Open - Lost for Words

Open - Lost for Words
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  1. It has been barely a few hours since Sydney was 'born' into this world of virtual reality.
    It was her first encounter with such unique game; a game in which a player could exist, act and feel just as if they were in the real world. A truly unique feeling that came to Sydney as a mild shock. Her expectations were set quite high from the very beginning, but she had never imagined they would be exceeded by that much. After trying out hundreds of games it was natural to have such expectations and once person goes through hours and hours of gameplay they tend to become very picky with games and features that can be found inside the games. MMORPGs were always Sydney's poison as she could escape from the shackles of reality and become 'someone else', someone that is not her- someone strong and significant. To think she would wake up to a day where she can step into such world with her own mind, senses and emotions is like a dream-come-true and she was definitely not going to waste that dream.

    Sydney spawned in Brisshal. For her spawn point was deep in the forest. "Am I here now...?" She was silently monologuing there upon spawn as she was still not sure whether she was able to jump into the game. "A forest?" She muttered and looked around- forest she found herself in was vast and quite dense and, somehow, Sydney was able to spawn somewhere in its deeper parts. It was not an ideal starting point as Sydney has never been a big fan of such areas- in games or real life. Without making any further attempts to determine her own location Sydney walked up to the nearest tree and put her left palm on it. She proceeded to do that with the right one as well before moving back and taking a very deep breath. Actions she performed were just tests of the environment; the air was quite refreshing and tree felt like... well, a tree. Just as it would feel in real life. "Haha... ha... Okay..." She muttered silently before cracking a smile. "This is truly amazing- being inside a game... Hate being picky, but I should get out of this forest..." Sydney said and thought for herself that it would probably be a good idea to find a clear area she could navigate in easier. As she was still very excited over the fact that she truly was in a game she lost in thought and was not relying on any logical resources on how to find a path to lead her out of the forest. She, indeed, was lost for words and after half an hour... well, literally lost. Forest was not getting any thinner and clearings were nowhere to be seen- that was expected considering the element of virtual reality, but it was still getting on Sydney's nerves already- she wanted to try out all of the features of the game and not be stuck somewhere trying to find her way out. "Maybe my 'menu' has something that could help me... How do you turn on a map or something like that?" She muttered.
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    Chris found himself wandering the woods of Brishaw. He had absolutely no idea where he was going, and also had no idea of how to get there. The Palm Menu wasn’t any help in that regard either, as the in game menu didn’t have the option of a map. That meant he had no idea if he was headed in the right direction to a town, or was wandering around aimlessly until he was forced to log out. Once I find a town I can start learning more about what I can do. it was a common practice for those who were new to the game. Usually they used the tutorial city as their base of operation until they got used to the world. However this game had no tutorial city. It didn’t even have a tutorial. Players were thrown into what would be considered a ‘low level’ area and had to fend for themselves. Right now he felt like a lion cub thrown off a cliff.

    Sighing Chris continued forward using his ‘staff’ as a walking stick. He was still having a hard time walking, and each twitch of his ‘tail’ reminded him of that fact. He chose Felis as his race upon character creation; the catfolk of the world. What he didn’t expect was that the changes were less cosmetic and more ‘realistic’. His tail twitched on occasion from side to side, which affected his balance. And his ears actually turned towards sounds to allow him to hear more clearly. It was a strange experience. He had yet to encounter any hostile enemies in the game, which was something he was grateful for. He was not very confident in his ability to run, and even less confident in actually fighting. He figured he should at least practice his magic near a town so that he’d have a safe escape if he failed. Or maybe partner up with another player so they could help each other learn the basics.

    Chris's ears picked up a noise in the woods, and his steps came to an abrupt stop. He had avoided most hostile mobs because he managed to hear them before they detected his presence. Slowly he proceeded forward trying to be as stealthy as he could manage while still relying heavily on the staff. He reached a patch of trees and leaned his weight on them before peeking around at what made the noise. A human was walking through the woods apparently as lost as Chris felt. She was looking around and muttering to herself, and her steps didn’t appear to have a destination in mind. Letting out a sigh of relief Chris stepped from the trees and out where the person could see him. It was a relief that he found another ‘player’. Or at least he hoped she was a player. If she was an NPC then he doubted she could point him in the direction of a town. He raised a hand in greeting as he gripped the staff tightly to keep his balance. ”Hello. Are you new around here?”

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    Sydney was already scratching herself behind the ear trying to come up with something that would help her to get out of the forest or, in the very least, to point her towards a clearer location or civilization. Sound of steps threw her off for a moment- she was absorbed into the thought, scenery and sensations so much that she could not perceive someone approaching her until they were very close. Having heard a voice of greeting coming from behind her Sydney turned around curiously. There appeared to be a young man... well, judging from his appearance he definitely was not human. It looked very much like one of those races player could pick during character creation. Even though it looked funny Sydney prefers going for the simplest option- humans. Sydney bowed slightly in response. "Greetings." She returned the greeting. "Yeah, I spawned just a few moments ago." She answered the question.

    To her, he did not seem like any high-level player; maybe he, too, spawned only recently. "Sir, do you know a way out of this forest by any chance?" Sydney inquired thinking she might have gotten lucky with her wandering and running into that stranger; perhaps he knew how to get out of her or where the nearest town was. If he had just spawned then he probably did not know much either, but at the very least Sydney knew she was not alone in the forest and there were actual intelligent beings in there as well. She assumed this person was another player, like herself, because he appeared near her spawn point. However, the NPCs in the game were said to be quite sentient and with all elements Sydney had taken into account already she concluded it might be difficult to tell a player apart from an NPC... for all that she knew this person could have been an NPC as well, but she did not care about that as she needed information anyway.

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  4. Chris let out a sigh of relief. The woman’s response proved to him that she was indeed a fellow player, and not an NPC wandering the woods. He had been worried that she might have been an event in the game, and one he was not prepared to undertake. With a smile he walked towards her using the staff as a walking stick; feeling a bit more confident on his legs. ”No, and the menu doesn’t really have a map function as far as I can tell.” He closed his hand into a fist and opened it again quickly. The palm sized menu appeared in his hand and he tried scrolling with his thumb. No map function. Guess we need to buy one to find out where we are.

    Closing his fist Chris also closed the menu and let his hand drop to his side. ”No map to show us where we are. I was actually dropped about a mile that way.” He thumbed over his shoulder in the general direction he traveled. ”I ducked into the woods to avoid a pack of wolves prowling the plains.” He grimaced slightly. ”I got lost almost as soon as I entered. I was hoping to find a river to follow.” He glanced at one of the large trees nearby. ”Or find a tall tree I can climb, but I didn’t build this character with physical stats.” he turned his attention to the young woman and held out his hand. ”I’m Chris.” He knew that most would find using your real name to be a security threat online, but he didn’t care. Chris was such a common name, and he always used a different last name to keep his real identity a secret.

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  5. So the young man did not know anything about their location or where he was going either. That was pretty much Sydney's situation all over. Sydney was annoyed that she had to get lost on her first playtime in the game because her skills in navigation have always been shabby- especially in large areas of wildlife such as this one. Forest as her primal spawning point was to her dislike, but the amount of joy she could absorb from observing the scenery and feeling everything she could feel in real world made it bearable. She was enjoying herself in her own way, but she could not stay here all day getting lost when there were so many activities on her list to do. Being a fan of MMOs she urges to see a lot and, potentially... hit a lot of things. That is the core part of majority of MMOs.

    "Hmm..." Sydney scrolled down her menu in attempt to see if there was anything different for her. There was pretty much nothing she could use so... "I guess we'll have to rely on ourselves on this one." She said and that, basically, meant- explore, explore and explore. She took a moment to look around the area again. "The idea with the tree sounds reasonable... I'll try." She stated. Before going for a tree she could climb on she held her hand out for a handshake with the young man introducing herself. "Pleased to meet you, Chris. Andrea would be my name and character's is Sydney. You can call me by whichever you find most appropriate." She introduced herself with 'both' of her names. 'Sydney' is actually a name of a good childhood friend she had and that is what she names majority of her female characters. 'White' is a last name of another person she knew so it was merely a combination. With that said she moved near the closest tree that appeared to be good enough to withstand her weight and have some stronger branches she could use to climb. "I'm not much of a climber either, but here we go..." She thought to herself knowing her past experiences in real life were not really to be proud of, but it could not be too hard. While climbing... or... attempting to climb the tree she casually posed another question. "So what poked your interest to join this game?"

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  6. Chris shook the young woman’s hand before she turned towards one of the nearby trees. He made a mental note of the woman’s ‘real name’, but promised himself he would only call her by her ‘game name’ inside the game. It was only proper despite Chris’s own lack of security using his own name. Maybe I should go by my last name in game. He filed the thought away for later as the young woman ‘tried’ to climb while asking a question. ”An email appeared in my inbox with a link to the game. I did some research and found that it’s pretty much the only non-regulated game out there. I figured I would give it a try.”

    A faint noise came to his ears from the left, and Chris turned his head in that direction to see what caused it. A few dark figures were prowling among the trees a good distance away, and in the waning light he couldn’t make out what they were. But he could tell they walked on all fours and were low to the ground. Wolves? Taking slow steps he moved closer to the tree so that he wasn’t standing out in the open, and hoping his dark clothing blended in with the darkening forest without providing an outline. He kept his voice calm and conversational; keeping the worry out of it. ”How about you?” If the wolves did attack he wanted her to be up and out of the way in case things went badly for him.

    A loud buzzing came to his ears, and Chris swiped at a mosquito that flew in front of him so he could watch the wolves. A menu appeared before him with a very short list. There were six things listed, and each appeared to be grouped by color. Two of green, blue, and yellow. ”Well this is new.” He reached up and tapped one of the options to see what it did. A description appeared next to the word ‘Circulate’. Moving the air that surrounds you, you are able to mask your scent up to 10 meters away. This prevents creatures that hunt by smell from detecting you outside that area. Costs a constant supply of energy to maintain.

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    "I see- same here. Thought it was a joke at first." Sydney replied to him. Apparently, their situations were no different. As mentioned, she did think it was a joke when she read an email saying about this game and when there were implications all over that it'd be some sort of virtual world very similar to reality. Considering all check-ups she had on that email it could not have been a spam so she just decided to roll with it. The 'virtual reality' was just flavor text in her head as she did not think it would be like this. She assumed it would be one of those games with 'main character' being thrown into virtual reality and when she realized what it was she did not believe until she spawned here.

    She continued to climb the tree. She was halfway up, but still not high enough to see anything clearly so she continued to climb up. Whatever was going down there she was not able to perceive as all her attention was focused on not falling and breaking her neck. She did hear something- it might just have been her imagination. "Is something wrong?" She asked from up the tree as she continued to climb up.

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    Chris cast a glance up at the tree that the young woman was climbing. She was about half way up and making good progress. Better than what Chris would have been able to do. Maybe I can learn a spell that can allow me to levitate. He filed that thought way for later and turned his attention back to the wolves slowly approaching. ”No, I just found out how to cast spells.” Again he kept his worry out of his voice as he observed the figures in the woods. The wolves appeared bigger than normal, and a bit stronger as well. Great. Dire wolves. They were still a good distance away, but Chris felt it wouldn’t be long until they picked up his scent. Maybe I can lead them away. And what? Get killed and respawn back in the field?

    His eyes trailing to the menu opened before him, Chris focused on the spell he selected. At the bottom of the menu a slider hung at the bottom with a toggle option. ‘Asist Mode’ and ‘Free Mode’, with the toggle resting on Asist. He left the slider where it was and tapped the spell. He felt his mouth forming words and his hands moving of their own accord. ”Let the winds move and mask my scent. Circulate.” A yellow light escaped the tip of the staff he held and disappeared into the air. And nothing happened.

    Worried Chris looked to where the large wolves were walking. One had stopped and appeared to sniff the air in their direction, but turned his attention back to the ground and searching for prey. Chris let out a sigh of relief. It looked like the spell worked, and was still working by the slight pull of energy he could feel being drained out of him He just hoped the wolves would move on before his energy ran out. He didn’t know what effect having no energy would do in this world, but considering it was a full immersion game it wasn’t going to be good.

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    Sydney finally reached one of the higher branches of the tree. She is not an athletic type- most of her time she spends either playing games, studying or taking long walks along the road and neither one of those three helps her much in athletics. However, since her character in the game is much more developed for physical combat (swords, maneuvers etc.) it still comes in handy for this. Though it gave her quite a workout. She sat on a thick branch that, hopefully, would not break and started observing the surroundings. Position was high enough for her to be able to spot a few things- towards south there was coast and a lot of clear space along it. An open space would suit her a lot better than the forest so it seemed like a slight plus for her. "Hey, got the eyes on the coast. It's not too far, either." She said to Chris and then began climbing down to get to the solid ground again. Did not take her as long as to climb up.

    For a moment it looked to her as if Chris seemed a bit flustered, but she certainly did not notice anything going on while she was up there or when she arrived back down. "Is everything alright? You look a bit pale." Sydney commented.

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    Chris kept an eye on the wolves even as Sydney called down from the top of the tree. They continued on past the trees before passing out of sight. The catboy let out a sigh of relief and ended the spell. At least ending a spell is easy. He glanced up when he heard scraping coming closer from in the tree and noticed Sydney climbing down. She dropped the last few feet and looked at him curiously.

    "Is everything alright? You look a bit pale." Chris shook himself and adopted a casual look. ”No, just learning the magic system.” He motioned towards the trees the wolves disappeared. ”A couple of wolves were hunting nearby. I used a spell to mask my scent after a certain distance. They disappeared over there.” He gave Sydney a smile. ”You said you found a way out of here?”

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  11. "Wolves..." Sydney muttered after Chris and hesitantly looked around, but there was nothing anymore- she remained on her guard after that regardless. She was in no condition to fight any of those things if they decided to jump her for a snack- her weaponry consisted of healthy feet to to run and arms to climb a tree and, also, some weaponry she had on her back- it looked like a sword, but just by looking at it one could realize Sydney might as well try to cut enemies with a grass leaf. At Chris's question Sydney gave a single nod and turned around to point towards south. "Coast is not too far over there- forest is not as dense there either." Sydney mentioned. In a forest one cannot get a clear sight on surroundings and is much easier to ambush so it would be in these two adventurers' interests to get out of it as soon as possible or those wolves might get their snacks after all.

    "I take it we should have a better idea of what to do once we get out of the forest." Sydney suggested as she turned towards the direction of the coast. "You want to go there or you have other plans here?" Sydney inquired as she began to take slow steps towards her intended location.

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  12. Chris looked in the direction the young woman pointed to. It was actually the direction the wolves had started from, but he figured it was safe now. Unless it was actually a spawn point for the canine. Shaking his head he looked at Sydney with a smile. ”Not that I can think of. Personally I’m a bit tired of trees.” He turned and headed in the direction she indicated. With another swipe of his hand he closed the Spell window.

    As he walked he thought about the spells on the list. Each was grouped according to color, and the one he selected was one of the yellow ones. Does the color mean type of spell or Mastery type? He itched to open up the menu and explore the options to him, but he stubbornly kept it closed. It would be rude to ignore his companion just to satisfy his own curiosity. Instead he glanced over at Sydney and eyed her sword. ”I’m guessing by your starting equipment you chose a fighter type?” He leaned on his staff as he walked due to his balance still being a bit off because of his tail.

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  13. "Yes, a fighter." Sydney affirmed young man's assumptions. She made her class so it is a tank focused on evasion and damage reduction rather than packing heavy armor or weapons. It is more like a samurai rather than typical swordsman. "I favor tanks in combat. What about you? Spellcaster?" Sydney briefly explained before adding a question of her own. She used to be a spellcaster fan because one would not require to be exposed to physical danger all the time still could do a lot of damage and/or support. However, with time she decided to try something new and began favoring melee combat. Of course, she still mixes various playstyles and classes in different situations.

    Her first plan for this unique game is exploration before everything else. That is her plan with majority of other games; to enjoy the graphics and textures of surroundings. One of the reasons she prefers huge games
  14. Chris glanced at the staff he used as a walking stick. He gave her a grin. "What was your first clue? The staff or the spell?" Letting out a sigh he continued. "I tend to play casters in games. It gives me a chance to view a battle at a distance and know where I'm needed." He gave a slight grimace. "I tried tank once. I....wasn't very good." He gave a mental shudder at the memory of his entire party wiping because he never learned the knack for taking aggro on his previous game. The goblins took the healers first, and then proceeded to pick off his team members until he was the last one. His members were less than pleased with him.

    Shaking his head Chris turned his attention back to the surroundings. "I guess I really came here to escape my old guild. I was praised as a great tactician and spellcaster. One of the best on the entire server. But the moment I tried tanking." Another sigh escaped his lips, and he turned towards Sydney with a smile. "Let's just say I'm glad I'm not alone in these woods." The woods slowly grew lighter the closer they came to the coast. He turned his attention back to the path before them, and thought he could make out some water in the distance.

    And that was when Chris's ears picked up something nearby. A twig that snapped faintly, and brush rustling behind them. It was faint, but his 'new' ears picked up the sounds as they swiveled backwards. He still had no idea why that felt so natural. He kept the pace, but spoke in a low voice. "Out of curiosity, how confident are you with that sword?"

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