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(Event) Reclamation of Pride 2
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  1. Location Outside the Fortress

  2. The mission was over. The team the Aristocracy sent to do their bidding had failed. They were betrayed. Zeus had lived. The Bandit King was probably gutted. His time here was done. Iván sighed, lamenting over how his first quest with the Aristocracy had failed, though not of his own doing. He did his part, played his role as best as he could. The bandits were perhaps just destined to lose. Not that it would affect him, really. He had an excuse, technically the truth, for his failure: The Aristocracy failed him first when they failed to make sure their own team didn’t have traitors, though considering their reputation, that should’ve been expected. Still, a quick background check would’ve done wonders. What could he have done anyway? He was a new member, fresh meat. He only really knew Portia Ahrens and not even that much. It was a lost cause from the very beginning. At least he didn’t die.

    “I hope Zeus survives,” he muttered to himself as he continued walking towards the light, shortly finding himself outside the fortress. The legend was real, at least Iván had witnessed that to be the truth. He was impressed by the lions’ king but not that much to change allegiances. Not that he would fare better with the Pride. They were loud and heroic, and Iván was neither of those things nor did he wish otherwise. He preferred working behind the spotlight, not under it. He was made to work the shadows, not wield a blade in the front lines. That was how he wanted to play his game, and he wasn’t feeling like it would change anytime soon. “Maybe the next time we meet, I can return the favor.”

    He knew he couldn’t. He wouldn’t be able to repay such a favor. Zeus had saved his life, and while this was all still just a game, the old man didn’t need to. Either Zeus dies before Iván could ever, if he even could, reach his level or he could just not get to that level. It was a pity. Iván did admire Zeus. If only they could play the same game. He shook his head and smiled under his turtleneck, sighing as he continued walking.
  3. Location Inside the Fortress

  4. It had been a long and tiresome night for everyone involved, had they received wounds or not. The moment everyone from the Aristocracy had arrived at the hall where a large number of other players waited for their leader's return, a good amount of them scattered to greet familiar faces or stick to the few ones who would benefit them the most. As far as things went for the woman, she stood idle in a corner, her attention caught by a notification from a certain someone she hadn't known of in a while.

    Her hand moved to form a reply with words she didn't possess, and for a split of a second, she hesitated. Their last meeting had been most unpleasant, and that was something she simply wished not to repeat. Not under this specific circumstances, at the very least. Not when she knew what his message implied and most definitely not with the burden of recently acquired wounds and a job left unfinished weighing down on her.

    Despite her every protest, though, her fingers moved out of their own accord with a guilt in each word that certainly wouldn't come close to helping the situation between the separated friends. Eventually, he would find out her involvement in Zeus' assassination plot and she knew that much. He already knew of which faction she belonged to, and, as someone who opposed her every goal within it, it was not much of a surprise to assume he would at least be able to connect the scattered signals. Hell, if he was here, with the rest of the Lions... The thought alone of the silver-haired male scanning the room to catch a glimpse of her own face was enough to make the woman shiver in her spot.

    Before the reply button was pressed, an alarming shout struck her ears and panicked mumblings around Zeus' location began. It was poison, they said, but as everything that had happened that fateful night replayed inside her head, she couldn't place where everything had gone awfully wrong. He was meant to live, and the group tasked with ending his life had seen to it personally, even dragged him back to the rest of his cubs for a swift recovery. As far as she knew, by the time their fight against the Queen had ended, none of them had it in them to stick to their mission.


    It's not a good time.


    A sigh left her, and soon the message was gone. As much as it pained her, she couldn't have anyone recognizing her inside of the fortress. She couldn't risk it, and hoping he hadn't seen her yet, her feet soon dragged her lithe frame out of the throne room, off to whatever treasure she could find and snatch for herself before any of the cubs noticed their recently acquired goods had been stolen. Being a little richer was a good plan, especially when she wasn't getting paid by the Aristocracy.
  5. Location Outside the Fortress

  6. What was happening here? A fight? No... A slaughter. Much more interesting.

    He had arrived late to the party, it seemed, but nonetheless Nikephoros had arrived. Confused, concerned, and considerate of what fortunes could be made. By all accounts it appeared that a large group of players had assailed a fortress in the area, and were now looting through its spoils or else socializing within the newly conquered walls. So great was the hubbub that he sincerely doubted one might notice yet another face milling about. And if they did? Well... Couldn't he just fake the helpful sort?

    Keeping his eyes ahead, chin raised, posture slouched and relaxed, the elven man strut around the side of the keep from the nearby woods where he had been... surveying, looking for excellent spots to ambush travelers. Unbenknownst to him, the very king of all bandits did reside so close by. Or alas, had once resided there, but apparently lived no more if the boasting words of those around him were anything to trust.

    Well that was fortunate. It would have been embarrassing to be caught by bandits, doing banditry. How unprofessional! But they'd put the competition to the sword, and Nikephoros smiled knowing there were that many fewer standing between himself and infamy. He passed through the gates, saw some goods being crated away, and hefted one of the large wooden burdens up in his arms, considering its contents. Textiles and pottery. Useful, simple to sell, but better suited to a caravan than a pawn store. Pointless for him to take it. He followed others as they loaded the goods onto wagons outside the fortress grounds, noticing a blonde woman resting against one of the carriages. Smiling, he approached @Corvella and offered her a skin of mulled wine, after sipping from it himself to slake his thirst and show it was not poisoned.

    "Quite the burden..." he commented, finding his own wagon to rest upon so that the woman had some space to herself.
    "Camaraderie, I mean. The goods aren't so bad, but it's teamwork that's the real struggle. I noticed not many are putting their muscles to use, now that our fighting is done. Do you think perhaps we'll get a larger share of the reward, since we're putting in more of the labor? Probably not. That's teamwork for you."
    He smirked genially, having no idea what had actually happened here, or what was to happen next. God, he hoped he was saying the right things. It all sounded innocuous enough.

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  7. Rat


  8. Location Outside the Fortress

  9. Blah. Blah BLAH. Blah blaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
    People talked too much, cared too much, and posted on social media too much. But only two of those things were immediate concerns that were bothering the hell out of Temperance. To get away from it all, she began to move about the fortress, looking for goods to... relieve... from the clutches of the bandit forces they had conquered. She had just about started lining her pockets when others starting moving supplies around, and she, needing to stay on SOME sort of good terms with others, was conned into lying about her intentions.

    Yes, she promised... she was just trying to help load things up for the wagons.
    Those shitty wagons they'd all BARELY fit in on the way up?
    Sure, no, fill those with goods and watch their rickety wheels bust on the mountain roads and spill gold out into the woods.

    No really. Let it happen. She'd just... do a better job than most about picking it all up. But report back the least amount recovered. Really, she'd get hers in the end. It was just a question of here, or on the return trip. And there was no need for impatience.
    All the same, manual labor really wasn't her thing. Waving a hand, she formed a bubble of white light around some goods and began to hover them out into the courtyard and beyond the gates, hurling them violently into some of the empty wagons to get shit loaded as quickly as possible.

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  10. Location Throne Room
  11. It was very unusual for Magdalyn to feel out of place.

    When in a crowded room, Magdalyn had the innate ability to engage anyone in conversation. It was a very underrated superpower, in her mind; she was never alone in the company of others. Even Lena, who was a bit shyer than her digital counterpart, had communicative skills in her arsonal. Rarely was she put in a position where she felt uncomfortable, unwanted, or unnecessary.

    This was one of those moments. The mighty Zeus lay wounded, his flock tending to him with everything at their disposal. The men and women practically fought to treat him, shoving each other aside to administer potions and conduct spells. Many wore stricken expressions, panic, concern, exhaustion etching deep lines across their faces. The day had been long, but for Zeus and his children, it would be much longer still.

    This was a moment for the members of Lion’s Pride, a faction to which Magdalyn did not belong. She had joined the mission for the experience, for the rewards, and because she believed in unseating the Bandit King. She had no pledged her allegiance to Zeus, nor did she care as deeply as the players clustered around his prone form. She would be imposing by offering her assistance now, though she did have a few healing abilities. Can an NPC be healed? She mused, crossing her arms across her chest, and settling against the wall. Or was he fated to die, regardless of what was tried out of desperation.

    Magdalyn knew she did not belong here. It felt altogether too private, as if she were playing witness to something she was not meant to. This was like watching a wedding for someone she had never met. Or a funeral. So she shoved off from the wall, and began to move toward the nearest exit.

    Someone called out, and all at once, all thought of Zeus was gone. Instead, she felt herself being thrust back into an earlier argument, one that had left her lost and shaken, though she had hid it well. Mags slowed, turned, and squared her shoulders. Though her expression was one of mere mild curiosity, she felt her armor slipping into place.

    Her first instinct was to wave him off, tell him it was fine, that she was okay. But it wasn’t, and she wasn’t. It spoke volumes that she jumped to making excuses for him - he had been stressed, the mission had been taxing. But the words that had formed his whip had been cruel and unnecessary, and he had struck her without mercy. That could not be excused away with simple exhaustion.

    So she simply lifted her eyebrows, and asked, “Yes?”

    @Kijin Shihaku
  12. Location Inside the Fortress

  13. Madison wandered the halls of the castle for a moment before picking a random door that looked like it led to somewhere moderately useful. With a twist of the knob and a hearty shove, the door swung open on its hinges and revealed a bedroom of some sort. It was sparsely decorated, but comfortable. Probably a servant's quarters; one that had cleaned up after the Bandit King long enough to deserve their own private space, anyway.

    The cursemage strolled right in and softly let the door close behind her. Her sapphire eyes drifted around, looking for anything moderately valuable or neat. A new set of clothes would be a good start, she thought to herself as she became aware of the small tears in her own outfit suffered during the battle with the ant.

    She was several steps away from a dresser when suddenly the door burst open behind her. The loud crashing of wood against stone nearly made her jump out of her skin. Madison whipped around, a scream caught in her throat, and found herself inches from the nasty, toothy grin of a sassy little girl in a Halloween costume.

    In between all the hehehe's and hahaha's, the yldian introduced herself as Grand Witch Majora Something Or Other--Madison only caught bits and pieces, preoccupied as she was with slowing her heart rate and calming the eff down and all. She distinctly heard the terms dark hero and sworn protector, and that immediately soured a first impression of the girl already ruined by the pink hair and complete disregard of any concept of personal space.

    Good grief, are all the heroes here feckin' cartoon characters?!

    Madison forced her mouth closed and composed herself long enough to respond. "L-look," she began, her voice shaky.

    Gods damn it all, she'd have to come up with an excuse--quick. She wasn't stupid enough to admit why she was here in the first place. Something decent, something believable...

    She straightened herself up a bit and took a step back and away from the intruder. "If you must know, I'm one of the servants to the King of these lands--or former king, I should say."

    Madison felt a sliver of confidence returning. If Margarine Or Whatever wanted to be a kooky character in a story, Maddy had seen enough PBS shows to play a part herself.

    "I ran as soon as the attackers arrived."
    She fretfully played around with the hem of her sleeve for a bit of nervous emphasis. "I'm only good at cleaning and cooking. I can't swing anything stronger than a feather duster; and last I knew, allergies are nothing compared to swords and spells. So, rather than standing and fighting, I made my escape."

    The cursemage pointed in the general direction of the stairwell where she emerged from. "There's an old pathway that leads to the dungeons below the castle. I figured I'd be safe there. But now that the fighting's stopped and my lord lies dead, I don't want to be here anymore. I'm just here to grab what I can and then leave this accursed place."

    An unreadable look flashed across Madison's tired, ragged face. "If that's alright with you, of course."
  14. Location Outside the Fortress

  15. Same song and dance, Emil said in reply, his singular good eye watching as Vivian made her way into the fortress. People vying for power and stepping on those whom are expendable. Though his words were surprisingly dire, there was no malicious intent locked behind his lyrics.

    Instead, his attention dipped to the arm that this new woman was currently slathering…goop onto. Whatever it was made him feel instantly better, for which he was thankful. A sigh wormed past his lips as he inclined his head to the woman.

    Many thanks for your assistance, the mage murmured, feeling his health return to him. He spied the purple, green and black lines finally retreating from his free hand as well. He grunted, satisfaction coursing through his system. Granted, this would make his ‘woe is me’ persona a bit harder to play should he come under speculation, but from the sounds carrying from indoors, it seemed all was well.

    Emil Trevelyan, he said by way of introduction. Pleasure to make your acquaintance.

    @Eryl Justice
  16. Location Outside the Fortress

  17. The progress weren't that great, like, there was barely any people who helped her moving the haul. If this keeps going, it might take a whole day to empty the treasury. Ain't nobody got time for that, of course. Exhaled, she prepared to go back to do some lifting before someone offered a drink. A tall yladian man with a skin of wine on his hand who Corvella had never seen before, even on the battle just now. It might be her that didn't notice him amongst the reclamation party, silly girl, a bandit wouldn't offer her a drink. She smiled and bowed in appreciation before taking a single sip of the offered drink. That, was a good wine. "Thank you. I don't think we're already acquainted, Mister..?" the blonde asked for a name before quickly interrupting herself "Oh, forgive me. I am Corvella of the Lion's Pride." She extended an arm for a handshake gesture.

    Usually she would have retorted to the man's comment with something along 'No it's wrong' routine, but this time she just exhaled once again and smiled wryly. "Of course I noticed. But isn't that life? Somebody needs to do all the work." She continued, pushing herself off the wagon she had leaned into "Then again, most of are busy doing something I can't; treating the injured. I might be actually the burden of the group..." The knight frowned, moved towards the fortress to grab a crate of supplies before returning, putting the haul in the cart beside @Nikephoros. "... So this kind of thing might be the only thing I'm useful at, right?" She said with a small smile, before stopping from the back pain once again. Was it from the earlier battle or was she just getting old?

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  19. _____Kaede’s focus lifted from the storm slowly as Astral magic pulled her focus around for a few moments and she sighed lightly before moving from her spot and calmly walking with Tsuki-yumi quickly rushing after Kaede. With a calm expression Kaede moved her hand to push a figure out of her way and took a step back, a moment after the roof falling where the man was standing and likely have killed or seriously harmed him before Kaede kept walking. Every so often reach to move someone just slightly out of harm's way while sighing to herself on the inside.

    _____Tierd people who wanted to show they could still do something caused to many accidents, even if she could just warn people that held less chance of working and by moving them herself it was far easier and helped the group gather items to take away. Hand pulling her dagger free and carefully throwing it to cut a rope free and allow a group of people to avoid bringing something down on them as she calmly walked and reached her hand out to catch the dagger and kept walking.

    ”Don’t even start saying you don’t need help, every possibility of you lifting this alone either ends in you and a few, or a great deal of others getting hurt.”

    _____Kaede spoke coldly as she glared down a man trying to solo lift a large tusk, one hand holding the opposite side while Tsuki-yumi rushed to stand under part of it to help ease some of the gravity weight to help the two of them move the object along. Kaede did not like what was going to happen next but it was better than others getting hurt. Free hand moving to minimize the damage as someone tossed an object hitting kaede’s hand and nose causing an annoyed sigh as she kept walking.

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  20. Location outside the fortress

  21. She nodded at his thanks, carefully placing the lid back on her small jar before nestling it back in her pouch. “Don’t mention it.”

    Eryl never would have guessed she would have succumbed to the level of a healer, but the redhead did prod herself in her ability to adapt to almost any situation. Her pride, however, wasn’t one to adapt with it. She flicked the goo off her finger tips, it landed in the snow before vanishing into digital, glowing cubes.

    “Eryl,” she said nodding towards him. She didn’t know how or if he would play into her personal schemes, but he seemed smart enough to be an ally in the near future. “A pleasure for me as well.”

    She watched the poisonous lines recede and felt a small shimmer of satisfaction at her handiwork. The edges of her lips turned up in a thin smile. “It’s good to always have more people who know what they are doing on our side. I wish you could have been here for the Bandit King. He was a pain in the ass. And there was some hole and a giant ant that showed up. Insane, really.”

    @Emil Trevelyan
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  23. Roland side eyed @Endilix Takagi as he took the letter from his hand, before opening it and reading its contents. What was written Roland did not say, but his mouth remained in a stiff frown as he read before he turned back to Endilix before stating, "This letter neither exonerates you, nor does it condemn this Emil person." Shifting his weight, Roland eye'd the large swordsman appraising his skill level, "I doubt anyone with beginner gear such as yours would even attempt something so foolhardy. I see no reason to imprison you, nor to search for this Emil at this time. As far as I am concerned Zeus isn't even a Astorean Citizen, and these lands were in dispute, it would be hardly in my authority to act on a suspicious party for something that happened in the midst of a battle." It was at this time that Roland received an inaudible ping representing a message sent to him, and while the witch screamed at Endilix Roland turned, mashing buttons on his U.I. as he grumbled under his breath. A few moments later he flagged down the man in glasses, handing him his potion and advising him of Astor words before returning back to Endilix.

    "I may have spoken too quickly. In regards to the attempted murder we can launch an investigation, but we will likely need the intended victim conscious as well as a fully detailed account of what happened. From what I understand Duchess @Lucia Mierz was... present in what happened, as such it would be up to her in normal circumstances.... That said something about this entire situation seems off... Why were you not with the rest of us? Not even inside the castle but the journey to get here, wasn't an easy one, you wouldn't have been able to make it alone. Was there a different caravan? What were your goals? How did you even find access to this... monster?" Roland shook his head, "I won't force you to answer, but if you want my help in these matters I'd need to know more. Let me be clear though. I will do what's best for the country. Not what's best for the lions." Roland said the last bit with a cold stare leaving it to Endilix to determine its meaning.

    In the meantime he received yet another ding, representing yet another message being sent to him. Silently he pounded at his UI once more, sending a message to 'someone'. Whoever it was greatly angered him, as he began to storm off, heading to the supplies. Utilizing his Aeromancy to enhance his moments, he quickly grabbed a variety of supplies, loading them into the wagon's, clearly lacking interest in the ongoing recover of Zeus.

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  24. Location Throne Room

  25. Bradwynne smiled as he stared at the number of people who flocked to save the leader of the Pride. It should seem a lot of concern for the one-armed legend had poured before him just to cure all of his ailments. But as the number of them increased, so should be the chaos. If they poured out their treatments one after another, it might cause more harm than good for Zeus. It was a fortunate thing Jawn calmed them down and assigned tasks for each person. And so the helter-skelter of the group of healers became a very organized group of doctors that would put any medical TV series to shame. This was in a medieval world, and magic and modern techniques go hand-in-hand such that Jawn was a conductor of an orchestra. First, the buff of a pink-haired woman he had not quite saw before, name Vina Skysong, increased their power to heal more grievous circumstances, such as this one. Next, the water magic of another... wait they had seen each other, as far as he could remember the name was Ilya. She used her water spell on the open arteries of the torn arm of Zeus, forcing water on them and carrying the poison to where Jawn wanted it: to the stomach. Then it was his turn, being directed to heal the torn arteries from the water spell. Knowing that torn arteries should be fatal to a patient as it could bring internal bleeding that could lead to death, he quicly chanted the spell needed to heal the arteries of Zeus. As the rosary glowed in his hand, the purplish spots that formed on Zeus' body subsided, and the bleeding on the torn arm stopped. But as the effects of the torn arteries were in effect as he was still healing them, he saw Zeus' eye twitch, and he then knew that even a legend could not stand it. An anesthetic was clearly needed in this case, and was about to tell Jawn about it, but it was as if Jawn heard his concern, and directed another person to calm Zeus' spirit temporarily, while he got the potion of another person and injected it into Zeus' body. Lastly Jawn got the antidote from Emerath and then, Bradwynne assisted him in making Zeus drink it, actuating Zeus' throat to swallow it. As he had finished assisting, he wiped the sweat off his face with a cloth he materialized from his inventory. But everything was not over. As long as the poison was in the circulation, or this time in the stomach of Zeus, it was not over. Jawn had said that even mastered healing skills could not remove the poison off him, and so they had to move him back to their headquarters to heal him completely. But Bradwynne thought that Zeus might die on the way if they did that, and even the most capable doctors had a hard time healing a patient in an ambulance, much more in a wagon. And so it was a huge development that the person who gave the anesthetic told them that the fortress would be granted to them. Hearing of the good news, he then said to Jawn, "As much as possible, I want to accompany Zeus until he had healed completely. I should presume that we should not move Zeus very far, since it might aggravate his condition. How about if we should stay here? I am sure that there should be an infirmary here somewhere."

    @Raid Master
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  27. With everyone gathering in the Throne Room to the side of Zeus, Alkaid felt quite content to give a toast to victory, teamwork, and perhaps maybe, just maybe, the power of friendship.

    Okay, definitely not that last one. Still, it was hard to resist that warm, fuzzy feeling you got whenever you helped someone or watched a “feel good” scene in a movie. In fact, that was almost exactly what it was, just missing the music score. Barring, of course, the testimony as to just how Zeus came to such a condition, but that only added just the right sense of drama to mix things up.

    Unfortunately she couldn't remain a total observer forever, though. She couldn't help but hear the drop of a familiar name, a mage she’d partnered with in Norforva. A man she was willing to give the benefit of the doubt for that very reason, although thankfully few seemed eager to try to mete justice as this juncture. Instead, now comforted with the knowledge that Zeus was okay, she sauntered out of the Throne Room and out into the halls, her mind wandering to other things now that the event seemed to be teeming down.

    Oh, some thoughts were truly mundane. Tomorrow's day at work. How long she had been playing , and whether her cat might need feeding. She needed no magical powers to foresee that particular predicament, pulling off her headset only to find a certain kitty meowing and pawing at her awakened self.​

    But this adventure was also enlightening, in a sense. To her the game was normally just something to play at her own leisure, practically a road trip she could take right from home, without the need to take airplanes or spend up all her savings. She was not normally one to let herself get tied down in this sort of experience, but she couldn't deny that the Pride as a guild had its own sense of charm. And that maybe what they had done actually mattered, which helped a lot.

    More importantly, however, there was a certain power gap that she was starting to want to cross. Less for the sake of being stronger than all these players, but more so she could take part in more grand adventures. Those she liked. Those she wanted more of.

    But for now? For now was grunt work, seeing as she was among the more healthy members of their merry little band.

    Only, their spoils of war supplies were a bit heavier than Alkaid remembered. Well, more like a lot. Either that or she wasn't taking her drinks as well as she thought she was.

    Still, if it meant more for celebration later, she wasn't about to complain. After carrying a crate to one of the wagons, she used Aeromancy to lift it in, the crate giving a little wobble as it rose into the air.

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  28. Location Inside the Fortress

  29. Majolica looked over @Madison Freebird so she could remember her clearly in case she needed to later.

    “Hehehe, ohhhh I see! Hehe, you’re a servant of Bandit King!”

    Pacing back and forth with a stern look, Majolica acted out an embellished version of a detective mentally going over the finer details of a case.

    “Now, what was it that I heard about servants of the Bandit King.. hehehe? Oh dear, what was it?”

    Hamming it up Sherlock style, Majolica scratched her head and her chin.

    “Hehe, ahhh... I remember. People who followed the Bandit King… were typically, bandits! Hehehe, which would make you a bandit. And even if not a bandit, guilty of helping out all of the bandits, including their king! Hehehe, still guilty!”

    Majolica irritatingly wagged her finger before continuing on. Feeling like the cat that caught the mouse, she was enjoying batting around her dialogue and making her quarry sweat a bit. Regardless, even if this person was innocent like they said, they could still be useful.

    “Do helpless Bandit maids typically look beat up, and wear witchy dark colors like that? Hehehe, what were you cleaning up? Was it some of my friends in the Lion’s Pride? Hehehe…”

    Majolica hopped up into the air and went into a sitting position, her broomstick quickly moved under to catch her, then raised her up so she could look down on Madison. Now looking down, Majolica continued her bad cop/bad cop routine.

    “Instead of playing all of these boring games, little Bandit Goblin, hehehe, how about we make a deal? Bandit Goblins like deals right? Hehehe… you said you’re looking for a job… hehe, then maybe I could offer you one! But first, hehe, I want to know how the boss’ arm was removed and a poison wrap placed around it. Hehehe, I want to know everything! Why are these other people here that weren’t with the Lion Caravan? Why are they all beat up? Hehehe… poor Grand Witch Majolica has so many answers, and no one will answer them… well, hehe, not yet.”

    As she was still quite tired, Majolica paused to let out a yawn.

    “After that, hehe, maybe you can be my informant. Hehehe, only a dummy would be too blind to see that something’s afoot! Hehehe, and as a dark hero, Grand Witch, and future ruler of the whole world, I need to know everything."

    Majolica crossed her arms and grinned at Madison.

    “Hehehe, so there it is. Tell me everything, work for me in secret, and maybe I’ll help you out sometimes. Hehehe, or try and run and I’ll just hunt you down later. Hehehe, be smart, my little Bandit Goblin. It’s been a long day, but I still have enough energy to frog you… hehehe.”
  30. Location Outside the Fortress

  31. "Now damn it," Tetsunosuke muttered as he was lagging behind the party, injuries still quite hurting him as he walked. He had been wearing the new clothes that that healer gave him, and it quite intrigued, amused, and irritated by it as he moved towards the throne room. "I really look like a boy scout in these. Did that healer really intend to spite me? Oh well, like the scouts always say, I should be prepared for anything. Well yeah I am always prepared. Oh well, maybe these really suit me." He was not able to participate in the ensuing battle because of his injuries, which he had regretted, but hey, maybe he could earn something here, he then said as he saw the aftermath of the battle.

    Well this room was supposed to be a magnificent one, based on its decorations, but now about half of it had collapsed, and the other half was severely damaged by the battle. Of course the new inhabitants should hire carpenters, masons, and the like to restore this room, as well as other rooms, to its former glory. Of course those workers needed tools to seal that gaping hole in the room, to craft new doors, and all other concerns. And that should be where Tetsunosuke would step in. He would offer his crafted tools and his own trademark heavy equipment that should decrease the time needed to construct everything. Of course they would be assured of a good warranty on his tools, if they break within a specific amount of time, it will be replaced or refunded, no questions asked. But as if he would construct anything weak to withstand the rigors of construction. Of course everything is tough as nails, and could easily be used. And of course they come at a good price that they could afford, but of course Tetsunosuke would reap great rewards from what he would do. But of course, within this little boy scout, lied the heart of a capitalist.

    But of course he should need to prove himself worthy of any payment. This should be a testament of what his crafts should do. And of course the heavy equipment should be easy to install, and it was of course faerin-friendly. IKEA style. As he was instructed to haul some of the loot into wagons, of course he placed them within wooden boxes. And here should be the magic. He then materialized two wooden bars which were already ready for some installation, a long rope, a system of pulleys, a square stand which was fitted with a flat metal swivel at the top and an attachment for two axles at the bottom, and of course, a pair of axles and four wheels that could be locked in place. He then assembled first the two bars into a T, then let the rope pass through the notch of the vertical part that connected it to a horizontal part, tied the larger pulley on one end of the vertical part which had a notch so that the incoming set of pulleys would not slip with a short rope, assembled the pulley system with the long rope and left it with a quite long extension to fit a hook, and then erected the whole assembly on the wooden stand that he had fitted earlier with the wheels and axles. After some more screwing and hammering, he had constructed a simple crane, and he used it to haul the crates of the recovered loot to the wagons.

    Supplies: 512​
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