(Mass Mail) ATTN Astoreans

(Mass Mail) ATTN Astoreans
Discussion in 'In-game Communication' started by Astor Balthas, Feb 3, 2018.
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    Greetings everyone, this is Astor and I am sending out a mass letter to inform you that I have established an alliance with the Explorer League. As part of our agreement, should myself and other players provide them with fund, they will take charge of the expedition to the eastern mountains, which are called Hylands by those native to that region.

    Since it is going to require coordination and the cooperation of other big-named faction, the League is going to need quite a bit of funding for this venture. If you would like to contribute to the discovery of Hylands and many of his previously unheard mysteries, consider donating to the league.

    You can send any amount of gold you would like to my treasurer @System. The nation needs your help more than ever. Let us uncover this mysterious land and learn more about the world of Terrasphere.

    Once the financial situation has been figured out, the expedition will be looking for manpower to go on the expedition as well. I will let the leader of the Explorers League, Eru Nirth take over from here.

    Everyone is free to respond to this post using one of the templates below. The gold you donate will go toward the expedition to Hylands that is currently being single-handedly set up by the Explorers League currently.

    You can donate to @System with the note "Expedition" and it will be counted in the tally.

    [pmail]Message here
    [voicemail]Message here
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  2. Voice mail

    Oooh! Exploring sounds super cool! Uh, I've got some money left but you better find something super cool! Like, bring back some part of Atlantis or something! I gotta make my investment worth it, after all. Good luck!


  3. Voice mail

    @Alphabet Chocolate

    The expedition needs some manpower... or should I say womanpower too though, aren't you going to join?

  4. Voice mail

    This sounds like lots of fun! All the exciting things to discover and see... it's gonna be super special awesome! I hope money won't be that much of an issue after this donation!

    Just sign me up, Seigi Ling Ling, heroic Hero of heroism and member of the Lion's Pride!

  5. Voice mail

    @Astor Balthas

    Oh, you charmer! You sly devil-snake of the apple of my eye! Well, if you insist. I'll help you explore the rough-and-tumble! The uncharted lands! Treasure Island!

    Adventure! God, glory, and gold! Wait, no. Oops. Sorry. The last one was a Pocahontas reference. Anyways, let's start again. Ahem.

    From the day we arrive on the planet and blinking, step into the sun... There's more to be seen than can ever be seen, more to do than can ever be done—oh, wait. That's the Lion King, isn't it?

    Okie dokie, maybe I shouldn't have gone on that Disney movie marathon the other day. Whatevs! Just tell me where to go, Captain Hook! I'll be the Iago to your Jafar! The LeFou to your Gaston! The Diablo to your Maleficent! And, when we're on that adventure, we can do some super cool musical numbers together! Ahoy, matey. Alphabet Chocolate has enlisted onto the crew of the Black Pearl!

    Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun duuuun.

  6. Voice mail

    @Lucia Mierz

    I'm setting up an expedition into the eastern mountains now, the funding is going well, but I want to make sure we have enough money for the supplies we'll need on the trip.

    Do you mind putting some gold in the pot? I think this excursion will greatly benefits Astorea as a whole.

  7. Voice mail

    I can't say I wouldn't mind, I can offer up to 2500 gold, but this seems different from the other drives. I could understand donating to create the guild, donating to rebuild Astorea, but I'm not sure about the benefits of this expedition?

    What can I expect as returns? What will the pros be here @Astor Balthas just so I know what I'm getting into here?

  8. Voice mail

    @Lucia Mierz

    You don't have to put in much, anywhere from 100 to 500g should suffice. And this is for the information. There is still much we don't know about Terrasphere, so any chance we have at venturing out and learning about the world will benefit the player population as a whole.

    I have a bad feeling about being in the dark when we're practically surrounded by foreign land. Falderen at least has a sea to protect them, but we're just in the open, vulnerable to eyes that lust after our land and wealth. I think scoping out neighboring territory and perhaps expanding our territory further will be beneficial for the country.

  9. Voice mail

    —this thing on? Hello? Testing. I am seeing the circle of red, so I am thinking it is on. We will do a see.

    Hello, yes, I am Celestine and I will do a volunteer to do the adventure. Magics of air can do a help when you are doing a travel through mountains. I think. Plus, if there is none of the room for me, then I will just do you all a stalk on my own, so it would be easier to let me do a join.

    P.S. I have done a donate of my lucky coin. It is a coin of luck, because when I did a bend to pick it up, an attack of needles did a flying through where the head of mine wanted to be. Maybe it will do us a help.

  10. Mail

    I have sent a donation. If there is space, my lance would gladly aid this expedition.

  11. Voice mail

    King @Astor Balthas, I hope you're getting this. Boss? Can I call you boss? I mean, I've been technically working for you since I started this game, I suppose. But now that I'm going on this expedition, that makes you officially my boss, right? Look, either way, I'll put in some money I've been saving up. I was going to use it on other things, but I'm pretty invested in helping the Caenis, so I'll be putting it to use here instead. It isn't much, but it's basically my life savings as far as the game is concerned.

    I look forward to saving the Caenis people and their village. That is what this is about right? At least humor me and say it is. I know there's probably a lot more politics involved here. Either way, I'm excited. I look forward to what more of Terrasphere has to offer. See you there?

  12. Mail

    I've donated some of my gold. It might be not much, but it should count at least a little. Hope this expedition brings something to add for Astorea.

  13. Voice mail

    I've donated as much gold as I can spare, and I eagerly volunteer to participate in the expedition. I hope that we'll be able to reach an agreement with the Caenii living in the Hylands.

  14. Voice mail

    I donated as much as much of my gold as I could and I volunteer myself if you are still looking for manpower on this expedition. Adventure into the unknown, being the first to see new sights? How can one say no to that and call themselves and adventurer

  15. Mail

    A gift from the knight who fought alongside you King Astor. Good luck on the expedition. I look forward to someday seeing you again. Regardless of what the scenario may be.