Private - Coast to Coast

Private - Coast to Coast
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  1. Black.
    Everything was black.
    What was happening?
    Had the dive failed on him?
    Was he lost to the webs of darkness already?

    As panic was building up inside him, a bright white light illuminated him, his eyes blinking as by his thought his right hand moved upwards, the palm facing the light trying to block it out, but no matter what - that light still came through like he wasn't even there. As the light began to fade, the sounds of seagulls were heard crying out, the landscapes building up before him, revealing a clear cerulean skyline, matched with the azure sea, and the coarse sand underfoot.

    There was a sort of boop like sound as he looked above him, a message had welcomed him to the game. He scratched the back of his head as he moved a hand to swipe the message away. It worked. The message was cleared. He looked around, it honestly didn't feel like he was playing a regular game on a console that required a controller, everything was coming around naturally. The males cyan hues looked out along the coast line. His attention however was brought to a snipping at his feet, he crouched before it, and picked up the crab in both hands, he turned it over, and then back, setting it back on the soft sand underfoot.

    The sea was bringing in a light breeze that carried the scent of the sea. He took a deep breath inwards, allowing himself to inhale the scents around him, before letting a breath leave his lips as he smiled to himself, and turned on his heels, his head tilting backwards as he looked into the sky above him. He was here, he had finally arrived in this new world, the only issue was that he didn't know where to start, he didn't know where to go. He figured the best call of action would be to find some sort of town, and go from there.

    "The town is probably that, in the middle.. Maybe?"

    He spoke aloud, pointing in the direction where he honestly hoped the town was. But perhaps his quest to find it wasn't going to be alone, or in vain, perhaps not far from him, there was another new player joining the fray, if not then his quest was going to be a long and lonely one, but perhaps down the line he would join an alliance, or an empire, perhaps that would let him see the world more than on his own. There was no telling him who he was going to meet on his travels, it was a huge world, with many people involved, the excitement of adventure keeping a jittering grin upon his face as he took a few steps, before he turned and waved to the sea.

    "I will come back here someday! If I ever become something worthwhile!"

  2. It had been a long time since Galadion had found himself anywhere other than Yladia, he couldn't even remember when the last time he had been in the New Player spawning area in Brisshal had been. After weeks of hard expeditions into the wilds of both the Esuilus and the Zalra regions of Yladia he had decided that it was time to take a break from the exploration and time to begin recruiting other Players to join him in his endeavor. If he recruited some of the new players who had chosen to be Yladians he could not only help them get used to the game but give them a real purpose as well.

    As so here he found himself, Galadion had been sitting up upon a small grassy hill that overlooked the coast down below, the almost tranquilic was threatening to put him to sleep. It had been a very long time since he was able to sit down in the wilderness without fear of being attacked by some creature or another. It was during this time that he was sitting there that he watched someone appear down upon the sandy shore of the coat, from his perch he watched them and their reaction and gathered that this was their first time diving into the world of Terrasphere Online.

    Galadion sat there and thought back to the first time that he arrived in this mystical and wondrous world, his spawn had dropped him into the middle of a forest at the most unlucky of places, directly in the territory of a dire wolf. A dire wolf that promptly decided that he wanted to make the new player its dinner for the day but he had been rescued by a more veteran player who showed him the ropes. Thinking about it Galadion should really track him down and thank him for his assistance on that day, he had only made it this far because of him.

    Rising to his feet he stretched slightly before exhaling deeply as he readied himself, he then slowly made his way down towards the beach and raised his hand and waved it slightly. "Hello there, I am assuming this is your first time diving into this world?", as Galadion got closer to the player he noticed that he had chosen to be a Yladian which was perfect since Galadion had originally come here looking for new Yladians, now that he was within reach of the new player he extended his hand to offer a handshake "My name is Galadion, and you are?"
  3. The first step was made onto a grassy slope, the slope wasn't drastic, but if you weren't prepared, or if your stats didn't match up to heavy armour, you were going to have a hard time even trying to climb the slope. But considering that this area seemed to be the spawning island for new players the chances of that happening didn't exist. Which meant that his thoughts were drifting already, and the characters personality was beginning to manifest itself within him. His pointed ears twitched as he was brought to the attention of the new arrival on the scene.

    The being was like him, a Yladian, yet he was much taller than the other. A whistle escaped his mouth. He listened to the others words, his foot had come back down from the slope as he looked to him. Compared to the one calling himself Galadion, he was much more relaxed. The youthful appearance flashed him a wide grin as he nodded towards him. "Yeah, I am! I see you're the same as me!" He exclaimed, as he pointed to his ears, signalling a defining trait of the Yladians, the grin was still upon his face.

    But it was quickly shifted by a shock, he looked around, and quickly bowed as he apologized, and then lifted his head. "S-sorry! My names Gwelundir! It's nice to meet you! I take it you've been here a while?" He spoke, rubbing the back of his head, ivory locks shaking with the motion of his hands. There was an awkward smile on his face. He then brought his hand down to look to his left, and watch the sea rolling along the coast line. He then looked back to the other, and tilted his head, wonder in his eyes. "Wait, if you are though.. Then why would you be here? Are you one of those Helper ranks?"

    He had asked him, wondering about why he had appeared here. Of course there was going to be higher ranked players, better players around here, the starting area was sometimes a good area to meet up if you were around the map, and most times - depending on the area, the can offer some peace to relax, and chill out. But for others - like Galadion, some used the area to recruit for something, little did the new Yladian know, but he was directly in the others radar, and prime for recruitment.
  4. The sea breeze pulled at Galadions long silvery hair forcing it to dance ever so slightly, his white robes rustled softly with the wind as he chuckled softly at the smaller Yladian. He seemed rather young and impressionable, if not a little scatter brained but that was not exactly a terrible thing, so many of the Yladians that Galadion had come across during his time in this world were often times way to serious, himself included. The new player seemed so excited about the world around him, everything was new and exciting just like Galadion had been when he first joined this game.

    When Galadion and first came to this world he couldn't believe that it was really a game, he was sure that he had been transported to a different wold in a different dimension. Surely no game could be as realistic and convincing as the one he had just come to right? The feel of the wind upon his skin giving him the goosebumps, the smell of damn grass after a fresh rain, surely no programming could capture their essence the way that Terrasphere seemed to, but he was wrong, it really was just a virtual world and one that he had come to love with all of his heart.

    Returning his thought to the here and now Galadion looked down at the younger male before him and chuckled slightly "Hello Gwelundir, it is really nice to meet you. Yes I am a Yladian as well haha", Galadion motioned to the scene around them "This is why I am here, its beautiful and peaceful. I have just returned from a much more dangerous country in this world known as Yladia, it is the ancestral home of the Yladian elves and I thought I could relax a little but here by the beach. It has been a very long time since I was last able to relax in this world." turning away from the young male slightly Galadian allowed his silvery optics to gaze out over the sparkling blue waters of the sea as if lost in his own thought.

    Turning his head ever so slightly he looked back at the younger male "Helper ranks? I am not sure what that is but I will help you if you needed it", once again a soft chuckle escaped his lips before the sound of a soft growl broke the tranquil setting the two had been enjoying thus far. Slowly turning around Galadion found himself staring at a pack of wolves, each one of them had their lips curled back revealing slightly yellowed teeth. Saliva dripped from the corners of their mouth and it almost looked as if their eyes were mad with hunger, it was the basic of needs, the need to feed that had drove them so far out of the forest area they were usually found in looking for food.

    In the back of the pack stood their alpha, a wolf that stood a good three times larger than all of the other wolves, easily half the size of a normal adult human male. Galadion recognized what it was immediately for he had fought many of them when he first arrived in this world.....a dire wolf. Turning his head slowly he looked over at Gwelundir, a calm expression and a soft smile on his face "It looks like you are going to get your first taste of combat here in the world of Terrasphere, don't worry if you get hurt I will heal you"
  5. A laugh escaped his lips, the sea air's scent filling his nostrils, the breeze fluttering his clothing. His head tilted as he listened to the mans words about coming here for some peace, and to relax within the world. So his thought was true, advanced players would come here to relax, it seemed the areas outside of this were difficult, but for this area, beginners could struggle if they weren't careful. "I see. Well, at least you can relax now. I mean there's no worth if you can't take time to sight-see, right?" He spoke, shrugging his shoulders in repose.

    He blinked. Was there no such thing as a helper rank? That wouldn't be a surprise, they weren't a big thing in many games. He only discovered them in a free online mmo that he tried out, that was it. But those were just generic players who played the game, and offered support to anyone who wasn't sure about something. As he shrugged. he looked behind the large one, who had noted the pack of wolves, and what appeared to be a dire wolf standing behind them. He could feel a gulp form in the back of his throat. This was dangerous, yet scary.
    "If I die.. Will I be in trouble? Or will I just respa- Wait, you want me to fight them?"

    He shook his head, he didn't want to actually fight them. But the man had a point, this would be his first experience. What better way for him to learn a system or a mechanic than by actually doing it. He wouldn't be able to do anything around the world if all he did was just relied on people helping. He lifted his hands, and slapped his cheeks in unison preparing himself mentally, and clearing his negative thoughts.

    His outfit clearly new, wouldn't offer him any bonus or grants. It was a simple skin tight black outfit, with a white design on the arms, and chest. Dark green trousers and a pair of black boots, which the trousers seemed to tie around at the end. The clothing was lightweight. Even the small cloak like fabric around his shoulders, and moving up like a collar around his neck would do nothing. His feet carried him beyond the veretan Yladian, so he was between him and the pack of hungry wolves. He had to think of what to use. Gather the experiences in his head, and utilize them going forward.

    Lifting his right hand, he was side on with the pack, his hand extended. The pinky and ring finger tucked in while the middle and index finger stuck together and pointed outwards, the thumb sticking upright. The index and middle fingers seemed to glow with a faint orange light, a flame forming at the end of them, before it was fired towards the wolves. He knew full well how his attack would turn out, a simple weak flame wasn't going to do an awful lot to hurt them, but it would have angered them.

    Surprise lay within his face however as the flame struck a wolf, and then proceeded to explode upon impact as it struck it. The explosion itself pushed the wolf and it's adjacent side on apart, the recoil managed to get both. However the one who had taken the full power of the explosion - even if it was weak, felt it through it's bones. With his stand, Gwelundir could certainly hit one again if it pounced towards him.
  6. Standing there Galadion crossed his arms, his silver optics taking in the entire scene around him, the movement of each of the wolves, where Gwelundir stood in relation to his opponents. He stood there keeping track of the ever changing setting of the small fight unfolding in-front of him, he didn't want the new adventurer to get completely overwhelmed by the pack of wolves and die before he really had a chance to experience the world. While a pack of wolves were dangerous since they could surround their target and overwhelm them with their superiority in numbers, a wolf pack that was led by a dire wolf was something way more dangerous.

    During his time in this world Galadion had noticed that the presence of a dire animal increased the ferocity and hostility of the other creatures aligned with it. Their presence made the other creatures act entirely out of character as if they were under a spell, much like how a good general can inspire their troops. This was the most dangerous aspect about them, not their size or increased strength but the fact that they could alter the behavior of other creatures around them.

    And so it was the dire wolf that Galadion kept a watchful eye on. There wasn't an overly large amount of the regular wolves with their dire alpha so while they posed a threat to the new Yladian player they were of no concern to Galadion, he knew that he could strike them down before they could do any real damage. And so he sat back and watched what happened.

    It had just occurred to him that he had never even bothered to ask Gwelundir what the Masterys were that he had chosen to start with, for all he knew they might not even be that suited for a combat situation like this. He needed to be more careful, that was the last thing that he needed was for something to happen to Gwelundir and then the boy decide that he wanted nothing to do with him since he allowed him to die. Galadion had already decided that he was going to ask Gwelundir to accompany him back to Yladia with him where he could take him under his wing and train him.

    The potential that Gwelundir had in this world truly at this point had no limit, he could grow to be strong enough to serve as a member of the Kingsguard, elite warriors sworn to defend the king at all costs. He could become the general who commands the Yladian army that Galadion planned on building one day or he could even chose to command the palace guard, the choices were infinite. Galadion stood and watched as Gwelundir took his hand and folded his fingers until they looked like a gun and fired off a small ball of fire from his fingertips.

    'Pyromancy hmm, good', these were the thoughts that ran through his mind as he watched the ball of flames explode upon the side of the wolf that it had made contact with. Galadion nodded his head in approval "Gwelundir, if you want to use the more powerful spells that you have access to right now, bring up your assist mode like this", he brought his hand up and then flicked it down as if he was turning off a light switch "You should see a menu open up that has your spells in it, you can then click on it and the auto function of the game will take over and you will automatically say the magical invocation needed for that spell, give it a try"
  7. Auto function? That was certainly handy for a beginner. It meant that while he learned, the game would do that task for him. It was certainly something to keep in mind, but of course while he had no idea himself on the incantation, or even having it memorized to note, he had to just go with the others suggestion, and with a nod of his head, Gwelundir's left hand lifted. The hand swiped down, bringing up the stated menu he spoke of, he blinked looking at the options.

    "Oh! Let me see here.." He spoke, his left hand curled into a fist, the left index finger seemed to wiggle up and down, before it pressed against a spell - 'Lightning Alteration'. Before he knew it, what the other spoke had begun to happen, his lips were moving as the incantation was leaving his lips, the tips of his fingers once again began to charge, and spark slightly as the words continued to leave his lips. The sparks grew brighter, before his eyes seemed to widen.

    The lightning burst from his finger, and did what it said on the tin. It jutted, and moved like lightning, it wasn't straight, nor did it go directly in the intended target, but the bolt of lightning had at least driven it's way forward and struck the target he had previously struck with a shot of fire. He had let his hand relax slightly, blinking as he watched. "Woah, that's pretty cool. It makes it easy to use the spell, but I know if I didn't, I was certainly gonna miss him." Gwelundir chimed as his mouth curled into a grin.

    His problem wasn't finished however, as despite the knowledge that he had managed to deal some form of damage to one wolf, there was still the few others grouped with it, and the large dire wolf laying in wait. There was no way he was going to be able to take that down. His rested hand dropped to his side, the wrist rolling from the feeling of using them. It certainly didn't feel like a game, he could feel a fear crawling up his spine looking at the beasts before him.

    He let a breath leave his lips, focusing his breathing for a second to calm his thoughts, and shake any worries out of his system. He just had to go forward, there was no point in him turning back here, and fleeing with his tail tucked - if he did that now, at this stage he was going to be in trouble, and was going to be made a laughing stock - that and well.. Galadion may have just decided to end his suffering. But he did find it curious... Why was he helping him? Did he feel sorry for him? Was it a feeling of nostalgia from when he was new? Perhaps he wanted the newbie to join him. The reason didn't matter to him right now, he was just glad that he had offered his hand to help him, after all - he'd be wolf food right now if he hadn't offered a hand.
  8. Galadion's mouth opened wide as a yawn came forth from the depths of his throat before he shook his head watching the new player in his battle with the wolf pack. Waving his hand slightly he sent a small amount of his mana into the ground and using his Nature Magic Mastery forced a small tree to grow forth from the ground. The tree itself twisted together in an unnatural way so that it too the form of a throne while Galadion lowered himself onto, like many weaker spells this one wasn't powerful enough to need a magical invocation which right now was a good thing since he didn't want to distract Gwelundir.

    Leaning forward he watched as the younger man listened to his advice, while he couldn't see the menu that he opened up Galadion remember what it had been like to use the games auto function when he was first learning to use his magic. It had been a rather off and slightly unnerving sensation to loose control of his mouth and vocal cords, to hear words coming from his lips in his voice that he didn't know and was being forced to recite but Gwelundir seemed okay with the sensation. He watched as the lightning danced around the young mans fingers before it shot of and collided with the side of the wolf that he had just previously struck with his fireball.

    Galadion leaned back upon his recently grown throne and crossed his legs folding his hands in his lap and looked at the wolves for a moment. He had no doubt that the young man would be able to deal with the weaker regular wolves but it was their dire cousin in the back leading them that had him worried, should he step in and dispatch the dire wolf for him, should he allow him to try and kill it himself? If he acted Galadion knew that he could slay the dire wolf but it would almost be the same as if he was telling Gwelundir straight to his face that he didn't have faith in him to do it himself.

    He decided to sit back and watch the situation unfold before him, he wouldn't allow the boy to die healing him if he ever needed it but he was also going to make him fight this fight on his own for as long as he could. "Gwelundir, make sure you keep an eye on your Energy Meter, every spell that you use depletes your energy just a little bit more and if you deplete it completely you will pass out", Galadion had almost learned that lesson the hard way. The player that had showed him the ropes when he first down into this game had purposely pushed him to his limit so that he could learn what that feeling was like and ever since then he had been careful never to overdo it.
  9. Nodding his head, the younger Yladian had taken in the words the other spoke of. Was it worth him pushing his limits to see how far he could go before he started to slug around, no doubt the energy meter would work in a way that the more you did, the more exhausted it made you, before you passed out. However, if it didn't work like that, he was going to be in trouble - without a shred of warning, and that would dangerous.

    His hand moved to swipe once again, the left hand selecting the
    'Fire Projectiles' spell. The words began to leave his lips once more, his right hand lifting and repeating it's previous actions, curling the ring and pinky fingers, extending and joining the index and middle fingers as an orange glow illuminated them. The orange glow slowly moved along the fingers. Words continued to flow from his mouth.

    It was certainly intimidating to hear words come out his mouth, and his body acting without him commanding it, but he understood the objective. The Auto Function was going to use the best option and deal the attack. However, despite there being 5 wolves, and a dire laying in wait, Gwelundir was steadfast - wether he was being controlled or not. He was going to prove that he could do it, and wouldn't run back - even if they could decimate him.

    As the fireball left his fingertips, it pushed it's way through the light breeze like it wasn't there. Then again it wasn't strong enough to alter it's path. But the ball of flames continued on it's straight path. It's target? Well that was obvious. It was the exact same wolf he had attacked twice previously. They were weak, and could handle a couple of hits it seemed, he just had to be smart and thin them first.

    The ball of flames had struck the wolf directly in the face, it's body staggered back from the impact, and the explosion that then occured had caused it to barrel through the legs of the dire wolf, crumbling in it's defeat. At that moment, Gwelundir's body seemed to curl up slightly, his right arm moving up, punching the air as he celebrated his first enemy kill.
    "Yes! Yes! I did it! I got my first kill!" He would then bring his arm down laughing.
  10. Galadion sat there upon the throne that he had caused to grow forth from the ground, despite it being entirely made of wood it was rather comfortable something that he might start doing anytime he was in the wilderness and needed something to sit on. It was almost like he had a front row seat in a movie theater as he watched Gwelundir stand his ground and fight against the wolf pack, it really was impressive the way this brand new player stood firm in the face of a greater threat. His skills were weak and untrained, his spells lacked any real offensive power but still he stood the kid had a spine that much was for sure.

    But still the fact still remained that he was facing an entire wolf pack and a dire wolf to boot mere minutes after his first dive into this world. They game really could be unfair in that way, it didn't take into consideration the creatures that might be in the area when it first spawns you in. It didn't take into consideration that it was entirely possible to experience your first death mere moments after first arriving which for most would probably make them not want to return to this world.

    There were so few Yladian Player Character in this world, at least when you compared them to the other races that Terrasphere offered to play as and now that he just so happened to come across a new one right when he spawned in, he would do whatever he could to get the boy to stick around. Galadion tore his thoughts back to his current reality when he heard the young boy celebrating his first victory in this world when he finally managed to kill the first wolf. It truly was a great feeling, your first accomplishment in a new and magical world.

    Leaning forward he gazed at the smoking corpse that the Gwelundir had blown backward, the smell of burning hair and flesh filled the air causing him to shake his head. He hated that smell, how realistic that mysterious creators of this world had gotten it. It almost made you wonder what kind of sick and twisted experiments they had done to be able to get these experiences so realistic and life like. That was one wolf down and four more to go plus the dire wolf.

    A smile spread across Galadions face as he rose to his feet "Gadurm xaquin kair!", the words of power seemed to mystically echo around the small beach clearing as he recited the magical invocation needed for one of his pyromancy spells. A small circle of flames appeared trapping three of the wolves inside of it before flaring to life completely engulfing them, the column of flames climbed up into it was twenty feet high and the heat from it radiated off making the area extremely hot for a few seconds. When the flames died down all the remained of the three wolves were nothing more than a charred pile of bones upon the scorched earth, with his task done Galadion slowly lowered himself back onto his throne and chuckled "Now all that remains is one wolf and the dire wolf for your to deal with"
  11. Watching the man ignite the three wolves like it was childsplay was something else. His arm had lifted to his face as he could feel the heated wind pass through him. Followed by the trifling stench of the burnt corpses, the smell of rotting skin and burning fur certainly didn't smell nice. He could feel his entire stomach flipping and churning inside as if it was trying to force him to vomit. But he felt his throat gulping. Galadion was fearful. He was powerful.

    Gwelundir had noted however, that his spell wasn't auto-functioned, and it had that much power. He looked to his own hands thinking to himself, he made his mind up, he was going to try it himself, he was going to try his hand at reciting the spell for an attack and see how it worked for him. He swiped to bring the menu up for his spells, looking at the incantation for his them, making sure he understood the words that he had spoke before hand when he was auto piloted.

    He lifted his hand, returning it to the same form it took previously to attack, however this time his left hand had moved to his wrist to support him.
    "Alright, this is gonna be tricky. Let's see how this goes." He said, he made sure to shut his left eye and look down the thumb which had targetted the remaining wolf. "Dissiliunt et ignium" left his lips as the fingers began to glow the faint orange colour, before firing off the orb of flames at the wolf.

    The force kicked back against his shoulder, his body wasn't prepared for the manual handling of the spell, but this was probably a feeling everyone had to get used to, the bucking of his arm as the spell was fired caused the attack to miss the wolf, the attack had lifted above it, and struck the dire wolf instead, as the flame hit it, it exploded, causing it to wince slightly from the explosion, but more so than that, Gwelundir seemed to back up slightly, for the Dire Wolf looked like it wanted to rip him limb from limb.. Something Gwelundir would rather avoid at this point in time.
    "A-Ah.. I missed.. Crap.. I hope he decides to stay where he is, until the other's down.."
  12. Galadion watched the young Yladian closesly, he noticed the small gulp as he released his power upon the wolves. A soft chuckle escaped his lips, if the boy thought that display of magic was impressive then he should see what kind of spells he Galadion could cast with his illusion magic it was his strongest mastery after all. As he sat there Galadion allowed his eyes to size up Gwelundir a bit, the boy was eager to learn the ways of the game and seemed to be a quick learner.

    He watched as Gwelundir attempted to cast his magic without the help of the auto function, while he succeeded in casting the actual spell it missed its intended target. However just because it missed the target that it had been intended for did not mean that it missed everything completely, no instead the the small ball of flames collided with the much larger and more dangerous dire wolf in the back, the dire wolf that was already extremely angry it would seem at the destruction of its pack. And now it had been hit with a ball of flames which did nothing to abate its rage except it served to make it only worse.

    Galadion leaned forward slightly in his throne, his eyes watching intently. What would Gwelundir do now, how would he handle this newly enraged threat? His magic was new and weak and severely untested but it was getting a work out here and now, as long as the young boy didn't over do it, as long as he listened to his body and felt the drain that the magic he was cast was putting on him then Galadion had ever confidence that the boy would do just fine but he would have to wait and see how this unfolded.
  13. Noting that the large beast hadn't made an inclination of moving, Gwelundir had seemed to push his right foot forward. For now he had a chance. The beast was sitting back, perhaps it wanted to wait for the other to die. Perhaps it was thinking in advance. Perhaps the other wolfs were simply just cannon fodder for the new player and once he took them out, and was weakened and exhausted then the dire wolf would strike. After a meal was a meal, and a kill was a kill, no matter how it looked. What mattered was the end result.

    The Yladian gripped the air with his hands, clenching them into fists. He was feeling the exhaustion hitting him. At best he calculated he probably had one or two strikes in him. He was considering the auto function to guarantee that he would actually strike the smaller, weaker wolf. His left arm moved back to the wrist, lifting up the arm. He had felt that impact, so perhaps he could adjust his arm, and fire it again. But what if he missed his shot? His mind was starting to race, he was starting to get distracted.

    He lifted the arm, and let the palm of his hand face the lower wolf. Since the older Yladian was behind Gwelundir, he could have seen him adjust the arms position, taking in the expected recoil that was going to shake through his right arm as he fired.
    "Dissiliunt et ignium!" He called out, the orb of flame being summoned before his hand. As it formed, Gwelundir pushed forward on the right foot, the arm stretching out and pushing the orb in it's intended direction.

    This time it worked, this time it was a success. As the orb moved forward, it struck right below the smaller wolf, hitting it's paws, and causing the updrafting explosion to knock it upwards. His left hand moved to his shoulder, and rolled it as he watched the body of the wolf rise and then fall. It was smart thinking by the boy, using the attacks after-effects to lift the wolf, and drop it dealing extra damage to it that he wouldn't get with just a frontal assault. He let a breath leave his lips.
    "One left.. One more shot.."
  14. While Galadion sat upon his grown thrown his eyes narrowed slightly as he looked at Gwelundir, it would seem that the young Yladian was slowly starting to fee the effects of his magic. The fatigue was beginning to set in, it was subtle things that allowed him to pick up on this first among them was the fact that he didn't seem to be overflowing with energy and excitement, each one of his movements was deliberate. He had managed to defeat two of the wolves all on his own which was an impressive accomplishment for a brand new player.

    The boys instincts were good and he seemed to just naturally pick up on the mechanics of the game which was a little surprising. Now all that remained was the large dire wolf in the back, it had already taken a little bit of damage from Gwelundirs accidental attack on it however it was going to take a lot more than that to kill it. He wasn't sure how much energy the young boy had left so maybe it was time to lend him a small helping hand.

    "Ith idish" the words of power fell from his lips and echoed around the area as Galadion recited the magical invocation needed for one of his weaker spells within his Illusion Magic Mastery, this spells forced the dire wolf to believe that it was completely paralyzed making it unable to move. Galadion rose from his throne and stretched his legs ever so slightly "Lethodar pakliol kair alan dolibix!", once again the words of power fell from his lips and echoed around the clearing as he recited his magical invocation. A large flower grew from the ground, its bud facing the young elf and releasing a soft white light that washed over him, if Gwelundir was paying attention to his body he would be able to fee the fatigue begin to fade away. The ache in his muscles slowly began to disappear, his body would feel lighter and return to its state before his use of magic, with this he slowly sank back onto his throne without saying anything to the young elf.
  15. Watching as the large bud sprouted before him, the Yladian watched it curiously. The Dire Wolf seemed to be frozen in place through a strange effect - he had gathered it was thanks to the other, although by what means he did it - he wasn't exactly sure. But he was thankful that it had managed to keep the large beast at bay for now. Now the only question remained, what was the bud for, and what was it going to do to him?

    At that moment, the light came over him. Was it trying to blind him? His eyes forced themselves shut as hands moved up to protect his face. That was certainly odd. His arms moved faster than before. His eyes slowly blinking open as he watched the bud. His attention moving to his arms that he moved around, before hopping on the spot, kicking his legs out, and flailing his arms at the resurgence of his energy coming back to him.
    "OH OH OH!" He was at a loss for words.

    His attention turned behind him to the Galadion sitting down on his vine throne that certainly wasn't there before hand, he cocked a brow. He was so engrossed in the battle before him that he hadn't even noticed what had gone on behind him. That was probably a bad thing. He could have probably been killed from behind if he wasn't there. He shook his head, he knew he had to be better, quicker, stronger. He had to improve. But he couldn't force himself to do it in a single moment, these things took time and care.

    For now, Gwelundir's attention returned to the large dire wolf, it was still an issue.