Reclamation of Pride Fun Facts

Reclamation of Pride Fun Facts
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    Just because I find these things fun to keep track of, have a few little facts about the event. I'll update whenever there's more to add.


    Seraphy has 'sold' 16 drinks. What an entrepreneur! If only she was charging for them...
    And, it looks like people have a bit of a sweet tooth:
    • 9 hot chocolates, although 2 were thoroughly spiced up, courtesy of Alkaid Zexis
    • 2 coffees
    • 2 teas
    • 3 nonspecific drinks for all those people who aren't picky
    3 people brought their own horses to add to the caravan. And joining our merry traveling zoo are:
    • 2 tigers (Luna Avalbane and Magdalyn)
    • and 2 wolves (Alphabet Chocolate and Vina Skysong)
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    A preliminary analysis of player sentiment

    Reccyls - 13 February, 2018
    The College of Extreme Bullshittery​



    People like Zeus. Except when they don't.​



    I would like to thank (and curse) Curved Swords, without whom this analysis would not exist.

    I would also like to dedicate this to Thanarosa, whose advice and contributions to this paper have been invaluable. As he always says, "You gotta commit."


    Table of Contents
    It's literally just one post.


    List of Figures

    Figure 1 - Players' Opinions of Zeus
    Figure 2 - Players' Opinions of Zeus, modified


    I. Introduction
    The world in which Terrasphere takes place in is home to dozens of uniquely memorable and lovable (or, in certain cases, entirely despicable) non-player characters (NPCs). They range from the proud and steadfast D'vangelline de Falder, to the enigmatic and slightly sinister Narth, to the inexplicably foul-mouthed rainbow rabbit that periodically appears just to harass players. The most recent NPC to capture the attentions of the players of Terrasphere is none other than Zeus, the bombastic leader of the down-on-its-luck Lion's Pride faction.

    Such a strong personality is sure to incite polarizing reactions. But just how do people view Zeus? Is he a role model, a true hero to emulate? Or is he simply someone with too much flair and too little sense? This brief analysis attempts to find out how Zeus is viewed in the eyes of the playerbase.​


    II. Literature Review
    That people form attachment and have genuinely strong emotional responses to NPCs is a documented phenomenon. Multiple factors contribute to people's emotional attachment to NPCs, including task attractiveness (how useful an NPC is to the player), social attractiveness (personality traits that the player finds attractive), and physical attractiveness as well. (Coulson, Barnett, Ferguson, & Gould, 2012).

    To many players of Terrasphere, Zeus fits at least two of the criteria: being the leader of one of the 3 largest player factions, he certainly has task attractiveness down in spades. Many people enjoy his boisterous personality, and many are determined to prevent his possible assassination after even just a few impressions. And though anecdotal, there is at least one example of physical attractiveness being among the primary factors in Zeus's likability. (All you nutters in the Discord. You know who you are, 2017-2018).​


    III. Methodology
    The methodology is simple. As this is a thread dedicated to the Reclamation of Pride site event, the sample has been restricted to players who have posted in either (Pre-event) Reclamation of Pride or (Event) Reclamation of Pride.

    I have studied the posts of the players who posted in the pre-event and in the first phase of Cycle 0, searching for any distinctly positive or negative impressions of Zeus. In addition, Thanarosa has also helped by being a second rater in order to ensure reliability.​


    IV. Analysis and Results
    Here is the preliminary result showing the opinions of all players who have posted in the sampled threads and intervals:​

    Fig 1: Players' Opinions of Zeus

    However, this basic analysis is misleading. There were many players who not only did not have a positive or negative impression of Zeus, but did not even mention him at all. The base analysis considered these players to have a 'Neutral' opinion. Removing these players from the pool of considered posts leaves the following:​

    Fig 2: Players' Opinions of Zeus, modified

    As can be seen from the modified analysis, opinions of people who considered Zeus important enough to mention in his posts is significantly higher in general.

    Intercoder reliability, as measured by Cohen's Kappa, is 0.867, which is considered to be 'very good'. Therefore, it is a point in favor of the suggestion that Zeus is generally regarded favorably.​


    V. Limitations and Suggestions for Future Research
    First of all, the analysis only considered the pre-event and Phase 1 of the first cycle of the Reclamation of Pride event. It did not consider players' reactions to Zeus when he appeared at the Lion's Pride HQ, his appearance during the Dark Harvest festival of the prior year, or any other possible appearances.

    In addition, the sample is not representative of the population as a whole. There is a selection bias as people who signed up for this particular portion of the event are also highly likely to be members of the Lion's Pride themselves. Therefore, they may have a bias towards Zeus.

    Also I did this in like an hour and a half and this is totally worthless.


    VI. Conclusion
    There is no conclusion. I'm tired.​


    VII. Works Cited
    Coulson, Mark & Barnett, Janey & Ferguson, Christopher & Gould, Rebecca. (2012). Real Feelings for Virtual People: Emotional Attachments and Interpersonal Attraction in Video Games. Psychology of Popular Media Culture. 1. . 10.1037/a0028192.

    The Terrasphere Players. (2017-2018). Discord.
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    Aah, Valentine's day. Can't you just smell the chocolate and roses in the air? What about that gentle choir of a dozen pink-cheeked cherubs? No? All you know is the cramped interior of a wagon that you've been forced to stay in for three whole days, pressed against each other in a futile attempt to stay warm?

    Well, if fanfiction is anything to go by, that's a guaranteed formula for love!

    So, just how many possible chances did we have to get some spicy romance going on? I was going to be lazy and forget about this whole thing because it was complicated to calculate it. But with the help of our Great and Generous Badass Freakin' Overlord Skyswimsky, who offered to write an algorithm to do all the calculations, it looks like it'll be happening after all!

    We'll be making a few simplifying assumptions for this:
    • In-game genders, ages, and preferences are the only things being considered. Asexual people will not be paired up with anyone, and demisexual people will be considered to be open to relationships with both guys and girls.
    • Monogamous relationships only. Unfortunately for all you polyamorous folks, that would open up way too many possibilities, so Cupid's arrow will only be striking 2 people at a time.
    • We're going by the "half your age + 7" rule for age differences. We're rounding up to be conservative.
    So, without any further ado:
    • If we were matching up people willy-nilly with no regards for preference or age, there are a total of 435 possible combinations. Since we're not doing that, that cuts down on the total number of possibilities quite significantly.
    • Regardless of what happens, Alphabet Chocolate, Velka, Valdrada, and Vertigo have fun third-wheeling (fifth-wagoning?) as they munch on discount candy and watch the relationship drama unfold.
    • It turns out that there are 110 possible pairings that satisfy our criteria. Luckily, we have an even number of people in Reclamation at the moment, even taking out the 4 who aren't interested. That means that nobody gets left out!
    • As the Cuddlewagon, Wagon 3 is where all amorous activity should take place. Wouldn't want to mix work and pleasure, after all!
    • Majolica has the least number of potential partners, at 2. To contrast, Ilya and Luna both have 12 potential partners.
    • The only love that Zeus needs is the sweet embrace of JUSTICE.
    For those who want it, here's the full list of possible pairings:
    1. Grand Witch Majolica x Tetsunosuke
    2. Grand Witch Majolica x Yukisa
    3. Celestine x Seigi
    4. Celestine x Tetsunosuke
    5. Celestine x Yukisa
    6. Celestine x Seraphy
    7. Celestine x Vina Skysong
    8. Celestine x Comet
    9. Seigi x Tetsunosuke
    10. Seigi x Yukisa
    11. Seigi x Seraphy
    12. Seigi x Vina Skysong
    13. Seigi x Comet
    14. Tetsunosuke x Shizukka
    15. Tetsunosuke x Seraphy
    16. Tetsunosuke x Vina Skysong
    17. Tetsunosuke x Ilya
    18. Tetsunosuke x Luna Avalbane
    19. Tetsunosuke x Corvella
    20. Tesunosuke x Comet
    21. Yukisa x Shizukka
    22. Yukisa x Seraphy
    23. Yukisa x Vina Skysong
    24. Yukisa x Ilya
    25. Yukisa x Luna Avalbane
    26. Yukisa x Corvella
    27. Yukisa x Comet
    28. Shizukka x Bradwynne
    29. Shizukka x Alric Stalwart
    30. Seraphy x Vina Skysong
    31. Seraphy x Bradwynne
    32. Seraphy x Ilya
    33. Seraphy x Luna Avalbane
    34. Seraphy x Alric Stalwart
    35. Seraphy x Kaede Hoshi
    36. Seraphy x Comet
    37. Vina Skysong x Bradwynne
    38. Vina Skysong x Ilya
    39. Vina Skysong x Luna Avalbane
    40. Vina Skysong x Alric Stalwart
    41. Vina Skysong x Kaede Hoshi
    42. Vina Skysong x Comet
    43. Bradwynne x Ilya
    44. Bradwynne x Luna Avalbane
    45. Bradwynne x Corvella
    46. Bradwynne x Kaëda Flints
    47. Bradwynne x Comet
    48. Ilya x Luna Avalbane
    49. Ilya x Alric Stalwart
    50. Ilya x Kaede Hoshi
    51. Ilya x Cain Darlite
    52. Ilya x Kijin Shihaku
    53. Ilya x Emerath Katou
    54. Ilya x Comet
    55. Luna Avalbane x Alric Stalwart
    56. Luna Avalbane x Kaede Hoshi
    57. Luna Avalbane x Cain Darlite
    58. Luna Avalbane x Kijin Shihaku
    59. Luna Avalbane x Emerath Katou
    60. Luna Avalbane x Comet
    61. Alric Stalwart x Corvella
    62. Alric Stalwart x Kaëda Flints
    63. Alric Stalwart x Alkaid Zexis
    64. Alric Stalwart x Magdalyn
    65. Alric Stalwart x Savannah Reed
    66. Alric Stalwart x Comet
    67. Corvella x Cain Darlite
    68. Corvella x Kijin Shihaku
    69. Corvella x Emerath Katou
    70. Corvella x Roland Rutledge
    71. Kaede Hoshi x Magdalyn
    72. Kaede Hoshi x Savannah Reed
    73. Kaede Hoshi x Destiny Divebird
    74. Kaede Hoshi x Comet
    75. Kaëda Flints x Cain Darlite
    76. Kaëda Flints x Kijin Shihaku
    77. Kaëda Flints x Emerath Katou
    78. Kaëda Flints x Roland Rutledge
    79. Kaëda Flints x Haru
    80. Cain Darlite x Kijin Shihaku
    81. Cain Darlite x Alkaid Zexis
    82. Cain Darlite x Magdalyn
    83. Cain Darlite x Roland Rutledge
    84. Cain Darlite x Savannah Reed
    85. Cain Darlite x Freja Sitka
    86. Cain Darlite x Destiny Divebird
    87. Kijin Shihaku x Alkaid Zexis
    88. Kijin Shihaku x Magdalyn
    89. Kijin Shihaku x Roland Rutledge
    90. Kijin Shihaku x Savannah Reed
    91. Kijin Shihaku x Freja Sitka
    92. Kijin Shihaku x Destiny Divebird
    93. Emerath Katou x Alkaid Zexis
    94. Emerath Katou x Magdalyn
    95. Emerath Katou x Savannah Reed
    96. Emerath Katou x Freja Sitka
    97. Emerath Katou x Destiny Divebird
    98. Alkaid Zexis x Roland Rutledge
    99. Alkaid Zexis x Haru
    100. Magdalyn x Roland Rutledge
    101. Magdalyn x Savannah Reed
    102. Magdalyn x Destiny Divebird
    103. Magdalyn x Haru
    104. Roland Rutledge x Savannah Reed
    105. Roland Rutledge x Freja Sitka
    106. Roland Rutledge x Destiny Divebird
    107. Savannah Reed x Destiny Divebird
    108. Savannah Reed x Haru
    109. Freja Sitka x Haru
    110. Destiny Divebird x Haru

    So happy Valentine's Day everyone! Go and ship to your heart's content! *love

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    Amazing @reccyls

    And no, no pairing >(
  6. im so proud of you recc QuQ

    @Zeus x bandit king x chief alchemist for maximum realistic-ness tho.

    i mean seriously. the entire dialogue of those guys in the aristocracy thread is basically them telling everyone part of the aristocracy that zeus is 10x stronger, cooler, and generally better than u.

    also @Megan Tritor x @Vivian Cruz cuz, like, unless The Ice Mage formerly known as Megan has mind-reading powers, how else would she get the suspicion that vivi's backstabbing them? that insight can only be obtained through hours of observation. in short, megan has been staring at vivian in admiration for the entirety of the thread and u cant convince me otherwise.

    all we need to do now is find the primadox a love interest in the spirit of valentines day.

  7. Alas she is my unrequited love.
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    Heavy Lies the Crown

    We know that those are heavy crowns, but just how heavy are they, really?

    We'll be using Velka as a comparison to try and find a best guess for how heavy those crowns are. Having Heroic Might allows her to wield two-handed weapons as if they were one-handed, so we'll be taking a look at what the average Ultra Lance would weigh, and going off of that.

    There isn't really a thing called an Ultra Lance. But there is a type of lance called the Heavy Lance, which we'll be assuming is close enough. According to that site, the average Heavy Lance is 10-12 feet long, so let's go right in the middle with 11 feet.

    (Reminder that Velka is a Faerin and 4 feet tall. And she's dual-wielding Ultra Lances. This is ridiculous.)

    Jousting lances were hollow, but we're talking about actual weapons, so we're assuming solid lances. Also according to the above site, lances were usually made of ash wood, and about 2 inches in diameter. However, some conversation with Thanarosa reveals that Velka's lances are made of metal rather than wood.

    Going by what used to be canon, we're assuming that Great-tier weaponry is steel, as most pre-megapatch Exquisite equipment was steel.

    Some quick calculations tells us that a 1 inch radius and 132 inch high cone has a volume of around 138 cubic inches, or approximately 0.076 cubic feet.

    Our good friends at Wikipedia tell us the density of steel is between 484 and 503 lb/cubic feet. Let's average it out at around 493. So, one Ultra Lance weighs about 37.5 pounds.

    There's generally thought to be a 10% difference in grip strength between one's dominant and nondominant hand. Some research has suggested that this may not be correct, and grip strength isn't really related to one's ability to lift and carry stuff, but it's a useful estimate so we'll just go ahead and yoink that for now. So the weight of that Velka would be able to carry comfortably would be (37.5*1.1) + (37.5) = 78.75 pounds.

    For her to struggle with carrying the crown across the bridge, it'd have to be more than that combined. So from our brief estimate, the crowns would weigh around 80 pounds.

    Disclaimer: I am not an expert and I don't know what I'm talking about.
  9. oh my god buff!velka op pls nerf

    inb4 velka takes all the crowns and everyone in the party onto her beefy shoulders and carries us all across
  10. @reccyls my hero
    I cannot even
    This whole thread is genius
  11. IKR

    praise recc!

    (bows down)

    teach us ur ways
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    It's technically related to Reclamation so it counts as far as I'm concerned.

    A brief discussion on Discord resulted in the me trawling through the archives looking for people with death afflictions, so here's an impromptu death count listed by DM so you know who to avoid when you're looking for your next challenge. There are a few deaths whose causes I couldn't exactly pin down, and I probably missed a couple, but here's what I could get:

    Asch (29):
    - Magi Heart (Arachna)
    - Astor Balthas (Arachna)
    - Roland Rutledge (Arachna)
    - Amane Hirota (Arachna)
    - Aaron Marone (Arachna)
    - The Wall (Arachna)
    - Felicitas Hellewege (Arachna)
    - Alphabet Chocolate (Arachna)
    - Olive Westfield (Arachna)
    - Nalani Rosa (Arachna)
    - Ortix Farlin (Arachna)
    - Merkaba (Arachna)
    - Mugetsu (Arachna)
    - Eleanor Loan (Azog)
    - Terry (COTMW)
    - Lucia Mierz (COTMW)
    - Xavier Weissman (S1 Finale)
    - Alphabet Chocolate (Imprisoned)
    - Beretta (Imprisoned)
    - Naixi (Imprisoned)
    - Ursa Goldsmith (Imprisoned)
    - Zelrius (Rescue Team)
    - Gwyn ap Herne (Assassination)
    - Minerva Alexandria (Assassination)
    - Seto Kurama (Assassination)
    - Astor Balthas (Assassination)
    - Bradwynne (S2 Finale)
    - Rein (Arachna)
    - Akino Kokoro Ame (World Quest)
    -Lord Lemming (World Quest)

    Treasure Chest/Eggs (14):
    - Gwyn ap Herne (Pavilion)
    - The Admiral (Pavilion)
    - Ashiore Evretto (Pavilion)
    - Noah Krane (Pavilion)
    - Stella (Pavilion)
    - Harveste (Cathedral)
    - Luna (Crystal Cave)
    - Alice x2 (Crystal Cave)
    - Ashiore Evretto (Halloween)
    - Zelrius (Halloween)
    - Blithe Bombon (Halloween)
    - Cain Darlite (Halloween)
    - Lord Lemming (Pavilion of Giants)

    Ashifili (8):
    - Seigi (Rugome I)
    - Lady N (Rugome I)
    - Lady Briar (Rugome I)
    - Sean Poteitoku (Rugome I)
    - Alric Stalwart (Rugome II)
    - Hobbes (Rugome II)
    - Blake Elgis (Rugome II)
    - Velka (Rugome II)

    Pandora (5):
    - Roland Rutledge (Vermillion)
    - Kaede Hoshi (Tunnel Clearing)
    - Kyupin Felnya (Eastwatch)
    - Aalam Abungu (Supply Escort)
    - Vina's Hawk (Dissonance)

    Snide (3):

    - Claire Thalassa (Brood Beneath)
    - Ben Dover (Brood Beneath)
    - Solaria (Brood Beneath)

    Zero (1):
    -Seigi (Reclamation)

    Miscellaneous (3):
    - Savannah Reed (PK)
    - Kaede Hoshi (PK)
    - Seigi (Ale King)
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    Also @Lyre the secret is that I have too little respect for my own time
  14. time spent like this is time well spent! thanks for these cool fun facts recc <3

    *cough* asch's death toll is two times larger than second place and he's like just 15% lower than ashi, pan, snide, and zero's death counts put together O-O

    when is asch gonna get charged 4 all these crimes?! will justice prevail?! will seigi rise from the grave to become robocop and indict asch?! will his reign of terror ever stop?! find out on the next episode of Law and Order: Terrasphere!