(Event) The Great Bridge

(Event) The Great Bridge
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    the bridge

    The vast expanse of land before the deep canyon dwarfs you as you inch closer to the gigantic, underdeveloped bridge that stood out from the barren and dead landscape all around you. However, thanks to the effort of several adventurers, some greenery could be seen from the distance. Regardless of how you arrive at the scene, you saw many people working tirelessly to turn the gargantuan structure into reality.

    The crowd of builders worked fast as time and resources were precious, but all of their cooperation would not be possible if not for the head of the operation, Ciri. Her red eyes finally stopped exploring the bridge’s blueprints and widened as her gaze met yours. Ciri rushed closer, greeting you upon arrival.

    Ah! You’re here, I’m sorry I didn’t catch your name last time. If we haven’t met yet, I’m Ciri Abliss and the chief manager of this construction. If you have some time, could you lend us a hand?

    We have made some progress on the bridge’s construction, but it is far from being completed. If we can get help from you and others, we should be able to finish it by the end of the week.


    • This is a quick minigame where you can help build the bridge to Tertoria.

    • In order to participate, follow the template and make sure to roll properly.

    • Maximum of 100 words. Do not go over. You can post every 12 hours.

    • Feel free to flavor your excellent building skills with your mastery and/or vocation. It does not have to be about actually building either, given that you can support others so they work harder.

    • Your roll indicates how successful your attempt is in helping the construction.

    • Two certain numbers will trigger our special trap cards. These numbers will be shuffled daily.
    • Pray that you don't roll them. *excited

    Template & Skill Checks

    • 1 ~ 29Your action failed or is ineffective, something bad happens to you. No increase in bridge completion rate. If you need to build up some muscles to get swole or brains for magic hocus pocus, Zeus has plenty of leftover outer-dimensional squid BBQ to share! Jules approves!

    • 30 ~ 79 Your action is not optimal or efficient, but you succeeded even though something bad might have happened to you. Increases bridge completion rate by 1%! Good work, you managed to help a bit! But that's not quite there yet. All that's left within you is to JUST DO IT. DON'T LET YOUR MEMES BE DREAMS. GIT GUD.

    • 80 ~ 100Your action happens without a hitch and produces good result! Increases bridge completion rate by 2%! I can feel it within you, pal. No, more importantly, it emanates from you! That sexy main character aura... Will be mine once your roll falls under 1 ~ 29. *evilhaha

    • Special event: 7 / 77

    Your lovely text here
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  2. Quinn stretched himself as his body basked in the glory of the morning sun that elicited sweat from his brows despite him not lifting a single finger to help with the construction project. After greeting the bespectacled lady, we briskly made his way toward a group of burly men and used illusion to fool them into thinking there were beautiful Tertorian brides waiting for them in the other side of the canyon. How successful was he?

    Thrown die:
  3. Another day, another construction project. After his time working on the tower in Vintergard, Ash couldn't help but be wary. A building falling was a disaster. An entire bridge falling was... what was a word worse than disaster? Well, it would be bad. A double disaster.

    So like with the tower, he spent his time passing out paper charms to workers to give them a little extra luck. Sure, said luck was due to some ghostly guidance, but they didn't need to worry about that.

    Thrown die:
  4. Rudiford did not have fancy magic to help expedite the construction of the bridge with. The only thing he had was raw muscles and his dashingly good looks, but that went to waste considering it was mostly men who labored like goblin slaves at the canyon.

    After a sip of water, he asked for strong people to help him roll a massive log to where the logs were assembled.

    Thrown die:
  5. The little swordsman arrived, black hair dusty from the road and his sandals flapping merrily to a halt. “...!” He nodded eagerly at Ciri and slung the giant pack of blueprints off his back.They weren’t the originals, of course, but Rook had volunteered to take them to a scribe in Vintergard to make copies for all the builders and foremen on site.

    “...?” After being told who to take them to, Rook pattered off, arms full of tightly-rolled graph paper and feeling quite positive. Once THE BRIDGE was done, he could cross the canyon into lands unmapped!

    Thrown die:
  6. "Hmmmm~"

    Arriving late since Kepler had been busy with so much other stuff, Kepler read over Ciri's blueprints to try and make sense of how the overall structure was supposed to look. The only problem, however, was that there were piles and piles of them!


    Losing a bit of her enthusiasm, Kepler settled into read...

    Thrown die:
  7. “What? Nobody’s providing meals to the workers? I’ll be right there.”

    It was a short ride on Rebel to the Naryu Canyon, a ride Janet was growing very used to these days. It was a perfect supply route from the western farms.

    Once she arrived, the girl promptly went around passing out healthy snacks (mostly spare broccoli—she was practicing growing mass quantities for a commercial market) to all the laborers. “Don’t complain!” she told one of them sternly. He meekly took his vegetable and uttered a defeated “Thank you, miss.”

    “There. That wasn’t so hard, was it?”
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  8. The man in the hood couldn't remember how he got there but he was there. It was probably a glitch in the system or something. He listened intently to what Ciri had to say before joining the others. He had tinkering on his side. How could he fail?

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  9. How the hell had she gotten roped into bridge-building? Well, not exactly building. Wasn’t like Destiny was the one doing any heavy lifting, she was just stuck out at the edge of the construction site, on guard in case some nasty critters showed up. More just standing there for decoration than anything, hell, give the poor workers some peace of mind when they weren’t worried about anything jumpin’ on them.

    “You see that?” she asked her guard-partner suddenly. The ranger squinted, training her crossbow on a rustling bush. It stopped after a moment. Another rabbit, probably. “Nope. False alarm.”
    Thrown die:
  10. Haru sighed, staring a head above the crowd of men who toiled over this bridge. These men did not lack in muscle, but in spirit. Haru decided that he would correct this.

    Closing his eyes the robed mystic allows himself to see the souls of these men and pours life into them. Determination, ethic, grit- Haru bolsters these men's drive to continue working.

    Thrown die:
  11. Work, work, work, work, work.

    Corvella agreed to help building the bridge, but building things have been a chore to do, especially in VRMMO game. Regardless, she brought a pile of stone bricks to be used in building the bridge. With the power of lego power, throwing them will magically assemble the pieces into a proper bridge. "Here's the stones!"
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  12. Libitina wanted to get to the new area so it was no surprise she decided to join in for construction. She wasn't good at building things per say so she decided to help by restocking raw materials needed.

    The young girl wiped the sweat off her forehead after she set down a log she had just cut with the other pile of logs.'Alright, no time to rest' she told herself as she headed back to get some more wood for the bridge

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  13. Aurora wasn't much of a brute strength person so carrying things was a no go. She wasn't good at arts and crafts either so building was also out of the question. The one thing she could do was her beginners magic. She would heal whoever would get injured during the constructions. "alright! next person please!" she called out to the next person who got injured. Luckily, not many were hurt so she didn't have to use a lot of her magic.

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  14. Ceres wasn't much for heavy lifting, preferring to work in more precise manners. That didn't mean that there was nothing she could do however. She went around helping make last minute adjustments and moving around supplies. The day was hot and a cool drink would do wonders for the morale of the workers. It wasn't much but she made the best of her expertise. Her little toolbox of gadgets went mostly unused for now except for a re-purposed flash freezing device. She didn't mind it though, it was a refreshing change of pace from what she usually did.

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    Progress 16%

    Current progress on bridge construction, this score is separate from the other progress marker. It will be completed at 100%.

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