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Battle Quotes!
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  1. Magi Heart: Bringer of Love and Justice

    Battle Quotes


    Character Application: Magi Heart is the past...

    Battle Theme: Platinum
    Crucial Battle: You're Not Alone

    Battle Intro: "The Bringer of Love and Justice Magi Heart is here!"
    Victory: "Cool beans I won! But... gee whiz, I hope they learned their lesson and go live honest lives!"
    Defeat: "...urgh... I'm ...sorry....I... can't... protect... everyone...."

    Taunt: "Stop doing bad things!"
    Reacting to Taunt: "Hey! That's not very nice at all! Take it back, you don't mean that and you know it!"

    Tie: "Wowzers, I did pretty good I think!?"
    Perfect Victory: "YATA!!!!!"
    Final Finisher: Magi never had the skill to use one...

    Team Quotes

    Assist: "Magi Heart is here to save the day!"
    Your character down during Assist: "Oh, gee whiz thank you so much! ...A heroine really shouldn't be needing that though...."

    Using an Item: "Um... how do you use this? Oh cool beans there we go!"
    Healing/Buffing: "Pink Heart Power! We can't give up! "
    Tag-Team Special: "Let's fight together with the power of friendship!"

  2. Battle Quotes

    Character Application:

    Battle Theme:

    Battle Intro: (Players): "Circumstance aside; this should serve well to improve myself."
    (Monsters): "...Hm."
    Victory: (Players): "It appears you're the one who needs to improve."
    (Monsters): "...As it should be."
    Defeat: (Players): "You're a new mile-stone."
    (Monsters): "Defeat comes in grace, I lack grace- Revenge will come."

    Taunt: (Players): "It isn't over until one of us is drawing their last."
    (Monsters): "Come now, the weather hits harder."
    Reacting to Taunt: "Save your breath, you're going to need it."

    Tie: "An inconsequential fight. Let's not do that again."
    Perfect Victory: "A reminder that one must constantly improve."
    Final Finisher: "Let's save the pleasantries."

    Team Quotes

    Assist: "Stand-up, we're not quite done yet."
    Your character down during Assist: "Round two, this time. I'll make it pay."

    Using an Item: "Indispensable in combat."
    Healing/Buffing: "A debt you will later pay."
    Tag-Team Special: "Try not to slip up."

  3. Das Ein Magia: Bringer of the Happy Ending

    Battle Quotes


    Character Application: Das Ein Magia

    Battle Theme: PMMM Numquam Vincar
    Crucial Battle: Magia Remix

    Battle Intro: "Poor unfortunate soul. A heroine is here for you."
    Victory: "*Giggle* see... all better."

    Defeat: " stopped....a good... thing...dummy..."

    Taunt:"Das Ein Magia is here to save the pitiful, helpless, and just plain stupid! That means you ! Let me give you a real cool beans solution to that problem!"
    Reacting to Taunt: "....*Twitch* I. Hate. You. ..Die."

    Perfect Victory:"Yaaaaaay! I know that the Happy Ending is coming! Just gotta keep working at it! One big win for the good guys! ...HeheheHEHEHEHAHAHAHA❤ !
    Final Finisher:"The greatest good deed! This is my all, right from my heart to yours❤! Let everything take my Geschenke Des Himmels. (During Ensuing Destruction) *Giggle* don't cry. This is what you need I promise you'll be happy soon."

    Team Quotes

    Assist:"For the Happy Ending..."
    Your character down during Assist: "You....are helping... me? Hehehe. Wowzers....thank you very much!"

    Using an Item: "Here, take this."
    Healing/Buffing: "Magia power! Salving grief, curing pains, Let my love show you eternal rest!"
    Tag-Team Special: "Help me help you. Okay?"

  4. Battle Quotes

    Character Application:

    Battle Theme:
    Healthy (above 80%):
    Injured (above 50%, below 80%):
    Severely Injured (above 10%, below 50%):
    Critical (below 10%):

    Battle Intro:
    Players: Hi hi, I'm Daedalus! How's your day been? Not so good? Well, I'm here to make it a whole load worse!
    Monsters: D'awww, aren't you just a menace and a half? Get outta here!

    Players: BAM! See, this is why you don't mess with a tinkerer!
    Monsters: Not so big and scary now that I've mopped the floor with you, are ya?

    Players: Ow, ow, owww! That hurts, no, stop! I give up, I give up, okay?
    Monsters: Yeah, no, I think I'll leave you for another day...RUN!

    Taunt: I'm gonna cut you right down to size! Are ya ready to get shorter by a head?

    Reacting to Taunt: Oh, I see how it is! It's all 'cause I'm short, huh, isn't it? Go pick on someone your own size!

    Tie: Phew, that was close! Wanna do this again? Actually, wait, uh...
    Perfect Victory: Bahaha, not even close! Try again, try again!
    Final Finisher: GIGA...GEAR...GRIND!

    Team Quotes

    Your character down during Assist: Oi! I'm DYING here! If I die, you all die!

    Using an Item:
    Self: I knew this'd come in handy one day!
    Team: Hey guys, CATCH!

    Self: Not gonna die today, not gonna die today..!
    Team: Here's a little something I whipped up myself! Enjoy!

    Tag-Team Special: Alright, let's get 'em! GIGA...GEAR...GRIND: BURST!

  5. Battle Quotes

    Character Application: Kingoda Hyunivas

    Battle Theme: I NEED A HEROOOOO

    Battle Intro: "Do not fear, Kingoda Hyunivas is here!"
    Victory: "It's okay - nobody expected you to beat me anyways."
    Defeat: "W-Whoa! Nobody saw that, right? Right?"

    Taunt: "Hah! Can't touch this!"
    Reacting to Taunt: "Yeah? Well, I fucked your mom last night!"

    Tie: "I was just going easy on you this time."
    Perfect Victory: "Was that meant to be a challenge?"
    Final Finisher: "THIS IS HOW YOU FIGHT!"

    Team Quotes

    Assist: "Somebody called for a hero?"
    Your character down during Assist: "Gah! Not the face, not the face!"

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    Battle Quotes

    Character: Maximilian Faulkner

    Battle Theme:Together We Ride

    Battle Intro:"For House Flanst and the lives of my men!"
    Victory:"Victory is mine this day!"
    Defeat: "I... have failed my lady.... my men..."

    Taunt: "If you stand down now and I will not use lethal force to subdue you."
    Reacting to Taunt: "Blast it! How dare you!"

    Tie: "Well met!"
    Perfect Victory: "That went perfectly!"
    Final Finisher:"This shot burns with my pride as a knight!"

    Team Quotes

    Assist: "Swap formations!"
    Your character down during Assist: "Reinforcements? Excellent! "

    Using an Item: "Something from the local alchemists. Here!"
    Healing/Buffing: "Give no quarter!"
    Tag-Team Special: "My strength and yours? Hahaha! Very well then let's try!"

    Battle Quotes

    Character: Priscilla Flanst

    Battle Theme:Carmine Arranged

    Battle Intro:"Hohohoho! I will end this quickly."
    Victory:"Now you see the exquisite power of Flanst! Hohohoho!"
    Defeat: "This... did not just happen. I am far from finished here!"

    Taunt: "A icky little commoner dares to oppose me? Hilarious!" Hohohoho!
    Reacting to Taunt: "Ingrate! I'll show you your place!"

    Tie: "Tie? Never! I won of course! Fight you again? N-No... not right now. I'll let you have a rest."
    Perfect Victory: "EXQUISITE!"
    Final Finisher: "The most exquisite art, the most dazzling display. Enjoy my dance for it shall be the last thing you see!"

    Team Quotes

    Assist: "I'm benevolent am I not?"
    Your character down during Assist: "FAULKNER!"

    Using an Item: "Time to make use of this."
    Healing/Buffing: "Experience this exquisite talent!"

  7. Battle Quotes

    Character Application:

    Battle Theme:

    Battle Intro: "Geez. Whelp, lets get this over with."
    Victory: "On to the next."
    Defeat: "Tch. Not all that surprised."

    Taunt: "C'mon, you can't fall to the likes of me, right?"
    Reacting to Taunt: "Heh. Tell me something I don't know."

    Tie: "That...was surprisingly fun. Hahaha!"
    Perfect Victory: "Get stronger soon. It's obvious your weak if I of all people beat you."
    Final Finisher: "I didn't want it to come to this, but you leave me no choice!"

    Team Quotes

    Assist: "I've got your back...partner!"
    Your character down during Assist: "Give 'em hell for me, yeah?"

    Using an Item: "I'll be using this."
    Healing/Buffing: "Here ya go!"
    Tag-Team Special: "What say I take the 500 on the right and you take the 500 on the left?"