Season 3 Mega Patch Note

Season 3 Mega Patch Note
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    Many of these changes are meta changes, which means that the RP has been this way from the start!
    1. All mentions of Sword Art Online and Gun Gale Online have been completely removed from the wiki. As far as we are concerned, SAO is now just a 14-year-old series in the real world.

      No one has ever been trapped inside a VRMMORPG in the world of Terrasphere.

    2. The safeguard feature that logs you out of the game because of extremely elevated heart rates has been removed. You can get a heart attack and die and the game won’t let you leave until you log off yourself.

    3. Terrasphere is the first game in this world that offer the players the ability to have a sense of touch, which includes various levels of pain.

    4. The distribution of the game client has been reworded to avoid confusion. Regardless of what you do, the client can be downloaded from the glitched email, which can then be distributed.

    Forum Functions

    1. The rules have been heavily revised, please read over them again!

    2. Pandora’s NPC, Trinity (Hatsune Miku) has been chosen as the site’s mascot!

    3. The main page, the game, and the player handbook have all been heavily revised. If you have read them before, the patch note should cover most of the changes, but please read through them again if you have the chance.

    4. All service threads have been revised. Check out Service for more details.

    5. The faceclaim list is now hosted on the forum for ease of access. Reservation must also be posted in: The Faceclaim Center.

    6. We will no longer archive regular threads. Please do not inform us about threads that have ended or do anything special with them. You may simply add them to your thread tracker as a completed thread.

      On that note, we will give World Quest threads a stamp when you complete them, but this is something that happens automatically and you won’t need to make a request for.

    7. Regarding character applications, we will no longer sort them into the inactive forum. But Asch, what about their faceclaim? If you would like to use an already taken faceclaim, contact a mod in the mod request thread. If the character has been inactive for a long time, we’ll give you the faceclaim.

    8. Everyone gets a free gatchapon ticket on their birthday!

    9. The forum containing all of the tracker threads (i.e. relationship, plot, skillbook, reputation, OOC tracker) have been hidden for now as we work on changing the template. Once we are done, we'll re-enable for forum so you can remake those threads.

    10. Mastery respec now costs 2g per MP, but you keep all of your MP instead of getting taxed.

    11. The gold rate has been changed.

    Game Mechanics

    1. From season 3 onward, new players are no longer required to physically live in the Northeastern part of the United States. Anyone can connect to Terrasphere from anywhere in the world. Regardless, they will still spawn in Brisshal and follow the Eastern Timezone (-5 GMT), which Terrasphere follows. Traveling to a different country will no longer prevent you from accessing the game.

      This is an in-game change, meaning there will be an actual event that will explore this plot. For all intent and purposes, we are omitting certain details as to not confuse new members.

    2. Players can no longer impregnate NPC or become impregnated themselves. The pregnancy mechanics were extremely finicky and made for a lot of inconsistencies and logical flaws in the setting.

    3. In-game death no longer allows you to change your character’s race, faceclaim, or name. What you roll the first time is permanent, unless you pay to change it in the meta shop. When your character dies, they will immediately be greeted by the spirit healer with only two options: delete and start anew or resurrect at the closest temple. This change was implemented for streamlining purposes. It also had heavy implications on the setting that we don’t want.

    4. A death affliction will be given regardless of what thread the character died in, no exception. This includes deaths resulted from a player-consented killing.

    5. The temperature meter has been added and made to look visually similar to other meters. If the temperature rises, the meter will change to a warmer color and show the heat icon. If the temperature drops, the color will become cooler and the icon changes to a snowflake.

    6. Some of the meter mechanics have been streamlined to be less gamey, just base them off the real world.

    7. Characters will not fall unconscious until their energy meter is completely empty. This was changed from an old rule that knocked players out before that point. However, characters becoming more tired as their energy drops remains unchanged.

    8. Combat and enemy encounter have been completely rewritten. It is no longer possible to see enemy’s health, name, and condition at all outside of investigation mode. This means that if you cannot tell the enemy’s status in combat unless you leave investigation on, which will consume a fair amount of energy on top of your other actions.

    9. Enemies danger level is now relative to the world instead of to you. Meaning that something like a troll is always going to be orange (extremely dangerous) regardless of your skill level.

    10. The color scaling has been reworked, please check it out in the player handbook. It now follows this sequence: white, blue, teal, green, yellow, orange, red, violet, black, with white being insignificant to black being immortal. Each color doesn’t have a specific name anymore.

    11. It is now not possible to share your mastery or any info about you via the UI. Players will have to trust that you aren’t lying to them with no way to confirm the truth. Please beware of catfish.

    12. If it wasn’t clear before, no one can see anyone else’s UI element. Players look really stupid to one another, always groping the air.

    13. The palm menu has been redesigned. This is a meta change!

    14. Investigation mode will reveal the names of everyone, even if you have not met them.

    15. The Player Killer Mark no longer exists, the game does not punish player killing in any way. There is no possible way to tell player killers apart from regular players.

    16. There is no longer any safe zone, you may be murdered anywhere.

    17. Player duels are also no longer a feature, players have to restraint themselves or they may accidently kill the person they are sparring with.

    18. Contracts have been completely removed. It made little sense in the setting because it was a UI element and neither players nor NPC can interact with other people’s UI. Contracts for quests or agreements, now have to be done the old-fashioned way—socialization.

    19. The current property system is no longer supported, any one who currently own a shop will no longer receive a salary for them. We’ll be working hard to introduce a new property and personal housing system to fill this gap in the future!


    1. All races have been rewritten a bit for clarity.

    2. Caenis has been added as a race.

    3. Yladian got a new poster girl.

    4. All races now have a racial ability that can be used in dice-based threads.

    5. Although we entertained the thought of creating racial starting areas for new players, that will not be implemented because it makes little sense in and out of character. Brisshal will be the only area where new players appear when they log into the game for the first time, regardless of what race they choose during the character creation.


    1. The Dungeon Master page on the wiki has been made. It links to most of the DMs, before you join a DM’s content, be sure to check them out first to determine if you are compatible with them.

    2. With the help of the DM’s, we now have an amazing Bestiary that talks about some of the monsters you may encounter in particular RP areas. Check out the bestiary.

    3. Comprehensive summaries of season 1, season 2, world boss 1, and world boss 2, including all of the events that happened during those events have been added together, along with the timeline. Check it out the timeline.

    4. The Elysid page has been reworked although it is still under construction at this time. The lore for each of the god has been expanded. Consider waiting to read it until we are done!


    1. Hyland has been added as a playable area, though there aren’t any subforum under it at the moment because it is still largely unexplored.

    2. A new location megathread called The Dragon’s Hearth has been added. Check it out!


    1. Many quality of life changes have been implemented, bugs have mostly been fixed. If you are encountering a design bug, please PM Asch with a screenshot or description of the bug!

    2. Most of the thread prefixes have their own color now. A few may have been changed so please don’t mistake them.

    3. The quick menu (question mark box on the left side of the screen) has been completely fixed and updated with the proper links.


    1. The faction system has been implemented. There are only three factions you can join. But Asch, why only three? After reflecting on why the guild system of old failed, we decided it was best to keep a small number so players will populate them. Also the DM team is fully committed to making content specifically for each faction. But don’t worry, you can still play with the other factions and earn reputation with them.

    2. Faction will make heavy use of the reputation system, which has been largely unused prior to this patch. Earning reputation with certain faction may decrease your reputation with others, so do keep that in mind.

    3. The reputation template is currently under maintenance right now as we are reworking it, but we’ll keep track of all of your progress!

    4. To join a faction, simply make a post in the mod request thread telling us which faction you would like to join. Leaving a faction can also be done in the same way.

      Why join a faction though? If you like the theme, join and you’ll be able to participate in quests, events, and DM’ed content specifically for that faction. You are not required to join faction as you do not lose out on anything but their story.

      The three joinable factions are: Lion’s Pride, Monster Hunters, and the Aristocracy, which was a winning entry from the 3rd world building contest.

      For more information on faction, check it out in the wiki.


    Welcome to one of the most extensive mastery overhaul you’ll ever see on TerraRP. The goal for this overhaul is to make every single standard mastery unique in function, distinct in theme, and independently useful so no mastery will ever feel like a wasted slot.

    We also spent a large amount of time making sure the standard mastery have mechanical-relevance in dice-based threads.

    Crafting Mastery

    1. For the reasons listed above, every single domestic mastery have been removed. TerraRP is first and foremost an RP, not a game; without automation, it is not possible for us to implement crafting in a meaningful way without taking up a lot of the mods' resources. For anyone who remember season 1 when materials and recipes existed, imagine if we had to service the member base we have now, which has grown massively, it’s not feasible to do!

      Secondly, domestic mastery do not have any relevance in dice-based or event threads. Over the past two seasons, I have tried implementing strange ways in which they can be used, though these attempts were mostly contrived and took away from cooler moments in the story.

      I also noted that most if not all of our crafters only crafted out of character. Domestic characters in general don’t RP their mastery and tend to have a difficult time finding people to do those kinds of RP with. This is because RP’ing domestic tasks is not particularly engaging when the majority of characters go on magical adventure and slay monsters. Although we originally advertised the site as a full medieval sandbox, we can’t do that without creating an actual game!

      After reflecting on all of these topics, I have decided it was best to reinforce TS’ identity and cut them from the RP entirely. Anyone who currently possess crafting equipment will receive full compensation for said items.

    2. Crafters need not worry because in place of crafting, we have implemented a system called vocation, which is essentially a massive list of domestic skills that have no progression. They are available to everyone and are meant to be used for RP! All characters start with 2 slots and can purchase more in the meta shop.

    Mastery Advancement

    1. The mastery advancement system has been changed significantly. You now unlock your 4th mastery slot at 1000 MP and 5th slot at 2000 MP. It made little sense to keep them locked for so long. You also do not have to do an acquisition quest to get them now, simply use the Mastery Management when you meet the pre-requisite and you’ll get your new mastery right away.

    2. Both the advanced and evolved mastery systems have been removed. Although the idea behind them was cool, they were mostly useless flavor that players can easily come up with themselves.

    3. Replacing the advanced and evolved mastery is what is called the awakened form of standard mastery. Each standard mastery now has a unique awakened form that expands the standard form. We tried to avoid theming them as much as possible so you can implement some flavor of your own.

    4. You can only evolve one mastery, all you have to do is put 1500 MP into that mastery, have 3000+ spent MP (including the 1500 in that mastery), pay 500 gold and 15 valor (or 5 Jewels) and you will unlock it. The awakened mastery will be added to a special slot, because it is an addon, not a replacement. You can still use the standard version of the awakened mastery without any problem.

    Mastery Changes

    Below are a few notable changes, though it is by no mean an exhaustive list.
    1. Seafaring as been removed. It was irrelevant!

    2. Polearms have been removed. All the poled weapons have been divided according to their damage-type. After much thoughts, it made no sense that polearms would have their own category. Range is not included in this because its function is vastly different from melee weapons.

    3. All weapon mastery now have an extensive list of common weapons they can use and their properties. For the time being, we will not allow exotic weapons.

    4. Ranged has been renamed range.

    5. Body Combat has been renamed Martial Arts. It now includes leg weapons, they still take up the 2 arms slots like any other weapon.

    6. Dual-wielding has been removed as a mastery. Dual-wielding as a mastery was completely useless by itself and offered a single gimmick that complicated our system. Worry not! Anyone can now dual-wield without the mastery, but it will not give any mechanical benefits and is only for flavor. We decided to do this to streamline the system. We will provide full compensation for the second weapon at full price for anyone who currently have dual-wielding as a mastery.

    7. Heroic Shouts has been removed. Again, some mastery aren't as good as others, this is one of those, it offers things that other support mastery can already do.

    8. Acrobat has been added. Throughout Season 2, we noticed that many people were taking Rogue for the ninja-like agility and movement. To differentiate function, we have decided to introduce Acrobat that does exactly that and also give its user extra survivability from dodging attacks (which is often the same as tanking damage in our system).

    9. Rogue has been renamed Incognito. It no longer includes acrobatic movements because it is meant to be primarily a stealth-based mastery.

    10. Arcanamancy can no longer teleport.

    11. The Magical Tools mastery has been removed. Similar to dual-wielding, it is a wasted slot. From this point forward, if your character has taken a magic mastery, they can now use all magical tools, which has been renamed magical instruments, which is not to be confused with musical instruments.

    12. Astramancy has been removed. Player’s ability to create portals and cast any magic they want is far too powerful and have serious implication in the story. It has been replaced with Astral Magic.

    13. Naturamancy has been renamed as Nature Magic. It also does not have any power over animals now, only plant life and fungus.

    14. Music has been removed as a mastery.

    15. Muse has been renamed as Harmonic Magic and now include the ability to use musical instruments as their weapon.


    1. All of the equipment tiers have been renamed to reflect their rarity. There is now a tier for the proficient tier.

    2. The main reason why we decided to implement this is to give players more health. It also streamlines equipment quite a lot and will stop people from saying “Asch, legendary when?”

    3. To continue with the streamlining, we have completely changed pricing on equipment and standardized them. All armor pieces share the same price now.

    4. One-handed and two-handed weapons also share the same price now.

    5. When you purchase an item from the shop that replaces another item of a lower tier, you will now get 20% of the cost of the old item back. This buyback feature is available for everyone. It has zero gimmick or hidden cost!

    6. All consumables will now be added to the consumable storage and not stored on your character’s application. If you wish to use a consumable in a quest, file a mod request.

    7. All coupons and expendable items that aren’t used in the roleplay will now be stored in the meta storage thread.

    1. We are now using the 2.0 application, which is a complete overhaul, this means that everyone on the site will have to adapt to the new template. Considering the size of this patch, we are allowing all members to change all details of their character except their account name (you will have to purchase a name change in the meta shop for that)

      For more information on how to continue with this, please see this thread.


    This has been an incredibly massive patch, I may have missed a thing or two somewhere, so I recommend re-reading the wiki to acquaint yourself before season 3.

    Please keep in mind that due to the time constraint, a number of the wiki pages may contain errors, we’re still going through them all to scan for problems. A few pages are under-construction as well. If you see any glaring errors, please report it to me in private!

    Thank you so much for sticking with us through this insanely long patch, but we hope you enjoy everything TS has to offer going forward.

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