Yladian - Mist Lúthes

Yladian - Mist Lúthes
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    Race: Yladian
    Age: 18
    Sex: Female

    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Relationship: Single & Seeking

    Height: 5'8"
    Build: Pure Muscle, but Petite




    Nationality: Japanese
    Age: 17
    Sex: Female

    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Relationship: Frustratingly Single

    Height: 5'3"
    Build: Average


    Chihiro and Mist are very different people...though, perhaps, it's easier to imagine them as halves of the same whole, simply unable to be one piece in their current place and time. Mist is bubbly and excitable, ready to leap into anything new at a moment's notice. She loves people and meeting others, though sometimes she likes just hanging out solo and enjoying the scenery, and she tries to be as pleasant a person as she can be. However, all of this personality comes with some flaws, thanks to Chihiro. She's just getting used to the idea of freedom (if one can call TerraSphere that) and sometimes bites off more than she can chew. There are also many times that she can come off as selfish because she wants to do something, and won't let anyone tell her otherwise. Those devil-may-care moments can and will get her in a lot of trouble. It's still better than in the real world, though, where she can't do anything she wants to...

    Positive: Energetic, Charismatic, Devil-May-Care, Optimistic
    Negative: Selfish, Sheltered, Short-Fused, Careless


    Chihiro has been carefully cultivated like a bonsai: her leafs kept full and her form elegant, never allowed to grow outside of her confined space. Coming from a wealthy family she was given every amenity she could want, but also held to a high standard that she had to meet, lest she receive a harsh punishment. Her father sent her to an all-girls school and refuses to let her meet any men around her age to avoid "distractions", and her mother has put all of her out-of-school time into speaking lessons, tea ceremony lessons, violin lessons...you get the idea. Whenever she did have free time, Chihiro was forbidden from leaving home without an escort. Because of this, she began to crack.

    Her only saving grace were video games. She leapt at a simulated way to escape her family's hold on her; shooters, RPG's, even dating simulators, all of them gave her a window to the outside world that she was desperate for. Still, it wasn't enough, given she needed to keep her grades and her appearances up so her freedom wouldn't be snatched away. VR was interesting, but never her focus.

    Then TerraSphere became world news.

    Instantly, Chihiro was lost in fantasies about getting the client and being part of a world beyond simple shooters and pretending to date cute 2D men. She wanted to run, jump, fight, play, meet people beyond her tiny circle of friends from school her father allowed her to see. She wanted to live a life that wasn't hers. All she needed was the client. She scoured the internet for hints or clues as to the whereabouts of TerraSphere, where it could be downloaded, how she could get it...but nothing she found was legit. It broke her heart. Real freedom was just out of reach.

    But wouldn't you know it, a mysterious email just appeared in her inbox.

    Out of Character

    Played by: @KeiranGold
    Player tag: @Mist Lúthes

    (Original) Original

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    Deaths: 0


    Bowed Instruments, Theatrics


    Armor: ---
    Health: 30 novice
    Energy: 30 novice
    Riding: ---

    Beast Taming: 30 novice
    White Magic: 100 trained
    Aeromancy: 30 novice

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