Reclamation of Pride

Reclamation of Pride
Discussion in 'In-game Communication' started by Raid Master, Feb 11, 2018.
  1. Preface

    This is the communication thread for the: (Event) Reclamation of Pride. This thread exists separately from the main play thread so your character can communicate with other people outside of the strict cycle limitation.


    • Short dialogues, no action, 100 words max.
    • If you would like to talk with someone, tag them.


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  2. Um, okay! ...But, it kind of looks a bit... run down. It's got a lot of holes in it.

    And, um. Could you not do that snow thing again, please? (@Celestine) I-it's already cold enough.

    Ughhh. Why'd I wear all this metal...

    @Cain Darlite @Seigi @Alphabet Chocolate
  3. Ok guys, it seems my wagon [4] lost its cover last night, but that's ok! I have a heating lamp, and several oversized coats ready to go. I've spoken to @Vina Skysong and @Magdalyn they will use magic to reconstruct the wooden structure the cover will go on. While me, @Yukisa, and @Comet work to sew the coats together to create a usable cover. Let me know if any else are willing to help.
  4. @Valdrada Do not do the worry, snow is supposed to be of good warms. Metal is not though, so maybe do the taking of that off for the now?

    I do wonder if any of you are having the magic of the warms? I only can be doing the airs.
    @Cain Darlite @Seigi @Alphabet Chocolate

  5. Don't worry, don't worry, the holes in the cover are no problem at all. @Seigi , you're super strong, right? The strongest hero amongst us all, strong enough to heroically carry literal tons of snow?
  6. Roland, I think that sounds like a great idea. Do you know if there is anything I can do to help? @Roland Rutledge
  7. Absolutely, @Ilya we are in need of as many free hands to help as possible. I can produce quite a few sewing needles if you think could sew. Or if you can think of a way to help Vina, and Mags create the structure for the wagon that would also be greatly appreciated. I should note that I plan to spend some time making an alchemic agent help give all of the wagons some cold resistance, there are herbs nearby that I could make use of in it if you'd prefer to sniff them out. Take your pick, or do a little of all three! It's up to you.

  8. I'm THE STRONGEST @Cain Darlite! But why should I carry tons of sn- Are we going to build an igloo?! Please tell me we're going to build an igloo!

    @Cain Darlite @Celestine @Alphabet Chocolate @Valdrada we will build the GREATEST igloo SNOW FORTRESS of all. With snow-cannons and snow-freezers and a sculpture of the Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon!

  9. Fu- Hel- Heck yeah we are! Aight, ladies, here's the gameplan. Gotta follow it to the tee and make sure that we get this whole thing patched up ASAP, yeah?

    First off is snow procurement! @Seigi will be doing most of the heavy lifting here, while I buff her up so she can do all the lifting we need. @Valdrada if you could be so kind, removing the metal armor you have so we can use them as shovels and scrapers and such.

    @Celestine @Valdrada @Alphabet Chocolate when the snow comes in, flatten it out onto the floor first. Make sure you have a raised platform as well, got it? Warm air rises up while cold air sinks down, so we need an uneven platform within this place to make everything nice and comfy! Once the ground's established, it'll be the walls that are next. Make sure to pack the snow tightly enough that it sticks, yeah? We'll use the snow for insulation like the igloo bros up north! Make sure to get it all the way up to the ceiling and don't worry about it melting, cause it's hella cold outside!.

    At that point, it'll just be interior design. We'll minimize the entrance and exit so that @Celestine doesn't need to put in too much effort to keep the cold wind out, and we can even start a small fire over @Valdrada 's buckler to keep things comfy and toasty. @Alphabet Chocolate 's got a cute, fluffy wolf too, and we can go from road trip songs to campfire songs super easy with the power of my Lute! Even got a shit ton of cloaks in my inventory if you wanna become caterpillars, ye?

    Sounds good? Y'all down? C'mon, all together now! Hero Wagon....FIGHTO!
  10. Oh my god, it's a road trip! I've got an idea! I'll use my magic to make us think we're not cold! So while our bodies are out there freezing, we'll feel warm and freeeee! 'I think therefore I am' kinda stuff, you know? And since we don't feel the cold, that means that we aren't cold! Genius! And—

    Oh, never mind! Your plan sounds super cool and tons more fun my buddy-who-almost-vomited-on-me-that-one-time! Okie dokie, Hector! You know what to do! Just think of it as our regular cuddle times except with, like, a party! We can exchange campfire stories over Hector's lukewarm body!

    Haha, I love igloos! This is gonna be so fun; we're gonna be Canadians and then we'll have penguins and moose...meese...moosii? Eh, whatever. Bart, my faithful stallion! Moo like a moose! That's what moose sound like, right? Cause moose is in the name? I'd be really disappointed if they barked or something instead but that'll still be cool, you know? Go on, Bart! Ignore your equine instincts and become a moose like you've always wanted to be!

    (@Seigi @Cain Darlite @Valdrada @Celestine)

  11. Fuck it up, guys! This is just a pit stop before we crash the doors of the Black Wolf's throne room!
  12. All this fighting is actually making me kinda hungry! After we kill that monkey thing, can we eat it? Like, before we rescue the old man and fight the epic boss battle. Please? I'm really, really hungry!
  13. Wouldn't that spoil your appetite of sugary sweet and frozen dairy products?
  14. OH. MY. GOD! WHEN DID YOU GET HERE RUDOLF?! What is this witchcraft and sorcery?! Oh wait...have you been crossdressing again? I knew there was something familiar about that Valdra-something girl! Next thing I know, you're actually Falderen's queen when you're disguised in drag during your nightly escapades!