Faerin - KG Merlin

Faerin - KG Merlin
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    Race: Faerin
    Age: 14
    Sex: Male

    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Relationship: Single

    Height: 4'0"
    Build: Small and Fit




    Nationality: American
    Age: 13 (and a half!)
    Sex: Male

    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Relationship: Single

    Height: 5'5"
    Build: Awkwardly Growing


    Kenny is a very talkative thirteen-year-old and his game self is no exception. He’s extremely curious and tends to pepper people with unnecessary and nosy questions. At least it’s out of genuine interest—since he hates reading and writing due to his dyslexia, Kenny has an excellent memory. It might not seem like he’s listening, but he always remembers any info he’s given and can rattle off names and almost-exact conversations without batting an eye. His dad loves to use this knack for interviews, and Kenny is always happy to tag along and help. Family is very important to him and he’d do anything for his parents or his sister, even if he puts up a “cool guy” act like he thinks other kids do about their parents. One of his goals in Terrasphere is to become a professional gold-farmer to help out his family in real life, but that’s for the future.

    He lacks any real athletic ability, but he makes up for it with enthusiasm and energy to spare. KG can be really silly and immature—he whispers curse words like he’s going to get in trouble, and it’s easy to play on his gullible nature. He’s fairly chipper and optimistic, but hides sort of a mean streak—in previous games, he’s known to play what he thinks are delightful pranks where he happily drags someone into a bad situation and then leaves them to deal with it. Terrasphere may not be so easy to do that in, however. He’s a nice kid overall, but he’s also not above a little blackmail or bully tactics to get what he wants. KG also doesn’t like animals—he has an old pet beagle back home that hates him, so he takes a little malice out on dogs and cats and whatever else (though never when anyone’s watching.) KG likes to collect things (he has a rock collection at home) and his inventory tends to get stuffed with useless junk that he dumps at inconvenient moments.

    Positive: energetic, curious, open-minded, cheerful, good memory
    Negative: immature, unempathetic, nosy, mean to animals, dyslexic


    Kenny was born and has lived in San Diego, California all his life with his mother, father, younger sister, and disgusting beagle. They were a lower-class family with only a couple unusual quirks: first, his father was a tabloid journalist. This meant he was often not at home, off pursuing the latest Chupacabra sighting or scouting out crop circles. While most people were not convinced, Kenny’s dad completely believed in the wild, the mysterious, and the magical and has spent his life chasing it. His mother’s line of work existed almost solely for the annual Comic Con and other special conventions—her passion was sewing, and she had her own theme shop featuring costuming from every popular cartoon, video game, and anime character she could figure out how to replicate. Because of this, Kenny grew up in a very accepting household where media, games, and fiction were held on a higher pedestal than even reality. His clothes were often modified hand-me-downs from the shop that didn’t sell, so as a kid he had trouble making friends and was often teased for his outfits, which he’s still a little sensitive about.

    Still, for the most part, Kenny enjoyed a very ordinary life. He kicked the dog every morning, played robots with his friends, and went to school. School was always a struggle for Kenny, who struggled with his dyslexia on a daily basis. He required some special tutoring in his early years. He never enjoyed school or class except for geology, since he’d started his own rock collection and had been adding to it ever since he was little. Kenny loved all kinds of games and sports, but his favorite was baseball and he worked tirelessly to make the Jr. High team. He lacked talent, however, and couldn’t make the cut. Still, he played with his friends and made their own little league.

    When he turned 10, his parents let him get a VR set for the first time, though he had to share it with his little sister (which wasn’t fair at all.) Kenny was psyched. He’d been trying to play MMORPG since he was little, but the text-based interface had always thrown him off, so he’d had to resort to online headset-type communication with guys while he was running around in Halo and all that stuff. This was an awesome next step. He played several different titles, but when he heard about the Terrasphere controversy, he just had to have it. It was so cool and different! He asked everyone, but no one at school would send him the e-mail or admit they had it. He asked on all the online platforms (accidentally downloading more than one virus in the process) and finally, finally acquired the secret game. He didn’t even bother to change his avatar and selected his race at random, typing in his classic gamertag KG_MERLIN (which some might recognize from other games) and jumped right in.

    Out of Character

    Played by: @Buzz
    Player tag: @KG Merlin

    (Boku no Hero Academia) Midoriya Izuku
    (Boku no Hero Academia) Midoriya Izuku

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    Deaths: 0


    Commerce, Tailoring


    Armor: ---
    Health: ---
    Energy: ---

    Mobility: ---
    Riding: ---

    Geomancy: 0 beginner
    Spellbane: 0 beginner
    Bludgeon: 0 beginner

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