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(Communication) Titanius the Ancient Dissonance
Discussion in 'In-game Communication' started by Asch, Apr 7, 2018.
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    Victory awaits.
  2. "Hey, fire girl, i need your help for a combined attack!"


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    Oh, um-- Yeah, sure! On it!
  4. "So, i know you can do cool explosions, but needs a bit of time to cast. I will go and hold the guy in place while you cast it. Do your worst, ya hear me?"

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    Got it. Big boom. B-be careful in there... I'm Nalla, by the way!
  6. "Heh, i wish i could be careful. I'm at death's door, and the next attack will be my last. And i would very much prefer to die in a big explosion than being eaten by that, so don't ya hold back, hehe!. The name's Blake! I hope we can meet again after this ordeal!

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    Wait. what? Guys! Stop! The death isn't worth it! It affects you outside the game! I repeat do not kill yourselves to attack! It might kill you in real life! At the very least it might trap you in game!
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    @Roland Rutledge

    What? I can not do you the hearing, it is too dark in here!
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    I've said it once, and I'll say it again. Anyone willing to die here understand that it might impact your real life in ways I don't quite understand. If it is up to me, we would leave the NPCs here and vacate. They can be revived later.
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    Gwyn ap Herne
    @Kyupin Felnya, we're leaving. We've given enough to these nations, I don't think they need another life. And you lot keep talking about some UI issues cropping, which is new to me after being gone. I want no part in it. I'm gone. Come on, Kitten.
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    Well. Hopefully those whom were slaughtered here today will be able to confirm or deny those theories. If they can't, the news surely will. That being said, I too am making my exit. Good luck to you who stay.