Private - A Vigil

Private - A Vigil
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    A Vigil

    Unlike the usual communication methods that had been used to relay information you from the Vigil's HQ in the past. The mark that had been branded on your skin burned brightly against the night backdrop that surrounded you. The light’s intensity alerted you of a hidden message in a place you would eventually stumble upon.

    It was an invitation to a Vigil meeting, which was uncharacteristic for the secret task-force that had largely remained unseen until today.

    At the place where your feet eventually took you to, an elderly man dressed in a butler suit could be seen standing in front of a door leading into an unmarked building. When you came up to him and showed him the unmistakable proof of your loyalty, the V mark, the man moved.

    Inside, it was a completely empty tavern as far as your eyes could see. There were a few people already assembled in the room. It was the first time all of the agents had been assembled in a single place, face to face. A hint of unease could be seen across everyone who was present at the meeting. It was, after all, highly out of protocol. At the very least, you recognized Clide and a scrawny older man with a black top hat who were in charge of your recruitment a long time ago.

    Before long, Cessia, who led the secret organization came into view. She was adorned in an dark attire with sparse leather plates that was far from her usual style.

    Thank you for gathering here today. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Cessia Elister and I am the person who established the Vigil Knights.

    Brother and sister, our king and nation is in grave danger. It is the time for us to take up our arms to fight for the crown. I know the crown had announced its intention to abdicate itself, but it is for a necessary purpose. It is only in the death of the crown where the power will return to the people.

    The crown, now, wishes nothing more than to protect the people from being preyed upon by those currently in power. I know it was our creed to follow blind justice, but justice is not blind. We must return the favor to the crown.

    I need you here, more than ever as most if not all of the nobles had revolted and seek to kill our king. I had fortunate enough to have a conversation with him a while ago before the situation had worsened…

    Cessia continued, informing you about her conversation with the king.

    For the protection of the king and his noble legacy, we must remain steeled in this maelstrom of chaos.

    When his majesty is no longer the king, it will be up to us to ensure that his successor will stay true to his vision, by any mean necessary. What say you, compatriots, will you put your life on the line to follow our king's vision? Or will you turn your back on him in the darkest of times.

    OOC: This is a freeform RP thread for those who aligns with the Vigil Knights. Current active members include: @Aalam Abungu @Corvella
  2. The burning sensation on her palm quickly alerted Corvella to walk somewhere unseen, before inspecting the mark of the Vigil on her right palm glowing brightly. This isn't alike the usual, is it something regarding King Astor's announcement some time ago? Acknowledging the urgency, she quickly made her way into the designated meeting point. Finding it among seemingly unimportant buildings was an easy task for a member of the Vigil Task force.

    She opened her right palm and showed the V inside a circle mark to the elder in front of the door, and quickly went in without waiting any longer outside. She didn't like the wind of this night, especially after recent political controversy. Behind her visor, the knight spotted Clide among the other people in the room, most likely other Vigil agents and concluded that it was an emergency meeting, due to the fact that there has never been an open meeting before.

    The silence was then broke by Cessia, who informed the Vigil Knights about the dire situation Astorea is facing. She did not expect that the chaos among nobles will escalate this quickly. On Cessia's statement, Corvella voiced her opinion on the matter. "Astorea is King Astor himself, and this nation is his vision. Whoever will be his successor to the throne, his will should still what drives the nation. Any threat to this vision should be quickly dispatched."

    Not long after the initial opening discussion, she pulled out and showed a transcribed version of a particular mail of secession to the rest of Vigil agents. "Apologize for the interruption, but I'm sure you have seen or heard about this," She pointed to the name signed on the letter, ex-Duke Roland. "Among the nobles, Roland Rutledge posed the most threat to the nation. Not only he was spreading false rumors and accusations in the middle of political shift, he threatened to claim part of Astorea's land, to make his own nation; this so-called Oasis."

    "Rutledge has adventurers aligning with him, along with nobles more likely joining his side." Gripping her left hand tight, she concluded. "We cannot afford to have this kind separatist movement right now."

    @Raid Master
  3. Aalam felt the burning and it was a different feeling it wasn’t like a hot fire it was like a cold flame, he was drinking out in a dive bar somewhere in the kingdom. There was enough liquor in him to put down a bull yet he was still hitting the bottle. He had drunk through the first five bars and yet he still wasn’t really drunk, damn that ale had brought him had spoiled him. It was too good and too strong the weak stuff wasn’t working as well anymore. Knocking back one final drink before he pushed himself to his feet and walking out that bar into the night. Staring up at the night it was dark a waxing moon and there were very little stars out tonight, with so much cloud cover. Ha, it was like every the world knew that he was going to be a long night. However, he knew where to go the mark did many things and showing him where to meet was one of those simple things that came along with being a player.

    So he looked at the door and the butler and took off his shirt and showing the man his mark as it shined in the moonlight. He had taken his right below his shoulder blade on the left side. Letting he inspect that it was real, this was going to be a long night. He should have drunk a lot more where he had the chance as he walked into the room. There were enough vigil agents in them to take down a government, well that wasn’t a good sign or was it? That meant this was a threat they were taking with the highest level of operation. There were ops and then there were black ops and this was looking to be more or a black ops. It was nice to see that another player was able to keep the code of the vigil. Looks like he could either trust or respect one person that took the oath, and it seemed that she was capable. Grabbing a bottle of ale from behind the counter of the bar popping off the top as he read the message that the duke had sent out. Downing half the bottle in one go well this was going to be a shit show of the highest order, and if he was correct then most of those in the duchy would be working along with the duke.

    “If it is the king's will to leave the throne then that is his right but you are correct. However, I don’t think the man is the nation, one of the best rulers its ever had but is not the nation. His ideal and philosophy are we would have to make sure the succession follows that ideals. As for the duke well she is correct as far as I am aware I’m still a member of his “court” so I should be able to get back in there. However, I would not suggest killing him that might maytr him to those that are not players and maybe to some that are. We need to discredit him and sabotage his supplies. Make it so difficult for him to survive on his own.”
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    Cessia gestured for the agents to get comfortable. A few hurriedly took a seat on the bar stool in front of @Aalam Abungu , their faces becoming less tense. After all, it was safety in number, and considering that they had never seen one another until this point, it was indeed proof that the organization was managed properly.

    Cessia took some time to inspect the defamatory letter @Corvella showed off. Shaking her head from side to side, Cessia turned to the rest of her team and engaged in conversation with them.

    The king has lost his adventurer's ability to communicate, but he is doing his best to win the heart of the people. I do not think the nobles can survive by seceding from our nation, considering the fact that the people of the land are the ones who supply and drive the economy, stocking the food, and generating the money. A country cannot live without its lifeblood, the people.

    However, I do agree with @Aalam Abungu that we cannot kill the duke. It will set a very bad example for the new nation and inspire his followers to defend him to the death.

    Cessia turned toward Aalam.

    We have another agent who works for the duke, do you know @Comet? Do you guys think you can sabotage the duke safely? The nobles are raring to reinforce him now, we need to waylay them somehow.
  5. What Aalam said was mostly true, they cannot afford other nobles following Roland's steps. "My apologies for being short-sighted, Lady Cessia." Still, the secession should be cut short before it could do any long lasting harm to the nation. Because unlike other rebelling nobles, Roland is a player with considerably powerful forces under his hand. As far as she know, Bradwynne from the Witch Ops is also under his rule.

    "..Comet?" Corvella knew that Comet was always have this pro-Astorea standing, but she certainly did not expect her archer friend to be yet another Vigil agent like her, and works for the ex-duke. Yeah, this one is a surprise for her. Corvella herself would not be able to partake in sabotaging whatever Roland is building, so hearing Aalam's input on Cessia's plan first might be the best bet.
  6. Taking a long hard swig from his bottle as he felt the ale run down his throat was an incredible feeling it was one of the best things and a man could grow to like this. Taking a look at the label of the bottle, he was going to have to get some more of this later. Grabbing a second bottle and placing it into his pocket as he turns back into the meeting well this was going to be a shit show in the making. If they were to do this too loud, it would work against the way they did things, and that wouldn’t help anyone in the cause. There was the time he wished that he could still just kill people without having to worry about this. However, this was a fun chess match the country vs. the duke, and he severed both of them. Happy days damn shame the man didn’t try and get a proper oath from him would have worked wonders. Taking a seat on the bar stool as he listens to the plan of action and was glad to see that there was a possibility to keep the murder to a minimum he had no problems killing anyone but in a case like this it was touchy. To easy for martyrs to be born.

    “I know Comet one of the duke’s barons might be able to get her to work against the man, but it might be a bit of a sell. Don’t know how much she owes the duke or the kingdom. I would say weaken his stand keep the people in the kingdom. No one to work the land no one can eat however that might not be enough. We have to stop any trade he might try with order kingdoms or houses. Make him unable to support any function of an empire if the players try to make up the slack they can be convinced well most of them with gold. Few will have a significant amount of loyalty to the man. There might be a few who has a problem with the way the kingdom is being run but give them a way to appease them. It doesn't have to matter in the long run but a gesture for them to present issues to this new council. It doesn't have to be a real thing but it makes people feel better and that can go a long way"

    Dowing the rest of the bottle and resting it on the counter popping out the cork and taking a swig. "Thoughts"
  7. "I wouldn't be here if I owed my loyalty to Roland," she was able to enter at a later time than others but made the meeting at what seemed to be the right time. Corvella and Aalam appeared to question her devotion to a pro-democracy Astorea and their now ex-King. Still, she held a professional tone regarding what inquiries may lay about what side she truly would be on. Comet joined the Vigil Knight knowing she picked Astor before Roland ever showed up. Roland wasn't a terrible or unkind man whatsoever. Quite the opposite in her eyes, actually. Yet he gave titles that were useless in the end. Prepared lands for no longer important Nobles. Disrespected the King by creating rumors without fact, and throwing a rebellion during sensitive times. No longer could she follow Roland like a lost puppy seeking to impress its owner whenever the chance occurred.

    Comet would take a stand on her own for how she knew Astorea should and would eventually be. "I apologize for showing up a little behind schedule ," the pink-haired woman nodded towards Cessia (@Raid Master) with sincere respect in hopes the gesture would make up for some part of a small mistake. "I agree with Aalam that limiting resources is a good idea. Attacking caravans, leading them off-course, or persuading any allies that may send out supplies to aid Roland in the first place to instead support the King's... our side... are possibilities I'd consider if needed. Maybe I could could sway some people I know who were and still are "close" to the Duke to reconsider? Even Roland himself I would be alright speaking to directly since we've kept in contact for a while now. Hopefully he'd even agree to a meeting if that method's accepted.

    As another option: all three of us - and allies, of course - work hard to disprove his message to the people, and promote Astor's visions for the future to be legitimate. Rebellion could be popularized not only because of the Nobles - who have money and land and who can lie very easily about relations with Astor - but also because of distrust spreading. If we gain a strong favor there's no telling how many people would support our combating the others in time. I'd like to hear others ideas, really, if anyone has them."
    she tacked on the last statement rather insecurely. Flushed, red cheeks and fidgeting thumbs made Comet's nervousness while speaking up more than obvious.

    Though every word rang true to how she felt the situation should be dealt with. Due to sympathetic nature and being Roland's friend as well as companion during battle - her once sizing up the handsome man when thinking of what could be - choosing blind justice felt difficult. But thinking of all that she'd gone through, and all the preventable difficulties the people would have to deal with, Comet knew her stance was right. Knew Astor and Cessia and the Vigil Knights were right.
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    With all of the important actors assembled, the conversations among the Vigil began heating up. The Vigil was especially divided in how they felt about the entire situation, one camp were dead set on putting an arrow through the duke's throat while the other side favored a more indirect approach to resolving the issue.

    Cessia took some time to listen to the opinions of her compatriots, though her mind was already settled on a direction the secret organization should be taking. After rubbing the tension out of her eyes, the young woman addressed the group.

    Look, I know we all have our own solution to the rebellion. I understand that some of you would like to dispose the nobles and that's understandable when there is no way to reconcile our differences. But, if we killed the duke, that would be no different than tyranny.

    Despite his brass nature, he had provided for the country so if those of you, whom had had some relation with him can get him to stand down and surrender his land to the republic, we will easily be able to shut the rebellion down. The nobles won't have a central leading figure to rally around and push their cause. Though, at this point, I am not certain the duke will listen to reason.

    This entire rebellion is ridiculous. Nothing in his majesty speech indicated that former nobles couldn't apply for a position in the new government, yet they went and did this. I couldn't believe I had been so blindsided by the structure of our society before.

    However, we have the chance to change history here and now, let us push for the most peaceful of solution. But if push comes to shove, we will pick up our swords and cut down those who oppose the republic.

    @Comet @Aalam Abungu @Corvella
  9. Corvella wasn't a fan of halting the supplies and resources, as that could harm civilians among Roland's people. But she was glad that Comet was able to propose yet another solution. She never wanted Astorea to be the old Falderen. "I understand, Lady Cessia. We should not paint the nation's history with blood." Now they all needed a plan, a plan which would stop the rebellion without taking up arms.

    How Roland wrote his message highly implied that this isn't going to be resolved with one or two talks; it might be possible, but not at this state. "Great point," The visored knight nodded to @Comet, elaborating on her opinion, "We can use Roland's propaganda against him. His supporters feed on the baseless rumors he spread. If we spread the his majesty's words; his vision and the real fact surrounding it, soon people will be smart enough to tell which one to trust. They'll leave him one by one."

    "With the other nobles and his supporters slowly backing down on him, Roland would be more open to negotiations, especially if the supplies and resources are on a desperate situation." Corvella put the letter on a table, pointing yet again at it. "Then we can finally talk him down." The real problem, of course, that she doesn't know how Roland will react, or the collective intelligence of the nobles. If he retaliates, the problem could drag on. "As the people who have worked for Roland, it would be better if we all hear the input from @Aalam Abungu and Comet. What do you think he would do?"
  10. Resting his now empty bottle back onto the counter as he looked at the room, she was making sense well that was why there was a spymaster. Taking a group of people with unique skills and apply those skills to solve the various problems that affected the kingdom. And this was a massive problem after all a country in a civil war led by a former Duke that he severed under…. People seemed to wonder why he drank as much as he did. It was a necessity of his working life drinking and ignore that there was a problem in the long run. However, she was right they couldn’t kill him they need to discredit him and cause his area to suffer in the long run. However, Roland was still a good man, and he had made him a promise that he would assist to try and make the county profitable and well this was one of those days. However, this would be a delegate option if they acted too quickly then this was going to end in a giant cluster fuck and if they acted to heavily. “To discredit his words would be one of the best ways to prove that he is full of it. I would see an official delegation to the “kingdom” a show of support to that the kingdom understands the grips of those like Roland. But this would not be a mission of good support but to challenge him directly in his set of power so to speak. If you can prove in the front of everyone that what he is doing hurts the kingdom more than it helps the people that would be a blow. I had seen the lands that Roland had when he was a duke and they, for the most part, were underdeveloped. Only around the time, that of the last major threat was he trying to turn that part of the county around. I can say the same for the south and a good bit for the north. Most of the duke didn’t so much care to grow the kingdom’s wealth or assist the people more than it befitted them.”

    Pulling out his flask and knocking a bit back as he felt that wonderful feeling of burning work its way through him steady his as he thought about what he knew of the duke. “The duke is a smart man he will know that or believe that Astor will not take this sitting down and retaliate. He will prepare for the worst and expect the kingdom to break out all the stops to destroy him. Where he sets up shop will be a place that he would be able to defend and supply his people for a while. That would mean a lot of lying of the land for resources and somewhere next to a possible trade route. He will be dug in, and he will have players with him to help him hold the place that he has chosen. I work in more keeping the place safe but @Comet might be able to hold his ear better. I can work my angles where I can."
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    You are correct, Aalam. It is safe to assume that the citizenry is on our side. We need to do as much as we can to extract them from the duke's foothold, they are in great danger.

    It won't be long before the duke realizes that it's the people of the land who are tending to his field, building his wall, and feeding his allies and do everything he can to stop them from escaping. If we can convince and rescue the people, he and his people will die from starvation if he does not lay down his arms.

    I have a great distaste for laying in the open the differences between your kind and my kind even though we are all citizens of Astorea, but this is important so please excuse my frankness.

    Your people cannot survive in this world without the common people, it is they who produce the food when adventurers disappear, it is they who spend years of their lives building the roof over the nation's head, while adventurers can seemingly disappear from this world, the people of the land stays behind, always. If we can inspire people to see their worth even in the face of those who holds godly power over them, we will ultimately win the war.

    Our main priority should be to convince the duke and his supporters of the same, that all citizens of Astorea are equal and all depend on one another to live.

    For now, I think a few of you should go escort people who are willing out of the separatist's land. That will be our leverage for a negotiation. Any volunteer?

    As a sidenote, I do not believe his majesty will take any action at this point. He remains on the throne to keep the country from consuming itself from the lack of leadership. I believe a number of people have assumed leadership now.

    There's Shinn who is one of your kind and someone who is taking charge of the military. There's also Ciri who is a person of the land who is currently overseeing the restoration.

    @Comet @Aalam Abungu @Corvella

    OOC: If you volunteer for the mission, you can go on a very short quest together and see what happens afterwards.
  12. What Cessia said was true. Up until this point, there's still many adventurers that assume the people of the land are worthless and expendable, while praising themselves as immortal heroes. In this matter, the people are actually the key, maybe the factor Roland missed.

    There's already good candidates for leadership, that's good. That will show people that the democracy exists and it works. But for now, she had other matters to do. "I will volunteer myself for this escort mission." Corvella raised her hand without hesitation. "It's a good time for this plan. If we do this with minimum confrontation possible, the more people can be escorted safely."

    Her gaze then moved at the other agents, then @Aalam Abungu and @Comet, wondering if they'll join her in this mission. The job, while simple, might require espionage skills and planning. They don't know what awaits them in Roland's territory, and it's best to keep it in a small group of infiltrators.
  13. She kept quiet, pondering the option of reeling in those apart of the duchy or on Roland's side in if she knew them, and decided in her free-time to at least try. If Roland himself wouldn't budge then perhaps a few supports would. Alric mainly, and she hoped that her close friend wasn't in too deep regarding the rebellion. "It'd be a shame to fight my friends..." the pink-haired woman commented softly as a deep blush settled over pale cheeks. Emerald eyes lifted to look at Cessia properly having lost interest in the ground.

    "I'll talk to Shinn and Ciri when I can to report what I see or to offer my help. I'd like to volunteer, too, if it'll help get more people on our side. That's what's important right now. As long as Corvella doesn't mind,"
    she grinned in the blonde's direction. Though her tone happened to be less that confident or intimidating or full of devotion she held all of those things within her heart in the moment. For Astorea, she owed that much. Hopefully the short mission would go well and show good signs for future events to come. Joining the Vigil Knights was just the beginning, Comet believed, and taking down Roland's rebellion wouldn't be any more than a simple obstacle for a new Astorea.

    @Corvella @Raid Master
  14. Shaking his bottle to see how much more as left in the thing and down the rest in a sitting, holding up a finger as he did so. This was important after all; one didn't just plan to disrupt a kingdom in the making on an empty stomach. Taking one final gulp as he emptied the bottle and resting it on the top of the bar with a resounding clunk. That was a good drink he was going to need much more by the time this job was done."Right well, I won't be doing that, the thing that makes me good at what I do is that no one knows I work with the vigil. I'll stick with the duke keep a close eye on him; it will be easier to relay plans and information back to the vigil. As the same time I can work on the man he seems to trust me well enough I'm not as close to him as the others, but I think I would be invited to the meetings. Worked more in his protect services."

    Taking a breathe as he thought about what was happen and how he was going to it. If they needed to take the duke prisoner or kill him, he would be the best person to get it done. Well, that was going to be a hassle, but at least there was a plan of action this time. And if there were to get to work this thing, then it would be a plan with a low loss of life from either side hopefully. If not well the goal of a knight is to capture the opponent's king. "Yea I think that is the best for right now I can work it from the inside and weaken the house from there. If your town can convince the duke to stand down with diplomacy. That's the best case scenario; I will be the worst. After all best to have the plan and never need it then to need the plan and never have it."
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    After the group finished detailing their plan, they continued discussing the few remaining topics before they shook hands and disbanded. Some of the agents, including the old man and Clide volunteered to go with @Comet and @Corvella. They mentioned that they would do their best to support them however they could.

    Since Aalam was the only one among the group who could do his job, the agents gave him a nod as a a beckon for good luck.

    Cessia looked to the rest of her agents one last time.

    If anything were to happen to me, will one of you keep the Vigil going? We have lost the nation's funding and support so our creed and bond is the only thing we have left.

    However, after this upstart, I do not think we will reconvene again until a threat to our creed appears. Let us work as a single entity one final time, friends.

    OOC: This thread is officially ending in roughly 48 hours if any of you would like to reply one last time.

    @Comet @Corvella - you guys can enter a small thread together and just summarize the escort if you want, I will validate it afterward.

    @Aalam Abungu - feel free to RP with Roland, or if you want to go solo agent, I can narrate 1 or 2 cycles for you.