take over Astorea and set up some bizarre governmental structure that resembled a republic. If either @Vivian Cruz or Emerath spent some time wading through the papers, a letter would have stuck out to them. If you unfolded the paper and read its content, it would say.


    To E.J.,

    I have seen your plead. Normally, the organization would not take a job like that… given your standing and all, but given a particular name in your letter I have decided to personally take your request. However, given that this cannot tie back to the higher birds, I will send a group your way.

    In any case, as promised, your price for this job is not gold, but access to the eastern trail. If you perish in battle, well, you can’t say I haven’t tried.


    Peculiarly, E.J. was the recipient of the letter, though the only clue to the sender’s identity is a finely inscribed letter T.