(2/26) Patchnote

(2/26) Patchnote
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    1. To further streamline our system, we have decided to replace Luck, Mobility, and Wellness from the core mastery listing with Health (formerly Wellness) and Energy. We believe that this will reduce confusion as well as to help us get rid of mastery that are rarely used mechanically. Luck is rarely used and mechanics surrounding it was always clunky. Mobility was meant to improve speed, however, it took away from mastery, which entire utility is their speed, cheapening them in the process.

      If you have invested points into either Luck or Mobility, we have refunded all of it. Feel free to redistribute them however you like.


    1. Mod posts in applications have been changed.

    2. Gacha shop is now live!

    3. The value of jewels have changed. if you have 1 to 3 jewels, please exchange them to the new rate here.
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