New Player Listing

New Player Listing
Discussion in 'Quests' started by Asch, Jan 25, 2018.
  1. Asch


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    New Player Quests

    If you are a new player, 500 MP or below, please post in here. We will assign you a quest and pair you up with another player to get you started on your journey on Terrasphere. These quests require 3 posts from each party member to be considered completed.

    Quest Types:
    • Social quest
    • Kill quest
    • Domestic quest
    • Fetch quest
    • Random quest

    Preference: Which type of quest would you like?
    Location: Do you have a preferred area to quest in? Brisshal is where most new players spawn.

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  2. Preference: Social, Domestic, Fetch
    Location: Anywhere
  3. Preference: Social
    Location: Fine with anything
  4. Asch


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  5. Preference: Any is fine.
    Location: Brisshal.​
  6. Preference: Domestic preferred, would do anything
    Location: Brisshal
  7. Preference: Anything!
    Location: Brisshal
  8. Preference: Social, Domestic, Fetch
    Location: Brisshal
  9. Preference: any is good
    Location: where ever really
  10. Preference: Random/anything
    Location: Brisshal, please!
  11. Preference: Random. I like pushing the Delta of Randomness.
    Location: Brisshal is the place? Brishall is the place!
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    Note: I am tagging those of you that I haven't seen a tracker posted yet for the current World Boss.

    @Rhalgr @Jody Towers @Gwainedhel @Arylan @Sydney White

    We currently have a neat big event going on, if you haven't noticed!

    You can find all the information you need to join it here.

    However, if this looks like a bit too much for you right now you can also always join this instead.

    Please note that this is specifically made for people not participating in the actual world boss fight. You can not be in both.

    As always, if you have any questions feel free to seek help in the Discord! Don't be shy, we won't bite.
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  13. Preference: Domestic, Fetch, Kill, Random
    Location: Brisshal? Low-level