Quest - A Job is a Job

Quest - A Job is a Job
Discussion in 'In-game Communication' started by Skyswimsky, Mar 8, 2018.
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    This is the Communications thread for A Job is A Job.

    • There are none, unless otherwise specified, outside of keeping it more-or-less to communication. Feel free to use it to your heart's desire!
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  2. I already know mah bud Aalam here, but what's your deal, @Nyx ? Another stealth archer?
  3. Nyx


  4. Oh, I'm right? Wow, what a coincidence! Guess you'll have a newbie to teach tricks to, Aalam!
  5. Nyx


    "Less talking..."
  6. Hey now, friend, if you wanted less talking, you shoulda picked up a solo quest.
  7. Both of you enough, we here sent here to do a job. Bickering doesn't help get it done, as of right now we're in the dark so we need information. About the village and this Oracle met back in the town square in an hour and hour and a half.
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  8. Cain I need you to look at the house see if there are any magical defenses and Nyx relax.
  9. Cain where are you right now?
  10. Chilling with mah new mates. This place is great!
  11. Speak the king's English Cain
  12. Target isolated. @Aalam Abungu , assist with @Nyx's escape. Oracle's bodyguard will be zooming in on her location, and we'll be compromised if she's captured and interrogated. I'll deal with the target.
  13. There is another person in the house Cain, a woman of a more mature age bracket, shapely. Possibly the targets mother, you need to get her to the drop point. As for Nix she on her own the mission come first in all things. However, in that regard @Nyx haul your ass to the edge of town. We need the bodyguard to be as occupied as possible.
  14. Make some noise on the second floor then. I can win her trust when there's a tangible threat, so play the bad guy, won't you?
  15. Man, it’s prettttttty quiet here, huh? Anyways, got what I wanted out of it, so she’s basically dead now, Aalam. A shame not ALL the pieces I put in place were in place, but yeah, there’s a gift for you by the river. Geez, was honestly expecting some divine intervention to happen, but I guess not all saints are loved.

    Oh yeah, nice effort on the chase! Almost made me want to attack you for a moment there, buddy~!