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(Event) Reclamation of Pride
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    Flints gave a huff at the group she managed to get herself into. She wasn’t good at making friends. The fact that she even joined just to hang out with this Emerath guy was something strange to her to begin with. Cocking her head as she watched him curiously she couldn’t help but wonder what he had been up to as of late, he seemed different. He acted different? Maybe because he actually grew as a player. Giving a autopsied yip she took a small stuff of the strange concoction before growling at Emerath.

    “You’re joking right? Are you trying to kill me what is this?!” She gagged a little before tucking it at the center of her crossed legs. “You didn’t tell me that you played music, so is this what you’re actually good at?” She giggled lightly, teasing the man seemed to be her source of entertainment, at least for the night

    As the group seemed to get adjusted to their surroundings she couldn’t help but be put off by the strange witch girl, who Flints made mental note to avoid and her strange games. Her eyes occasionally scanned the wagon before settling back on Emerath, until she felt the warm embrace of sleep try to claim her attention, shaking her head she remembered the warm drink she was given. The cold air certainly wasn’t something she wanted to deal with for much longer, despite the terrible smelling drink she downed it in full ire. It tasted just as bad as it smelled, coughing she growled loudly in Emerath’s direction. “Remind me to never accept drinks from you again.”

    sleeps occasionally and annoys Emerath, drank the nasty drink and avoids the strange witch girl.


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    Seraphy was acting.......suspicious. Usually to those who had seen her so far, she was a quiet, mousy, meek sort of person. But right now, sitting in the wagon, she seemed practically ecstatic in spite of the cold. She was humming along to @Emerath Katou 's music, she was giggling at Majolica's antics, and she was simply beaming smiles at everyone else. Bouncing in her seat she tried to contain her excited laughter. What was this all about?


    Seraphy was practically on Cloud 9, but for the first leg of the journey, she didn't say much. If addressed she'd nod, give some small talk here or there or smile... but she never began a conversation or expanded on one very much at all. She was simply polite as she hummed and snickered and seemed lost in her own daydreams.

    That was... until @Emerath Katou placed down the pot and brewed that... stuff...

    He's just trying to be polite so I should do my best to drink it!

    Seraphy thought. And sure enough, it tasted like stale, bitter, cough medicine spiked with absinthe. It was foul. True to the tinker's skills though, it did in fact warm her right up. Seraphy had been a little concerned that she'd been about to be upstaged, so the relief that it was just medicine tempered the kick of the syrup.

    But! as Emerath went to dollop another batch of the stuff some hours later, Seraphy gently... but firmly... placed her hand upon his wrist. Seraphy beamed a smile in his direction.

    "Mr. Katou... could I maybe borrow your kettle please?"

    She was like a mom who was finding one of her children unhelpful when they had insisted on aiding her at some task.

    "Thank you! Now~ Yes! I had wanted to save this until the second day when morale would surely be at its lowest! When we were at the middle-most-leg of our sure to be nondescript and tiring journey! Buuuuut~! Desperate times call for desperate measures, yes! So I shall unveil my surprise!"

    After those quiet shouts, Seraphy suddenly hushed and leaned forward in her seat, looking at each Wagon 1 member in turn. She could hardly contain her gleeful giggles as they hiccuped to the surface.

    "SooOoooOOoooOoo~ Does everyone remember how I provided everyone with Hot Drinks(tm), hmmm??? Wellllll~"

    Seraphy paused for emphasis as the chilling air blew....

    "Well! That wasn't the end of it! I also brought everything needed for a Hot Pot as a way for all of us to get to know one another better! No chilly social situation can withstand the power of the almighty Hot Pot!! Hee~Hee~!"

    Seraphy did a little wiggle dance as she held her hands to her cheeks like an embarrassed love-struck maiden.

    "Well Mr. Katou, could you do me a solid and play a nice little cooking tune~? Hm~? I shall take it from there! Behold the power of love-love style cooking!"

    And without wasting a beat, Seraphy reached behind her, and unveiled the ingredients. She got straight to work in a flash. A garden of vegetables, a plethora of meats, meaty-bone-broth, exotic spices, some salt, some pepper, it all plopped right into the icky but super useful tonic!

    And almost in not time at all~ "TA DA~~<3"

    Phantom Maiden: Super Love-Love Hot Pot

    The bitter tonic had become one of the most delicious Hot Pots imaginable.

    Here was Seraphy's Noble Phantasm combined with Emerath's chemical genius. Here was a three day long Hot Pot party of legend of which the cold simply could not ever hope to stand a chance.

    @Grand Witch Majolica @Emerath Katou @Alric Stalwart @Corvella @Kaëda Flints @Bradwynne

    Summary: Seraphy has turned the anti-cold tonic into a belly-warming delicious 3 day long, hearty meal party.
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    Okay. There was a plan. That was good! You always needed a plan to make sure that everything was going smoothly. You had to stay five steps ahead of your opponent if you wanted to come out on top.

    Well, that statement probably would have worked better if Valdrada's current opponent wasn't just the weather as a whole. But still! Principle of the matter, and all that. Rolling up her metaphorical sleeves, Val got to work shoveling snow and smacking at it with her shield and the flat of her blade until it was all packed tightly together. Her trying to haul the large blocks of snow was probably a pitiful sight, but nobody could say that she wasn't giving it her all!

    She'd seen igloos in cartoons and such before, but never had a chance to stay in one herself. It felt fun. Less like they were gearing up for a long, cold, and miserable trip, and more like just building a snow fort. @Seigi, @Celestine, and @Alphabet Chocolate's infectious energy definitely helped on that front.

    With their makeshift igloo done, there was nothing left to do but get on the road and tough the journey out. The snow and ice provided some protection from the blizzard winds, at the very least. Val was still cold, but at least she wasn't frozen to death. There was also someone there in the wagon with them too, that wasn't part of the original group who Seigi had pulled her to. "U-um, nice to meet you!" she said to the man with white hair (@Haru). "I'm Valdrada."

    After a bit of traveling, there was someone else who joined in as well. A tall and thin exhausted-looking woman made her way into the wagon as well. "Hi," Val said, looking apprehensively at their new addition @Destiny Divebird . "Are you okay? We don't have that much space to lie down, but..."

    There were a lot of people in the wagon, and with the snow packed up against the wall and ceiling, they had a bit less space than they normally would. Everyone would be pressed tightly against each other for the rest of the trip. Although, maybe that wouldn't be a bad thing? Val certainly enjoyed the cuddles that she gotten from the big wolf that Alphabet brought along, though she was nervous at first. Still, being squashed up against people who were pretty much strangers was... uh. Not her idea of a good time.

    But at least the big old blanket that she had brought with her would most certainly be helpful. Val scooted over to make some space, and resigned herself to a slightly less spacious trip. She stared glumly at their hobbled together campfire and her shield sitting merrily beneath it. She'd been cautious when @Cain Darlite had asked for her shield to use as a place for a fire. Hopefully it wouldn't melt entirely. That would really, really suck.

    Summary: Going along with the igloo plan. Use her sword and shield to pack the snow tightly together, and then try to get cozy. Removed all her metal armor and put it in a pile out of the way as much as possible, shield is used as a makeshift fireplace.


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    The march towards the bandits' hideout took too long, even for fantasy game standards. Understandable though, since you can't do anything against the blizzard anyway. Moving slowly and preserving energy is a strategically sound tactic, a move she didn't expect by just looking at Zeus' antics. Her problem with the wagon was it was super squeaky. While Corvella tried to sleep to ignore the cold air, the sound of whatever echoes through the wagon, beating even Emerath's instrument. Irritated, Corvella went down to check on the wheels on the next stop to check whatever in the seven heavens was producing that sound. She went to examine the joints and the wheel (and also to avoid @Grand Witch Majolica's Witch Ops Briefing), but have no clue what was wrong with the wagon. The girl was going to give up before she realized that there's a tinkerer in the wagon.

    Corvella went into the wagon, finding out that some lamps had been set inside. Nice, this will greatly help to fend off the cold. @Emerath Katou was doing something with potions as she went up to him to ask about the condition of the wagon "Hey Emerath, can I bother you for a moment? I noticed the wagon is all squeaky and I could not find out why. I can describe the condition, though. This part with the wheel and the joint...." Corvella thoroughly explained what she had examined back there, hoping to get pointers from the tinker "Oh, can I also borrow your tools?"

    After getting a weird-tasting potion from Emerath (which reminds her of a cough syrup) here she is back outside, finding herself with tinkering tools she doesn't know how to use. But don't worry, Emerath's tips should come in handy. She spent the day trying to fix the squeaky wagon, going back and forth inside to ask (and in the process, annoy) the busy Emerath for pointers. At some point, she gave up and went inside to rest. And guess what, when Corvella's at her worst, a goddess came again to help. After a long day of work, the hot pot is waiting in the wagon. She went up to @Seraphy and pinched her cheeks "Oh, Seraphy! You are the best!"

    After a hearty meal spent with the others, Corvella used her newly gained spirit to get back outside fixing the wagon. This time she'll definitely fix it.

    Try to fix the squeaky wagon with Emerath's pointers, resting and having the hot pot with the others, and back to fix the squeaky wagon the whole day, asking the busy inker back and forth how to fix the wagon.


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    Startled out of her practice by the sounds of voices and movement, Velka hadn't even realized how much colder it seemed to have gotten once the wagon started moving.Taking a closer look at the wagon she was sin, it was abundantly clear that whoever was supposed to maintain the wagon had done a spectacularly poor job of it. Honestly, it would be easier to blame a sabotage attempt than to pass it off as incompetence with the number of holes in the wagon. Seeing that the other people in the group had a plan, she didn't really want to get in the way of them with her lack of expertise when it came to building things. She was typically much better off at demolition than construction.

    Instead of potentially dooming the igloo, she used her rudimentary knowledge of pyromancy to keep the small fire the group had created alive. While it was in a bit of a precarious position, especially if the road was bumpy, there would be plenty of material to cool down a raging fire if it ever started. And if the group ran out of fuel such as leftover coats or whatever they could find, well, what harm could a few more holes do?

    Summary: Maintain fire on Valdrada's shield using Pyromancy.


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    • Condition: Freezing

    After Celestine had gathered together to plot their plan with Team Justicewagon, she joined in their rallying battle cry and was about to hop on the wagon, when an arm suddenly wrapped around her. A girl who began introducing herself with… a lot of references to old movies and stuff (@Alphabet Chocolate )?

    “Coolness,” she answered, aware of the irony as a chilling breeze dusted her dark hair with white snow. “I am the Celestine! Wait, I think I already did you a telling of that. Hm. Well, it is nice to do you the meeti-- EEEEE WHAT IS THAT!?”

    Celestine squealed in a high-pitched whine as she caught sight of the doggo pet. Without a second of hesitation, she practically dive-bombed it, attacking it with endless cuddles and pets.

    “Eeeehehehehhehehe,” for a good minute or two, Celestine was a giggling mess from which no intelligible speech could be discerned… so Celestine as usual. But in this case, far more giggly and happy.

    “Ahem, right! We will be doing the building of great sized hero fort!”

    With that said, Celestine hopped in the wagon and began to pack the snow with a combination of wind magic, and good old handiwork. It didn’t take long until she grew bored, however, and began to sculpt… ‘other’ things.

    “This over here is the sofa, and in that corner is the TV of the flat screen, and I am thinking we are also having needs of a cannon for when the rival wagons challenge our supreme reigning of the justices!”

    It took several more hours on the road than it honestly should’ve to complete the roof, but on the flipside, Celestine was kind enough to keep up a nice windshield at the snow-fort entrance, keeping out the cold winds for as long as her energy could hold the simple spell. At least, when riding on high-energy like this, everything felt a whole lot warmer.

    @Grand Witch Majolica @Emerath Katou @Alric Stalwart @Seraphy @Kaëda Flints @Corvella

    By the final day of travel, Celestine clearly was growing restless, and @Cain Darlite 's suggestion of a snowball fight hit the perfect spot. Sliding a strange looking cannon carved out of snow and ice to the front of their snow-cave, Celestine carefully lined it up, and then stood there, calling out at the other wagon:

    “Hey! Wagon of the Witchcrafters! Witness the mighty fist of JUSTICE and tremble at its mighty power!”

    Shoving her hand in a hole placed at the top of the cannon, Celestine unleashed a powerful wind blast, exploding a massive pile of snow into the wagon just ahead.

    “Let the mere thinkings of the evil be smashed out from your mind. Team Justicewagon is here!”

    With a wink, Celestine threw @Seigi specifically a quick thumbs up.

    Summary: Packed snow. Maintained a windshield at the snow-fort opening as long as possible.


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    • Condition: Freezing

    As the person who seemed to be the leader of the raiding party shouted for the people to move into the wagons as they were about to depart, Tetsunosuke hastily clambered inside the wagon, but as he was about to climb, he noticed that there was something wrong with the balance of the wagon, and it might cause accidents in the near future. In the very least, his small body would be tossed around a lot of times while riding the wagon, and it is never cool. Moreover, the cloth coverings could not give a lot of protection against the cold, and so more insulation and heat lamps should be needed. Fortunately for the somewhat blunt and less articulate Tetsunosuke, another person offered to lead the renovation of the wagon and she apparently knew of the problems on its loss of balance. Tetsunosuke then quickly descended and offered his assistance.

    As Tetsunosuke took a closer look at the wagon, he wondered why the leader of the group did not spend to fix the wagons first ahead of the raid so that they would be fit for a blizzard journey. The wheels were unaligned and chipped on its sides, the axle was affected by the wheel problems and so was also unaligned and unable to distribute weight properly, and the underside was quite damaged and so more affected the weight distribution. The third problem could not be fixed without ample wood resources, and so he took a mental note to search for some felled trees with which he could use to fix the underside while they were journeying. The other two should be a quick fix, and Tetsunosuke helped and advised the "wagon leader" to realign and fix the wheels and axles of the wagon. Hopefully some good seating arrangement could fix temporarily the problem until the time he could get to fixing the underside, which he would do once they get the wood to do it.

    As they began to travel, Tetsunosuke attached the heat lamp he brought with him towards the middle of the wagon so that he could help increase heat within. But knowing it might not be enough, Tetsunosuke set on creating heat lamps depending on what number should be needed for the wagon. As the fur pelts were sewn to serve as second cover and curtain for the wagon, he had created two extra heat lamps which he attached to the front and rear sides of the wagon so that heat would be perfectly distributed.

    As he had finished on his job of heating up the wagon, he noticed someone was missing from the wagon. As he noticed the indentation on the cover, he then moved towards the front curtain, peeked at the top of the wagon, and then said to the lone person there, "Come on inside here already, it's already warm!"

    Summary: Helping @Kaede Hoshi on fixing the balance problems of the wagon, and attaching three heat lamps inside the wagon to help with increasing heat inside, tending to them using his Tinker mastery and his Engineering vocation.

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    The frigid winds of the blizzard engulfed the area almost perpetually, and even Bradwynne near the fire could feel it. The foul weather might continue for as long as they are doing the mission, and so he had to do something so that he could be protected from the dangers of falling temperature. And so, in front of the fire, he started to prepare the ingredients for the salve that he had once made before in case he would be going on a vacation in the cold areas, to be distributed to the other people on the mission.

    Having made and bottled the salves which he placed in his inventory, Bradwynne then looked at the wagons to see where his help was more needed. The wagon at the farthest end was the most prepared to tackle the blizzard, and it would seem that the third wagon was picking up its pace to prepare theirs and it seemed good. The second wagon, although lacking materials, had made up for them by making an igloo-like contraption and it seemed warm and cozy. The first wagon, however, although they managed to put up heat lamps, was quite unchanged and still susceptible to the elements. Maybe his help would be needed there, and so Bradwynne decided to go there to offer his assistance on anything, especially on matters of keeping warm.

    He then distributed his salves to the party, and then said, "I hope these could help you keep warm like I have been kept warm by these," as he demonstrated how to use it. He then looked at the surroundings and then said, "How I wish the weather becomes calmer here after we finish the mission. Maybe we could do snowball fights if we had the time!" When he was given the potion by a person he had been acquainted with (@Emerath Katou), he thought that it could also help with the cold and decided to drink it. Although it was bitingly bitter, as Bradwynne grimaced after he drank it, he felt as if his body was getting warmer, and so he did not complain much, aside from the taste: "Thanks for the potion but damn it Emerath, you might have saved me from the cold but you are killing me from the taste!" He then watched the party as they were travelling; if someone would show signs of hypothermia, he would quickly administer care to that person. Apart from that, from the happy singing from the witch person with Emerath doing the accompaniment, to the hot pot from the same person who had served the hot beverages from earlier, Bradwynne was clearly enjoying this trip. But it could not be freed from his mind that the destination would be very grim.

    Summary: Handing everyone in the wagon salves which should keep the body insulated from the cold. Would monitor the inhabitants of the wagon for symptoms of hypothermia, and administering cure for them if ever. Would always take up everyone's offerings to fight off the cold, and if ever would help in making the wagon more impervious to the cold.


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    • Condition: Freezing

    "That's true." Vina smiled and hugged @Ilya, enjoying her warmth and her presence before the two of them went to greet @Zeus. After all, he was their leader, so it was only polite to show their faces to him before the departure. Although with the knowledge that they were about to leave Vina couldn't exactly start a conversation with the big man, instead just giving him a big hug once Ilya's hug was over with. "Both of us arrived right on time. Hi Zeus!" With that she left for Wagon 4 together with Ilya, climbing in while looking at the rather distinct lack of a roof. Or walls. She waved at all the people already in the wagon, then turned towards her lioness friend as the suggestion came along to create new beams with nature magic. "That sounds good. But I have an idea for what you can do for us Ilya. I'll tell you once we've got the support beams done~"

    Together with @Magdalyn Vina would help create a new frame for the roof and walls with Nature Magic, obeying @Roland Rutledge's instructions so the organized work would speed up the process. She also told Snøvær to let anyone who wanted to sit next to him to share in his fuzzy warmth, since the wolf was a lot more suited for this cold climate than the rest of them.

    Once the wooden structure was complete Vina helped a bit with the sewing, before being reminded of the idea she had for Ilya by seeing Magdalyn create some leafs to function as insulation and additional padding. Pulling Ilya over Vina grew some leafs and small branches, showing them to Ilya. "Do you think you could pull the moisture out of these? I want to use them as fuel for the lamp, but if they're still green the water would absorb too much heat before it burns, and I can't grow them dry."

    Regardless of whether Ilya could or would do that Vina would have made sure that she could sit right next to the lioness even while working (once the beams were done), with Snøvær surrounding the two of them and Vina also wrapping her tail around Ilya for additional warmth. Sitting close to the heating lamp the two of them could cuddle even as they either fed the heating lamp some additional fuel so it'd keep the wagon warm, or if that wasn't an option at least they'd be a bit warmer while helping sew together the coats for the covering of the wagon.

    When @Comet commented on Ilya and Vina being close the white-haired Felis gave the pink-haired woman a mischievous smile, nuzzling Ilya a bit before replying. "Sharing body heat is one of the best ways to stay warm in this weather, you know~? Although you'd have to try hard to be as good at it as Ilya~" She added the last part to make it clear she wasn't spending her time cuddling Ilya solely for the warmth,

    Summary: Helping Magdalyn create a wooden frame for the new covering, helping sew together coats for a covering. Creating dry firewood for the heating lamp if Ilya cooperates, creating some green food for the horses, cuddling a lot for body warmth, and having the wolf Snøvær act as a giant fluffy pillow for herself, Ilya, and anyone else who wants to (although there's limited space on the wolf).


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    • Condition: Freezing

    Considering he was amongst the first to arrive at the scene, Yukisa should have gotten the opportunity to choose one of the less dysfunctional wagons. Unfortunately for him, it seemed people had begun catching on to the fact he couldn't reject a request for assistance, and so he had spent the entire time up to their departure running about and lending a hand wherever he could. Along with the fact that he simply couldn't stand seeing people suffering, which led to him waiting until everyone had chosen their preferred wagon, it was no surprise that he found himself in the most rundown of the wagons: the last and least, wagon number 4. Unlike the other three wagons, this one seemed to have been neglected by whoever had provided covers for the wagons, and left completely exposed to the elements.

    Due to the circumstances, the group that was to share the wagon for the next three days had to come up with a plan. Luckily, one of their wagonmates had an excess amount of coats (as well as wine) which could be sewn together to create protection. There was no need to ask Yukisa to assist in the cover’s creation - he was more than happy to offer help. He even offered suggestions as they stitched the dismantled coats together, things like: “Remember to keep the fur inside the wagon, it provides good insulation,” and “If you can, use a backstitch instead of a running stitch. It takes a little longer to do, but it'll be tighter and endure better.” Of course, he tried not to sound commanding. He didn't like being overbearing or ordering people around. All he was doing was giving tips.

    Once that project was done, the silver-haired male looked for anywhere else he could help. He went back and forth between his piers, checking to see if they were feeling well and offering medical advice if they weren't. As he was doing his rounds, it seemed that his knowledge of medicine had caught the attention of their “project manager”, @Roland Rutledge, who once again called Yukisa over. He asked for some suggestions on herbs or medicines that could help keep the group warm. Without hesitation, Yukisa reached into a satchel he carried with him, and procured a small notebook. Within the little book was a list of various medicinal herbs and their effects… except instead of their names, there were little doodles of each herb next to their description. It seemed somewhat like one of those children’s guides to nature, even including little tips or fun facts at the bottom with a speech bubble coming from an illustration of a chibi Yukisa.

    With all the preparations in place, the group was set for the grueling journey in their makeshift wagon.

    For Yukisa, most of the trip was spent doodling on a sketch pad. His sketches varied from the faces of those around him, to monsters he has encountered or imagined he might encounter later on. With how frightening they looked, one might assume he was a bit pessimistic, however he would be thrilled if he saw something so scary yet fascinating. When he wasn't drawing, he was wandering about the wagon, fretting over every little cough, sniffle and sneeze someone let out. He offered to give up his coat at least a hundred times, only to get politely rejected.

    Amongst those that he excessively worried about was @Magdalyn, whom he had approached after she had exerted an incredible amount of energy for the creation of the wooden cover supports. Her complexion was terrible, dark circles surrounding her eyes that reflected exhaustion.

    Please do as your friend says,” he practically begged, his expression surprisingly concerned for a complete stranger. “It's terribly unhealthy not to rest after something like that.

    Summary: Assisted in sewing the cover for the wagon and lent his medical field book for Roland to use. Currently going around the wagon and fretting over everyone’s health.

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    Cycle 1

    Wagon #1 combated the cold with food, drinks, and a variety of potions with questionable effects. The solution to play music to override the squeaking worked for the most part, though it seemed most of the wagon occupant decided to co-exist with the obnoxious noise.

    Wagon #2 went with a magical approach to solve their temperature problem, with Destiny patching up the holes and buying time for the rest of the group to build an igloo around the wagon, however ridiculous that may be. Fortunately, their combined efforts and ingenuity paid off as the group survived the cold.

    Wagon #3 was the quietest of the bunch, its occupants were able to keep the cold out more easily than the other wagons thanks to the fact that the cover was mostly intact. Though, @Kaede Hoshi inability to rest inside the tent resulted in her unable to shake off the cold and as such kept her Freezing condition (-15 HP). At least the wheel was fixed somewhat early, which made for a smoother ride.

    Wagon #4 had the most issues, but thanks to the mix of talents within the wagon, Nature Magic provided a decent frame for the transport while the occupants' sewing skill allowed them to put up a cover to keep the wind out. The approach wasn’t particularly creative, but very functional. Wagon #4 too employed the use of questionable potions to buffer their defense against the cold.

    Cold. In a landscape where white filled the entirety of what your eyes can see, the chilling cold bit in your exposed flesh, even though it is protected by layers of clothes and armor. Even if your teeth clattered and your legs shook- perhaps from both the cold and anticipation - the wagon journey has finally reached its end. The almighty blizzard that proved so powerful was nothing compared to their resolve to work together and strive forward!

    Around you, dead trees dotted the landscape of what used to be a lively marsh environment, now frozen under the influence of the winter and near three days of blizzard. Once the wagons reached the destination, they stopped and the first to set foot on the icy and snow-coated ground was Zeus. With large steps, he approached and checked upon each wagon packed with adventurers. Seeing his cubs get along and work together with each other and their guests to survive the trip filled his muscles with pride.

    MHM! This is what PRIDE entails. Against all odds it PREVAILS! Come, we have a bandit king’s ass to KICK.

    After a brief period to rest and organizing before setting out, a small squad of players and NPCs alike were left behind to take care of the horses and the wagons. A larger squad set out to the massive fortress that stood taller than any of the dead trees, their destination now ever so close and yet - there were no notable interventions. According to the information they received from the quest, they were inside enemy territory, and yet somehow, the few bandits that intercepted them along the way were just too few to make any difference.

    The weakened defenses made the fortress and the bandits seem less intimidating as the distance between them decreased. Once they reached the fortress and the bandits guarding the entrance were dealt with, the quest squad is met with doors fitting of the massive fortress. Tension spread amongst some of the adventurers as they were about to invade the enemy headquarters, where the weakened defenses were a telltale sign that something was off. As soon as everybody prepared themselves, Zeus’s voiced boomed from the rearguard.

    Fear NOT, we are here to KICK, not be kicked, CUBS! Past those DOORS are the ones that require some BEATING, not ourselves! BREATHE, AND REPEAT WITH ME. THREE, TWO, ONE! GO! LET’S GO, GOOO!

    Despite the cold and the three days enduring the deadly blizzard to reach northern Astorea, blood pumped in the veins of each adventurer like wildfire. On his command, the forces pushed forward and swung open the heavy doors that protected the fortress. Yet, in contrast to the adventurers’ courage and disposition to confront their enemies when entering the enemy headquarters, they were met with no resistance. A slow nod from Zeus would confirm for them to push forward and explore the large hall that unwillingly welcomed then.

  2. Location: Inside the Fortress
  3. While they continued exploring the entrance hall, the wind outside started howling again, though not to the same extent of a blizzard. Torches illuminated the way, but lack of proper maintenance would make them constantly flicker about. Silence reigned supreme and their steps were the only melody their ears could perceive - the large hall, the silence and everything else turned the exploration into a rather ominous experience.

    Eventually, the large party of lions reached the end of the entrance hall. Before them, a larger, hexagonal feast hall awaited. Long tables occupied majority of the space, empty - old and dusty equipment was mounted on the walls, while the one opposite to the party was a imposing trophy wall. It held paintings, glistening weapons and armor and lost relics, all neatly organized and spread across the glorious wall. The center had a stuffed mamoth head.

    Other than that, the pillars that supported the structure were even larger and the doors were heavy and definitely barred shut from inside. Just as the group prepares to explore the hall and continue, however, a distant yet loud crash could be heard from somewhere inside. Momentary silence followed as rumbling and pounding continued, shaking the fortress like a child's toy. It continued, continued, louder and stronger as if something was approaching, and then...

    The glorious wall bursted in a thunderous crash and chilling roar could be heard as the valuables were flung all across the hall, some crushed under the weight of a feral primate with dark and thick fur that jumped through the trophy wall from inside. If it's tusks and four small eyes weren't freaky enough, the crystals all across its back and arms would definitely remind some adventurers of the curse from the Crystallized Zalra. It roared once more as if to assert dominance, but this time around a tiny bandit jumped out from whence the beast came and his nimble movement allowed him to climb the creature. The beastmaster pulled the chains around the primate's neck and roared in a similar way to the monster, as if communicating with it.

    From the many doors bandit troops poured in, armed and ready to attack any intruder with spears, swords and bows, as well as the occasional mage ready to cast spells. Behind the band of lions, the walls shifted as more troops joined the incoming battle from hidden passages in the walls. Seeing how the party was surrounded by enemies, Zeus roared.

    These are the COWARDS that need some BEATING, cubs! Remember, fear NOT! We are here to KICK, so let's show them our POWER! I have your BACK, you have MINE. Let'em REST in MUSCLE--!!!

    Before he could finish his sentence, however, a trap door opened up beneath Zeus, making him and a few other members of his party fall down, eventually resulting in a massive "thud!". Before anyone had time to think that he might have fallen to his death, he called out to the rest of the pride.

    I'm okay, HEROES never DIE! Carry on, go DEEPER into the fortress and find the Bandit King, me and these cubs will MEET you there!

    Boys and girls, light a TORCH and let us FIND a way out, it is damn DARK down here...
  4. Zero


    Staff Member Game Master

    Crystallized Primadox
    ❰ 2000 / 2000 HP ❱

    Black wolf bandits
    ❰ 300 / 300 HP ❱

    Crystallized Primadox:
    • Shard Aura: Anyone that rolls to attack using a melee mastery must subtract 10 HP on attack.
    Black Wolf Bandits:
    • Lesser Shard Aura: Anyone that rolls to attack using a melee mastery must subtract 10 HP on attack.
    • Taunting The bandit troops have the advantage in numbers and will intercept enemy attacks from reaching the Primadox, taunting everyone that attacks, making it impossible to target the boss until they are below 150 HP.

    Everyone must pick one action each post. Your mastery determines what action you can do. RP-wise, you can do a number of things, but the system only counts the action you pick from the action list. You must roll before you post.

    Attack You attack the enemy using your highest mastery as modifier.
    • Roll a d100 + 5 per mastery tier excluding beginner (mastered tier get +10)
    • Subtract 10 EN
    • Currently, you can't target the boss until the taunting bandits are below 150 HP.
    Reckless Attack: Attack your enemy with reckless abandon. Take x2 damage next cycle.
    • Roll 2 d100 + 5 per mastery tier excluding beginner (mastered tier get +10)
    • Subtract 20 EN
    • Currently, you can't target the boss until the taunting bandits are below 150 HP.
    • You will not receive double damage from Frostbite.
    [health]000[/health] [energy]000[/energy] [loc][d]Attacking[/d][/loc]
    [CENTER][d]Attack Action - Target's Name[/d]
    Tracker / Roll
    [score]Your roll + Modifier = Total[/score]
    Target's Name: 000/000 HP[/CENTER]

    Healing: Heal a single player using a support mastery.
    • Roll d12 + 3 per mastery level including beginner.
    • Subtract 10 EN
    Area Healing: Heal up to three players using a support mastery.
    • Roll d12 + 4 per mastery level including beginner then divide by 3.
    • Subtract 20 EN
    Damage Buff: Buffs a single player's damage. The buff lasts for three turns.
    • Roll d20 + 3 per mastery level including beginner.
    • Subtract 10 EN
    Area Damage Buff: Buffs up to three players' damage. The buff lasts for one turn.
    • Roll d20 + 4 per mastery level including beginner then divide by 3.
    • Subtract 20 EN
    [health]000[/health] [energy]000[/energy] [loc][b2]Supporting[/b2][/loc]
    Post here
    [CENTER]Heal/buff @Target-Name for...
    [score][b2]Your roll + Modifier = Total[/b2][/score]
    Tracker / Roll[/CENTER]

    The word limit is now a minimum of 100 words and a maximum of 400 words. You may write up to 2 posts in this cycle, but they need to have 1 post from another author in between them.

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    • 178 HP
    • 123 EN
    • Attacking

    • -5 HP from Lesser Shard Aura

    Roland grimaced as they approached the fortress. Had then been able to build this, since Dormont, or had it always been here? Of course, the city of Vinttergaurd had been built in the interim, so it was possible they could have made it but...it seemed unlikely. The issue is, if it had been here, what purpose did it serve? The elves hardly ever ventured south, and when they did, they attacked Dormont. So...Something seemed off as if Roland wasn't getting the full picture.

    Taking a step back, Roland eyed his fellow teammates, specifically looking for those in his order. He had traveled with @Comet and had seen @Alric Stalwart around, but the others were missing. With a sigh he checked his messages once more, noting that there hadn't been a reply from either Kana or Aalam. It seemed he'd be forced to play this charade a little bit longer. Hopefully, Zeus wasn't leading them into a trap.

    The small army, marched into the fortress with relative ease, meeting the enemy within the gate. "No prolonged siege? No archers to slow us down? Something is wrong here!" he called out, but the chaos likely consumed his voice. Within moments, Zeus was gone, and they faced a group of enemies. At least some had come to fight.

    "Alright then!" Roland yelled, unsheathing a blade, "If you think you can stop us, you'd better be able to fend the likes of me off!" With a smirk, Roland plowed forward with Aeromancy enhanced movements, turning into a spin, and slicing a small path through the majority of the men. He almost cut the party of bandits completely in half but failed on the final enemy, who managed to luckily stop his blade moments before it passed through the bandit's throat. "Stop wasting my time!" Roland yelled as he jumped back, taking a few glancing blows to his armor as he did so.

    Reckless Attack - Bandits
    Reclamation Tracker/ (Roll) Reclamation of Pride
    31+ 80 + 35= 146
    Black Wolf Bandits: 154/300 HP​
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    • 130 HP
    • 140 EN
    • Attacking

    • -5 HP from Lesser Shard Aura

    "Stay back, Hector!"
    Alpha grinned as she hopped forward, stretching her arms with her favorite blade in hand. Of course, the wolf had failed to listen and was instead chewing on one of the bandit's arms, gnawing on it with his nubby little teeth. Alpha winced at the sight. She wondered if that bandit would threaten to sue but, after a few seconds of thought, she merely shrugged and refocused her attention elsewhere. As long as that guy doesn't have any living relatives or something then it'll be fine. Dead men can't cry for government assistance after all.

    And, as Zeus plummeted down to god knows where, she couldn't help but release a toothy laugh. "This is gonna be a wild party!" she cackled. "No adults! No rules! Let's do this!"

    Her dagger immediately set about to thinning the crowd, recklessly swinging back and forth in elated abandon without a single thought flitting in her mind. Slash. Swing. Pierce. It was as if she was a movie star in a 19th century film based on the Three Musketeers!

    Thrust, stab, repeat. The familiar motion and the rush of adrenaline as she dodged, ran, and fought warmed her body up as small cuts and beads of blood began to fester on her body. "Woohoo!" she screamed, cutting down the last of her enemies as the monstrous threat of the Primadox went forgotten in the presence of more expressive, humanoid enemies. "Can anyone defeat the legendary Alphabet Chocolate?!"

    As time moved forward and the death toll rose, Alpha couldn't help but prance around in joy, taking amusement in stepping on the corpses of her enemies. Purposefully, she kicked the cadavers back and forth until there was a lofty pile and, with a graceful flip, she landed atop the throne of the dead and rose her blade up high in victory. "Let's feed these guys to the horses!"

    Man-eating horses certainly sounded very, very cool. Kind of like Achilles or Hercules or some other Greek guy who did those twelve labors or something. Or were they man-eating pigs.

    "Okie dokie! Revision time! Every soul who dies here is now property of Alphabet Chocolate! No refunds! I gotta sell some souls for some corn chips; I'm starving!"

    The fortress was pure chaos and Alphabet Chocolate never felt more at home.

    Reckless Attack - Black Wolf Bandits
    Reclamation Tracker / (Roll) Reclamation of Pride
    133 + 35 = 168
    Black Wolf Bandits: -14/300 HP​
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    • 126/136 HP
    • 92/112 EN
    • Attacking

    • -10 HP from shard aura
      -20 EN from reckless attack

    Wide silver eyes looked up at the hulking mass of a beast that reared back and roared in front of them all. The crystals that worked along its hide and arms seemed threatening, but Savannah was more curious than worried. With numbers on their side, the beast would fall in a matter of well-placed shots…if they could land a hit on the damned thing.

    Chaos erupted around them as the bandits swarmed into the room and the cacophonous sounds of battled swelled over everything. She glanced at the beast and the lithe girl behind her, her blood singing for battle, but her mind telling her to be still, be calm, and protect Luna. She rolled her shoulders and quickly summoned her massive great axe to her hands, the weight of the weapon a comfort in this battle that raged around her.

    I’ll protect you Luna, no worries! She was unsure if the girl could even hear her over the screams, shouts, and general noise that was two armies meeting in battle in an enclosed space. The scent of blood rushed into her nose and Savannah breathed it in, her eyes flashing left and right as body after body was torn asunder under the blades, hammers, and spells of her comrades. What a day to be alive!

    “Watch out!”

    Her eyes flicked to the right, her hearing only just catching the voice of someone calling for attention. The Death Knight watched as the beast’s massive arm arced in a lumbering pulverize toward her and Luna. On instinct, she pushed the girl backward and slammed her axe down into the meaty wrist of the beast, her grin wide and merciless as she yanked the blade free. An arc of blood came with it.

    Reckless Attack - Primadona
    Tracker / Roll
    174 + 20 = 194
    Target's Name: 1806/2000 HP​
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