Kaede Season One [Solos] (18+)

Kaede Season One [Solos] (18+)
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  1. Story break
    Date: 5/30/2026
    Time: 1:01AM
    Location: Character creation room

    _____Anyone who called themself a game lover would not pass up the chance to play a game like what she had heard about of Terrasphere. Designing a character was simply a very long and often enjoyed step for the individual behind the console, or in this case overlooking the avatar in the empty room. An empty canvas, default set to match the player as the figure reached to lightly chew their thumb, so many choices and ideas racing around the mind but only one could truly be chosen leaving the weight greatly on the shoulders of the figure drawing her bent up nervous tendency to reveal itself.

    _____This figure, Kaede Hoshi, age nineteen, female, single, homosexualy curious, and above all loner. While she played games most her life online she was not one for MMO games, the idea you would likely need others was never her choice but this game seemed to pull her in with mystery and unknown until she stood where she was. Moving thumb away from her face slowly Kaede set to work, not exactly sure how to fully go about actually changing anything about her character that she wanted to change.

    ”Let’s take this slow, only have one shot so we have to make everything perfect or as close as we can get I suppose. Firstly, I need to consider masteries actually, if I set my appearance and then pick a mastery that does not match my build i’d have to start over again.”

    _____Moving to glance around the area for anything that might resemble the location to pick the masteries for the character with nothing popping out. Everything was grey and empty outside Kaede, her clone, and the chair it sat on unmoving. It was almost a unsettling feeling to see yourself sitting before you and not moving, an out of body experience one might call it, Kaede simply called it bad precipitation or someone got to drugged up. Lapping the room several times in hopes to find something, but no luck as she returned to the spot she started and glanced at her doppelganger.

    ”I don’t suppose you might know how to get anything done. This might be why the game was in that odd email, just some troll messing with people who want to play a real game. What a waste of my time I swear.”

    _____Kaede spoke to her double, no reply as she expected but still felt the need to try. Doing another lap around the room before she realized another issue that was far more pressing. There was no log out button, or menu. The real flaw and trap, while sure most would panic Kaede simply sighed lightly and sat down on the floor before her clone with a blank expression. It was rather genius plan she had to admit. Set up an enticing story for a game, send it out under the radar, watch as people get trapped and die from not maintaining their real body because they can't log out.

    _____The soundlessness broke as Kaede slowly clapped her hands to show her approval of the work the people put into this death trap. It was something else and as much as she tried to go over things in her head there seemed to be no hints or real way to escape this. Moving to lay down on the ground Kaede wondered how the next few days would feel until she died, and would hunger or thirst kill her, it was somewhat fun to consider. Yawning lightly Kaede figured her best choice would be to sleep for now, not like she could do much else it seemed.
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  2. story break
    Date: 5/30/2026
    Time: 7:30AM
    Location: Character creation room

    _____Waking to see herself still trapped was not enough of a shocker for Kaede, however during her slumber and rather deeper attempts to brainstorm how to get out of this trap it seemed she had done something. Eyes widened as she sat up quickly and overlooked her character model, the hair color was no longer the odd blackish red of her hair but solid black. Blinking and rubbing her eyes Kaede tried to retrace her train of actions while she was sleeping. Without luck Kaede growled and began walking around the altered copy again.

    _____Stopping before the clone as she leaned forward only inches from touching noses with the copy of herself. Staring intensely before wondering something that quickly turned her face red. It was a truly curious thing to consider, not to mention impure as Kaede quickly backed away tripping on her own feet and falling over onto her butt. If they got this many details correctly, was it entirely a copy of herself, down to each feature. Shaking her head rapidly to try and stop her curiosity from winning things over. But as she set her focus back on the double it only returned with reinforcements.

    ”Well it IS my own body… Not to mention I have to make sure EVERY detail is right afterall… No what am I even thinking there is a line I need to draw!”

    _____Kaede spoke with a faint tone until the end having to slap her cheeks to stop herself from thinking such things. Even if she wanted to double check every detail she was to embarrassed by the idea of stripping herself, even if it was a clone of herself and only she was around. For all she knew someone could be watching and what if it was genderless, she would be labeled a pervert if she ever got out. But at the same token, maybe it was the key to escaping.

    ”Just a quick peek… I’m sure that is fine to keep my curiosity tamed… I mean… it could also be educational to double check to see if I have any marks in places I can’t always see… ...Fine a quick peek that's it!”

    _____Giving into her curiosity Kaede moved back to her copy and turned red once more. Even if she had convinced herself a peek was fine it still felt so weird for her. Sure she had seen herself naked countless times she was never the one to undress someone else and still have clothes on, or off either for the matter. Slapping her cheeks for overthinking things as she started to reach for the lose top over her double and felt her heart getting ready to shatter her ribs. Slowly pulling the lip of the clothing away to see under before quickly moving it back and rushing away covering her face.

    ”T..There… Now let’s get back to focusing on how to get out of here or something OTHER than checking myself out more!”

    _____Taking a few extra moments of not looking at her double to relax before she turned back to the clone and walked over. Nobody who put this much work into something would leave it with zero exit, it had to be a mind game and she simply needed to think more, there was a hint already and she still needed to explore it. So far the only change happen while she was sleeping, and knowing how she had issues while sleeping maybe she did something to cause the hair color change.

    ”Ok, from the top and beginning, your using a Virtual reality gear, they use brain waves to allow you to do things without moving. So try thinking about a mastery page maybe?”

    _____Kaede mumbled to herself as she closed her eyes and thought about how a mastery page would look. She considered the side area where she would find the ones she could pick from, beside it maybe the upper half explaining each mastery a bit and below that the ones she picked so far. A flash of light forcing her eyes open as the image showed up before her, at first she simply assumed it was her mind playing tricks, but as she thought of scrolling down to one of the mastery the image changed to match.

    ”Ha-ha, we are making some foot way now. Consider this a test, making the character is how you finish it and get out of here so let’s make it count!”