Human - Roland Rutledge

Human - Roland Rutledge
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    Roland Rutledge

    Race: Human
    Age: 25
    Sex: Male

    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Relationship: Single

    Height: 5'8"
    Build: A slim but athletic



    Jin Watanabe

    Nationality: Japanese
    Age: 19
    Sex: Male

    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Relationship: Single

    Height: 5'5"
    Build: Skinny and malnourished


    Roland is the manifestation of a teenage boy’s unique ideal rapscallion, full of conceited bravado wrapped in a ball of sarcastic wit. Like most antihero’s he follows his own contrary sense of justice that would see him talk someone out of gold than to steal it outright. Still, his word is his bond, and once a deal is struck, you will find no one more willing to stick to the details provided. Outside of verbal promises and his own skills, there is very little that Roland holds in high esteem. Specifically, in his opinion, all religions, and forms of politics are money making schemes run by fools and con-artists, and he quite often echoes the sentiments out loud. Due to this pessimistic view set, he can be extremely irritable to those in power, and often finds himself in trouble because of it. Despite this, he is known to speak, at great lengths, of his various adventures true or not to raise the morale of sleepy companions and barmaids alike.

    In battle he is cunning and vicious, preferring to move strategically than fight a foe toe to toe if avoidable. His preferred method of attack is to snipe as many enemies as possible from afar with his bow and arrow, in order to convince them to give chase where he can lead them to a killing field or trap. He often prefers to wear medium or light armor, to give the impression that he is incapable of a straight up fight, but he is proficient in his swordplay enough to be able to scrape by, and without armor to slow him down, he is often a hard target to hit.

    Positive: Charismatic, Honorable, Cunning, Imaginative
    Negative: Conceited, Greedy, Selfish, Irreverent


    Growing up in Tokyo, Jin had always been fascinated with technology, and by the age of 7 he was able to build his own computer from the scrap he found at a local thrift store. Soon his fascination led to obsession causing him to close himself off from the outside world. When he entered his teenage years, his parents, who were normal hardworking folks, attempted to rein him in by cutting off their support of his habits. Due to this he began to pick up part time jobs on the internet using the little coding he had picked up while browsing the internet.

    By the time it came to register for high school, much to the dismay of his family, he dropped out in favor of pursuing online jobs. Due to this his father kicked him out of his household under the condition that Jin could not return unless he was enrolled in a high school program. However, Jin had been prepared for this and had saved enough money to get himself a low rent apartment outside of downtown Tokyo.

    Without a family or any other obligations, Jin focused himself on coding, and online gaming for the next few years becoming quite infamous for his variety of custom made HuDs for popular computer based MMO’s which contained viruses which stole various user data (with which he then sold to various companies and organizations to fund his lifestyle). He continued this until one day prior he received an email from an anonymous source with a coded message. The message in the email was heavily encrypted, but once hacked Jin found a snippet of the proprietary source code for Terrasphere, as well as a message made out to [Ultima6k] (his online persona) which read, “Ultima6k, enclosed is a piece of the ground breaking software that will change the world, come to New York and see for yourself - Signed Deadsoft”. Jin was unsure who this Deadsoft truly was, but after a few hours of searching concluded they were an anonymous hacktivist group centered out of the Eastern United States. Intrigued, Jin closed his lease in japan and used his sizable profits from the last year to purchase a small apartment in the middle of downtown New York.

    Once moved he bought himself the newest VR headset model to be imported, ironically enough, from japan, and was determined to see if he could use the snippet of code he had received to access the game world. Try as he might he had limited success, until one day he received yet another email. Unlike Deadsofts’ original email, this had no encrypted message, merely one that stated, “Welcome you have been invited to be a part of Terrasphere…”

    Out of Character

    Played by: @Theorigin
    Player tag: @Roland Rutledge

    (The Heroic Legend of Arslan) Gieve
    (No Game No Life) Sora

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    Arachnophobia (Death Affliction) Your character struggles to look at anything related to spiders.

    Deaths: 2


    Herbalism, Weaponsmithing


    Armor: 1000 expert
    Health: 500 adept
    Energy: 200 proficient
    Riding: 100 trained

    Slash: 1500 mastered
    Aeromancy: 1500 mastered
    Spellbane: 500 adept
    Acrobatics: 1000 expert
    Tinker: 200 proficient

    (A) Shifting Winds: 500 adept
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    Gold Ring (1H Spell Ring) Magical Tool

    Oath Keeper Sword (1H Slash) (Story S1) A blade fashioned out of enchanted steel and decorated with emerald like leaves inlaid with gold.


    Second Order Pants (Medium)

    Head Armor (Medium)
    Chest Armor (Heavy)
    Dark Fiend Gloves (Medium Hand Armor)
    Foot Armor (Heavy)

    Exquisite Leather Chest (Medium Chest Armor S2)
    Exquisite Leather Gloves (Medium Hand Armor)
    Exquisite Leather Pants (Medium Leg Armor)


    Blood Seeker (Ring) This elegant silver band holds captive a dark red gem, which has been fashioned from the congealed blood of a vampire wurm. The gem lights up when at least a gallon of raw, fresh blood is detected in a half mile-wide radius.


    Perseus’ Reflection 1/3 (Enchantment) 2. A faint golden radiance emits from your body when you get hurt. 3. Once per thread, you can absorb a spell (including physical) and gain that spell’s element when you perform an action that cycle.

    Aedrik’s Master Key a mysterious key that allows you to enter any Aedrik doors, granting access to secret areas throughout the world. You will recognize the door when you see it.

    Beatrice's Princess Nighty-night - (Sleeping Bag) This amazingly girly sleeping bag adjusts to the perfect temperature and softness so you can get the best sleep anyone sleeping in the wilds could hope for. It increases resting rate by a small amount.


    Blue Roan Horse (Horse - Mount) This is a mild-tempered and loyal mare who can't stand being handled by people other than her owner. In a one-on-one encounter with her owner, she can be incredibly sweet and cuddly like no other. Truly a mare of her times. Skill: ???

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    Cloud Snakling (Retired - Pet) This tiny beady-eyed snake fits neatly in the palm of your hand. Although it slithers when it's on a surface, its main form of getting around is to use it compact wings.

    Chocobo Chick (Common - Pet) A feathery puffball with tiny wings and skinny legs. It’s extremely clumsy and, even when walking in a straight line, would trip over its own feet. It’s a matter of time before it becomes a grown roadrunner but, until then, get used to random headbutts and their loud ‘kweh’ cry.

    Aquarius the Waterbearer (Rare - Pet) Despite being an above-average seagull, everyone expects Aquarius to be a fish-person or something. It doesn’t grate on Aquarius’ nerves, though. Many people who see Aquarius would simply remark that it looks like a particularly dumb bird. That’s what it wants you to think.


    Kimono (costume) A modern take on the traditional Japanese full robe garment, this large robe hangs loosely around it's wearer, requiring it to be held up by a large white sash. The kimono itself has been dyed a deep purple, with the exception of Roland's sigil of two blades emblazoned upon it's back. Due to its large size, it can easily be worn over almost all types of armor, though this prevents it from being worn without undergarments.

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