Private - An unexpected encounter.

Private - An unexpected encounter.
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  1. The young girl let out a sigh of disappointment as she found herself in yet another strange location filled with mushrooms. She had set off to explore the world of Terrasphere, to discover new and nature filled places, get some alone time, stuff like that. A decision she regretted greatly now. Due to encountering many aggressive wild creatures, she had to use her magic a lot to defend herself. She had walked what felt like hours to her and hadn't eaten for a long time. Aurora was hungry, tired and defenseless; her adventurous side now replaced with desire to go back to civilization.

    In hopes to find any signs of life, the magic user climbed up the nearby tree to have a wider view "Yes! finally!"The girl cheered out happily as she noticed what seemed to be a group of houses, probably a village. In her excitement, she almost lost her balance. Luckily, she managed to grab one of the tree branch as she fell. Unluckily, her grip wasn't tight so she still did end up falling, just not from a great height. 'It could have been worse' she winced as she got up, looking down to see her knee was bleeding. She tried to use her healing magic to heal her leg but unfortunately , her mana was too low to even make that simple spell

    'I'll get that patched up' she thought as she merrily began walking to the place she saw the houses, only to be faced with cold reality.

    'This can't be!' she bit her bottom lip as she noticed the abandoned town in front of her. Fungus grew from any corner of the town (then again, the county she was in was famous for its fungus growth) Normally, she would have shrugged and left the town to continue her quest. But seeing as it was getting dark, she was desperate enough to search the rundown town for any signs of life.

    She walked into every house she could find, passed all the streets at least twice, but no one. She entered the last building, a sort of giant arena? church? She didn't know how to describe it. Whatever it was, the building was just like the other ones, broken and fungus filled.

    As she looked around she spotted a figure. Aurora rubbed her eyes, thinking maybe the figure was a statue but that was not the case. She was looking at what seemed to be a man's back. A tall male at that, with long platinum blonde hair. Her eyes filled with happiness as she ran to the figure and placed a hand on his shoulder @Galadion "Excuse me! I have lost my way and I can't seem to find the way. Can you please take me back to civilization?" Her voice was laced with exhaustion.

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  2. Esuilus was a total wasteland, the only thing that Galadion could find that was alive outside of the very hostile creatures that prowled the lands were the abundance of massive fungal growths that the region was rather well known for. These days Galadion rarely found himself outside one of the Yladia regions, he roamed from place to place looking for some sign that it would be possible to return life to these wastelands. And it was this search that found Galadion once again looking out over the funal wasteland that he had chosen to become the King of, he knew it was presumptuious for him to call himself the King of Yladia especially given the state that Yladia was in but yet he did so anyway.

    Galadion had a long term goal and it wasn't just ruling over a country, he wanted to safely return the Yladian people to their ancestral home. It was a long shot but he had been using every ounce of his power to make it a reality, And here he was, staring out over another ruined and abandoned town, the fungus that Esuilus was known for had already reclaimed the town in the absence of those who once lived here. A soft sigh left his lips and he moved from building to building searching each and every one of them for any sign of life, and indication that someone, somewhere still lived here but he found nothing. Every house looked as if it had been empty for decades, the mushrooms grew in every room and every wall and thick layers of dust were everywhere, a small sigh escaped his lips as he shook his head "Damn it"

    Finally Galadion made his way over to the biggest of the buildings the still remained standing and took a seat, his eyes closed slightly as he rested himself for a moment. He had been out there in the waste for many weeks roaming around which allowed him to see much of the countryside but it had taken its toll upon him, even a Yladian eventually got fatigued despite their unique skills in traversing these wilds. It was during this rest that suddenly his solitude had been interrupted by a rather familiar voice, the voice of someone that he had hoped he would never see again.

    As he sat there suddenly Galadion felt a hand upon his shoulder and his eyes opened slowly before he slowly rose to his feet. Slowly turned around and looked down at the human female that had once served as his travelling companion when they had been hired to protect a rather cowardly merchant, their last meeting hadn't exactly ended on the best of terms when Galadion had threatened to kill the human female the next time he laid eyes upon her and now here she was.

    "Hello Aurora" that was all that Galadion said as he looked down at her, while he may have threatened to kill her that was then and this is now, he no longer felt any anger towards the female and thus had no desire to bring her any harm. "What brings you out here to my kingdom?"
  3. Her eyes widen as she recognised the male figure @Galadion and took a step back. "The racist king!" She called out. That was a nickname she had thought of while they were on the journey. She never addressed him with that name though, neither did she plan to say it out loud, but seeing the king in the ghost town wasn't something she was expecting so her nickname for him just rolled down her tongue before she could realise just what she had said.

    She stood in a defence position, remembering what she had done to him the last time they met and how he had threatened to kill her. ((She was never really the sort to forget things easily, especially the gore he did))She narrowed her aqua eyes that shone with exhaustion, fear and frustration. "Trust me when I say I do not want to be in your kingdom and I'm definitely not here to see you. I.." she paused as she looked away for a few seconds, not wanting to tell the tall man her dilemma. Unfortunately ,he was the only one who could help her. Then again, he didn't really have a reason to so she wasn't sharing her troubles with him would actually be useful. 'Its worth a shot' she told herself as she took a deep breath.

    "I lost my way. I wanted to travel in peace and silence so I set off into the forest. Next thing I know I can see only fungus everywhere" as she narrated her story, Aurora felt even more frustrated at her current situation. She let out a heavy sigh before turning to look him in the eye. "I find my current situation really frustrating! I have been walking for what I feel were ages, with no idea where to go and having to stay on alert 24/7 just in case no animal decides I look like a nice snack. Why isn't there any life here in your kingdom? It looks like a country that got crumbled to the ground" she said as her eyes spotted a small piece of the building ruins. She picked it up and examined it, noting how beautiful the design on that small rock was. "The place must have looked pretty when it was still used by people I bet" she mumbled as she threw the stone casually into a wall, only for the said wall to fall into crumbled. The girl sweatdrop at the sight that just took place and turned to the king. "Not a safe place I see. We shouldn't stay here if we value our lives"
    The girl held his large hand in her small ones as she tried to pull him out of the building to get him to safety as well. She still didn't like him and still thought of him as nothing but a cold blooded killer but even then she did not want to see him die. After they had reached the streets of the ghost town she turned to look at him. "Your chance. What are you doing in a place like this?"
    She inquired. The sun was almost about to set, causing the abandoned town to look frightening.
  4. Seeing the females face made Galadions mind race with memories of the quest that he had done with her, not to long after the quest began they had been waylaid by a small group of bandits. After a short battle the bandits were soundly defeated while the group of adventures hadn't suffered a single loss, Galadion however had wanted to make an example out of the bandits. With that in mind he had impaled each one of them on a wooden spear and left them skewered upon it on the side of the road so all the other bandits could see their blood corpses hanging there and would know what would happen if they tried to rob anyone else.

    This decision of his hadn't gone over well with the rest of his travelling companions who believed that the bandits should be spared, a decision that he just didn't agree with. What followed after was a rather heated exchange of moral idea that resulted in several death threats having been issued from and to Galadion, with hindsight he had to admit that maybe he had escalated that situation unnecessarily. But whats done was done and there was no point in dwelling upon arguments already long past, he kept his focus on the here and now where it belonged.

    Galadion had for awhile now been attempting to return Yladia to a state where its people could once again return to their ancestral home, a task that with each day was beginning to seem more and more impossible. None of the towns that he had visited had any sign of life outside of the fungal overgrowth that Esuilus was famous for, most of the creatures of the region even stayed out of the towns and villages as well. But still he roamed and searched, so far he had only come across a single village that still had people living in it, it was small and run down but it gave him hope that he there were others.

    And now that he finally found some life in the waste, it turned out to be this human woman of all people. Her comment about him being a racist king caused him to narrow his eyes slightly, weren't Kings supposed to only care about their own people that didn't make them racist they were simply worrying about the people that they were supposed to be worrying about. So she had gotten lost huh well he could understand that it was difficult for anyone that wasn't a Yladian to travel in the fungal wasteland, it was easier for the Yladian people because of their racial ability Wayfarer which allowed to easily traverse the wilds. He was about to answer her question as to why there were no people living in Esuilus when she threw a rock and caused another part of an already destroyed wall to crumble even more causing him to give her a blank 'really' stare.

    Suddenly she took his hand in hers and all but drug him outside along with her, he didn't fight not arguing about exiting the destroyed building but he had been perfectly okay inside as well. Once outside he let out a small sigh and shook his head as he looked at her "You sure as a lot of questions, anyone ever tell you that?". A soft chuckle escaped his lips as he looked up towards the setting sun, the diminishing light caused the shadows to grow larger and longer giving the village a rather ominous look before he turned and look back at her.

    "The reason why there is no people living here is because Yladia had overwhelmed and destroyed long ago by the demonic forces to its north. Your lucky you didn't run into any demons while you were roaming the wilds, they give even the most seasoned of players a run for their money. As for me, I am roaming from place to place looking for Yladians, I plan on rebuilding the Yladian kingdom of old and letting these noble people return to their ancestral home that was taken from them"
  5. Aurora realized he didn't like the nickname she had for him but she couldn't see him as anything else. She did make a mental note of trying not to call him that. She liked being in one piece.

    She pouted when he chuckled at her. There was nothing wrong with being curious. Curiosity was what made the humans progress to this age; an age where one could be inside the games they played. "Yes, I have been told that. And there is nothing wrong with being curious about things, I'll have you know" her grip tightened around his hand which made her realize that she had not let him go. She immediately pulled her hand away and stepped away from him, placing both her hands in front of her chest, as though he was the one who tried to touch her. After what had happened on their journey, she made it a point not to be acquainted with him. They could never be friends. They had complete different mind sets and ideals, so why waste time spending time together? Not only that but he himself stated he didn't want to be friends with her.

    Aurora's defensive stance became more relaxed and her narrowed eyes grew wide with surprise and a hint of admiration. She didn't expect him to have such a noble plan. "So you do have a good bone inside of your body" her voice made it obvious she was surprised if her eyes didn't. "But you do know you shouldn't be so biased with people of other races right?" She raised an eyebrow. "I'm not saying you should give more preference to other races than your own...but it would be nice if you treated everyone an equal and became friends with others, regardless of race" She placed a hand under her chin, wondering how to phrase her words better. "Oh! It is something like this."She raised her index finger as she presented her points.

    "You wouldn't like it if someone was being bias with other Yladian's right? As a king, you shouldn't look down at people just because they are of a different race. Besides, you would need help from people other than fellow Yladian's if you want to restore this place back to its original glory and you can only do that if make friends, people you can rely on, or people who are helpful by nature. You can only get those type of people if you are nice in return. You know what they say, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar"

    She heard a low growl which made her jump, thinking it was coming from the forest. Was it a wolf? Or a demon? Another growl and she pinpointed where it was coming from. The girl blushed lightly as her stomach growled for a meal. She wrapped her arms around her stomach, as though she was trying to prevent her stomach from letting out another growl.

    "Uhh..look at the bright side. It wasn't a demon" She laughed nervously. Just as she mentioned a demon, something about what @Galadion said to her, clicked in her mind.
    "Pla..yer..What?!" she let out a gasp. Aurora had thought he was a npc, with all his king talks. "Y-you are a player too?! What..I could have never guessed. This is the first time I found out whether a person was a npc or a player. What is your real n-" she paused. It wasn't right to talk about real life in virtual reality games right? At least, that is what one of her real life gamer friend had told her. She shook her head. "Forget what I was about to say"
  6. Galadion stood there before turning away from the female and looking into the distance of his lands, he called them his lands but they weren't not really, not yet anyway. He had a lot of work to do before they truly became his lands, not the least of all which was pushing out a demonic horde. Others looked at this region and all they could see was nothing more than a overgrown fungal wasteland, he looked out at it and he seen something beautiful, a land with so much untapped potential.

    Galadion chuckled slightly as he turned his head and looked at her, his silvery eyes looking down at her face a soft smile upon his face "Yes, I am not just a bandit skewering murderer you know". The wind pulled at his silvery white hair as he shook his head "I have met other people that I liked who weren't Yladian. When I first came to this world, most of the people who helped me get used to it here were not Yladian. But not everyone is an equal, and not everyone deserved the chance to become your friend"

    Galadion turned his head away from her and sighed as he looked at the setting sun "The Yladian people have suffered more than most of the other races. They were driven from their homes, forced to relocate as refugees against their wills. But in these new homes they were treated like second class citizens, some were even captured and sold into slavery. The Yladian people know what its like to be judged just for their race almost better than anyone."

    He was about to address what she had said about needing more than just Yladians to restore their homeland to its former glory when he heard the sound that her stomach made. Trying to be polite he acted like he hadn't head it until suddenly there it was again, the sound of hunger, with a small wave of his hand Galadion released some of his mana into the ground beside them causing a small tree to grow forth. His Nature Magic was the weakest of his Masterys but still he could manage to make an apple tree grow and bloom producing several apples for her to pick "Help yourself". A small chuckle escaped his lips as he nodded his head "Yes I am a Player, why is everyone so surprised to hear there?"
  7. 'He can make a soft expression as well' she noted as she looked up at him, tucking a stray hair behind her ear. "Let me remind you. Ahem" She let out a small cough before speaking in a deeper tone, trying to sound as similar to him as she could although her french accent was making it difficult to sound like him. "I do not intend to make friends with any of you, especially" She pointed at him with an accusing finger "you"
    "That is what you said. I get why me and I still won't apologize for what I did" she said stubbornly. "But you made that decision without even getting to know Hanno and Mr Daedalus. I can even get Mr Daedalus for a second since he threatened us with a bomb but Hanno? At that time he had done nothing to you. It doesn't sound like you wanted to even given him a chance in that moment"

    She listened patiently to him and felt bad for his race. No one deserved to be treated in such a terrible way just because they were born a certain way. Maybe not completely, but she could understand him a bit. 'He isn't that bad. His ambition is great and I think he has to strengthen his heart for it...could that also be the reason why he killed those bandits so mercilessly?' she tried to think of a positive reason for his behaviour. Aurora was still against the idea of killing though. The girl was just too naive and optimistic, thinking that she could gain something without losing anything in return.

    Aurora watched as a tree grew from his magic and out popped bright red apples, as though they were beckoning her to have a bite. The tree was small but so was Aurora. She had to jump up to get the apples and jumping up didn't do any good to her bleeding knee. She did manage to grab two apples, throwing one of them to @Galadion She let a sigh of content as she bit into the apple, loving the sweet juice that filled her mouth.

    After she had finished her first bite she spoke. "I am not that strong yet. After all, most of my masteries are supportive base but I will do my best to drive the demons away and restore this place back to how it was. Oh don't worry. I won't be asking you to trust me or become friends with you anytime soon. I will help in restoring the country not for the sake of helping the king but for the Yladians so they can have their safe haven. Everyone deserves a place they can call home after all" she took another bite from the apple as she watched him chuckle.

    "Maybe it is because you are too racist when you are in character. If you were a political leader and said something racist, you would have been thrown under the bus" She said jokingly, a smile on her face before her expression turned serious as she stared at the eaten apple in her hand "Actually, if I am being completely honest. Even as we have this conversation, I am still in shock. I didn't even think players had the right to gain political power, not saying I thought it was against the rule..just that it seemed unfair. After all, in the end of the day this is not our world. We are nothing but illusions in this world, appearing and disappearing before the npcs" she looked up at him "What do you plan on doing after you do restore the country? You would need a heir and stuff like that and you will have to play the role of the king until you turn old and wrinkly. You can't leave the game because you got bored of it. That would be too cruel to the npcs, who know of only this world"
  8. Galadion stood there as she reminded him of what he had said during their time together on the quest, he had indeed said that he didn't intend to be friends with any of them and at the time he had meant it. But at the time he had been extremely mad at each and every one of them, in his eyes at the time they had all been incredibly stupid and naive, none of them had the hear to do what is needed to be done it had seemed. As time passed and he was able to think with a more calm head the prospect of having one or two of them wasn't completely as off putting as it had been at the time.

    Galadion couldn't afford to be as soft and naive if he was ever going to accomplish his goal, he had to harden his heart to do what was necessary. Sometimes that meant getting his hands dirty and doing things that he would rather not do, but that didn't mean he was going to turn away from it. If someone stood between him and the restoration of Yladia then he would cut them down without mercy and he would do it without a second thought. Maybe this made him a heartless murderer in her eyes but that was perfectly okay with him, as long as he could accomplish that one goal some day.

    He lifted his hand and caught the apple that was tossed his way and sank his teeth into it, its juicy meat filling his mouth. The juices ran down his chin a little causing him to lift his arm and wipe it away before looking down at the fruit as if it was the most interesting thing in the world when in reality he was really just spacing out for a moment. Turning his head he looked at her while she spoke of helping him to restore Yladia which brought another small smile to his face as he nodded his head.

    He chuckled softly as he looked at her "I will admit that I may have the tendency to get a little to deep into my character at times, but isn't that the point of playing a game like this? To get to be someone completely different while we are here", he then turned his head and looked out at the setting sun "I have actually thought about that a great deal myself. I was thinking that maybe once I have completed my goal that I will adopt myself one of the Yladian children that have been orphaned in this world so that when I finally leave it will be returned to the NPC Yladian people". A small sigh escaped his lips as he shook his head slightly "The Yladian people apparently actually have a NPC Queen but no one has seen or heard from her in a very long time, they don't even know if she is still alive. They needed a symbol of hope, someone to rally behind and I hope that that can become me"
  9. She raised an eyebrow. "Maybe? No, no. You definitely go completely in character your majesty~ " she let out a chuckle as she took another bite. "But I understand what you mean..this game is a new beginning. Where no one will know anything about you. You can create your own character and see how it is like living way. Unlike the real world, you can always quit, of course quitting is for the weak of heart. Also, For all you know, I may be an 83 year old man" She gave a cheeky smile. "Or maybe~ I am a detective who has joined Terrasphere to find a serial killer who plays this game..and at the current moment you are my top suspect"She made a finger gun and pointed at him. Her behavior had changed tremendously. Something about knowing he had a good side, made her feel more relaxed and open towards the Yladian.

    "oh. You have enough mental capacity to even think these things through. I use to think you were an impulsive guy who didn't really think on the consequences of their actions." She took the last bite of her apple, finishing the fruit before going back to grab another apple, one that was higher than the previous apple she plucked.

    "you know. If you showed your nice side to people, you'd get more friends and maybe more followers as well. You wouldn't even scare your employers. Poor Richard seemed terrified of you. I bet you looked like a monster in his eyes. Not a good image for a king. " she let out a sigh and left the apple on the tree, seeing as she could not reach it. "It reminds me of a story I read. It was about a king who was a kind and considerate man. He was the type of king who ate what the commoners would have for meals because he believed that he had no right to eat fancy meals while his kingdom ate tasteless food. Only problem is, he portrayed himself as a harsh person, who would kill anyone without hesitation. Often times he would join fights just to display his power so no one messed with him. His own people, the ones he loved and cared for, awarded him with the title of the demon king because they feared him so much.

    The neighboring kingdom grew worried but they were also helpless. They knew they stood no chance against the demon king...until the demon king's own people turned against him. They joined the neighboring kingdom and overthrew the demon king...The poor kind king was betrayed by his own people, all because he pretended to be a mean man.So you better be careful that your story does not end like that"

    She looked up to see the moon shining brightly in the sky. "Its gotten really late.."she muttered with a frown, the idea of going into the forest at night was frightening but staying in the ghost town was ten times worse.
  10. Galadion stood there next to the human female as he listened to her story slightly, he thought about it for a minute before shaking his head. The failure of that king was that he didn't show his own people his more merciful side, a mistake that he didn't plan on making. His power was to be displayed against his enemies not those that had put their faith and trust in him to lead them. But that was another problem for another day, first he needed to build his kingdom before he worried about what kind of ruler he would be seen as.

    Tilting his head back his silvery eyes peered up into the heavens above as he noticed that the celestial orb of fire had been chased from its dominion by its silvery counterpart in their never ending battle, or was it a game of tag? Now that the sun had gone down the more dangerous creatures of the region would most definitely be on the prowl, food was scarce for them in these lands so they had all become incredibly hostile towards anything that they could eat. The breeze had noticeably begun to chill now that the sun was no longer up to give it some warmth, the feeling of goosebumps rising up on his arm caused him to look down and chuckle slightly, so the mysterious creators of Terrasphere had even gone to such lengths to add such a small and insignificant feature such as that into the game for the sake of realism.

    Rasing his head Galadion began to peer around looking for a good place to make camp for the night, he may be seasoned in traversing the Yladian wilds but tonight he was not alone. Dragging an inexperienced player along with him into the dangers that lurked in the darkness would almost surely spell death for her, something that oddly enough he didn't wish to happen upon his watch. Turning his head he looked at her "It will be safer to hold up in one of the houses for tonight, the nocturnal creatures of Esuilus are even more dangerous than their counterparts."

    Turning away from her Galadion faced towards the darkened village, the light cast down from the silvery moon above made it look almost terrifying but he knew there was nothing to fear since he searched each and every one of the buildings before she had arrived. "Akula jalaran", the words of power fell from his lips as he gathered the mana and then released it as the last syllable left his lips and the spell took to life. A large ball of flames roared to life about his head and just hovered there, its light fell down upon the duo of companions and illuminating the area around them.

    Now that he could see better Galadion turned his head back and looked at his human companion once again "Would you like to stay with me in one of the houses or would you prefer that we find you your own?". Galadion stood there waiting for a response slightly before he made his way into the village, with each step he looked for a house that still had all of its walls intact since there wasn't much point in camping in a house that didn't offer any shelter. Finding one that would serve his purpose he opened the door and stepped inside looking around, it only had one bed but it also had a fireplace and with a the fireball that had been following him around flew into the fireplace.

    Now that he had a more secure place to rest his head of the night, he allowed himself to relax slightly pulling out one of the chairs that had been around the table and lowered himself upon it with a sigh. Sitting there for a moment looking up at the ceiling for a few moments he allowed his eyes to roam to the door to see if the human had decided to take him upon on his offer and follow him into the house.
  11. "Wh-That means we need to" She felt a shiver run down her spin. Was it because of the cold weather? or was it due to fear of staying in such a creepy place? She didn't know. 'He's been here longer than me so I bet he knows about the night time of Esuilus and he has no reason to lie about it being dangerous. Besides, staying here is better than walking throughout the night or taking shelter in the forest' Reluctantly, the girl nodded in agreement. It was evident she wasn't too thrilled about staying in a ghost town.

    Her eyes sparkled as she watched the Yladian king summon a ball of fire. " you have Pyromancy by any chance?" she questioned as she raised her hands to touch the ball of flame but at the last moment decided not to. The girl was surely the curious type, not even she could deny it.

    Her pale cheeks started to dust a light pink, her aqua blue eyes widening at the male's suggestion of staying in the same house as him. A quest that had groups of people staying in one place, that was fine for her. Not a male and female staying in the same house, especially during the night. "What?! No! I cannot share the same house with a male" She proclaimed. It was at that time she felt something tickling her neck. She yelped in surprised and turned to see that it was just the leaves of the tree she was standing next to. Aurora was obviously jumpy due to that haunted vibe the village was giving her. "O-on second thought... I would want to stay with you" She mumbled as she followed him.

    Even though the apples were tasty and did satisfy her hunger to some extent, it wasn't completely gone and the mushrooms nearby looked edible enough. While they were walking, the blonde girl would often times stop to collect mushrooms that looks appetizing in her veil, that she removed from her head. She noticed him entering a house and not leaving. It was then the girl moved quickly. She entered the buildings that once seemed to be storage for spices. Luckily, the spices seemed to be packed safely. She noted how everything was stacked neatly, probably because the owners of the ship did not even get time to grab their goods. She grabbed whatever she needed, even bowls that seemed usable if cleaned properly, before leaving to enter the building @Galadion resided.

    She smiled when she noticed the Yladian. "I found these barbecue sticks, bowls, oil, spices and some mushrooms that seemed harmless enough. We can prepare dinner with them. Can you please use hydromancy to clean these please?" She said. Even though her sentence ended with a question, she handed him the bowls as though he really didn't have a say in it
  12. Comfort and safety two things that Galadion had not had in a very long time, he had spent that last several weeks sleeping on the ground with nothing but the rocks around him or against a tree with the bark scraping against his skin. And now for the first time in those many weeks he could sleep in a real bed again, granted it wasn't the best looking bed but it was definitely better than sleeping outside again. The only thing that he would change about his current situation was that if he was to have it his way then he would be alone, but tonight he would have to share the house with his female companion.

    He had nearly fallen asleep sitting there in that chair from the amount of physical fatigue that he felt when his companion burst into the room and startled his back away fully, something that annoyed him slightly as he glared at her for a few moments before letting it go. He was entirely to tired to be getting upset over such a small thing as her startling him back awake, he would get the sleep that he desired in due time this one thing he was undoubtedly sure about. He listened to her words slightly before his eyes widened when she shoved the dirty and worn dishes into his embrace causing him to look down at the, what did she think he was, a dishwasher?

    He sat there for a couple of seconds longer with the dishes in his hands, a small growl of annoyance ripping from his throat at having been treated like nothing more than your average commoner. However they did need to eat and something to eat out of and so he grumbled slightly before just resigning to the fact that he was going to have to wash the dishes, Galadion waved his hand slightly and the bowls filled up with water. A spell as weak as this didn't even require a magical invocation, he sat there and watched as the water in the bowl spun around and created a small vortex as it scrubbed the bowls clean itself.

    Now that his magic had been reduced down to nothing more than a means to help with simple household chores he looked at the female and handed her the bowls back "There, they are cleaned now". Turning away from her he looked around the house that they currently resided in, it was so small that the entire building resided inside of this single room which mean that whoever had lived here had been very poor. Turning his head back towards the female he chuckled slightly and shook his head ever so slightly "So there is only one bed in here which means we are going to have to share it"
  13. The girl had turned her back on him as she sat down on the floor and took the mushroom, one by one and poked it into the barbecue sticks. Since Aurora was no longer upset and irritated at the male's presence, when she heard the low growl of disapproval coming from the Yladian king she found it quite hilarious. The male could see Aurora's shoulders shaking as she tried to control her laughter. She clasped her hand over her mouth so she did not end up bursting out but couldn't control and let her amusement show in the form of sound.

    "You might be a king of Yladians but to me you are just another living being so don't be so offended that I do not like a royal, your majesty~" The honorific came out more as a mock than actually respect. In all honesty, she liked the atmosphere. It was peaceful and light hearted, something she found was a rarity in the world of Terrasphere. Both in the real world and the virtual one, life was very fast paced. Everything needed to be done quickly otherwise you would be left behind. No one got a chance to stop and truly enjoy the moment.

    She turned and took the plates and bowls, pouring the liquid ingredients into the bowl and dipping the mushrooms into it. She then sprinkled the spices and brought them close to the flames, roasting them. She chocked on her own saliva when the male declared the two would have to sleep on the same bed. What was @Galadion even thinking? She was reluctant to share the same house with him, how did he think she would react to them sharing the same bed. The easily flustered girl turned a bright shade of red and shook her head. "No way! I will not share a bed. Do you have no sense of awareness??" She let out a sigh before continuing in a much more calmer tone."I have a small stature so I can easily sleep on the chair. You can have the bed. I'll be fine" She muttered as she finished making the mushrooms into a more tasty looking brown.Aurora handed the meal to him. "This was the best I could do with our current condition...but maybe some other time, when I have more to work with, I can treat you to a better meal, as a way of thanks. If you weren't here I would have most likely gone back inside the forest and be attacked" She gave a reason for her offer as she took a bite from her own meal.
  14. As he sat there in the chair Galadion began to wonder about the family that had once called this house their home, who were they, did they have kids and if they did how many? Were they all boys or all girls or perhaps it was a mixture of both, what were the dreams that they had, did they want to grow up to become powerful wizards or maybe they wanted to be doctors and heal the sick. Their story had so many possibilities and unknowns that it really could be written in anyway by his imagination.

    His gaze slowly roamed over the house taking in everything, there was no structural damage to the building itself. Unlike most of the rest of the town around it all of its walls were still intact and the building as a whole was completely functional which was slightly suspicious to him. Had someone or something moved into the village and claimed this house as their home, it certainly would explain why it was still in decent condition if it had someone maintaining repairs upon it.

    Other small details about the house were now starting to stand out to him that he started to think about it, the bed looked like it had been recently used by someone already when they had arrived inside. The inside of the fireplace had held held the ashen remains of what had at one point been logs that had been used to create a fire within the hearth. Someone had definitely used this house recently before the had gotten there.

    However he decided to keep this information to himself for now, his companion already seems on edge enough as it was from just being in the town and if she knew that at any moment a potential enemy could come back and attack them she would be even more frightened. He looked up and smiled at her softly when she offered him his bowl of food and nodded his head taking it into his hands "Thanks for the food Aurora, I am sure its delicious". He looked down at the bowl before he took a bite allowing the earth flavor of the mushrooms to fill his mouth, it really was delicious which surprised him a little since he was just trying to be polite to her a moment ago.

    Her reaction about the two of the sharing a bed had caused him to chuckle ever so slightly, I mean it wasn't all that uncommon for people of opposite genders to share a bed for the night. It wasn't as if he had suggest the two of them engage in sexual activities in the bed but yet still she had gotten all flustered which amused him slightly. Shaking his head he continued to chuckle as he looked at her and ate his food "Have it your way then, I will take the bed. I've been out there in the wilds for a couple of weeks sleeping on nothing but the ground or against a tree so a real bed would be a welcome change"

    He quickly finished his food and yawned slightly, his arms stretched out above his head as he looked around before rising to his feet and stretched his legs a little bit. "Alright, now its time to get some shut eye", and with that Galadion made his way over to the bed and laid himself down upon his and closed his eyes, sleep taking him in its embrace rather quickly.
  15. A small smile appeared on his face when she tried to be polite and tell her it would be good before even trying. She was happy to see he had opened up, if only a little.

    "No need to justify your actions. I did say you could take the bed. I do not mind it in the slightest but that really does sound very uncomfortable . To sleep on the cold earth. Luckily for me, I've been sleeping on the soft comfy beds provided in the lounge~"
    she said cheerfully as she took another bite. 'Mmm. Maybe if it was cooked a bit more and oh! Some garlic would have done wonders~' she thought as she chewed on the mushrooms. She didn't think it was bad, just that it could taste better. Either way, what's done was done and would do better next time.

    "Good night. Sweet dreams" she bid him goodnight before getting up to keep the used dishes in the kitchen sink. She wasn't really sure why she did that. It wasn't like they would use the utensils again ,nor would anyone else, neither would she be cleaning them in the morning. She believed it was just her force of habit. Ever since she was young, she learnt to do the house hold chores in proper order, one of them being to wash the dishes after the meal.

    The girl let out a yawn, finally realising just how exhausting today's events were. She had never thought she would be entering Yladia and spending the night with Galadion, the man she swore she would never be able to see eye to eye with. Honestly, the girl felt that he wasn't that bad. Maybe if the whole bandit incident had no happened, the girl would have admired him for his kindness and strength.

    The point was, Aurora was tired and she needed a shut eye as well. Even though she had said galadion that she would take the chair, it did seem very comfortable so she decided on the floor. She laid out her veil and laid on top of it, curling herself so that her whole body had a barrier between herself and the floor. Her eyes fluttered closed and just like @Galadion, she entered a deep slumber.

    It wasn't until 2-3 hours of their slumb did 4 figures approached the house. They entered their home and noticed the dirty dishes in the kitchen sink. Before one of them could speak, the other clasped his hand over their mouth and placed his index finger on his lips, telling everyone to stay silent.

    With slow footsteps, they entered the room that was occupied by the Yladian and human. They noticed the pointy ears of Galadion, an obvious trait he was of one of their kind. Aurora, however , was human. Something the men weren't too pleased to find out. With those slow footsteps, two of them went to Aurora, while the other two went to Galadion .

    Aurora had not noticed their presence. Until one of them grabbed her roughly by the hair. The jolt of pain got Aurora up quickly as she looked around to see what was happening. Her eyes widen as she noticed the two men approaching her sleeping companion. "Ga-!"Her mouth was covered by the man's mud covered hand as he refused to let her go. She struggled in desperation ,afraid they might try to capture, or worse, hurt the male. Normally, she would have used magic but her type was too dangerous for indoor. One wrong spell and that would mean the abandon house would get damage which may result to the demolishment of the house. Surprisingly, they just called out to Galadion

    "Wake up fellow Yladian" the girl stopped struggling. Just what was happening? Were they not bandits trying to rob and then kill them.

    The stranger continued. "You need not fear that disgusting human. We have captured her. You are no longer a prisoner of hers. Do not worry brother, we will make sure she suffers for the torment humans like her have done to our kind" he continued, handing the king a dagger

    The girl was obviously confused. Prisoner ? Torment ? Just what was the crazy man talking about? He certainly was not her prisoner and neither did she torment the man, at least tried not to. One thing was for certain, they were being hostile towards her and obviously wanted to see her die. She began struggling once again, this time even more aggressively until one of the men holding her placed a curved sword against her throat. "Stop moving if you know what's best for you"

    Reluctantly, she stopped. She believed Galadion would not abandon her, at least she hoped he didn't and would clear up the misunderstanding created about her treating him like a slave.