Open - Fountain of memories

Open - Fountain of memories
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  1. _____A chance to remember missed time, while it sounded almost too good to be true Kaede felt she owed it to herself to explore the chance she might regain what she lost. So many things did not make sense as things stood, woman seemed to know her yet she could never recall them. Men hated her or scorned her existence. Places always made her blush when they normally would not have for the same reasons all lost in her memory she could not reach. If she had to risk crossing dangerous creatures for the shot to know, was it not worth the price she paid for the information?

    _____Her red cloak rustling loudly as the sharp cold winter winds lashed along the mountainside she climbed with steady pace. The clouds not far away from how far up she had gone so far and it slightly startled her to be honest. This location, the steep passageway along the mountain stung her memories heavily, the ringing deep inside her skull all too familiar as her mind trying to remind her yet blocked out by some unknown force. Pulling her cloak over her mouth and face to fight against the nibbing chill washing over her.

    _____The ringing subsiding to beeping as Kaede noticed her meters starting to drop quickly, namely stamina and temperature. She had lost track of when she last rested or tried to keep her body temperature up. Scanning the area around her in hopes for something she could use to hide from the wind to start a fire or stop walking head first against the strong chill she was suffering from at the dealing of wind. The endless white blanket slope gave little sign to spare her such a fate, luckily, rather unlucky some might say as Kaede’s step brought forth a loud cracking sound.

    _____The white snow began to rose, her mind fixing the thought as she fell down with shards of ice around her. Grey eyes scanning for the bottom or a place to slow her decent without success. The light from above fading out giving way to only darkness and the rush of wind as Kaede fell deeper from the surface. Her sense of direction scrambled as she kept trying to reach for something, anything around her. Softly however, the sound of rushing water broke the scramble as she had one sense to lock onto her hearing.

    _____Body moving into dive feet first for the water, body locked tightly together as the sound got closer, a last chance to get as much air as she could before she hit the rapids and got swept along, the force of the impact knocking everything out of Kaede as she blacked out. The moments of her forced slumber breaking away the heavy locks on some of her memories, and why this place seemed so recent in her mind. She had been here before, and fell into the water last time also, but as she tried to dig more into the lost memory she woke.

    _____The cold she once felt was nothing to the bone shivering chill she now suffered. Water rushing along her lower body, arms gripping tightly to land she could not see, her body still weak and aching with pain from her fall. This place, wherever she ended up was likely going to kill her, but not without a strong struggle. Muscles screamed out as Kaede forced them to work against their demands to rest, slowly clawing her way onto land where the water would not lash her body more. It was the first of many steps she needed to take.

    _____More struggle as Kaede clenched her fist and opened her UI, hands shivering as she scrolled along her item list changing clothing, getting out wood and items for a fire and working with everything she had to get it going for both light and warmth. Her meters all screaming for replenishment or tending as the first few sparks gave way to flames. Careful breaths to kindle the fires to grow before she could see some distance around herself and soaked in the heat from the fire as close as she could get. Falling to her back she laid calmly.

    ”This… is… why… I Hate… Hiking… And mountains… Cold… and Unforgiving!”

    _____Kaede’s teeth clattered as she spoke, her voice low despite the sharp yelling tone it tried to hold. The air was thin, rather the air stung her lungs from the cold and rawness of it all. This place, wherever she had fallen was not common place for people to end up, while it was both good and bad Kaede tried to mostly focus on the good note of it. It would likely mean less danger and without knowing how long she was swept by the current or how far she was forced to simply take things slowly.

    _____Fist clenching once more to open her UI and take out some scarp foods and her water jug to try and tend to her needs meters while warming up beside the fire and allowing her body to relax as much as she could without sleeping in the unknown location. Her main focus for the moment was to simply survive, and so far she was doing just fine with such and hoped to keep it that way. Laying back down on the ground Kaede closed her eyes and relaxed some more.

    ”Hopefully there is a way out of here that is not death… But for now I think a small nap would be ok… Just to recover stamina and my sleep meters…”
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  2. Celestine wrapped her warm scarf snuggly around her neck and chin as the cold air continued to poke at her cheeks. So this was the Hyland Mountains? Or… at least the outskirts of it. She wouldn’t dare go too far in. After all: this was just a little scouting mission out of curiosity. A peek at what was ahead. The answer: A WHOLE LOT OF COLD SNOW! Why on earth would the Explorer’s League choose now - of all times - to brave the Hylands?! Mountains were cold and perilous enough without adding WINTER WEATHER to the mix. Maybe it was all just for the thrill of firsties?

    Cel shrugged. Whatever. From what she’d heard, there’d been a good chunk of funding coming in from various sources, so with any luck, they’d hire a bunch of people to bring firewood, pyromancy, and lots of cuddly people err…. ‘Clothes.’

    “This is still looking to be a huge wasting of the times though,” she commented with a voice that was lost to the howling winds. On a less windy day, it might’ve echoed through the vast mountain ranges. A shame, really: echoes were fun.

    “Okay, so my list of the things to do a buy of: scarves. Very thick, warm, snuggly winter clothes. Um... ” she paused to ponder it, whipping out her waterskin to take a sip. The ice-cold water within felt like a knife, all the way down and brought shiver along with it. “I wonder if this world is having a thermos to buy. Maybe I can be finding someone who can do me a Tinker. Hot chocolate would be great. Or cider of the apples. Either one. Let us see… what else can help me do a mountain…?”

    Celestine brought her hand up to her forehead, almost like a salute, keeping the wind from her eyes so she could see better. Though she was intending to focus on the mountains, a big red ‘dot’ in the distance caught her attention instead. Like a drop of blood on the white canvas of sno-- wait… hadn’t she made that analogy before? Yeah, definitely. And it looked like it was the same person too, though it was a little hard to see. Why was she heading straight into the mountains alone?!

    Celly watched as the distant red blob made its way through the snow and ice. “That might as well be doing a suicide without anyone to do a help. What is she possibly doing? Wait, huh…?” Then, just as suddenly as Cel had noticed her, the blob had vanished. It looked like she’d slipped down into the snow, except she wasn’t getting back up. Had she collapsed there?

    “Mmmmm, I already did a check of ‘Help a damsel in distress,’ so I am not needing to do another help, but...” Celestine paced back and forth in the thick snow, slowly packing it down as she repeated the pattern. “I am of great curiosity. But I also cannot be doing a survive in this place for many of the times.” She took one last glance in the direction the red blob had vanished. “Okay, fine. I am of too many curiosities. I will do a check at least.”

    With the conclusion reached, Celestine finally started in what was hopefully the right direction. It didn’t take her long to reach the chasm, and once she caught sight of that crack in the ground, suddenly this all made sense. Suddenly, this was a bit more exciting.

    “Oooo! Doing an explore is of far more interest.”

    With a quick wind spell, she slowly floated down to the bottom, shutting her eyes tight as she tried to ignore the painful chill that came from getting blasted with icy wind. On the other hand, it was far better than plunging into the icy river there. Definitely. After a few minutes of following the stream, a flickering light came into view. Fire. Warmth! Not wasting a second, she ran for it, full speed.

    “Oh, is it the beheader of the goblins,” Celestine called as she immediately rushed closer to the small flame. “I was doing the thinking that it was you, but I was not doing a sureness from the great distances. Um...” she rubbed her gloved hands together as she asked, “What is it you are doing here? If you are wanting to do an explore, there is the expedition to do a join of later.”
  3. _____Kaede’s nap broke with the sound of a familiar voice. Eyes opening slowly and she pushed off the cold ground and attempted to focus grey eyes on the direction of the voice, slowly coming into focus Kaede smiled gently and laid back down slowly. The girl did not pose much a threat from what Kaede knew of her and while her way of speaking took some adjusting it was nothing extreme that would not be able to be done while relaxing.

    ”Kaede, Kaede Hoshi is my name… I’m here on personal matters of my memory… But it seems I’ve once more ended up in the wrong place. Hard to explain it, but my head keeps ringing as if telling me to get out of here while I still can… but another part of me says this is where I need to be to find my lost memories…”

    _____Kaede tried her best to explain things, but at the same time she did not want to give the girl the full truth behind her reason here or the feeling she was getting from this place. Almost deadly, a unseen hand wrapping tightly around her neck slowly choking away at Kaede the more she thought about it or got closer to whatever was the source.

    ”What brings you here Celestine? Early scouting mission?”

    _____Kaede made an effort to change the topic as she moved to rest her hands behind her head. The less it was focused on Kaede’s reason to be here the better after all and that was something Kaede could do. From what she knew of Cel it would also not take much to distract the girl, she seemed to be constantly looking for a new focus so hopefully this change would be enough. Stretching her legs slowly Kaede tried to make herself slightly more comfortable while hopefully having a story to listen to.
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  4. “Oh? I do not think you did me a telling of the last name of yours before,” Cel mentioned, trying to think back on it. Nope, the memory wasn’t there. Then again, she didn’t remember her first name either until she’d said it a moment ago, so there was that. “I do not know what the ‘Kaede’ is meaning, but I am knowing the ‘Hoshi’ is a star. Very much coolness.” She wasn’t about to admit she only knew it from various anime series, nor was she about to assume Kaede was Japanese. After all, Terrasphere was international now, and she - herself - had taken her name from a pretty looking rock.

    Celestine sat alongside Kaede, warming herself by the fire. This was a cool little cave, and surprisingly warm compared to the outside; probably due to the fire burning for a while. Still, it wasn’t the most exciting place. Seen one winter cave, seen ‘em all.

    “Yep,” Celestine answered Kaede’s question, blunt and quick. There wasn’t much more to say about it. She came. She stared at a mountain. She stared at snow.

    Yeah, that was pretty much it.

    Memory loss was far more interesting…

    “I was not knowing you were doing a loss of the memories,” she mentioned, latching onto the infinitely more interesting topic. “Is it like the complete loss of the memories, or are you doing more of a loss of the detailings? Actually, you are of lucks, because I might be having a thingy for this...

    Swiping open her menu, she scrolled through several panels until she got to her mini pets. It was one she’d obtained just recently: “Ghost of Winstersday Past.” Of all the mini pets she could’ve got, it was hard for her to excuse having this one out on a regular basis. It was kinda cute, but it was downright disruptive with the random memories it brought up, and - as a ghost - impossible to cuddle. Still, as she looked over at Kaede, it felt like the perfect time.

    Pressing down the ‘summon’ button, Celestine struck a strong, sturdy pose that looked like she was flexing and called out, “Just like we rehearsed! Prepare to do a facing of the power of my Stand!”

    Suddenly, the ghostly, translucent figure of a small young woman phased out of Celestine and flew around the cave, dropping a bunch of snowflakes like a little cloud.

    “So anyway,” Cel explained as the little ghost idly circled around her several times, “whenever I do look at her, she is giving me the strong memory feelings. Maybe she can do you a help?” The ghost, hearing her summoner’s wishes, floated over to Kaede and struck a cute little pose with a smile, hoping to be of help.

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  5. ”Kaede means Maple leaf, it’s not that cool to be honest. Both a Maple leaf and star are destined to fall or die out so not exactly comforting to be named after them in real life and since I lack creative ability in names… Just lost memories here mostly, something about my real life seems off also but I can’t ever get my finger onto the issue when I try to overthink it my head hurts from start to giving up so.”

    _____Her Hopes shot down, but moving with little information and always looking to turn the topic was all Kaede could do from here on. She did not like to trouble others, rather it seemed she disliked to trouble other woman but she still had no real clue why she favored them over men so much on so many different things. But at the chance it might help Kaede tried to look at the ghost with a soft smile. The memory she got however was something a little heavy for short notice.

    _____It started off nice, she was with someone she recently re-encountered @Ueno Mizuki However, it quickly took a turn for the odd. The things they did and what she said forced Kaede out of the memory and her face almost more crimson as her cloak as she covered her eyes and buckled up. To think she and Mizuki had been THAT close and she forgot all about the girl, not only did that sink an anchor into Kaede’s heart but made her feel extremely guilty.

    ”While that… was… Helpful… it was also a bit… well… Err… Nevermind…”

    _____Kaede did not want to look again and be filled with more guilt, one fragment of her past was enough for now and there was no telling if the ghost would show her something new or more of that same memory. Thankfully Kaede would not have to worry so much as the area began to tremble slowly and a roar cut across the air sending more then chills down Kaede’s back and throughout her body. One thing was clear, she knew that roar and feared it more then she was embarrassed about the recalled memory.

    ”We need to get out of the open… Quickly!”

    _____Kaede’s tone was filled with the fear she was starting to show, her mind flipping into sink or swim mode as she reached for one already ignited piece of wood and moved it aside. Pulling her cloak off and fanning out the fire leaving them with little light and fading warmth before she started moving away from where she assumed the sound had come from. Torch held as she tried to navigate the area as best she could.
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  6. It wasn't yet time for the grand expedition that, funded by Astorea, explorers and adventurers alike, would be the beginning of the known civilized world becoming familiar with the so far isolated Hylands. Due to the location it had been unavoidable that there were some people who'd enter the high region, and there were some outposts on the outer skirts, but all in all this was the time that the Hylands as a whole would be explored, mapped out and turned from a land of unknown mysteries into a country of known but still strange mysteries. Mizuki personally had a lot of interest in the Caenis tribes that also lived in the region, wanting to meet the Caenii and learn more about their lifestyle and traditions. It had mostly been coincidence that caused her to become a Caenis herself, an urge she hadn't even been able to explain herself until it had already happened, but now that it had happened she wanted to live up to it.

    Right now she was just hunting, however. She wasn't sure what exactly she was hunting, but she was searching for signs of anything big enough to be worth taking out and taking home as a trophy. The Monster Hunters wanted the new blood to show off, prove that they were worth paying attention to, which meant that hunting now had a completely new benefit aside from training and just enjoying the game.

    Stepping through the snow Mizuki did her best to move silently, minimizing the crunching of snow underfoot while she kept low to the ground and turned her ears to see if she could catch any sounds which would lead her to prey. The sharp ears of a wolf had turned out to be very useful when hunting, especially when she combined them with her Hunting mastery to become even better at tracking and catching faint signs of other creatures being in the area. Right now she couldn't hear anything, however, as she slowly made her way through the fields of snow towards the mountains higher up. She wouldn't enter the actual Hylands, instead moving about in the outskirts to see if there was anything interesting around here. There probably wouldn't be anything nobody else had ever seen before, but she could start out slowly before building her way up to the truly interesting hunts.

    As she made her way onwards she began to hear some sounds. However they appeared to be coming from down below, an echo-like tint making it clear that this came from some vast expanse... and there was no-one in sight. Mizuki peered at the horizon to see if there were any hints there, but it remained empty, and round here there weren't many places one could hide.

    Closing her eyes she focused on the sound, making her way closer to the source until she could hear that it came out of a hole in front of her. Opening her eyes she knelt and carefully reached out, brushing away freshly fallen snow to reveal the hole through which at least one other person had already fallen. Mizuki hadn't come here to play rescue dog, but on the other hand if someone froze to death in there and Mizuki could have saved them she wouldn't feel right either. Which was why the wolfwoman carefully felt out the edges of the hole, then knelt there for a while thinking of how to approach the issue before jumping in.

    The air whistled around her even though it had been harsher outside, the wolflike huntress tensing as she prepared to break her fall. She had spent enough time inside the game training her body that she could deal with pretty big falls by now, so when she finally hit the ground she managed to turn it into a roll to dissipate most of the force, although what remained still had her staggering for a moment as she went from a pretty deep fall to a nearly abrupt stop.

    Once she had her bearings she looked around, in time to see a faint light move away. Not hesitating she walked after it, hastening her step despite the somewhat shaken feeling from the fall until she was close enough to recognize the person holding the torch, at which point the Caenis came to a halt and stared with shock and surprise. "Kaede? Is that you?" She didn't fail to notice the other person here, but it was Kaede that caught her attention and kept her staring as she tried to think of why Kaede was here.
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  7. Cel grinned and was about to open her mouth to make some snarky remark about why she’d name her character something she didn’t like… but shut it again, once she realized the implications of what she was saying. Riiiiight. That made more sense.

    “I would-- Well I-- err...” Celestine was lost for words of advice. After all, she had been in the same boat before. Now she wasn’t. It was simple for her - if a bit awkward at times - but she wasn’t sure how it was like in… Japan? Maybe?

    “If it does you the better feelings, I am doing a like of the Hoshi. The Kaede part is not of badness either. I would do it the rating of five. Five, out of one of the numbers that is higher than five.” Celly gave Kaede a thumbs up, trying to make up for her awkwardness with sheer confidence. “If you are not liking it, maybe you can do it the change. I did.”

    As Kaede showed off such an extreme reaction to Ghosty, she floated backward in surprise, deflating as her friendly little hurt was crushed again. It was such a nasty curse for her: all she wanted was to make new friends, but every time someone looked, they just reacted like… well… that. Celestine was a little better in that regard: the summoner who rarely ever regretted anything. It was still obvious that she was affected just as much as everyone else though.

    “Poor Ghosty,” Cel consoled, putting her hand inside the back of its head and petting the slightly-thickened air. She seemed to enjoy the sensation a bit, though it looked just plain weird from the outside-looking-in. “Was it really? You are not looking like a person of much difference. If anything, you are doing even more of the reds then you were doing before you did a Ghosty stare.”

    Celly shrugged, then froze as the roar echoed throughout the cavern. “I am thinking it is time to do a leave,” she commented as Ghosty flew straight into her chest to hide. Celestine shivered. That never stopped being creepy.

    With a quick wave of her hand, a powerful gust of air snuffed out the remaining embers Kaede couldn’t manage with just her cloak, and the two were off. It was actually pretty great, having someone beside her who was similarly fast to keep up with her air-blast speed.

    “...and without even the help of the airs...” she commented, glancing to her side in astonishment.

    It was then that she heard a voice directly in their path. She turned to meet the new face, but she could tell in an instant: they were approaching way too fast! It was either collide or blast her with enough air to pinball the new girl into the wall. She took the first option.

    Bracing for impact, Celestine’s body slammed straight into the new girl like an MMA fighter coming in for a lower-body tackle. They were both slammed backward and continued to slide away on the ice.

    “I am Celestine,” she greeted up from the girl’s lap with a painful grin as the two continued to slide along with a slight spin. If anything, she was relishing the awkwardness of it all. “Hopefully your insides are not doing too much of the hurts? Who is this woof person I did a bump of?”

    As if to mirror her summoner's curiosity, Ghosty phased out of Celestine's torso and hovered there, inquisitively staring at the new girl.

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    @Ueno Mizuki
  8. _____Either fate was truly sadistic or Kaede did anot of bad things in this world or her past life to get such a bad turn of events. The moment she heard Mizuki’s voice Kaede’s heart freaked and when she could see the girl she could only see the memory flashing back causing her to whimper slightly and blush badly. Her frame trembling as she staggered backwards and started losing grip on the torch. With true flustered nimbleness Kaede not only failed to re catch the torch but dropped it into the water killing off their light.

    ”Shit! Why… gaa… that was my last spare log and i don’t have more flint…”

    _____Kaede’s tone rang with panic, this was not going well and she greatly hated that fact. Not to mention her heart was freaking out twice as much knowing Mizuki was nearby. How does she even go about that, no memory of a girl she trusted enough to sleep with and do adult things… Now she had no idea who the girl was but her body seemed to remember more than enough about their relationship. Adding in the memory popping in her head as she slapped her cheeks to try and reign herself in.

    _____Looking around in the darkness Kaede tried to move towards the faint source of light from above the group, where everyone had fallen into the cave from. While the light was not much it gave some view of things. Inhaling sharply Kaede tried to think, tried to remember anything about this place that could help her out. But as her mind shouted out to stop trying kaede was simply left with nothing as another roar crossed the cave, this time closer than before. As much as Kaede wanted to give up she was not just going to lay down and die.

    ”The exit is to high to jump, and I don’t know if we have time to try and support each other to get someone out to pull up the other, or if we even have the muscle to do such. I also don’t think whatever is making that sound is friendly so our best hope is to try and find another exit… Sadly the only thought I have for that is follow the water current.”

    ____Not exactly in the mood to debate with the others kaede started to follow the water downstream. She was seriously hopeful it flowed out of the mountain or into a smaller chamber the creature or whatever was behind them could not catch or pursue them further. The situation between her and Mizuki could hopefully be set on the back burner for the time being. Sadly, due to Kaede’s panicked state she could not hear the sound of something approach very quickly from the darkness.

    ____If nothing was done a black blur hurtle towards Kaede and send her flying as it continued it’s almost missile like projectile movement. A moment or two passing before a very faint crash sound seemed to indicate the end of the thrown object’s travel, with or without Kaede under it. The group seemed to have encountered something that was territorial, or had a personal grudge to Kaede as the roar resounded past the light if Kaede was split from the group.
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  9. Mizuki raised her eyebrows as the person who was with Kaede barrelled straight into something ahead of them, the sound of ice breaking resounding throughout the cave as it looked like in this ice cave even your own eyes couldn't be trusted, as what faint light there was down here was enough to send reflections of everything scattering throughout the walls of ice as if countless mirrors. From the looks and sound of it Kaede's companion had managed to charge straight into one of those mirrors, although thankfully rather than a solid wall it had been a sheet of ice created by years of water slowly dripping down from the ceiling and freezing once more as it reached the ground. The Caenis pursed her lips, uncertain whether she should help or not. Thankfully it didn't look like the... Felis? The Felis was hurt badly, although in this darkness one couldn't be sure.

    "...Are you all right?" She called out, but before Celestine could answer Kaede had already dropped the torch and extinguished their main light source, leaving the Caenis hesitant about moving in case she collided with something in the darkness. While her Investigation Mode made it easier for her to navigate even in darkness it still wasn't as good as actually having a light with you.

    Speaking of Kaede, Mizuki once again was reminded of the fact that Kaede wasn't the same person she was before, at least not entirely. She was sure the old redhead was still in there, but so far it seemed like her friend was dominated by uncertainty of not knowing about her past, making her appear as a much less confident and easily worried person. The wolfwoman wondered what this version of Kaede would be like if she was put in a situation where she was in her element: would she act the same as Kaede did in the past, or would she behave differently even when the situation favoured her strengths?

    "Sorry for surprising you Kaede. I noticed that you had fallen down the hole, and I followed in case you were wounded and in need of help. Although in hindsight I hadn't planned for a way back out of the hole..." She followed her friend towards the hole high above, frowning as she realized that her plan had honestly been kind of silly. Of course you wouldn't just jump into a hole without some kind of idea for how you got out after. Jumping into a hole like that just because a friend might be in need of help wasn't even romantic, it was just shortsighted. She really dropped the ball with that.

    "I might be able to get out that way, by climbing and using my claws..." She looked down at the dark metal claws attached to her hands, normally used for combat but certainly sturdy enough that she could use them as mountaineering tools as well if need be. However the roaring that had Kaede on edge also was making Mizuki wary. "But as you say I suspect we don't have the time for that, and you'd have a hard time using the notches left behind by my claws. Let's keep moving for now." If Celestine was all right Mizuki would follow Kaede immediately, if Celestine was having trouble getting up the Caenis would first pull the Felis back upright and then follow her red-themed friend.

    Considering the situation Mizuki wasn't going to spend time asking Kaede about her memories, since that would just be a distraction in a situation where they very likely couldn't afford a distraction. Whatever that roar was, it didn't sound friendly in the slightest. The Caenis was also calmer than her friend, using her Investigation Mode to help keep her eyes and ears on the surroundings as they moved onward, which allowed her to notice the approach in time to react. "Watch out!" However she wasn't fast enough to alert Kaede and give the girl enough time to get out of the way, leaving Mizuki with little option but to jump forward, push Kaede aside, and cross her claws in front of her while gritting her teeth.

    In time for the black blur to smash right into her, the Caenis's feet sliding over the slippery floor of the cavern as she did her best to resist being knocked over, holding her clawed hands up to catch some of the force as she bared her fangs, eventually unable to keep her footing with there being nearly no solid purchase as she fell backwards, grunting as her back hit the ground but managing to keep her arms, hands and claws in front of her in case the aggressor tried to attack her while she was falling.
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