(Communications) Absolution Beyond Cloudburst

(Communications) Absolution Beyond Cloudburst
Discussion in 'In-game Communication' started by Ashifili, May 14, 2018.
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    This is the Communications thread for Absolution Beyond Cloudburst.

    • Maximum of 50 words per message.
    • No double posting. Spouting out speeches will get you shanked.
    • Use this for party bonding, but make sure not to do TOO much bonding~ This isn't speed dating, fellas.
    • Bad communication is the first step to more DAs.
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  2. OOC Note: Since Seigi cannot access her UI assume she be talking face to face~

    CAPTAIN! Seigi and her JUSTICE CREW. Everyone, ASSEMBLE!
  3. .....Ha ha ha ha.....
  4. Hey everyone, nice to meet you all! We probably have to divide ourselves to man the ship, of course after we...clean those off.
  5. OOC Note: Since Seigi Iván cannot access his UI assume he be talking face to face~

    Ah, hello, @Corvella, @Haru, little squirrel girl! I'll be wherever you guys want me to be. Either the engine or the helm should be up my alley. I've ridden an Ant Queen before. Shouldn't be that much different.
  6. ...That little misfortune aside, I'm more than willing to tend to anyone's injuries. Riiight after I take a minute to shave.
  7. This ship is unlike any other I've seen, and I might risk crashing us down should I be given any control over it. I'll be on the lookout and let the rest of you know if I noticed something!
  8. M-my apologies...
    Perhaps I should help protect the ship from any threats we might find on our way. Judging by what you've seen, again, sorry @Haru, I think it's safe to assume the position would be good for me..?
  9. Ha, I think you'll be good there. You've got a lot of grit.
  10. Now that we're gliding, anyone up for some sky shanties?
  11. Alright everyone, sorry for taking so long. I'm back and ready to hACGHKCH-
  12. Corvy, this is your Captain speaking! Be quick, be fast! Use your hawk eyes and help us to not get blast!

    @Ashifili Captain Order's for Corvy to check out that sexy whale.
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  13. Doing it right now captain, but all this G-Force is preventing me to see clearly. Give me a minute.
  14. Ca-captain? @Portia? Where are you... The ship... She's... Crap. Maybe I can still save the engine.
  15. Everyone, roll call! We need to group up first thing to assess injury. Survival is vital right now. I'm with Ivan at the engine behind the mast.