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Private - Deeper, Darker, Blacker
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  1. Lucia couldn't help a melodious chuckle. Hearing Vivian talking about make up was amusing, it made imagining her in reality a bit more amusing, thinking that she might be the type who was constantly all dolled up. With a warm smile on her face, she gave her head a gentle shake, her make up was largely metaphorical after all. Her facade was metaphysical make-up after all, not covering up physical scars, but other types that ran into different places. "My Vivian? Love, even without that stuff you'll always be a heated and rousing woman~" She teased back when a gentle smile. It was said in confidence after all, Vivian was just too outgoing, too in your face, it would be hard to dislike her without being an introvert.

    When Vivian complained about her sides, though, Lucia gave her a gentle pinch, playfully tickling her a while longer. She was so kind as to share her feeling on the subject, why not take advantage a little to make her chest bounce? It made Lucia grin sweetly, content in her teasings before continuing. "You just leave yourself open a little too much though. It's not so bad right?" She spoke with sweetness in her tone. Proud of her playfulness.

    Though when Vivian seemed ready to go, Lucia didn't dwell and continue bothering the woman. Instead smoothing out her own dress and hair with a hum as she began to join the woman on a brief walk to find a nice place to settle for some fun and study. Reaching out for Vivian's hand, she started to take steps, moving away from her tent. It wasn't uncommon for her to leave it alone, after all, anyone silly enough to try and take advantage of her carelessness wouldn't have a good end with how many curses had been poured into it from her practices and studies. Along the way, Lucia occasionally glanced at the smaller crystals that graced their path with a musing hum.

    "Have you tried very much with these crystals? I've made a few tries at it, but it was always underwhelming. Not like that one crystal I found when I first met you~" She spoke, giving Vivian a gentle bump. Whether or not the girl still remembered the large earth elemental was another story entirely though, but it was what propelled Lucia to have more powerful and independent summons. In truth, her dream and ambition really started to take off from that point onward. "That one was really fascinating, but these... Not really underwhelming I suppose, but I've not really found a good use for them myself."
  2. Vivian's eyes peered down at the formation of crystals formed. Her eyes squinted and then she smiled with a happy nod, "Infusing the crystals with dark energy is a pretty basic skill. I like to do that, and then go around making quick gold buy selling them off to people. They look like black crystals, but I can often hex or curse them for someone and then...well, they give it to whomever they wish." Vivian laughed, and then looked to Lucia a bit questionably.

    It was true and in her nature to still be a chaotic woman, but she was not without her virtues as well. The news one rolling through her veins were thanks to the Necromancer. The more she studied under her, the more she felt like she was being drawn into her light which was why it was so necessary for Lucia to be...Lucia.

    The story made her smile though, her mauve lips spreading across her face and that radiant and wild alluring smile ever so present upon her face. She nodded with another mild squeeze to her Lover's hand, "Ah, yes I remember that all too well. Back when I was still a little infant newbie grasping at the Dark Arts. I suppose sometimes I still feel like I am grasping though. But you have indeed come a long way, Mistress. You have a company of women hot on your heels now and a supporting cast. Quite well indeed."

    Vivian had stopped to kneel down and pick up one of the crystalized zalra rock. In her hand it was just a shiny looking crystal, much like from any other in this plane. Her eyes shot with a deep black coating, her fingers wrapped around the crystals as she prepared a small incantation before the blackness swirling around her forearms started to bend and twist and seep into the stone.

    As quickly as her eyes had become blackened, they returned to the lustrous color of azure as she opened her hand and showed the Necromancer. "See? Notta lotta to it. I could probably do this with my pyromancy as well. Perhaps give some sword wielders a few fire stones they can toss at enemies and have them burn, burn, burn." Vivian didn't curse or hex the current stone in her hand, but she handed it towards Lucia all the same.

    "A beautiful stone for a beautiful woman. Maybe you can find someone who can work it into a polished looking gem and set it was a lace necklace or something. It would be sexy as hell if it could be embedded into a leather choker, something like mine?" Lucia had seen it a dozen times now, the skull choker that bobbed around her neck. It was just one of those things that felt sexy, alluring and dangerous all at the same time.

    Mauve lips pointed into a smirk once more as her bare feet skimmed across the Zalra surface. She always found this place to feel like a chilly atmosphere. There was rarely any grass or dirt, but just smooth marble like flooring across the ground. She enjoyed this place for what it was. Shoveling the curtain of purple hair from her shoulder, the Dark Witch bobbed her head and looked at the beautiful different colors of all the zalra crystals around.

    But more importantly she was keeping her eyes out for any lakes or inlets of water where they could just enjoy themselves. This would be a good time for a lesson though, if the Mistress was up for it. Clearing her throat, Vivian looked the woman in the eye, "So, what can you teach me about the cystale zalra here? Have you tried infusing any with magic or...?"
  3. Lucia only chuckled a little seeing Vivian give her a quick demo. Nodding back, she understood the prospect, after all, Lucia had been hot on the heels of suitable vessels for a long time. At one point she'd considered the Zalra crystals, but after trying she found them to be a mite unstable for her liking. The crystals themselves were toxic and had some manner of at least basic single cell intelligence as they searched out and spread like living organisms from time to time. She couldn't find one that served the purpose she needed, and after discarding the idea, simply never looked back. It was a shame, now that she thought of it, there was potential, but there was hardly enough time to really investigate or look deeper into something that turned up no results.

    "Ah-- I'd found my replacement for these crystals back then I mean. It was much more fruitful at least. The Zalra here are far too aggressive to really meld well the way I wanted them to. If it's just for some accessories or temporary vessels then it should be fine, but something more permanent just seemed too hard." Lucia explained watching Vivian, smiling back sweetly. The woman certainly had a way with accessories though. It made Vivian think of her own Blood pact. It was the only accessory she really had herself, while it was a little plain, it was a rare tool that benefited her greatly in the field.

    Though when she asked about teaching about the Zalra Lucia could only muse on the topic, a gentle smile on her face as she narrows her eyes at the stone she was offered. Giving it a brief glance she shook her head in the end, it just wasn't a material she agreed with. "It's difficult in truth. I've practiced and skilled myself with the intentions of understanding 'laws'. Of life, of death, of everything in between, but the Zalra doesn't apply. If I were to assign it a Dao out of the 3300 Grand Dao Laws, it would probably be Nirvana. The Dao of Nirvana; Existance without life or death, growing, changing, but without those two important blocks." Lucia explained with a small frown.

    For a moment, she turned the stone over in thought, trying to interpret the laws of a system she was unfamiliar with was naturally difficult and arduous, but she felt the explanation would be helpful somehow. "Instead, I used the crystal I'd gotten from the golemn we fought back then instead, it worked a lot better." Lucia explained, with a brief series of gestures, Lucia manipulated her menu before pulling an object from her inventory. It was a jagged sphere, the gemstone from the golemns that had been smashed together to created a twisted and gnarled core. It had once been an empty and liveless vessel after the golemn died, but now, in the present it was different.

    Lifting it for Vivian to see inside, at a glance it looked like a snow globe, within there was a small landscape, as if someone had scooped out a section of wilderness, shrunk it down and put it inside somehow or another. That patch of wilderness had a great many figures within it, if Vivian looked closely, she'd see a few were familiar, like Mortimer and Lina who were going about their days as usual within the glass sphere as if they were on the outside. From the perspective of gods, one could look down upon the figures within curiously watching how they went about their days. Some fished and hunted, others prepared fire wood and built tools. There was a curious group at the center who seemed to be having a discussion about building a structure with the foundation already set down carved from stone into tile.

    Letting Vivian take the whole view in, Lucia turned the orb briefly looking in as well as she spoke. "Creating intelligence subordinates as a necromancer is difficult-- Every time you give life to something, it's not much different from a mindless new born, it takes time for them to learn and grow. Sylvanas was the only real exception, I'd kept her as a thrall since I became a necromancer, so she had plenty of time. I can't make more then one thrall at a time though." Lucia explained gesturing to the sphere of crystal. It was clearly her answer to the paradox. "So I raised them up and put their spirits in here for them to grow and develop and learn. That way I can preserve them." Lucia explained with a bright smile. Still proud of her little idea. If Vivian was familiar with her territory as a noble, she'd realize the spiritual plot within was in face the spirit of her land as well-- At least, as much of the spirit as she could manifest with her ability.
  4. Vivian watched with much enjoyment of her subordinates in what appeared to be something like a snow glow. While was looking in, like a God from the heavens, she listened to what Lucia had been explaining. She had talked about the Dao often when it came to 'teaching' and 'encouraging' Vivian to learn from her Mentor, but sometimes the lectures were a little...too much for her pretty little mind. While in game, Vivian did all she could to exercise her mind and her magic. But sometimes a little Vivian of the real world leaked into her and she was just wishing to just dance around and frolic naked under the moon or something.

    She enjoyed Lucia and everything she had to offer. But the Mentor can only teach so much to the student before the student goes and learns on their own, or adapts and recreates something new and fascinating. Both women were users of the Dark Magic, Lucia the Necromancer and Vivian the Witch. While they stemmed from the same tree, they were on totally different paths.

    Sweeping the long silken hair from her shoulders, Vivian casually tossed the purple tresses of hair as she squinted into the globe. "Remarkable. I do not think I have seen you actually summon a spirit or form a servant before. I think one day I would like to see that though. I am no Necromancer, but I think it would be valuable lesson to watch and see you do."

    Vivian stood motionless watching more from the globe before Lucia had it tucked away once more. She stood in all her height once more after having leaned in to look at the object she had secured for herself. With her lithe fingers around her vast hips, the Dark Witch offered and equally bright mauve lipped smile to her Mentor. "I still seem to have a long ways to go in your tutelage. I wonder though, as far as me learning from you, have you learned anything from me? Sometimes the mentor learns a thing or two from their students. Perhaps not though. You are far more experienced than I. But one can dream...or fantasize."

    Her words were smooth and rich from her mouth. She would poke Lucia in the side as she had done to the Witch to draw out her playful side. The two were joined, inseparable at times when they were together. They were a breed of women that could have anything they wanted if only they reached out to grab it. But Lucia was sometimes content with just her ideals, Vivian liked to grasp for too much.

    "Mmm, you are a fascinating woman. I've told you this before. And think of me as you wish, but I yearn for more than just the mortal planes of this world. This game is deep with lore. You taught me that as well. But I, I yearn to be something far more greater. Perhaps some of that Red is still in me, huh? I don't know. But I wish to be like a Goddess myself one day. That would be rich...wouldn't it?" Vivian laughed somewhat nervously, she was not joking but she couldn't help but wonder if she was grasping, as she always had, for a little too much.
  5. Lucia only chuckled a little at the talk of her summoning or making subordinates. Lucia didn't really mind sharing that secret. It was a faintly complicated process, one that, to some extent brought about cracks in her facade, but if it was Vivian it should be okay for her to see it. "I wouldn't mind showing you Vivian, just you though maybe..." Lucia spoke, flashing the woman a gentle wink. It wasn't far from the truth though, Vivian was perhaps one of the few who could understand that 'thing' hiding behind her facade. Since that was the case, Lucia didn't mind letting it raise it's head since Vivian had already seen flickers of it during her ritual. It was unsightly but Vivian didn't turn away, so at least the woman wouldn't flee at the sight of it. "It's always a very interesting sight at least." Lucia mused knowing that when they came about it was always unique, none of her subordinates had been the same thus far at least.

    Though hearing Vivian talk about learning things from her, Lucia could only turn her head up in thought. If Lucia learned anything, she knew what the answer would have been; what she'd learned in truth was how to treat that 'thing' inside. Initially she'd been fully determined to just lock it away forever where she would never have to face it or see it. She wanted her facade to be perfect and unbreakable... but from Vivian she understood that that would only make her deviate from her path. 'SHE' wanted to shine brightly, to be adored, to have attention and be special, she didn't want 'SOMETHING ELSE' to be what was so dazzling. If it was her facade and not 'HER' that shined, could she still consider it a success? That thought made her shake her head with a faintly bitter smile. Her real self could not be polished any more, could not change any more then she'd already tried, but she could become special through her hobbies, feelings and the like. If anything Lucia what Lucia learned from Vivian was a more ideal option.

    "Learning from Vivian... I definitely did. It was also a very good lesson too if I'm being honest." Lucia answered back, for a brief flicker there was a small crack, enough for a genuine smile to touch her lips. It was very faint, very fleeting, a small, mellow smile that wasn't nearly as bright as her normal enchanting smile. Unlike that dazzling smile she normally wore, it was like a blooming flower, modest and real. "I'd rather not have to show the results though. I've not used those skills for a long time for a reason, they were already too strong when I was trained, I shudder to think what level they're at now that I've mastered the craft." Lucia admitted. She hadn't used Malefimancy for a long time, only for rituals and draining skills to keep herself alive. The rest though, she'd avoided using since becoming a Necromancer. Largely because of the effect they had on her, the status effects they gave her. Truly it was a frightening display when she made use of Malefimancy at it's maximum output.

    Though, hearing Vivian's comment about becoming a goddess, Lucia only chuckled a little. She was right in thinking the woman's ambitions were grand and overflowing. Lucia's own goals were also equally grand in her own mind, but after a brief thought, they weren't so different. "Ah, Vivian. Don't be silly, if you hadn't realized already, you should know, our goals aren't exactly all that different. It's walking two different paths to the apex. The Rule of Red isn't so much in what your goal is, but how you would go about achieving it dear. Blindly forcing your way to the end of the path is a method equal parts futile and catastrophic, it's why i can't condone such a simple minded and oblivious option that cares so little for the rhyme and reason." Lucia explained with a shake of her head. Vivian going about becoming a goddess wasn't too different from Lucia's goal of becoming an Immortal Empress and overthrowing the game's equivalent of a Jade Emperor. Lucia certainly didn't have intentions of clashing with the local divine powers and gods and merely wanted to cleave off a section of her own.
  6. "I would admit that becoming a Goddess, even if it's not possible, would take some time. I am not one for rushing. I will take care with my plans, and when something is desired such as advice or lesson, I'll come to you for it. That's how it usually goes. You are my mentor, Lucia and a woman I will love to the end of my days..."

    She detached her hand from Lucia's soft, radiant skin. She had turned to her, brushing the waves of ebony from her shoulder and neck. Her finger crossing over her cheek bone, tracing it with fluid movement. Her heart pounded as she said those words to her, did she catch them? Was it on whim? Perhaps she did not say what she meant to say. Vivian slowly bit down on her lip, her eyes an explosive azure as her fiery insides churned in her belly. She had not said it to anyone, ever, but she will say it to her.

    "Lucia, I have been with you for a while. Learning, mentored, mastering, and we've become very close. You are my radiant star, my Empress, and you are also everything I wish to become one day. So beautiful, so exotic. And I say, I love you in my most sincere and genuine of hearts."

    It was said. Those three words that had been on her mind for a long time, but she was unable to say them to the woman. When they made love, they simply folded into one another and that was the night. They didn't speak often of feelings, Vivian was not that kind of woman. So she used her physical body to show her feelings in that way but saying the words were scary. She could confide in Lucia with these feelings though. Everyone thought of her as the Dark Witch, but to Lucia...she was just Vivian.

    "I hope..." she started and then rolled her eyes. Both hands on Lucia's cheeks, she pulled the woman into her body and kissed her religiously, as if to pour all that love into her mouth without spilling a single drop. Vivian was not good with her words, so maybe this would help Lucia understand. When the kiss was over, Vivian expelled puffs of short air. Her chest was thumping from her heart, her eyes were hooded yet her cheeks were flushed with a splash of pink. Declaring her love to the woman, it made her ache in a beautiful way. She wanted this feeling to continue on forever. Was she too selfish with her reasons?
  7. Lucia's mellow smile widened, the words were some things that just made her heart full, her life worth struggling for. This type of thing was what made all of that pain worth while, all of that suffering and struggle, all of the clawing and crawling through muck and grime to reach the present. Yes, her life was worth living with those words. Though she felt that crack in the facade widen, as if a fissure were threatening to spread, she hesitated, firming it up briefly, her smile slowly grew more enchanting and sweet, she didn't want it to break before it was time. Instead, she leaned into Vivian contently. Gazing into the woman's eyes, she held onto her tightly, tight enough for the woman to feel her clothes tighten from her grip, the soft feeling of nails through her clothing.

    She pressed soft lips to Vivian's a firm and passion filled kiss, suckling at the woman's lips with love and delight. Passionately meeting the kiss with delight and fervor meeting all of the woman's love with more, exchanging and cherishing those feelings. When the kiss broke, Lucia gazed deeply into Vivian's eyes, her smile soft and affectionate as she brushed the woman's hair and stroked her pink cheeks. "I told you back then Vivian, you belong to me. All of your love, all of that feeling, I'll accept all of it." She whispered into the woman's lips, giving her a gentler kiss, one that didn't have the heated flames of passion, but had a sweetness that came from the heart. Yes, she wanted Vivian to feel these more innocent feelings as well, that gentle subtle feeling of floating, the softness of genuine love and welcome that didn't need the physical even if it was also greatly desired.

    The cute peck on the cheek was soft, and tender, breaking a moment later, Lucia tilted her head, a few strands of raven black hair falling across her face as she giggled in a low melodious tone. "In return, I'm going to give you lots of love, whether you like it or not, I won't let you turn it down, understand?" She asked, her expression sweet even as her pink tongue slid across her own plush lips as her hands slid down snaking around the woman's waste, wandering with a delicate and subtle touch. Noticing the longing in the woman's gaze though, Lucia couldn't help her smile brightening. "Don't worry though, there's lots of time. We'll search, explore, and get closer, even closer." She urged, letting Vivian know that this wasn't the end, it wasn't the best they could do, there was something more to these feelings she was experiencing. They'd merely reached the tip of the ice burg, there was plenty more out there for them to explore with each other.
  8. She was not rejected, has she been so, her world might have cracked and the wrath along with the rejection would have surfaced. But it was the soft and tender kiss that made her blush more. She didn't even think she could do something like that. Vivian was the type to be very blunt and very straightforward with her words and actions, but the small words and the small actions made bigger impacts on her. The tender flesh on flesh contact made her spine shiver from anticipation. Lucia was her Empress in every bit of the word. Her lover, her blackness and her light.

    Their bodies were pressed so far into one another, she could feel each curve of the woman next to her forming and aligning with her own body. Those raven strands met and mixed with the purple from Vivian's tresses. A small breeze roll by them, the coldness causing her body to perk up. There was smiles all around, her words were so enchanting as the day they met. Each syllable from her lips were those like from a song and settling into her ear and strumming away to be lulled into her, like a Siren at sea.

    Vivian's face fell forward with the tight embrace, her nose and mouth settling in the hollow space of Lucia's neck as she stroked her hair and took in her scent. She was pleased, happy, vigorated, "I have no words to express what you have said to me. I am just happy we are in this together. And you are right. We have much more between us to explore." She agreed to such terms, lifting her hat off and then placing upon her lover's head.

    "It looks good on you." Vivian said with that alluring sense of smile to her. Not wanting to let go and simply melting to her side, they both walked once more through the Zalra in attempt to find that lake they have been searching for. As the thought crept up, Vivian bit her lips as saw the shining stretch of water. It was more like a very small pool of water rather than a lake or to that effect. But it looked like it could fit two people, but was it enough?

    "Hey, looks like we scored in our plan. Shall we sleep in or did you want to go back to the tent and do something else? I just want to spend the day with you in whatever we do."
  9. Lucia's smile only softened, looking at Vivian while biting her lip. It was truly a pleasure, to feel so much worth from someone else, so much value in someone's eyes. It was a new feeling, one that made her chuckle internally, there was a bittersweetness as she wondered if this is what 'normal' people felt all the time. It was certainly a nice feeling to be so special, one that made her nervous and excited all at the same time. "There's no need or words any more. We're together, that should be enough." She offered worried that Vivian might be struggling for words to say. After all, as long as the girl stayed with her, she wouldn't need words to explain it.

    Feeling Vivian's hat on her head, she chuckled nodding back, contently even as they came to the small pond of water. Looking it over, she nodded contently, it was good enough for sure. "It's just fine. Don't worry about the tent though, for now, let's just get in for a bit." She spoke, glancing to Vivian with a warm grin, reaching up to the girl's shoulders, she tried to strip some of her clothes off to get the girl started before removing her own at a moderate pace. She didn't want them wet after all, instead she sank her lithe and delicate body down into the small pond, a brief shiver at first from how brisk it was before settling contently. Taking in the sight of the glowing crystals around them, she beckoned for Vivian to join her. Lucia wasn't worried about the tent, if she needed it would pack itself up with the help of her subordinates when needed.

    Instead, she focused on Vivian and sat in the water contently while playing with a crystal idly in hand. "Of course, if you wanted a bit more sleep, I don't mind lending you a shoulder." She beckoned once more to Vivian, offering the support of her side and shoulder to sleep on if the woman wanted to nap a while longer. Lucia was naturally early to rise, early to get started, she was someone who approached the game with intentions of hard work and business rather then all play after all. It was work she started early, but that wasn't necessarily the same for Vivian. She tried to offer the woman a place to shut her eyes and snooze if she was in the mood.
  10. Hands on her frame, Vivian looked at the girl over her shoulder with that expression she was so well known for her seductive mannerism. With a roll, she slipped out of the top piece and the lower half of her garments. The split skirt was a neat little drop from her waist as she watched her Mistress undress herself much the same.

    The female was beckoned to join, that was not something that needed to be asked twice of Vivian. With a small graceful steps, she edged towards the pond of crystallized zalra, her feet skimming over the surface to get a small feel for it. It was pretty chilly, that was to be expected though. Vivian stood there for a moment looking down at her Lover with those amorous azure eyes of her.

    Heat started to roll off her skin, warming the temperature around her before she started to move into the water. Hot steam erupted as the water bubbled around them, creating a more of a hot spring like atmosphere to the already natural ambiance of the area. Vivian giggled mildly as the water was a little warmer around her from the heat aura coming off her body.

    Shaking her head at the question, Vivian couldn't help but sink her long nails deep in and around Lucia's lithe frame as she nestled her head over her shoulders. The dark purple tresses once more mixed with the raven strands of the Necromancer as she as sat there contently upon her lover's shoulder.

    "This feels exceptionally nice. I am not at all tired now, the walk and the talk was enough to bring me out of my lethargic state." Small kisses trailed faintly over the pale shoulder of her tutor, ending at her cheek as she swimmed next to her and sat beside her looking up. The film of water covered most of her cleavage as she lifted her body and pulled back her hair. SHe was content with the silence and being in the bond and grace of the Dark Lady.

    What words could she portray or a conversation to spark an interest? She bit down on her lip a little as she bumped her shoulder with the woman next to her, she turn and twisted a little and looked at Lucia with those eyes of hers. "Turn around, let me give you a massage." She said with a poke to the girl's side, much like their playful antics earlier in the day.
  11. Lucia smiled, nodding faintly when she heard that Vivian wasn't tired any more. She turned her back to Vivian when she offered a massage, she didn't mind, leaning against the woman, trying to rest her back against the woman's soft chest as she spoke. "As long as you're sure. Spending time with me during these early hours probably won't be the most exhilarating." She commented with a mellow chuckle, knowing that she usually did maintenance and small levels of magic in the morning to keep herself fighting fit.

    Retrieving that gnarled sphere once more, Lucia glanced down into that small undead world with a hum, waiting for her massage to begin as she began playing with it. If Vivian observed from over her shoulder, she'd see Lucia gesturing with a finger along the base from time to time. Each one caused a dramatic change to the small territory within. Within the first few drawn symbols, the land mass began to shift and contort. The little people within noticed the changes and began to evacuate the area, as if an act of god or a natural disaster were occurring they fled. Some screamed or were fearful, such as the peasants and civilians, those common skeletons and zombies who didn't even have combat experience or knowledge.

    Those few knights, mages or rogues though simply organized the evacuation process, clearly more aware of what was happening. A few who were particularly skilled, Lucia's key subordinates at least, all one by one eventually turned their gazes upwards as if trying to meet their summoner's eyes. As if anticipating or expecting to be passed down some kind of divine edict they waited patiently as Lucia carved up the land, in the end they'd be disappointed though, Lucia didn't intend to pass them anything in particular, instead she was slowly trying to carve a river bed into the soil. What flowed though was black almost ethereal glowing 'water' but Lucia couldn't help frowning at the thought. Turning it, as if realizing she'd made a mistake, she couldn't help humming to herself.

    "Mm.. No, It's supposed to be yellow, why did it end up black again." Lucia complained with a furrowed brow, turning the sphere once more to try and get a closer look. Exactly what she was trying to manage might be difficult to understand, but it was the color of the murky water that seemed to bother her, for some reason black water was unacceptable and the yellow water she sought was not what she was given. With a burdened sigh, she couldn't help leaning back against Vivian's chest with a bit more of her weight as she spun the crystal in her palm, clearly musing about solutions. That boring morning activity of trial and error had begun again anew as it usually did.
  12. Vivian smiled, she would hold the woman at her shoulders with her bare hands. Her nails clean away from her flesh, as she normally did as a masseuse. She didn't want to prick her lover with her nail or scratch the beautiful flesh that would be tender. And she did something different she is unable to do in the real world. Heat, mild heat, radiated through her palms and fingers as she began to knead the flesh of her neck and shoulders. Slow sweeping twist and turns of tight skin gathered in her warm hands and then softly smoothed out allowing the heat to penetrate her muscles.

    She could tell Lucia was getting into it, but she seemed set upon the orb in her hand as well. Vivian casually looked at once in awhile as her lover did her work, sculpting the land as she wanted it to be seemed to have run into a little trouble. Soft kisses in the wake of her hands as she relaxed her chin on the smooth, warm flesh of the woman.

    "What are you trying to do, Lover?" She had noticed the dark river bed flowing and her comment as to why it was so made Vivian's eyes squint to see the detail of the darkness within. Vivian continued rubbing her muscles with the soft pads of her fingertips, rolling and kneading that flesh over her upper arm and shoulder, moving to her neck and getting all those little knots untwisted from her tender flesh.

    "Relax, sweetheart. You'll get it. I can feel the tension gathering up again in your shoulders, you are so adorable when you are trying to figure something out though. Do you enjoy working out puzzles?" Vivian's soft hands roamed the woman's back, crossing towards the bottom and smoothing out the surface below the water at her lower back and working it into her hips making sure not to accidentally tickle her.

    She understood the importance of her work and how far it extended into the game. So she was supportive to her dreams the best of her ability. Once more warm kisses trailed along her shoulder, unable to keep herself from giving the affection hoping the light touches of her hands beneath the water would help release some strain in her body and help her concentrate more on her predicament.
  13. Lucia relaxed against Vivian, contently. It was treatment she liked, pretending to be a queen, being waited on, it was something she'd never really gotten the chance to experience ever. It made her smile, Though thinking about how exactly to answer, she tilted her head, musing as she turned the crystal in thought. "In Asian mythology, the underworld is supposed to be a yellow river, rather then a burning hellscape or a frozen wasteland like christian mythology. Along that river you're meant to be judged, I'd thought it would have a certain romanticism? A certain poetic theme? Creating a yellow river with Malefimancy is a bit difficult though. Usually it's just inky darkness." She couldn't help sighing in thought. The color took away some of the fun for Lucia.

    Turning the crystal slowly as she listened to Vivian's reassurances, she smiled sweetly. "I'd like to have every mythological incarnation of the underworld in here someday, it's a nice thought I think, to let them experience how our world views their world. There's something 'to it' I think." She commented. After all Lucia wasn't a poet, but she was a romantic, she liked ideas that provoked thought and drafted tall tales. Hearing Vivian's comment about puzzles, Lucia could only chuckle melodiously, it made her chuckle.

    "No. Absolutely not, I hate puzzles in truth. I'm not very smart, I just work hard to overcome my struggles. What I like... Is symbolism, things with depth and purpose. Making them is always so difficult but so rewarding." She commented. It spoke through a lot of her work, with undead, with her relationships, with her facade, naturally the crystal as well. Lucia put monumental amounts of effort and struggle into all of those things to try and create layers, to create depth she could immerse herself in, to create meaning.

    After a while thought, Lucia lowered her crystal a little. Letting it submerge itself half way in water, she leaned back against Vivian, relaxing a bit more as the girl rubbed her smooth pale skin. She was comfortable, it made her want to close her eyes contently. The crystal in her hand still turned as she spun it casually, letting her thoughts wander as she relaxed. It was nice to muse to Vivian's massage and rubbing. IT would come to her eventually, she'd figure it out in time she thought. She didn't have to be impatient.
  14. Vivian's tender and warm hands had dug deep into the knots and bends of the woman's back. The more she seemed to concentrate, the more those muscles tightened. But as she explained her 'romantic dream' to her, Vivian could only chew on her bottom lip. Vivian was not much into ancient history, or history at all. In fact she only skated by in her lessons at school. Had it not been some 'gentle' persuasion and a bat of her eyes, she possibly would have failed. Thank the Gods above she was gifted a killer, hot body because bless her mind, sometimes it took time and time again for things to be explained to the poor, bubbly witch.

    With heat radiating around her fingers tips, Lucia's body sank further back into the bosom of the Dark Witch. Vivian could only swing her arms around the belly of the woman and hold her close as she fixated on the crystal bobbing up and down in the water. Small bits of steam would be released as Vivian warmed the area with her Pyromantic Aura, giving off a docile heat to warm up their little pool.

    "I must say, for a woman who says she is not very smart, you have eons worth of knowledge in history. Sadly I lack any decent smarts such as that, I was not a very good student. I rather party and get drunk or something than study for a test of exam. High school was so boring." Vivian said opening up a little bit of her own personal IRL characteristics.

    Fingers unstitched themselves from Lucia's belly, a small gentle glide of her fingers tips over her thigh as her face buried itself in the neck of her Lover. Smelling the sweet ebony strands of her soft hair, she moved them diligently with her chin only to have her mauve lips press gently into her unblemished neck. Only a small teasing flick of her split tongue remained as she left a small mark on the woman's neck before easing the erotic pain with a more gentle kiss.

    With her chin relaxing on Mistress Lucia's shoulder, she turned her head ever so slightly to give her a small peck on her cheek. "I am sure you'll figure it out eventually, but since we are out here and alone. I am sure Luna has said somethings about me to you already, as well as Savannah. I seem to be falling off the path you have set for me. I get too aggressive too fast, but I just can't help myself sometimes. Unfortunately, I don't think it is something I can easily fix with makeup. I don't know if my lust needs to be tempered or if I should myself of the restraints and let it guide me." Her tone of voice was something akin to sadness as she explained herself to Lucia, placing the flat part of her cheek against the woman's back as she wrapped her arms around the lithe form of her Lover once more.

    She sighed gently, her eyes blinking every so often feeling the gentle pulse and beat of her heart through her back, "Ya know. For all that I say and do, all that confidence in me. I am jealous of you, Lucia and your self control. I am...envious of you for that."
  15. Lucia only let out a dry laugh at the thought of possessing eons worth of knowledge. How could that possibly be true? Instead it was purely because Lucia was mundane at everything, she'd struggled in vain to find something she was good at, trying many and uncountable things and hobbies to improve. When none of them bore fruit though, she was left with the useless knowledge that came with studying them. It was an unfortunate side effect of her averageness, but an advantage her darkness gave her at the very least.

    "Don't be silly, I'm merely moderately capable in many fields is all. I know just enough to get by, my only advantage is I've tried too many things, and as it turns out some things cross over." She explained the secret to her knowledge. Such as mythology and dark magic, different cultures had different things that shared similarities. That was how Lucia happened to seem very intelligent or clever, because she'd simply tried far far too much in her effort to change.

    Though hearing Vivian confess her worry about her own darkness, Lucia mused internally. A little surprised that even Vivian gets like this. She'd often looked to Vivian as a role model, one that she could eventually understand in order to free herself from her darkness as well, but to see Vivian struggling as well, it somehow made her more human, more relatable. A small smile came to Lucia's face in understanding, it was clear even Vivian didn't thoroughly understand her own darkness. Though hearing her ask about advice or being envious of Lucia's darkness, she couldn't help a dry chuckle.

    Shaking her head, she had to set Vivian straight a little. "My darkness isn't as easy to embrace as your's. It's self-destructive, harsh and intolerant. There's no happiness or joy that comes from it, exposing it is the same as exposing myself to open flame or an ocean of razors. For me, my self control came from a lifetime of it slowly building. When I was young there was a time I couldn't take it any more and was forced to make a difficult choice. Fortunately, my decision was to practice on making a facade to restrain it. as I grew, it grew with me, as the darkness grew with it. It's not something someone can create in a day at least." Lucia explained with a somewhat bitter smile.

    Instead Lucia shook her head, knowing that choice was very harrowing and unsettling. A child as young as she was forced by her own worries to make such a despairing choice. It wasn't something she wanted to share, at least not the details and specifics. Her struggle was just too burdensome on her. "What I would recommend, is finding someone, a place, something you can return to to vent-- that was always how I dealt with things in the beginning, before I could fabricate a facade to protect myself." Lucia explained with a gentle smile. "After all, people like us, being ourselves isn't always the best bet. Sometimes others need time to adapt first before seeing that side."