Private - Moving day

Private - Moving day
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  1. Earlier that morning...

    Onyxia had been sleeping in her room, gosh was it hot. The blankets were peeled off the woman as the sun hit her window and made everything intensely bright. She would have covered her face with a pillow had it not felt like she was already on fire. Groaning, she felt this was a sign to start her day. Stretching and yawning, the golden hair mechanic lifted the fallen strap from her tank top back over her shoulder as her bare feet hit the floor. She sat there a few moments running her hand over her neck and popping the joints until she felt a sort of release from it as her blurred green eyes shifted around the room. Standing to her tall height, the woman curled her toes and stretched her arms once more. She went for the door but hesitated opening it. "Is Bill awake?" Bill was her abusive father, but not so much anymore. After she had broken his wrist for coming at her, he seemed to back off most of the time except when he was really drunk, then there was problems.

    But today was going to be a good was moving day. She had everything she wanted packed and ready to go. Normally she stayed with either Sapphire or Ruby's place, but she had to stay here for the night so Bill didn't go rummaging through her things. She sighed from the headache of it all and opened her door. Not two step out she was greeted by the devil as he looked at her coldly. Their intense stares at one another could cause frostbite between the two of them.

    That afternoon...

    Oy, Ruby. You packed too much stuff..." Onyxia said getting two large boxes out from the back of the pickup truck. It was a rented vehicle between the three of them and it served it purpose as Onyxia usually grabbed the bigger boxes and hauled them inside. She mentally complained it was too hot outside despite it being in the 40s, even then she wore a loose tank top and some jeans. With her hands full, Onyxia looked over her shoulder, "Saphy, get the door." She wasn't struggling with the boxes but she didn't want to crush anything inside them if anything was fragile. With the door wide open now, the tall woman set the boxes down on the ground and dusted off her hands as she placed them on her hips.

    She took a look at the place. It was large for just the three of them, they'll have to pick their rooms at some point. Onyxia was fine with whatever was left over. She knew the two others would love to pick their own room. But to be honest, anything was better than that run down home with Bill. Green eyes shifted as she took a few steps more into the condo, it was nice...large, spacious. There was just so much room for everything. She scratched the back of her head, "Can we really afford this place?"

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  2. Saphira had the exciting job of actually driving the moving truck around for that day, stopping at everybody's houses after having packed her own stuff onto it at first. No offense to moving companies or anything, but she just didn't trust other guys to handle her stuff for her, hence her decision to actually drive the truck herself. And no offense to the other two, she was sure they could drive pretty well, but she absolutely loved driving and the feeling of driving a larger vehicle than her usual car was a pretty incredible one. Plus, it'd let her pile her stuff onto the truck first, since she didn't have many particularly breakable things besides her computer and recording equipment. That was all stored in pretty rugged boxes though, so she wasn't worried too much.

    And finally, after a while of driving and loading stuff onto the truck, they'd arrived at their condo and were about to head inside for the first time. It was such an elating feeling, being able to move into a place with her good friends and live under their own rules, though she was sure that for some it felt even better than it did for others. She wasn't escaping anything in particular, or sick of her family. She was doing this out of simple love for her friends and the thrill of living as a proper adult.

    She hummed, looking at Onyxia in her tank top and jeans as if the woman was mad, having done that multiple times throughout the day already, clad in a simple hooded sweatshirt and a pair of sweat pants herself that clung to her body very well. "Yeah, I'm on it girl." She shook her head, fishing through her pockets before eventually digging out the key to the front door, pushing it into the lock, twisting it and pushing the door open for them all to see inside, before stepping in herself.

    Could they afford all of this? She coughed, pointing at Ruby whilst doing her best to not look accusing. "Ask Rubes over there, she's the one that found this place. Though, I'm sure it's fine, being an internet star pays better than I thought at first." She stretched out, hands above her head, before recoiling and shivering. "Fuck! It's cold in here! Do you two mind unpacking whilst I get the heating working?"
  3. Ruby had been waiting outside of her parent's home. The large palace sized mansion stood with a marbled statue posed with an athlete mid-hurdle at the center of the rotary that led towards and away from the back driveway and exit while circling around the pick up and drop off point. From she woke up she'd been on the phone 'aggressively negotiating' in the form of savage yelling and curse words. The pitiable man on the other end was the Landlord who was caught between her ridiculous demands and her father's stern sullen silence on the other line. She was going to be moving in with her close friends, and she would not allow them to have any grievances or frustrations at their new home. If things wouldn't be just right, then someone was going to lose their job, and while Ruby didn't know exactly who that someone was, her Papa did, and with some faint acting and crocodile tears that someone would have a very tough time.

    She continued this 'aggressive negotiation' through the packing process, a pair of young healthy women helping to hoist her things up onto the truck one box and bag at a time while she continued arguing relentlessly. Occasionally her foot would stamp, out of resolution to cross that pitiable man's bottom line making use of the financial and political pressure her parents could exert. Her savage onslaught of demands only finished with she was ready to get in the car. The wind blew her shoulder length hair just right, making it flutter behind her. Her smile was proud and heroic, clearly she'd achieved great things with her cruel and ruthless negotiations earlier. Without much hesitation, she slipped into the truck trying to sit right in Onyxia's lap as she settled, redoing the seat belt around them both. "This butthole won't give us the pool for more then one day a week. I think if I push more though, I can get the courtyard..." She spoke, her impish and mischief filled side revealing itself when she was away from her parents' 'people' finally.

    Ruby had always been a heroic and action filled youth. Working hard, rising to fame, keeping herself well sculpted and managing her appearance. She kept up appearances with her parents who were proud of her for the things she'd done. She was however very spoiled because of her success, it was checked often by her parents' stern warnings, but now that she was going to be living on her own, she was free! Free to live as spoiled and happily as she always wanted. The thought was exhilarating, she couldn't help nuzzling into the chest of the woman behind her, she was just too excited. When told about the stuff she'd brought though, she pouted heavily shaking her head firmly. "Mph, it's all very important to me though. I want us to be comfortable, so try not to mind it so much." She spoke, eyes shining with excitement, hope and energy that was barely being contained with the warmth of Onyxia's body against her.

    Upon arriving, Ruby was already on her phone once more, this time sounding sad, as she tried to pit her dad against the pitiable land lord who wouldn't let her have her way. Occasionally her father's anger flared and his anger could be heard from afar with words like 'how dare' or 'not to my little girl' coming up repeatedly. Ruby was having a hard time holding back her snickering before hanging up the phone as the truck was being emptied out. With a huff of pride, seeing her friends working so hard, she gave them a hand from time to time, taking the smaller bits of thing contently. With a wide satisfied expression she set down the last of the stuff, their carry on bags or purses. When asked about whether or not they'd be able to afford it, Ruby's impish grin widened. "Don't worry so much!" She happily cheered, with a sharp slap tried to grip both of their soft butts, one hand each as she proudly puffed up her modest chest that was dwarfed by the other women's size. "Papa's still negotiating for the final price but it won't be anything we can't handle together. Don't worry, just leave everything to me!" She spoke with a conceited smile, but those famous last words were no doubt familiar to both Onyxia and Sapphy, it was something that Ruby only ever said when someone was going to have a bad time because of her selfishness.
  4. Onyxia was hot from the labor, she was sweating a little having to pick up the slack where Ruby left off. This was pretty normal though, Onyxia didn't shy away conforming to the help her with things like manual labor. If she could use her size and strength for something, it would be to help these girls out. Onyxi swept an arm over her brow and forehead, and her eyes lit up when Sapphy mentioned turning on the heat.

    "Mm..." There was hesitation with her, but if they, or those two wanted to be more comfortable in the living space, she had to put up with it. She waved a hand at her face to keep her cool while looking to Ruby as she explained the details of their living arrangement in a financial stance. If she was not to worry, she was not going to worry. Ony would be starting her new job as a mechanic on the following Monday, she won't be making nearly as much as the other two girls, but at least she could pay her side of things. Hopefully.

    She ran her fingers through the golden hairs on her head before rubbing her neck once more. The silent woman began to move boxes away from the door as she felt the blaze of the heat come in contact with her skin. So Sapphire was able to get the heater going, that was swell. She could already feel the intense amount of sweat rolling down her forehead. With her hands on her hips and breathing heavily from exhausting herself, Onyxia decided to take a look around.

    Starting with the bedrooms, she opened up each one figuring out where everything was so she wouldn't get lost in the place they would call their home. Everything made perfect sense except for the fourth bedroom which did not. She wondered why Ruby got four bedrooms instead of just the three unless she had that much stuff. Onyxia didn't think anything more of it and shook her head.

    "Four bedrooms?" her question was directed at no one and she shrugged her shoulders. The tall female moved about the place, digging her fingers into the tightness of her jeans before popping out a ragged pack of cigarettes. She moved towards the patio, a sliding door feature that took her a moment to understand and how to work it. She slid it open, allowing the cold blast of wind to hit her hot body. She stood there for a moment basking in that cold breeze before closing the door once more.

    The patio was spacious, had a swinging bench was she thought was nice. Everything looks modern and new, so she sat walked towards the rail light in hand and with the cig dangling in her mouth. A few sparks and the stick was lit. She exhaled a plume of grey smoke into the world as she just relaxed and leaned out to get a feel for the landscape. Her tired eyes looked about, continuing to smoke her cigarette when she turned to look at the other girls inside, and gave them a wave. Onyxia scratched her head once more, it was good to be home.
  5. It was always kind of difficult to know if the sounds that Onyx made were sounds of approval or not being comfortable, but Sapphire supposed that the woman would be able to cope and would have spoken out if she were really going to be too uncomfortable with it. Sapphire nodded, saluting sarcastically as she made her way slowly to the kitchen, where the thermostat was most likely to be, idly glancing around as she did so. They'd really bought a pretty big place with a lot of nice features, though she had to agree with Onyx, 4 bedrooms was a little bit strange.

    Working the heating took a little more work than was expected, though it was way too different to the one at her family's home, but eventually she managed to get it up and running to a more comfortable temperature, at least for herself and Ruby. Once done, she looked around again, before making her way to the door to start bringing in the rest of the stuff. "You know Rubes, whenever you tell me not to worry, I start to worry the most. Ain't ever gone all that well in the past, remember?" The girl was like a trouble magnet, it was difficult to not want to keep her safe from just about everything.

    And the girl also seemed just about as physically affectionate as herself, if the butt slap told anything about them. Sapphire grinned, throwing one arm over Ruby's shoulder whilst balancing boxes on top of her other arm, guiding the girl inside. "Pick a room out. I think Onyx is out having a fag..." By fag, she meant smoke. Her british heritage was incredibly evident when she spoke, after all. "Join her if you want. I've got the rest of the stuff." She set the boxes down, before looking out of the door to the remaining pile of boxes.

    "Uh, I think I do, anyway. Go check on Onyx for me, this is prolly big for her innit?" She chuckled, returning Ruby's slap for one of her own, before making her way out to grab another set of boxes.
  6. Ruby only flashed a bright grin as she stepped in, swinging her arms about with pride. Certainly, she did go overboard, but it was well within her means thanks to her family's support. "It's good to have the extra space-- Maybe for an exercise room, or a Jacuzzi huh huh?" She asked giving Onyxia a playful nudge while winking at Sapphire. Yes, certainly she wanted the space for 'something' but that something was clearly not on her mind. Whatever it was though she was confident it would work itself out, that that space would find something to house in it. Oh yes, it certainly would turn out great, delightful, fantastic! She was certain.

    Though when Onyxia went out on the balcony, Ruby waved at her happily, full of energy as always. She bottled up her energy though briefly, long enough to begin sifting through boxes here and there. Hearing her ask about the problem with her typical famous last words though she flashed an impish grin at Sapphire, as if heroically facing the unknown as she spoke with a cheerful tone. "Nonsense! There might've been some trouble, but things always worked out. Didn't we always come out ahead? Have faith! I'll see us through~" She spoke with a bright smile, but there was something mischief filled about her gaze, certainly what she said wasn't a lie, things did often times work out, and there wasn't often much damage done... To her. No, usually when those words and that phrase was spoken it was because someone was about to be racked over the coals, but exactly who it was was always a crap shot.

    Though hearing Sapphire tell her to pick out a room, she stopped lifting her head from a box in thought finally shaking her head. "Ah-- It's okay. I'll hang with you for a bit while Ony is smoking. After all, the poor girl's finally free, some quiet time wouldn't be so bad." She spoke, a radiant calmness in her posture and expression as she glanced back. Her heroism flashed as she endeavored to let Onyxia drink in the change in her life. Escaping from that house, having a new fresh start. Hope, happiness and such not far from reach. This was a safe place, not just for her from her parent's watchful and criticizing eyes, but also for Onyxia, also for Sapphire.

    Unraveling a few things, Onyxia's air conditioning, Sapphire's equipment, her own unmentionables. She dusted herself off hearing Sapphire comment on how this might be a good time to join Onyxia. Hesitating, she wondered if the girl still needed alone time though, after a few more boxes, Ruby dusted herself off before turning towards the balcony. Opening the door, she tried to give Onyxia a soft hug, concern in her gaze as she gave her chest a few firm squeezes as if trying to inject feeling into her. "Ony, hey, we're home now you know? You don't wanna explore or settle in? Get your air conditioner set up?" She spoke with a bright and giggly tone. Her impish and mischief filled excitement practically radiating.
  7. Onyxia had turned around once more leaning over the rail as she smoked her cigarette. She ran her free hand over the back of her neck from the short golden hairs around it. Her distant eyes closed briefly as she felt all the knots and cramps inside her muscles. The heavy chested woman her the door slide as she took another drag of her cigarette, casually blowing the smoke up and away into the air as Ruby strolled out.

    The woman turned and felt the warm embrace of her friend, she wrapped her free hand around the girl's small frame to accept the hug and lectured her with her eyes on the groping of her chest, "Oy, Ruby..." But her words and the look in her eyes made her stand up straight. Onyxia with her usually empty emerald gaze looked down at the woman and smiled briefly, she would kill for these girls, protect them the best way she could, because they were everything she had in life now. Losing one of them would make her go into a frenzy, blood in the water and much like a shark, she would tear people limb from limb for these friends of hers.

    That feeling of being wanted in friendship, knowing that she was in a safe place now away from her abusive father, away from the mental and emotional degradation in her life. It felt surreal, she could not put it into words. But Ruby, her words, it pulled at the strings of her heart. She threw down the cigarette and stomped it out while looking back into Ruby's face. "We are home now." The softest and most gentle of smiles from Onyxia, a change in her expression. It was odd, it was different but it was nice and warm.

    From the outside she could hear Sapphire struggling with the last few boxes. "Sapphy needs some help. I can set things up later once I know you both are comfortable." Sacrifice, she would sacrifice everything she had to keep the smiles on those woman on their faces. Ruby's never ending energy and all her jovial and boisterous optimism, and Saphhire's never ending courage, passion and strength. Sacrifice was the only answer, to give her life for the woman that made her happy.

    Sliding the door open and feeling that heat wave, Onyxia mumbled keeping the door open for Ruby. She back tracked to the door once more and made a jogging movement with her legs as Sapphire was holding up two large boxes. "I got these." She would say taking both boxes in her arms and then allowing her friend to take a moment to rest. Onyxia didn't struggle with the heavier boxes, but it sure was hot as hell outside, even for winter. But then again, Onyxia disliked the heat...

    She put the boxes down on the floor and huffed a little from the exhaustion, turning her head back to Sapphire, "Was that all of it?" Oddly enough one of the boxes was her own. There was little she took back with her, just a pile of clothes and some magazines everything else she wanted to leave at that place and never to remember it. In the box, she knelt down to open it. It was her collection of trolls and troll plushies. It was good to see them safe and unharmed from the move. Maybe a little dusty, but she could work on that later.
  8. "You'll see us through somehow, I guess. At least life is interesting with you around Rubes." She chuckled, though she did also see the wisdom in letting Onyxia drink in her new home for a while, considering the girl had by far had the worst of it all out of the three of them. It was probably one of the best things that had happened to her fellow dark skinned friend, being able to move out of her old home and in with Sapphire and Ruby. Part of Sapphire really wished that she could feel the same type of elation as the other two, though for sure her own elation was always going to be far different.

    Still, hearing Ruby go outside to speak to Onyxia, she smiled and shrugged, returning to her own task of bringing the remaining boxes indoors, though some were far more of a struggle than others. Her own were probably by far the heaviest, she had a lot of cameras, recording equipment and computer parts that she was bringing with her after all, though Ruby's stuff wasn't that much lighter, probably due to the sheer amount of crap she'd brought with her. At least they were gonna be able to furnish the place a little better.

    Eventually, Onyxia came back in and gave her a hand with the remaining boxes, getting the rest of the stuff inside pretty quickly. Sapphire took a look around, watching Onyxia open up the only box that had belonged solely to her, smiling gently as the woman checked her belongings. "Yeah, I think that's just about everything. All that's left is to unbox, which we can do whenever." She smiled, looking down at the floor for a moment, before pulling her cell phone out of her pocket, checking the time. "And we need to return the truck sometime today. I can sort that out later though."

    She grinned, turning to Ruby with her own mischievous look on her face, eyes lighting up some more. "So what plans did you have for the fourth room? And how much stuff did you bring with you? Should I be worried about digging through some of your boxes love?"
  9. Ruby's eyes lit up more, though the giggle that came from her lips was a stone's throw from diabolical evil laughter. When Onyxia didn't push her away, she naturally felt vindicated, it fed her ego being able to do what she wanted, the impossibly inflated thing was a looming blimp of hot air that was likely a large portion of that 'airheadedness' she could be known for. With the cigarette being stomped out though, Ruby frowned shouting back at Onyxia. "H-Hey, this is inside, we're not savages! I just got through talking about our home and now look!" She cried crocodile tears gesturing to the smear of black left behind on the balcony. For a moment, she bit her lip and started rubbing out the ashe off of the nice clean deck the best she could sweeping it away with a sigh knowing it would take water and more.

    After doing the best she can with what she could, Ruby stood back up, brushing herself before skipping after Onyxia. "I brought her~" She cheered as if she'd succeeded making an enormous undertaking. Seeing them bringing all the boxes in, Ruby nodded proudly, glad her friends were so capable. It made her feel relieved since the 'help' wouldn't follow her to this new home, there would be problems for the girl who was used to being waited on. Though when she the door was closed and everything was all set, Ruby proudly posed herself practically throwing the jacket off of her body. "Home!" She eagerly cried with delight.

    By the time the pair turned back to her, Ruby was already half undressed. With only one sleeve left in the top she'd been wearing only a second ago. For a moment she hesitated, with pants already undone when the pair turned to her. "Oh... Are we going to still be dressed inside?" Ruby asked blinkingly, as if she couldn't possibly imagine not being undressed all the time in the house away from prying eyes. Like a deer caught in headlights, she didn't know if she should keep going or stop.

    Though the question of the fourth room and her stuff made her flash her pearly teeth once more. Her wide mischief filled grin spreading once more as she began opening boxes one by one with happy hums. "Well, some of this stuff is normal things, like clothes, tools, equipment. There are also some special things just for us in one of them though so be careful which one you open." She commented with a hearty giggle, those 'special things' were no doubt things for night time and beyond. She did have a great many things, most of them were normal, but her 'interesting' box was surely the big one...

    "The room though, I haven't decided. Maybe a Jacuzzi? Maybe an exercise room?-- Maybe a dungeon." She mused on the possibility but tried to gloss over that last possibility. All in all she didn't really have a set thought in mind outside of perhaps allowing her friends to have more options and more space. She wanted their home to be a bit more luxurious, and what else could be more luxurious then extra space?
  10. Onyxia turned around just as Sapphire did as they caught the girl undressing flat out in the middle of the living room. She shook her head and didn't make much of a comment on it. She only swept a hand over her body and tugging on the already loose tank top she wore. It was hot as all hell in this place already with the heater kicking into gear. The tall woman thought she was going to have a heat stroke. Despite the beads of sweat forming at her brows, the woman picked a room at random and carried her box, looking over her shoulder, "We are home now, Rubes. You can do whatever you want."

    There was a firm close of the door that she decided to take as her own bedroom. Immediately she noticed that there was a nice window sill but not much of a scene. She ended up tossing her box on the bed and went to that window, unlocking it gently and pushing it upwards to allow the cold blast of winter air to hit her chest. The woman felt like she was passing an orgasm as she stood in front of the windy, winter air as it blasted through her top dousing the beading drops of sweat.

    Rubbing the back of her neck, Onyxia jimmied herself out of the jeans she was wearing. The girl was a naturally fit woman, although she had some softer looking abs than her physical fit roommates, a bit more indulgent on fast food and beer rather than living a healthy lifestyle. Despite all that, she still held quite the feminine figure. Onyxia was in every case of the word oblivious to her female body parts however, she kept up with little maintenance of her body besides shaving her armpits, she didn't wear dresses or cute things. And instead of wearing panties...

    Ony opened the door to her room, leaving the window open in there to cool her room down for night time sleeping. She wore a pair of men's boxers and the same black tank top as earlier. Socks and shoes had been tossed into the corner of her room while her cellphone spun across a table in the living room next to her cigarettes and lighter as she took notice of the girls and their unpacking. Onyxia started to help, "So long as nothing is sticky when I reach inside..." she said towards Ruby and her 'special' things. Knowing Ruby, she knew full well what those things were.

    As she listed off the ideas for the room, Onyxia was thinking more on the practical side of things. Four rooms was a bit too much for them, they really should have gone with a three bedroom condo, but Ruby was excessive as was her lifestyle. Onyxia cleared the kitchen, flicking on the lights to make sure they were in working order. She folded her arms under her heavy chest and made a comment on the situation, "If we have four bedrooms, why don't we get another roommate? Shouldn't be too hard to find someone. We can subrent the room for however long they wanna stay."

    It was a suggestion at least to the other ideas. A jacuzzi didn't seem like a great idea, the bedroom was already mostly furnished to be just that, a bedroom. Her eyes gave Ruby the same quirky look when she mentioned turning it into a Dungeon. Eyes rolling to Sapphire, "I'll take the truck back later tonight, but I'll need a ride back."
  11. The fact that they even cared enough to help her finish up with the boxes, then even offered to take the truck back for her, was super flattering to Sapphire, who grinned and nodded her agreement as she watched them both disperse, picking up a pair of boxes and selecting an empty room to drop them into, deigning that room to be her own. It was close enough to the balcony and yet it was also just about opposite from the kitchen as well, which was good for somebody as fond of a midnight snack as Sapphire was. She made trips to the kitchen often in her old home, so why should this one have to be any different if it were just her and her best friends living there.

    Other than that, she didn't really get changed, sticking to the same tank top and jeans that she'd been wearing, both of which were tight enough to cling to her body in a way that only highlighted her frame, as was the objective. She wasn't quite as athletic as either of her two friends, though she didn't let that stop her from showing off her own body, heavily feminine as it was.

    A smile split her face as she came out to Onyxia making sure that her hand wouldn't come away from Ruby's box sticky, a chuckle escaping her lips. "Yeah Rubes, seriously where do you find some of that stuff? You're a bigger deviant than people think." Imagine if the papers managed to get ahold of some of the information about their private lives, the headlines would absolutely slam them. They probably wouldn't even be able to defend themselves, not that she was complaining.

    "Oooh, renting it out sounds like fun! We'd have our own live in entertainer and servant!" Okay, she absolutely didn't mean that she intended to treat whoever took their offer as a slave, if they did rent the room out, but it would be nice to have another set of hands helping out. And heck, she could always use a camerawoman. "And sure, if you drop me off at my old place on the way back, I can pick up my motorbike and pick you up." She smiled. That internet money had been so helpful for buying shit she actually wanted. "We have a garage here, right?" She turned to Ruby, looking at the girl's state of near undress. Were they gonna parade around in the nude? "Uh, do we?"
  12. Ruby pouted a little when it became clear the other two wasn't as fond of the idea of 'no clothes' as she was. With a heavy sigh, she swung her body back laying on the floor, the posture of 'i give up!' clear as all of her beautiful hopes and dreams had been successfully and naturally dashed. Though hearing the pair comment on her box of secrets made her chuckle. Ruby was naturally a little deviant, ever since she was a young girl, those sorts of things were the most fun for her. Ever since that slumber party, since that turning point in her life, she'd never found anything that moved her quite so strongly. And with her friends so willing to play with her, why wouldn't she indulge in the hobby just because it was a little unsavory?

    Though hearing the pair's concerns about stickiness, she only shook her head, an impish grin on her face, but sincerity in her tone. "Come on now Ony, you guys know me better then that. Some dirty stuff might be okay, but I wouldn't wanna do anything that might make you guys uncomfortable or risk anything." She explained, keeping things dirty or unclean after all could lead to health problems or complications. At the same time it would be naturally unpleasant for the pair as well, despite her air headed nature, she put in earnest effort for her friends she cared about so much.

    Though hearing the pair so eager about subrenting, she could only once more feel pain in her chest. Her actions overly dramatic as she clutched her adorable and immature looking chest with an exaggerated gasp of disbelief. "You guys don't like my ideas! I'd put so much thought into it too~" She spoke, rolling to one side as if enduring great pain in her heart and spirit, but they were no doubt wise to this adorable play of her's. That melodramatic wounded look of her's was pretty common when they were out and about, she would always have an overly dramatic flourish to everything and an exaggerated princely demeanor. It was only when they began discussing their plans that Ruby relaxed and laid flat once more.

    "Well, if you two are going to go out and do stuff like that, I guess I can get started around the house, maybe have dinner ready for you by the time you're back. Something like hotpot to celebrate." She mused, thinking of a good dish to 'share'. Something traditional, home-y and still unique would be perfect, hotpot wasn't a bad idea in her mind. "The garage is shared with the rest of the building, there should be a ramp leading down on the backside of the building." Ruby commented glancing up at the pair from her position on the floor, her impish grin fading for a moment. A serious atmosphere coming about her for a moment as she looked from Sapphire to Onyxia, a dashing smile touching her face as she lifted her hands up to the pair. "Well, even if we all wear clothes at home still. I'm really happy to be with you guys."