Restoration of Astorea

Restoration of Astorea
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    Restoration of Astorea

    A few days after Titanius has been vanquished, King Astor decided to hold a speech in Vintergard. The royal aids worked hard to spread the news of the scheduled event to all corners of the country, garnering a massive interest among the people. Fortunately, the weather was kind on the auspicious day, allowing many people to attend the event comfortably.

    Titanius is dead. Although many people are celebrating our triumph, just as many are grieving the losses we have suffered. It was a costly battle; one won with the sweat, blood, and tears of every brave hero who confronted evil head on. Many Astoreans lost a friend, a spouse, a child, and a parent that day. These souls fought bravely to ensure a better and safer future for everyone gathered here today.

    He paused for a few seconds before taking a deep breath and continuing to speak again.

    Titanius’ vile influence reached places as far as Stokbon. Had we let it be, who knows what destruction it might have inflicted upon this world. Titanius’ existence posed a serious threat to all, and the responsibility was never meant to have been Astorea’s alone. However, several factions and countries, who had promised to assist us in the battle, did not honor their word.

    As such, I have demanded that these forces to do their due diligence and contribute to the restoration of our nation. We have suffered through war, famine, and have had to take on the burden of a world-class crisis by ourselves. It is time for Astorea to prioritize its own needs.

    I believe it is time for change. Which is why, on this day, I declare my intent to abolish the archaic traditions of the upper establishment in favor of a republic democracy. I no longer believe any one person should have complete authority over the entire nation. All of Astorea’s citizens should participate in governance, have their voices heard, and their needs met. It will impart a great responsibility onto the people, but we can - and will - make it work, together, as one unified nation.

    I will resign from my position as king at the end of the term to make way for elected personnel to take up my mantle and lead the country into a new era. But today, let us celebrate our fallen heroes and work together to build a new and better country.

    Context: Astorea was founded as a result of the Season 1 story. It is the nation for players, though there are many NPCs who had come and settled there as well. During the Titanius calamity (World Boss 3), Astorea suffered a lot of damage because its neighboring countries and factions that promised to provide reinforcements were waylaid by Titanius.

    Even if you had not attend the speech, you would have learned about it from the NPCs, or perhaps received it in the form of a letter.

    OOC: This World Quest is open to all and does not count toward the DM thread limit. Astor abolishing feudalism will essentially remove all noble titles from players that have it. Donation that had been used to purchase titles can be refunded or be used in future property system.

    The bridge connecting the Astorean landmass to Tertoria across the Naryu Canyon is currently being constructed at the same time as these World Quests.
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    You do not need to know the background story to participate in this World Quest event. Also, you can tackle as many objectives as you can handle. This World Quest is meant to help you make lasting impact in the game world. Dungeon Masters will not interfere with these freeform threads.

    You do not have to complete every single of the objective in a category, the prompts are there to help you get started on world building. You can be as creative as you want within your thread, taking it in new direction if you would like.

    Western Restoration

    This part of Astorea has been ravaged over a long period of time by Titanius, who resided in the canyon at the western border. Titanius has been vanquished recently.

    • Relocation
    Convince the refugees that their home is safe again. Negotiate and realize that they probably have gone through traumatic experiences from being preyed on by Titanius all this while.​

    • Exploring the Naryu Canyon
    Survey the Naryu Canyon. It had been left mostly unexplored in the past due to Titanius, so it is unknown what mining opportunities there may be in its depths.​

    National Restoration

    • Exploration
    There are still many mysteries in Astorea and hidden natural resources that can enrich the nation. Discover new locations, identify natural resources, or map the land, then report back to the royal cartography office.​

    • Building
    Re-establish the infrastructure, create new buildings and fix old ones. Restore abandoned or ruined villages to make room for the citizens. Some unused natural resources need certain structures to make use of them as well.​

    • Development
    Speak to merchants and affluent figures. Get them interested in investing gold into the development of the wild areas in Astorea. Cultivate the land to make it more productive.​

    • Nurture Nature
    Fertilize the fallowed land, via science, magic or any other methods. Carefully monitor the re-introduction of native animal species within the wild parts Astorea while defending them against poachers.​

    • Law & Order
    Keep the law as best as you can. With the west and northern parts of Astorea being largely abandoned until recently recently, outlaws and criminals have made it their hiding spot. Clear them out or arrest and rehabilitate them.​

    • Clearing the North
    The Lion's Pride freed the northern part of Astorea from the bandit's control (here). This area has many natural obstacles such as mountains, swamps, and overgrown forests that make it difficult to settle on. Figure out ways to reduce some of these natural obstructions.​

    • Kill Bounties
    There are still a number of enemies that must be taken care of. Check out the bounties here.​


    Difficulty: Varies, mostly story-centric
    Location: Astorea

    Party Size: 2+
    Completion: Minimum 3 posts per person

    Reward: 1 positive reputation with Astorea per quest or bounty completed (max 3)

    • Use the LFG forum to look for a group
    • Once the thread is completed, go here and alert the mods that you had finished.
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    This arc is ending tonight, get your quest turn in, you just need a minimum of 3 posts! You can conclude the thread in your own time if necessary!