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(Roster) Lion's Pride
Discussion in 'Tracker' started by Asch, Jan 21, 2018.
  1. "Hehehe! You dummies! I was Agatha the whole time! There is no Oblivion Witch! Only me! Majolica! Hehehehe! I can do illusions!"
  2. "Argggg! Now this be a sea for a bluten vessel~!"
  3. "I dont think i fit in anywhere else!"
  4. "If it means being able to help others, I'm in!"
  5. My sword is yours.
  6. "I do think that I'll sign up, for now, if only to deepen our comraderie for the time of this trip, Zeus."
  7. my grand daughter said to come here...while it shows some promise there is still a lot of work to be done here before it can be a good place. Reminds me of my war outpost out in Iraq...
  8. " No one is getting hurt on my watch, Zura! "
  9. "Don't place any amount of good thoughts about me joining here. I still hate your collective stupidity."
  10. "I would like to join the Pride, if that's okay..."
  11. "..."
  12. "I've been looking for more action, so count me in!"