(DM Sign-up) The Last Laugh

(DM Sign-up) The Last Laugh
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    Two days passed, two fishing ships left, neither returning. On the third day, a ship was sent to investigate, that vessel also disappearing into the horizon. Now, with confusion among the people, and a mystery on the sea, an old sailor named Jon-Jon Rumbottom proclaims that he knows the answer, if the people would follow him upon his ship out to sea. The only issue is, with the aged fellow perceived as senile, none of the local brawn believe his tale.

    Slip on your sailor boots, and dare to join Jon-Jon Rumbottom on a dangerous trip full of justice, hilarity, ghosts, pirates, and mangoes!


    Difficulty: Mediumish
    Party Size: 4-5
    Tags: Light-hearted, pirates, fruit, puns

    Location: Falderen
    Season: Summer

    • Your wonderful personality and creativity.
    • An daring spirit!
    Posting Rules:
    • Minimum of 150 words, maximum of 500, excluding OOC info.
    • This is a free-form challenge, there are only very loose roles and the only limitation is your imagination and the DM. Unsure about something? Communicate with your DM!
    • While there is no hard deadline for posts, failure to post in a timely fashion can have consequences.
    • Sign up is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED! Don't be late to the party! ^_^
    • There is a fair chance of death happening.
    • Communicate with your DM in case of problems!
    • Sign-up directly in this thread!
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  2. Magdalyn is all over this! :) DPS preferably, or really terrible heals.
  3. Corvella wants to join! Corvella would certainly be a tank.
  4. Luna would join! She can be either a DPS or a kind of Tank!
  5. Mizuki could help out, either as DPS or minor Healer.
  6. I'd like the 5th slot please.
  7. Asch


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    Full house