Complete - Do Not Pass Go

Complete - Do Not Pass Go
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  1. Undisclosed Location, Astorean Border —

    It was a beautiful day at the excavation site. Blue skies and warm weather made the work everyone was about to begin much less dreadful. Suddenly, a cool breeze wafted through the well occupied area.

    As the Witch Frogs stood at attention in front of a makeshift wooden stage, Grand Witch Majolica walked onto the stage. Under her arms, she carried a variety of scrolls rolled up to look like plans and schematics. Next to her, two Witch Frogs walked pointing out the intricacies of the plan and designs.

    "Hehehehe, yes! This looks good! Now we start excavating! Hehehehe, remember, we've got a big job to do so do your best! And remember, hehe, if you find someone nosing around, be sure to ring the alarm to let me know so I can take care of them... hehehe!"

    Reaching the center of the stage, Majolica handed the plans off to the frogs who moved to the side where a table had been set up.

    "Hehehe, my dear Witch Frog comrades and friends! It is with great pleasure that I see so many of you ready to work hard for the betterment of the world! Hehehe, for too long have criminals gone unchecked in this throughout the land, hehe, and for too long has the punishment not fit the crime! Hehehe, ending life is not always the answer! Hehe, which is why we are here today, to create the world's first real prison! Hehehe, this prison will be maintained by us, hehe, and through our prison we will be able to better enact true justice! Hehehe!"

    The Witch Frogs clapped as the Grand Witch giggled.

    "I know, as many of you do, that our work will be difficult! It will take time, hehehe, but luckily, we don't have a schedule so we can take our time! Hehehehe, though remember, the longer we take the longer criminals have no where to be put! Currently, we have some rough designs, but soon a Witch Ops member that's good at building things will be arriving to help make the designs into reality! Hehehehe! But we can't just wait around either, so today we will start our excavation! I was very impressed with the tunnels all of you built under the cottage, hehehe, which is why we'll be building an underground prison! Hehehe, that way it will be easier to keep secret and it can blend into the area! Now then, let's get to work! And don't forget, if you get hungry or tired or need a break, hehehe, you're free to take one! We have snacks, water, and juice available! We'll also be having three meals a day! Hehehehe, after all it's good to be healthy. So, everyone grab your shovels, get on your gloves, hehehe, and let's get to work!"

    With that, the Witch Frogs began to move out. Some throw shovels over the shoulders. Other's put on hardhats and stretched a bit to ready themselves.

    Moving back to the table with the plans, Majolica continued to look over the notes and ideas.

    "Hehehehe, I like this here because it makes it harder to escape! And see how neat it looks with the spirals downward! Hehehe, the worst prisoners will be kept at the lowest parts. With the highest parts being for lesser crimes! Hehehe, and the entrance needs to be ultra secure! Hehehe! We won't need a kitchen either, hehehehe, because we'll seal all the prisoners magically!"

    As Majolica pointed out ideas and designs to the witch frogs in charge of excavation, they scratched their heads and nodded as if deep in thought. Once in a while, a few would jot down some notes on a notepad, then return to listening to the Grand Witch's requests. Finally, the Grand Witch stopped.

    "Hehehe, okay. We should wait for Ivan for the rest! Hehehe, he better get here fast!"

    At the corner of the blueprint in front of her a title could be made out reading, "Plans— Witch Prison: Azkatraz"

    @Iván Carl
  2. "Hello," Iván called out to the @Grand Witch Majolica, waving an entire arm in the air. He would usually deadpan such a greeting, appearing right next to someone to spook them, but there were too many Witch Frogs around to mistake his attempt at a joke for assassination, and besides, the Grand Witch would probably be immune to such a prank. "We have arrived!"

    Iván was riding Snowy the Snow-Quilled Guardian, his summoned magical familiar and makeshift mount that took on the form of a giant, white, porcupine monster with a creepy face, the same face that Iván's stinky red mask resembled. Why did Iván's mask resemble a monster's face? Well, during an expedition down in that hellhole called the Spire, which also involved Bradwynne, Witch Ops' Guillotine Priest, he had met one of those giant, white, porcupine monsters with a creepy face, this one guarding some sort of hot springs. Basically, Iván, Brad, and the others took out that monster to get access to the hot springs and Iván even went as far as taking its face for his mask. Aesthetics.

    It took Iván and Snowy some time to actually get close to the Grand Witch, close enough for her to realize that they were hauling a small cart behind them. As Iván reined in Snowy, the creature let out some sort of guttural noise, something that was usually creepy for a lot of people, perhaps even terrifying. Iván was so used to it, it had never bothered him. Swiftly getting off Snowy, he grabbed the cover off of the cart and revealed what had dragged them down during their journey. "We brought everyone curry! Just in case you all got hungry."

    He gestured for the Witch Frogs and everyone else to not be shy and get themselves some of the curry he and Snowy had brought with them. They were all neatly packed in containers that resembled bento, with the exception that the containers were more durable and contained only curry.

    Iván took out a special container from the same cart, one that had a chibi portrait of the Grand Witch herself. "This one's for you, Commander," he quickly presented it to her with a grin on his face. "It's the dessert curry you love so much! We're putting it on the menu, calling it the Grand Witch Curry! Has a nice ring to it, yeah?"

    While waiting for the Grand Witch to take her bento, Iván looked around them. Everything seemed to be in order. Of course it would be. The Grand Witch herself was overseeing this project. This whole thing could be done before their expected deadline. With the Grand Witch's Witch Frogs workforce, it was going to be pretty easy. He was just glad he could contribute further to the Witch Ops' cause, and as a tinkerer, too! . "Things are looking really good, Commander! Thanks for letting me work on this project with you!"
  3. "Hehehehe! Candy Curry! Good job!"

    Majolica took the curry greedily and began to eat as she motioned for the Witch Frogs to set out the lunches for hungry Witch Frogs later.

    "Hehehe, that's a fun looking... porcupine? Thing? Heheheh, well either way it looks like a good thing, hehe, whatever it is. And a new mask, huh? Look at you, hehehe, all new and everything."

    Majolica winked and elbowed the tinkerer in the side.

    "What's with all the change? Hehehe, have you met a girl..."

    The Grand Witch and heard strange rumors... ones about two Witch Ops members that may be... 'closer' than just regular allies. Majolica didn't want to pry because it was none of her business, and it's not like that was bad or anything. But being her, it made her curious...

    "Maybe, hehehe, someone I know? Hehehe... cheeky little goblin. I'm on to you... hehehe! Anyway, I'll set that aside for now, because we have work to do. So, the project we are going to working on is.... building a prison! Hehehe, I've decided that we'll call it Witch Prison Azkatraz!"

    Majolica reached down onto the table and grabbed a crayon and some paper.

    "Hehehe, I don't really know how it should look though. Should it be..."

    The Grand Witch began scribbling different things on the paper.

    "Hehe, should it be... 'Witch Prison: Azkatraz' or just 'Witch Prison Azkatraz' or 'Azkatraz, The Witch's Prison'... so many ways to do it... hehehe, any input? Oh, but yes, we'll be building a prison. I have some general designs here. Hehehe, see?"

    Majolica held out the plans which were rough at best.

    "So this is the idea, hehehe. It's going to be a secret prison! Hehe, so we're going to build it underground and hide the entrance! See, look here!"

    Pointed down to her drawing excitedly, Majolica continued.

    "See, it's like an upside down castle prison! Hehehe, there's a main entry way from the ground, then it goes straight down. Then, hehehe, there's four ways screwing down! The worst prisoners are kept at the very bottom of the screw and less bad guys are are at the top! And, hehehe, we can always go deeper to make the prison deeper! Also, for the cells, we'll use magic to keep everyone frozen! Not literally frozen, hehehe, but like a magic paralyzer something! hehe, I haven't worked out the kinks yet but if we do that, hehehe, then we won't have to give them too much space since they won't need to use it! Hehehe, they'll be trapped! Like, we can trap them in magic crystals or something! Hehehehe! We'll also need special locking systems! Hehehe, I want them to be magic, but with a mechanical failsafe! Hehehe, that way if someone tries to dispel the magic, they'll still be locked in! And we need a secure entrance. I want it to be opened by Sticky Sticker! That way it's super secure."

    Majolica stopped and took another bite of her curry.

    "Hehehehe, okay! That's a lot so let's start with the first step! Digging! We'll need to dig one secure tunnel that we can keep hidden! Hehehe, right now I have the frogs excavating, but maybe you and your engineering thingiess have a better way? Hehehe, or we can just let them do it for right now and focus more on how we're going to make the designs work! Hehehehe!"

    @Iván Carl
  4. Iván beamed as his Commander, the @Grand Witch Majolica, commended him, praised him, told him he did a good job. It was something that he appreciated, as he didn't always feel his efforts were appreciated. At least that much. It wasn't like Iván did things to get praised, but it did feel good, getting praised, for the things you do, the initiative you make. He felt some sort of accomplishment, watching his Commander eat her curry. He admired her in the sense that she was one of the most powerful casters he had ever met, and also one of the most gracious, having allowed his mysterious serial killer vibe to be a part of her family.

    "Oh, uhm, she's actually..." Come to think of it, Iván didn't actually know what Snowy was. It didn't feel appropriate to call her a monster, considering she had become quite the pet, mount, friend to him. How many battles has he fought with her beside him now? She was always reliable. Of course, that was mostly because she was a summoned magical familiar. He wondered if they were all programmed to be so loyal. Then again, he did get his arm bit off that one time. Was that a dream? "She's a really good girl. Handy, reliable, a little creepy at times, but she's there when I need her. Like a really fluffy but sharp best friend."

    Iván blushed, his eyes widening, as his Commander, the Grand Witch, teased him about...a girl? That was unexpected. Was she spying on him through the Sticky Sticker? Or was one of her Witch Frogs a huge gossip goblin? Oh, no. He was starting to talk like the Grand Witch. Iván bowed his head, feigning a cough, to avoid the topic. Thankfully, the Grand Witch dropped it. She was right. They had bigger fish to fry. Biggest, more appropriately.

    "Witch Prison Azkatraz?" he looked over his Commander's scribbles. There were three options, different in spelling and, well, semantics. Iván wasn't that great when it came to the English language, it being only his second language, but he faintly remembered a few things from an old conversation with a linguist friend. "Hmm, all three could work, but if I could be so bold, I'm leaning towards Witch Prison Azkatraz."

    Witch Prison: Azkatraz felt more like a mission name or an episode of a spy show for Iván while Azkatraz, The Witch's Prison seemed more specific. The Witch's Prison? As in Majolica's Prison? Majolica as its builder or the one being holed up in that prison? It also sounded like a pretty cool movie for him. Witch Prison Azkatraz, at least for him, seemed more fitting. It was simple, direct to the point, and could be taken in at least two ways: Witch Prison Azkatraz as a witch prison and Witch Prison Azkatraz as the prison named Azkatraz where the Witch Ops exclusively threw their prisoners in. Or something along those lines. English wasn't his first language.

    When Iván first heard about his Commander's plan to build a prison, he thought it was a great idea. He didn't think she was going to make it an underground prison, though, but that was definitely a pretty amazing idea. If it was on the surface, like a regular prison, people would know where it was and it wouldn't exactly be a secret prison. Sure, they could use illusion magic to hide it like that mysterious African nation that pretended to be filled with farmers but actually had more advanced technology, but that would be very taxing. An underground prison was truly a way better idea.

    Iván's eyes widened in amazement as he looked at the Grand Witch's drawing. It wasn't as in-depth as he had expected, but that was maybe more because of him being a tinkerer. He was used to more wordy and number-y designs, schematics, after all, though that didn't mean he was the best at them or even enjoyed them. Her drawing was actually a welcomed respite, one that she seemed to have thought of well enough. "Hmm, maybe we can apply the mechanics of spellbane as some sort of dampener to the prisoners' magic? It could also work against anyone thinking of using magic to bust their friends out."

    Was it possible to create something that could function as a handy dandy portable spellbane of sorts? Maybe they could develop something like a collar or even handcuffs, iron or steel, that mimic the properties of spellbane, functioning as magic dampeners? Prisoners who didn't use magic would be easier to lock up, after all. Just use reinforced steel for their cells. Casters, however, would need more than mere steel.

    "As for magic crystals... Maybe we can apply the concept of cryostasis to freeze the prisoners?" There were actually two different concepts related to cryostasis, at least as far as Iván. The first and debatably the most used is cryo-preservation, which was mostly limited to cells, tissues, and organs that were susceptible to damage preserved by cooling them to very low temperatures. The second, cryonics, was more focused towards actual people, preserving them under low temperatures for future medical purposes or long-term space travel. That sort of thing. Combining hydromancy with the alchemy focus from tinkering could potentially allow them to do that.

    "The locking system... We could do that with biometrics, like fingerprint or face recognition, retinal scan? But with Sticky Sticker, of course, and your unique magical signature," Iván wondered if anyone from Lightning Ironworks was having any luck with bringing that technology to this world. That could be useful. Extremely useful. But it could also be easily corrupted. Still, there was nothing wrong with taking a peek on someone else's research for the good of all Terra-kind. "That might take longer to develop, though."

    Iván was caught surprised when Majolica mentioned the digging process. He looked around them. Yep, it was nowhere to be found. Did its driver get lost? Or maybe it's still on its way. Oh, crap. Did he even tell him where to bring the machine? He was probably waiting for him in the closest town. Iván crossed his arms, eyes narrowed elsewhere, "I asked a friend to bring his digging machine, but I didn't exactly tell him where we are, Commander, so he might be waiting for me at the nearest town. Should we get one of the Witch Frogs to fetch that machine, without the driver, or would it draw other gossip goblins here?"

    It probably would. That machine was slow and clunky and pretty much only had one giant drill to do the digging, but it was also experimental, one of its kind, so people might start talking about it, wondering what it was for, and end up finding out about the top secret prison. That was probably not a good thing. The secret prison was supposed to be secret, after all. I guess that dude's not getting paid.
  5. "Hehehehe, okay, we'll do Witch Prison Azkatraz then as the official name. Hehe, we'll just call it Azkatraz for short! Hehehe, I particularly liked the underground idea! It's harder to escape and seems fun! Plus I wanted to put it here so we're on the border of Astorea and it's even harder to find! Hehehe!"

    Majolica set down her curry and took a piece of paper and starting making notes. After, she handed the notes to the two Witch Frogs from earlier that began updating their plans. Majolica looked out from the stage as the Witch Frogs excavated. Some had gotten wheelbarrows to move the dirt away from the excavation site. Watching them work was impressive, and honestly, they actually looked pretty professional.

    "Hehehe, I don't really know much about technology in this world, hehehe, so that up to you! But, what if we mixed all of those things together! Hehehehe, think of it this way... what if the crystal or whatever we trapped them in could also dampen magic!"

    Majolica took another piece of paper and began drawing.

    "Hehehe, see this is what I'm thinking."

    Majolica drew an image of an opaque crystal with a humanoid figure inside of it.

    "See? Hehehe, not only would it be practical, hehehe, but it would also look neat! And the crystal would block magic! That way they couldn't use magic to get out! I don't want any of these dummy goblins to cast a portal spell or something dumb to just escape! They need to stay locked up and pay for their crimes! I also want the magic behind the crystals to be secret that way no one even knows how they work in the first place! Heheheh!"

    Majolica lit up as she continued.

    "Hehehehe, and my crystal idea would also be good because then, we wouldn't have to feed them and they wouldn't have to use the potty! Hehehe, it would take a lot of food and extra work if we did that. But this way, hehehe, we could just seal them in something magical that they can't escape from AND keeps them from needing food and water!"

    The Grand Witch continued while doing a small little happy dance. It was obvious she was excited about the prison. After all, with the prison system in place the need to kill would go down. Majolica didn't really care about killing herself, because anything she killed would simply be changed into a frog. But the others didn't have that ability, and taking life wasn't always the best answer.

    Continuing her train of though, Majolica spoke up again.

    "Then, hehehe, when they're locked into that we can put them into a small cage! Hehehe, since they're stuck they won't need room to move around and be easily storable! Of course, hehehe, the enemies we store could be all different sizes so we would need different cell sizes to keep them in."

    The Grand Witch thought to herself for a moment, then looked at all the ideas and plans they had come up with. It was a lot. Probably too much for right now. They needed to focus in, and also, she didn't want Ivan doing everything. She was a powerful Grand Witch, and also needed to do as much as possible.

    "Hehehe, I could also use a curse to support whatever locking mechanisms and designs you come up with! Hehehe, that way if they get lucky with a one shot get rid of the crystal, then'd have to get through another layer of magic on top of your mechanically designed locks and doors!"

    Majolica stopped herself for a moment.

    "Hehehe, I don't want you to do everything, hehehe, I'll devise how to magically seal them in. It will take some research on my part, hehehe, but I'm sure my magic can come up with something! I don't know what cryostasis would entail, and also I don't have any ice magic... hehehe, but I could maybe make up a black magic sealing spell! Then, I could either teach it to Witch Frog prison guards, or Hehehe, we could figure out how to store the spell that way anyone could use it! Hehehe, but we can do that later. Right now, I need you to focus on how to physically seal them in, and making sure the structure of the prison is sound! Hehehe, it won't due if it collapses underground after all. I think those, hehehe, and the front door are the most important! If we can get those down, then we've got a great start! Hehehehe!"

    Inviting Ivan to sit next to her in case he needed to draw up some plans or make notes, Majolica sat down herself.

    "I'm going to try and think up some ways to make the crystal, hehehe. If you want you can sit with me and make some plans. Or if you want, hehehe, you can go inspect the excavation and give tips or pointers! Hehehe, I also don't know what kind of materials we'll need to build to actually build the prison. Hehehe, that's something we need to figure out soon. Hehehehe. It needs to be really sturdy in case we have to keep going deeper down into the ground... hehehe."

    Again, Majolica looked out on the excavation site.

    "Hehe, it's too bad you're machine digging thingy didn't show up, or got lost. Hehe, Well whatever. Hehehe, Witch Frogs are good at digging, it will probably just take a bit longer I guess. But that's okay, hehehe, it just gives us more time to plan things out! Hehehe, I'll get to work here. You do whatever you think you should do first! If something comes up, or you have an idea, or figure something out be sure to tell me and I'll come right over! Hehehe!"

    @Iván Carl
  6. Iván nodded at the @Grand Witch Majolica's explanation of her decisions regarding the name, the type, and the location of the secret prison. Once again, his Witch Ops Battalion Commander never ceases to amaze him. He paid extra attention to how she interacted with her Witch Frogs and was at awe at how they worked tirelessly, all because they respected their leader. Or master. Mistresses? Whichever it really was, Iván only felt pride and admiration for his tiny but powerful Commander.

    "Hmm," Iván put a hand around his mouth, his chin, using the other hand as support across his abdomen. Narrowing his eyes, he imagined the possibility. Could it be done? Perhaps, but he would need more than just the two of them to think things through. "Cryostasis combined with a dampener? That could be possible, but I'd need a few more tinkers, and thinkers, to develop such an ambitious process."

    In theory, it could work. Nothing was impossible in the world of Terrasphere, after all. In application, however, it might take them a few days, weeks, maybe even months to make sure that that kind of technology would work well, without a hitch, and for a long time. They were talking a prison. Everything had to be in order, short of perfect. It would be a mistake, possibly a great one, if they rushed things and ended up only aggravating the system in place. Suppose they were able to take a bunch of magical criminals, lump them all together in one spot, only for their cryostasis to fail, their dampener to fail. They'd have the world's greatest criminals in one bunker. Together. All of them. Possibly making friends and collaborating on more ways to make the world suffer. Maybe they should put in a drowning feature as contingency.

    Before he could suggest his stupid idea, the Grand Witch thankfully added more to her earlier suggestion, compromise, a much better idea. Iván listened intently to what she had to say, and quicker than he had anticipated for the gears in his head to start turning, he realized a few things himself as well, "Hmm, maybe we can develop metallic lining inside and outside the opaque crystal that could dispel foreign magic? I mean, outside of the mastered hydromancy spell that we could be using to perform that cryostasis." Did the crystal have to be organic, though? Or could they instead choose to make it with their own hands, develop a technology that mimicked not only the properties of dispel but also the features of organic crystal?

    "Maybe we can find something in the Crystallized Zalra," Iván shuddered at the idea. The last time he was there, he was on a misguided quest for the purple god, the Absolver, that ended up with him getting torn apart by three talking crystal wolves, and later, after coming back from the dead, contracting Zalrisis. Thankfully, he rarely really got angry. At least never angry enough, or emotional enough, to suffer through that disease, that plague. "Yeah, that is very economical, Commander! Great thinking!"

    That's when it hit him. Wasn't someone working on some sort of shrinking technology back at Lightning Ironworks? If he remembered correctly, some guy named Hank Palmer or something had been developing some kind of elixir that allowed the drinker to shrink down to the size of an ant. Or something. But didn't that thing have a time limit? And didn't that guy end up farting for a week? Maybe he's already done something to remove that farting side effect. Or maybe he's made it worse. Come to think of it, Iván hasn't heard from that guy. Whatever happened to Hank Palmer?

    "Curses would be perfect to augment bolts and other locking mechanisms," Iván grinned, forgetting about that. That combination could cover both physical and magical problems. Anyone who wanted to bust their friends out or get busted out by their friends should be derailed by that double whammy. Iván nodded to everything Majolica said, appreciating her generosity and kindness and genius. "I don't know much about black magic, to be honest, but engineering and tinkering and smithing, I know a lot of. Too much of, to be honest."

    Iván nodded again, cheerfully, "I'll take a look around, Commander! I know a couple of guys from the Merchant Guild in the ironworks business. We could build on reinforced steel with their help. I'll let you know as soon as I'm done checking in with the Witch Frogs!"

    The man in the hood made his way towards the excavation, excited at the prospect of ushering in a new era not only for the Witch Ops but also for Astorea. It's going to be quite the achievement and quite the work. Ah, well. Rome wasn't built in one day, after all.
  7. "Hehehe, so how do I make a crystal..."

    Majolica took her paper and began writing down ideas.

    "Hehehe, if move it like this then I could probably... hehe, no but I want the crystal to be super stable. Hehehe, that's why it's a crystal..."

    Majolica took out another piece of paper and started drawing a matrix.

    "Everything has to be in even balance, hehehe, then with enough power it will solidify. Hehehe, that might work!"

    Majolica picked a cherry out of her candy curry. What dessert wasn't complete without a cherry after all?

    "Hehe, let's trying using this."

    Making some small motions, Majolica began to direct dark energy around the cherry.

    "Hehe, good start now... gently..."

    All at once the dark energy collapsed crushing the cherry. The fruit's innards oozed out of it and onto the table.

    "Hehehehe, wowza. I'm going to have to be gentler.

    Majolica reached into the curry and pulled out a chunk of chocolate. She almost ate it, but stopped herself and set on the table.

    "Hehe, close. Okay, let's go again."

    This time Majolica repeated the process. Once again, dark magic created a matrix over the piece of chocolate.

    "Okay, hehehe, now gently."

    The matrix began to clamp down around on the chocolate.

    "Now, hehe, just hold..."

    This time, the magic began to solidify but then it started to discombobulate.

    "Ah, now it's all slippery-slidey, hehe."

    The magic failed again, though the chocolate was undamaged.

    "Goo! Just work dummy spell, hehehe!"

    A final time Majolica tried. The matrix went up, it clamped down around the chocolate.

    "Hehe, now quick, like a band-aid! Pop!"

    Suddenly, the magical matrix glowed brightly, then crystallized. She had done.

    "Hehehehe! Success! That's why I'm the Grand Witch! Look frogs! I did it!"

    Two witch frogs waddled over and inspected the crystal. The crystal itself was a dark purple, like amethyst. In the crystal, the outline of the chocolate chunk could be seen. Handing back the crystal, the frogs began clapping.


    Majolica bowed like a magician that just finished their grand finale.

    "Hehe, but now the important part."

    Flicking the crystal with her pinky finger, the dark magic crystal vanished leaving only the chocolate. Majolica popped the piece of chocolate into her mouth. She looked thoughtful as she chewed thoroughly tasting the chocolate.

    "Hehehe, tastes the same.... sweet. Hehehehehehe! This will work!"

    @Iván Carl
  8. Iván watched fondly, a sweet smile on his face, as he surveyed the excavation site. He was impressed at how his Witch Ops Battalion Commander, the @Grand Witch Majolica, could pretty much start her own business with these Witch Frogs loyally obeying her every whim. It wasn’t like she was forcing them to, either, or at least it did not appear that way to Iván. At the very least, the Witch Frogs seemed so hard working and professional.

    “Everything looks fine,” Iván remarked as he witnessed Witch Frogs working together in the digging process. Everything was always going to be fine. He did not have any cause to doubt his Commander. She’s been exemplary ever since they met. If he had to doubt anything, though, it might have to be his technology. Could they really pull this off? The science was there, and combined with magic, anything could be possible. Except for guns. Why that exception? Iván couldn’t be too sure, but he imagined that if anyone introduced that kind of weapon, it would only prove to be catastrophic in a world, a setting, that didn’t even have mainstream healthcare. “We’ll be fine.”

    At this rate, they would probably be able to finish the entire prison in a few months, if not a year or two. Unless they use some kind of magic that could manipulate the very fabric of time and space, it wouldn’t be that probable to expect an entire underground prison with the best cryostasis and magic dampening technology to simply get done in two weeks’ time. Oh, wait, never mind. It was the Grand Witch’s call. They couldn’t rush genius. Or something along those lines.

    In front of him, one of the Witch Frogs slipped. He was one of four, carrying a bunch of things with the others, construction supplies and whatnot. Lured by his instincts, Iván ran up to the Witch Frogs to help. He knelt beside the creature and found a bruise on its cheek. “Hey, hey, it’s okay, I got you,” Iván placated the Witch Frog, reassuring it to take it easy so Iván can fix him up right away. The chronomancer put out one hand over the Witch Frog’s bruise and started channeling his magic, "By the fabric of Time that heals all wounds, revert this anomaly to what once was... HEAL!!!"

    Time Alteration: Heal

    Yellow and white light emanated from Iván’s hand as some sort of magical, transparent, clock-thing appeared in front of it, between the chronomancer’s hand and the Witch Frog’s bruise, ticking, turning, and only appearing until the bruise was no longer. Surprised, the Witch Frog just stared at Iván who in turn flashed it a smile. "You’re good to go, buddy," Iván helped the Witch Frog up, much to its friends’ delight. "Just be more careful next time, okay?"

    Iván waved that group off before wiping sweat off his brow. This was going to be a start of something new. This was going to help Astorea and the rest of this world usher in a new era of security, of safety, and it’ll all be because they were fortunate enough to have someone like the Grand Witch, something like the Witch Ops. Iván smiled, grateful for being a part of such a wonderful thing. “Yeah, we’re all going to be just fine.”
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