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Open Threads
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    Open Threads

    This is where all open threads are advertised and made available for your viewing. Once you have enough people, please remove your posts!

    Name of Thread
    • Description: A brief description or summary of the thread.
    • Open Slot: 3

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  2. Iván's Curry House
    • Description: Stinky Iván's Curry House is now open. Come in, grab a seat, and enjoy the best curry Stokbon, and perhaps even Terra Sphere, can offer. Should you wish to join the curry house staff, feel free to RP your interest here. This place isn't just for the staff, though, and customers, foodies, and drunks may also join in if they'd like.
    • Open Slot: N/A
  3. Someone else...
    • Description: Rellan enters the world and gets attacked by chickens.
    • Open Slot: 1-2?
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  4. Brave New World
    • Description: Mist is in game, and heading towards...somewhere! She doesn't know where! But there must be something, right?
    • Open Slot: 2 or 3
  5. Greener Than Spring Grass
    • Description: Daedalus spawns into Brisshal, but not in the way he intended to. He gets stuck in a tree. Hilarity ensues.
    • Open Slot: 2
  6. How to Train Your Eldritch Abomination
    • Description: Aristides hatched his pet from the World Boss! Congratulations, it's a Cthulhu. Now how does he teach it to stop being so creepy? (Tis a silly thread.)
    • Open Slot: 2 or 3
  7. Veteran PTSD
    • Description: What happens when a special forces vet ends up not taking his PTSD medicine before he got onto the game? A crazy old man talking into a pine-cone and trying to find out what is going on around him. then add on the fact his mind is already unstable to make him enter soldier mode with a finger on the trigger and muscle to throw or break anything he can't shoot.
    • Open Slot: 2-4
    Wooden mountain
    • Description: Morpheus is innocent of all crimes until proven otherwise! Whilst training against a boulder Morpheus seems to have invoked the wrath of a flock of Dire bats. With no way to combat the faster and more mobile foes the old man attempted to make a tactical re position ending with a broken foot. Now he tries to hold off and combat the foes before him. But even the Nokia phone has it's limits...
    • Open Slot: 2-4
  8. Into the Mountains
    • Description: Amelia has just spawned into the game. Where is she, but at the foot of a mountain. After several minutes of confusion, she has equipped her grimoire, and made her way to the edge of the mountain path. Once she arrives there, however, she is greeted by the sight of a miner running toward her. Once he reaches her, he tells her that Kobolds are attacking, and she finds herself face to face with her first quest dialog!
    • Open Slot: 2-4
  9. In the Garden of Blood and Bone
    • Description: Marcus embarks on his first adventure into the unknown in search of artifacts of weapons he might use to further himself along within the game. But what unnatural and eldritch horrors await for him deep within the wastelands of Norforva?
    • Open Slot: 1-3 Players