Human - Andromidus

Human - Andromidus
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    Race: Human
    Age: 14
    Sex: Male

    Sexuality: Straight
    Relationship: Single

    Height: 5'6"
    Build: Andromidus has a well tone athletic body.



    Adam Vin

    Nationality: Chinese | American
    Age: 19
    Sex: Male

    Sexuality: Straight
    Relationship: Single(Neet life)

    Height: 6'0"
    Build: Adam is a rather tall but lean individual.


    Adam|Andromidus have a common outlook on life in or out of the game, that is strength is the only thing that matters, this being said they both keep a open mind for gaining power with whatever means they have. They aren't against player killing or stealing kills from people. That being said they have a soft spot for anyone who actually attempts to get lose to them and learn more about them. They have a hard shelled exterior, but beyond that they are just one big softy looking for someone to open up to, however its not as simple as one would assume.

    Adam|Andromidus has a love for crafting up items and weapons to further themselves in live, and with that being said it's not exactly over exaggerating to call them workaholics, it'd most likely more be a praise to their ears, that's why Adam made Andromidus a buff 14 year old so he would be able to get the full use out of his character and craft up all types of cool items. The weapons Andromidus would make would all hold special meaning to him, and taking it would land you on Andromidus's dead list, a list that basically speaks for itself.

    Positive: Friendly, power hungry, quest lover, blacksmith, Pusher(Pushes people to their goals)
    Negative: Chaotic-Neutral, willing to steal, Cocky, Anxiety, Fear of losing


    Adam was born into a family(In America) as the only child of the household, and because of this he was both pampered, but also disciplined rather harshly. Adam was first introduced to games when he was in sixth grade, as a twelve year old Virtual reality was the only thing any of his classmates ever spoke of, the year was 2019 when Adam found his first video game featured after the very loved JRPG system. Adam fell in love with gaming in general, and had a harder time focusing in school.

    Adam was able to play the game up until his first day of middle school(13 years of age now) it was 2020, and Adams parents had decided to put down their foot. Adam was stripped of every gaming console he had, and because of that he began to act out, getting into trouble with the local class clowns. The kids in his class soon tired with Adams antics and began to space themselves from him, and by the second year of middle school(14 years old) he was completely secluded to himself, and no longer had friends due to him acting out. The teachers had caught on and moved his clown friends to a different class. Leaving poor Adam all alone in a class that disliked him.Eighth grade was fairly harsh for Adam, he went from class clown to being bullied almost every day, if not every other day sending him into a even more secluded mind state.This continued all year until finally it was time to graduate and move to high school.

    Upon entering high school Adam was completely alone(15 years old now), and he actually preferred it that way. He had managed to get on his parents good side and was now able to play video games, because his parents found it was a better option then letting him run the streets like a hoodlum. Adam had no idea the games had evolved within his short leave. Nobody was playing handheld or consoles anymore, instead they all used Virtual Reality headsets to speak and interact on games. Once again Adam was left out off the loop, but he never cried, nor did he complain. Instead he decided it was time to buy his own head set. After two years Adam(Now 17) was able to buy one of the most expensive class of virtual reality headsets, although after the two years he was swamped with backed up school work so it was a year before he cold properly use his headset.

    Adam(Now 18) had finally completed all of his assignments from his classes, and was finally allowed to graduate, that being said he had also managed a rather large amount of time to play lower grade virtual reality games for another year after graduating. Adam(Now 19) was a full time game, uploading videos with sponsors the further his video gaming career, but it was never enough. The games themselves never quite matched up to Adam's expectations, until a old classmate of him sent him a email. The email had a downloadable file attached, and without a second guess Adam decided to open the file, and before he knew it codes began to bounce around his virtual reality headset, until it spelled out the words "TerraSphere" and like Alice down the rabbit hole Adam pressed 'new game'.

    Out of Character

    Played by: @Vixen
    Player tag: @Andromidus

    (Doulou 3 - Soul Land 3) Tang Wulin
    (The mythical Realm) Ye Yun

    Mastery: Nature Magic, Acrobatics, Hydromancy
    Vocations: Weaponsmithing, Magecrafting

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    Hey there, @Adam! I'm afraid that things seem to have gotten a bit more complicated suddenly. Please edit and mend the following:
    • Your personality section is still full of typos. Keep in mind that not all typos show up as mistakes, so I need you to really pay attention to what you have written, okay?
    • While your biography admittedly does make more sense now, it is still riddled with inconsistencies. You first state that VR was popular when he was first introduced to gaming but later on he doesn't seem to know how VR even works. You also state that he became reclusive but is somehow roaming the streets? Additionally, I feel that you may not fully understand what kind of game TerraSphere is supposed to be (there's no such thing as "kill steal" for example), so I suggest you go read up on it in our wiki. Finally, I would recommend that you leave out all the paranthesized age notations.
    Please let me know when you're done with these changes by leaving a reply here!