Escort Quest Blues

Escort Quest Blues
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  1. It'd been a while since she'd been in the Brisshal region, so it was quite a nostalgic feeling being back in the familiar woods and forests of the starting zone. Luna smiled, spinning in place as she looked around at the world around her, letting her hands brush past bushes and trees as she made her way towards the village she could see. It wasn't a long walk, only five or so minutes at most to reach it by foot and she was fairly confident that no animals would attack her thanks to Beast Taming. Many animals didn't see her as a threat, most of the time, though some predatory creatures were still kind of likely to attack her. Everything Lucia had said helped a lot though, assuming things were a threat to you was often a way to turn the entire world against you. Being paranoid or always ready to fight was a surefire way to invite trouble into your life and she definitely didn't want that.

    Making her way into the village, she noticed that it was far busier than usual, filled with traders and caravans that had come for some sort of winter fair of some kind, filling the center of the village with a bustling commotion that was pretty uncommon for a village of this type. But beyond all of that, the shouting of a man caught her attention and boy, did he sound like somebody you would typically call annoying. He had a high pitched, snobbish voice with an accent that she could only really described as sounding like it was totally being forced, with no real rhyme or reason to some of the things he was saying. She was completely prepared to just walk past and continue walking through the village, before his hand clamped down on her shoulder, pulling her so that she turned to face him. He wasn't all that big, or impressive looking, though she definitely had to say he was average in basically every aspect.

    "You there! That sword at your hip doesn't look like it's just for show! You're helping me get my stall to the next village over, seeing as these ingrates don't want to buy any of my fine merchandise!" She blinked, freezing under his touch as he seemingly demanded her services. He didn't even make it clear as to whether or not he would be paying her at the end of it all. But she couldn't just leave him! He might be killed by wolves or slimes if nobody escorted him to the next village! She gulped, looking around. She didn't want to be left alone with him!

    "A-a-a-ahhhhh....." She froze completely, looking around with eyes that pleaded for help, though not many people looked in her direction. Why had he singled her out of the crowd when there must've been some other adventurers here!? "I-I-I....." She stammered, though he seemed to be having none of it.

    "Well lady? You're helping me!" He wasn't quite forcing her, but he was sort of implying that saying no wasn't an option. He was extremely pushy, it seemed.

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  2. Oh, look at that. A young girl being accosted by a sleazy merchant. If this had been her day job, she might have had to even intervene. But this was a game, so she had all the leisure in the world to just stroll right past them, as she walked up to them. And that had been her plan, initially. But then, she heard that man talking about needing help and realized that this must have been an NPC. With a quest. A quest that could give her goodies and experience.

    Without properly approaching those two, she thought about the matter briefly. There was no indication that this was a quest that she had any business in taking. But, on the other hand, she pretty much needed whatever she could get at this point. And besides, stutter-girl over there would be around too. Looked higher level than herself, if nothing else. Potentially, she could just throw that person on whatever attacked them on this escord and either run or grab the spoils afterwards. It did not really matter. But there was a good chance that she could get some easy experience here.

    Besides, miss flower-on-the-eye over there was a cutie. Might as well spend some time with her. “Oiiiiiii,” she announced herself as she spun on her heel and turned towards the two. Just like the NPC, Cassandra put her hand on the opposite shoulder, as she tried out her most winning of personalities. “Of course she’s helping. And I am gonna help her help you.” It might have been a bit much to just blurt out something like that, but this woman did not exactly seem like the kind of person who would grow angry at that immediately and stomp away. Nah, those kind of people would just accept a tagalong, as long as it meant they wouldn’t have to lead themselves.

    Or maybe she was just projecting there.

    In either event, Cass was dead-set on inserting herself into this situation. “I mean, if she’s not going, I am not going either. But together, we can see this through no problem. Promised, Mr. NPC Bossman sir. Just be ready to hand out that good stuff to us afterwards, because this cart is going to town! Well, the other town. The one you want to bring it to.”
  3. The second voice was something that definitely filled her with hope, the fact that somebody else had even taken notice of what was happening AND had decided to jump in was pretty amazing. She'd been fairly sure the woman that was coming her was was a player, but calling the trader guy an NPC completely hammered the final nail into that coffin before she had time to really think about it in any sort of depth. Unless the game was getting self awareness from somewhere, an NPC wouldn't recognize another NPC as an NPC, most likely. Well, maybe Trinity would, but she was supposed to be a different story entirely, so she really didn't count in the grand scheme of things.

    Now with two hands on her shoulders, one from the merchant and one from the new woman who had shown up and declared that they were both going on the quest or whatever, Luna felt even more lost than ever, but it wasn't like she could just up and leave now. If she left, that other woman had threatened to leave and then this guy might get killed or something on the road. Quests didn't work quite like they did in most games, if nobody took his quest soon he'd risk it alone and quite possibly get mauled to death or eaten and it'd probably be their fault.

    The merchant, however, seemed impressed with the other woman's drive, yet totally unimpressed by her method of addressing him. He seemed to think himself more important than he was, Luna just didn't have it in her to say anything else. "Ah splendid! Another meat shield! I suppose I can be persuaded to split the reward two ways as long as I make it back alive! And my name is Louis Hensway! I suggest you call me Mr. Hensway or Sir if you know what is good for you!"

    Luna fought off the urge to frown, though a displeased look did manifest in her eye as the man let go of her and gathered up a small cart covered with boxes, probably his supplies. Was he really being threatening to the people that had volunteered, Luna against her will, to help him? Was he sure that was wise?

    The newly named Louis turned to the pair, a scowl etched across his average looking face as he hefted some ropes from his cart to a horse's saddle, climbing into it. "Are you ready or not? I won't be taking any breaks because you women need to rest you know!" Gosh, he was so filled with vitriol, wasn't he? Even Luna was struggling to even want to protect him, but she'd probably be a pretty bad person if she left him. She turned to the new woman, gesturing uncertainly in front of herself.

    "U-u-um...." She stammered, looking around for a moment. Should she take the lead? Or did the woman want to lead the way? "D-d-do you w-w-w-w-want t-t-t-to take t-t-the lead?"

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  4. “Well, neither of us really has a lot of meat to shield you. I mean she has a bit more to her chest than I do, but the best meatshield would still be you,” she replied to the NPC, attempting a joke. It did not go so well, for he did not laugh in response. World class programmers, but a sense of humour was still too much for those people, apparently. Well, maybe her new partner would find it funny.

    In either event though, this guy would not and could not send them away anyway. What was he going to do if they just followed him on his trek? Fight them first? Heck no. He had to endure whatever jokes she flung his way, and it would be glorious.

    Her partner was a different thing altogether though, and she kind of banked on that person being at least a bit more experienced than herself, so a cat’s paw would be necessary. Then again, given the way she was still stuttering, this girl was much more in a danger to run away in fear than anything else.

    “You want me to take the lead?” A rhetorical question, of course. But, on the other hand, it was still not exactly something she was super comfortable with. But screw it. This was the internet, she could try it out just once. And who knew? Maybe having a certain amount of power over another would prove interesting.

    While the NPC readied his goods, Cass let go of that woman and instead looked her over profoundly. It mattered little if said person realized that, for she wanted it to be noticed. “Well, well, well, I think I can do that. But!” She paused for a moment, pausing semi-dramatically, before leaning in staring the other in the eyes from below. “You are going to do exactly as I say, got that? This is now operation escort madness! We will get this guy to that other town, even if you die. And I. Because then it fails, I think.”

    Cass took a step back and started laughing, making it a bit unclear what of the things she’d said had been the joke. Maybe everything. Maybe nothing. Enjoying herself and confusing other people was often the same to her, after all. “Now come along. I think we got quite a bit of ground to cover and I think the guy’s ready. You can always start pushing the wagon if you want to get it over with faster.”
  5. Chest!? Luna blushed bright pink, hugging her arms closer to herself to cover her chest almost completely, not too pleased with that little joke on her expense. Why had the woman pointed that out, of all things!? Couldn't she have just stopped her joke at neither of them having much meat to shield the merchant with? Why couldn't she have made a joke at her own expense and not be a bully like that? She frowned, as much as she could manage to make herself frown, which succeeded in only really making her look more adorable than she did angry or annoyed.

    Still, at least she wasn't going to be stuck with this man by herself, even if this woman really did make her feel at least slightly scared. She really didn't seem like all that nice of a person, heck, Luna was worried she might even be targeted by the woman if she didn't do what she said, which was a rather scary feeling. It was like being back in school again, being harassed by the local bully with nobody stepping in to help her, only now she was being forced to work with said bully.

    She flinched as the woman got closer to her, demanding that she do everything that she said, wordlessly nodding her agreement with her eyes screwed shut, even as the woman mentioned something about them possibly dying. Why did everybody seem to treat death in this game as some sort of novel experience? From what she'd heard, death felt as close to the real thing as it possibly could! People were literally experiencing the closest thing to real death when they died in this game, only they woke up from it and remembered everything. Couldn't that scar some people for life?

    She meekly nodded, moving to follow the woman and the merchant with the cart, sticking just behind the woman to use her as a sort of barrier so she didn't have to look at the merchant. Being grabbed randomly was not something she'd liked, in fact, she'd almost screamed instinctively or attacked him. Then she'd have been a criminal or something, which honestly might've been the second worst outcome of this whole situation. She kept a hand on the sheathe of her sword, glancing around nervously. She had no clue if they'd run into trouble or not, but she sure as hell hoped they wouldn't.

    The merchant however deemed it necessary to speak up, an angry scowl on his face as he turned back to look at them. "Shouldn't one of you two broads be in front of me so you get picked off first? You with the jokes, up front and center now!" Luna winced, sort of glad it wasn't her that he'd singled out. He was such an angry guy, either that or he really had something against adventurers for some reason.
  6. Well, that had struck a nerve, hadn’t it? It was odd though. Given that one had almost infinite freedom when creating a character here, at least for starting gear, that would mean that the girl had chosen revealing clothes herself. Maybe she was…..yeah, she likely was that kind of person. Snickering to herself, the rogue would try to rub it in right away. “Ah, so you are the type that dresses provocatively, but gets all flustered when people point it out. Not that it is something very original or novel. Are you craving attention there?” Granted, she was talking out of the finely shaped – by her – butt her avatar had, but it made quite a bit of sense to her.

    After all, she’d had a phase like that herself. But the hypocrisy in making fun of it now was completely lost on her nonetheless. A scaredy cat like that needed to be pushed into being braver. Literally, if need be. But that was not the real reason why she perked up when that merchant tried to re-organize them. “Nope,” she simply told him, walking with her hands leisurely folded behind her back.

    For once, she was not just doing something because it was fun, but rather because it made tactical sense. “I’m a rogue and I used ranged weapons. Putting me in front is the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard. Yo Boobs, how about you take the lead? Don’t worry, you only need to hit whatever is coming at us real hard.”

    That should not be too hard for a nervous person like that. But most of all, it made sense. These kinds of people, they always had a hard time arguing with rational arguments like this. That was how you got them to do things they were uncomfortable with. Cassandra, in the meantime, almost fully ignored the NPC. Why would she care? Even outside the game, he’d just been some dude. She was under no obligation to listen to him when he was too busy talking stupid.

    “Don’t worry though. I got your back, even if I will make fun of it, honey. It is called lovable rogue, not jerk rogue, after all~.”
  7. The type to dress provocatively and then get embarrassed by it? Luna blushed, stammering in an attempt to fashion a reply and deny it, but she came up short. The clothes hadn't seemed that provocative when she'd created her avatar, yet her hide armor was actually a little skimpier if it were to be believed! She was glad there had been a setting to not allow armor to change how she looked, though it still would take affect if she were hit by something. At least she had a sword that didn't look too awful now, even if it did look like it'd been forged in a hurry. This crude sword basically looked like sharpened iron or something, with an iron bar as a hilt and an iron handle wrapped in bandages to give it some sort of grip.

    "N-n-n-n-n-no! I j-j-j-just....I um, I d-d-d-didn't think the c-c-clothes would r-r-r-reveal this much w-w-when I d-d-designed m-myself." She eventually managed to squeak out, somewhat mortified with the woman's incorrect judgement of her personality based on her clothing choice. Was that something that people did? Dress in revealing clothes and then act embarrassed for attention? That seemed fairly counter productive, if she were honest. What was the point in being purposefully hypocritical? Did some people find that sort of thing to be an attractive trait in girls or something?

    When the woman spoke up against moving to the front and instead nominated Luna to do it instead, Luna felt positively mortified at how the woman both addressed her and just nominated her for the position. She couldn't just do that, could she? And why couldn't she just use her name? Had she introduced herself yet? "M-my name is L-Luna....n-not....b-b-b....THAT..." She offered simply in place of a retort, before shuffling off to the front of the group.

    Sadly, she could even see the tactical advantage of having a ranged fighter at the rear of the group, even if she wasn't exactly happy about it. A few deep breaths were used to try and calm herself, just hoping that the other woman's eyes didn't stick to her. She wasn't a big fan of being stared at.
  8. Good thing the girl had offered her name by now. That saved her from having her nickname changed to butt right then, because that was obviously her most expressive feature from behind. Cass could not help it, really. She was ninety-nine percent here to make fun of people, so she obviously latched onto chances and romps like this.

    However, even she knew to have some taste, so she would utilize Luna’s name from there on. Just not yet, because it was always good to keep such things secret for a little longer. “Well, guess you are not one of those, then. That’s good. Now I can call your embarrassed stuttering cute without having to worry about feeding into something,” she thus replied, before laughing again. Maybe it was mean to amuse herself at the expense of others, but this was the internet. It was made for griefing, even if it was just the emotional kind.

    Despite that, though, they had left the town proper by now and traversed the open road. So far, Cassandra could not see any opposition appearing, but she figured that these kinds of things could just spawn in, like in other games, so she kept her weapon ready just in case. Fortunately, she had been right about the reasoning part, so her companion had taken her proper position despite the teasing. That meant they had a workable formation now, as she walked slightly behind and next to that weird merchant.

    “Should you see something though, don’t just rush into it, even if you do want to get away from ye olde me. Chances are, if someone attacks the three of us then there will be more to it than just a single wolf or something. Don’t think the animals even in these parts are that stupid. I guess even if it does not exactly like it would protect your body more than your dignity, you got a bit of armour on you, so that should be fine. I’ll make you a potion or so afterwards.” But not beforehand, of course. It would be much more fun if she could dangle it in front of an injured person, rather than just give it to her right away. Besides, she had not exactly tried to make those yet, but just figured that alchemists could do that.

    Until then, she was just gonna stare at that girl’s butt.
  9. "C-c-c-c-c-cute!?" She squeaked, glancing around with wide eyes and a crimson face before staring at the ground, despite the fact that she was supposed to be keeping an eye out for any sort of threat that seemed like it might approach them. Why was the woman so insistent on embarrassing her and saying such weird stuff? Why did people keep calling what she thought was her absolute worst quality cute? Was her stutter really that cute or enjoyable to other people?

    She was surprised to hear the girl try to offer her some advise, some of which might've been more helpful than others. Of course, she didn't play many games like this, but she wasn't too excited to jump into a fight especially with her pain setting on realistic. She didn't like her senses being dulled in a fight, since dulling the pain often also dulled the sense of danger that being in a life or death battle caused. And she also wasn't dumb enough to think that just a single wolf would attack them. Even in real life, she was aware that wolves were pack hunters and didn't go after prey alone if they could avoid it. At least, she was pretty sure that was how wolves worked in reality. She'd never really paid a whole lot of attention to nature documentaries or stuff like that.

    She also wasn't aware of the woman's eyes at her butt, though the merchant turned to notice it and scoffed, rolling his eyes. "Lords, undress your little pet with your eyes later woman! Focus on protecting me for now!" He seemed genuinely annoyed that the Cassandra seemed to not be taking their little journey seriously and Luna couldn't help but feel slightly upset that he'd referred to her as the woman's pet. Was that the way she came off? As somebody's pet?

    Luna sighed, her face still a very heavy dusting of pink, before a rustling in the undergrowth to her left caught her attention, along with the noise of heavy breathing. She blinked, looking at the undergrowth for a long time, but it was so thick she really couldn't see through it. Was it some animal that was hiding from them? Probably, though her Beast Taming skill should keep them from attacking her, right?

    That was at least, before a decently large bear emerged from the undergrowth, growling loudly at them. Luna focused for a moment, before the name of the bear appeared above it in yellow. Dangerous. She gulped. "T-the bear! Its d-dangerous! B-be careful!" She called, even though the other woman would be the one standing further away from it. Hopefully the woman was good enough with that bow to factor into the fight. Luna drew her sword, a very slight shake to her hand, though she turned so that she was directly between the bear and their client. God was she scared, but she couldn't back down now!
  10. Heh. A bear. That was fair. But was it too much for them to bear? Maybe if they let it go, it might lead them to its lair? Okay, this was getting old. But yes, sudden bear. How such a creature could hide in such a brush was far beyond her. But then again, game logic. The same reason as to why such a creature would attack three people, two of them armed. Even if it had no concept of weapons, it would not do so in the wild unless it was severely starved. Then again, this was a game, and the game needed something to attack them during an escort. That was just how it was. They would have used red pixelated blobs if they could have gotten away with that.

    But no, nowadays everything had to be perfect and life-like, even if it did not make a lot of sense. Just like cutting that thing with a sword would not immediately kill it, much akin to what would happen if she shot it with her crossbow. Yet, turning that hypothetical into a reality was what she needed to do right now. Her partner likely was not a tank, or at least did not know how to behave like one, so Cass did not wait at all. Instead, she swiftly upholstered her weapon and aimed it at her opponent, slightly from the side to not hit her partner, and released. That bolt likely would do at least a bit of damage – which could cause the bear to come after her.

    Having thoroughly switched into serious mode, Cass did not give out any wisecracks or the like and would instead immediately seek to reload, regardless of whether she hit or not, but also keep an eye on the bear. If it did decide to suddenly come after her, she wanted to be able to get away before anything too terrible happened to her.
  11. Before Luna could even react anymore, the sound of a crossbow being loaded and fired caught her attention as a bold flew past, embedding itself into the bear's side, though it didn't seem to do all that much besides draw its attention, as was typical of a video game enemy to target the opponent that was causing the most damage to it. With a growl and the equivalent of a roar, it began a thundering charge towards Cassandra, ignoring Luna for a moment as it focused on what it could only assume was the biggest threat to its life.

    With this moment, Luna lashed out wildly with her blade, catching the bear in the side and scoring another light hit, causing just enough damage for the bear to switch targets to her. With a yelp, Luna hopped backwards away from a swipe of the creature's paw, which it followed up by charging at her and throwing its considerable weight at her, bowling her down and to the floor. Another yelp slipped through Luna's lips as she brought her blade to the bear's mouth, struggling to prevent the creature from biting down on her neck as it had intended, pushing with all of the might she had in this larger body of hers.

    "H-help me!" She cried, unable to do anything besides lay beneath the bear and keep it from biting into her neck, even as the large front paws swiped at her sides, causing a little more damage with each strike, though she would have to take that and hope that Cassandra hit it with her next shot.